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Message Subject Knock..... Knock.......
Poster Handle I am Ra
Post Content
You mentioned feeling "lost"

I was just speaking of this to a dear friend.

It started from this...

What is mysticism?

"The unending endeavour to bridge the gap between the finite and the infinite is mysticism."

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

He then changed it to this:

The unending endeavour to REMOVE the gap between the finite and the infinite is mysticism."

discussed some other things...

and then i said this:

I feel handicapped and somewhat at a disadvantage because of my seeming blindness any more. I know it will pass like all things. Still though it is an awful thorn in my side, which needs plucked out..like now would be good.

I mean I AM GOOD.....I know this
really I do
just wish I didn't feel lost
but not lost
but very lost

and then I find that the whole time I've been feeling this way
maybe it is because i was looking for a bridge
when there wasn't one

and as a result i overlooked what was right in front of me the whole time

but what is it?


how can you lose that which was never lost.

 Quoting: tonguetied

It's good to face all your emotions,
litarly embracing them ,
its not about shoving these emotions to a dark corner bc they will come back knocking u even harder than before
they have there purpose and wont give up on you,
eventualy u need to reach a state where u take all your anger and sadness and use them as a fuel for your transformation,,
My personal idea is that inside of each of us there is a scale and the level of accepting G-d will balance that ,
if we ignore him we are testing ourselfs untill we eventualy learn that we were always connected to him,
"free will" is the biggest illusion ever bc we are only ignoring that connection and this is the reason of most pains ,
srry i personly see the magic in life and beyond and i think the DESIGNER needs a heck of a lot more love and appreciation for thinking this all up ,
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