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Message Subject Are you a Gemini? Everybody is welcome!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ok geminis have a question for you...I heard you are friendlier than my people...I am a scorpio and asked over there, but they only ignore me...I get ignored a lot on this site...1dunno1dance

they were speaking of combo's, such as scorpio/snake; scorpio/dragon etc...

what does that mean?? and where do you find out this type of information? Thankshf
 Quoting: exiled1

Hey exiled1, I am no expert on astrology and in fact, I'm pretty ignorant about it all. Here is what I do know (or think I know). When you are born the constellations are located in specific places in the sky. You have your Sun sign, Scorpio in your case, and have each of the planets and Earth's moon in various astrological houses. For instance, my moon sign is Virgo and rising sign is Pisces. All 12 signs play a part in ones astrological makeup/forecast.

Now I'm probably wrong about a few things there, but that's how I understand it. ;-`)

 Quoting: wisc_natureboy

And you still pee outside.
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