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Message Subject Are you a Gemini? Everybody is welcome!
Poster Handle Neupschal
Post Content
Well...I was born early June 22, but 90% of the birthing process was on June 21...does this make me Gemini? I've noticed that both Gemini and Cancer Astrologies apply to me...as well as characteristics of both.

I've always wondered about this...which am I? scratching
 Quoting: AttackOfTheKreel

Me too AotK :-) Very 'dual' in pretty much everthing...even seeing both sides of an argument lol

I'm not au fait with chinese ast. but i'm a horse and am quite obsessed with the creatures :-)

Our rising sign bears quite an impact too i believe.

There's a really good site that gives you a chart...and indepth perspective of your birthchart. I'll post a link tomorrow when i've dug it out.

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