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Message Subject PENNY AUCTIONS - ZIINGA A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poster Handle GeoL
Post Content
Fine people at Ziinga my arse!

This person is deluded and probably quite wealthy the rest of the robbing twats at ziinga.com a little bit of internet research reveals a whole lot of extremely upset victims of this bunch of crooks. At least if you were mugged in the street you'd have something to show for it, albeit broken bones and bruises but with this lot all you'll have is an empty bank account. As I see it there are at least three things we can do to hit back at these robbers, firstly bite the bullet at your embarrassment at having been caught out by their scam, make up a page on Facebook or any other social network explaining how they operate and how theyíll rip you off if you have anything to do with them and include their logo so everyone recognises who you are on about, send it to everyone you know on Facebook and invite them to send it to everyone they know. Secondly donít let up on pursuing them on getting your money back, if all the victims bombard them with emails which will be everyone they have dealt with it shouldnít be long before they canít cope with the volume of complaints. Thirdly report them to your local Trading Standards Office and other public authorities as well as television consumer programmes such as the BBC Watchdog. Finally a tip that if you do get suckered into dealing with this bunch of crooks I hope will save you a bit of money £28.00, if when you realise you have been scammed DO NOT contact ziinga.con until after you have contacted your bank and cancelled the credit card whose details were used by ziinga.com to rob you of your first £60.00. You may have to wait a few days for a replacement card but itís well worth it to stop those b***tards getting another penny from you. Only after contacting your bank and being sure they wonít pay that bunch of crooks another penny contact them and tell them to poke their membership where the sun donít shine! No need to worry about any court proceedings against you, so unfair is their way of doing business I doubt there is a court in the land that would side with them. Bitter, you bloody bet I am but Iím not alone.
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