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Message Subject Knock..... Knock.......
Poster Handle Father
Post Content

 Quoting: Father

i applaud and thank you for your energy and effort.

i think you should order some dessert.
 Quoting: tonguetied

hahaha..That made me laugh but Im not sure why...I do love chocolate so point me to the menu..
 Quoting: Father

that's funny because i was thinking of baked alaska.

if that is not your thing then perhaps i can consult our pastry chef....

orders are now being taken.

and most of the riff raff has already been escorted out.

such a relief.
 Quoting: tonguetied

You are really crackin me up....I actually let out a little snort reading that from laughing....

Cool now we can take off our disquises and let our bellys hang out...lol....

well thats what i would do anyways. lol....thank you for that laugh...It felt great!
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