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Message Subject Knock..... Knock.......
Poster Handle I am Ra
Post Content
Angels dont have free will ,
they are angels bc they work in military order,
to give up free will is just learning to know G-d's ways,
to question and act everything to the highest perspective,
the mess were are in is all bc some thought G-d was holding back information from them and wanted to see what road he travelled before them ,
little did we know what it ment ,
how many many choices can lead u into illusion's and pain,
this is the whole thing about these times ,
have we learned now?
G-d is here watching and assisting us , we just fail to hear and see him,
but if not for the intervension and assistance from him and the angelic brethren it would have ended in death and destruction,
dissclosure is judgement day is G-d craving to have hes children returning with love in there hearts,
most people think they'le turn into zombies if they align there will's to the will of the source,
but it only makes u live up to G-d's image and mindset,
to be imortal,
to have acces to unlimited knowledge,
to be proud
to shine as a bright star towards "all"
to eventualy co-design the "all" with him
to not see limits anymore
to know and be surtain every wish is granted
It's truely opening every potential u have inside of you
just be accepting him as your noble knight and teacher,
he always answers but starts this off in a way u wont freak out from it: by your own innervoice ,
most people belief it's themself and never think any further on it,
but beyond the "data" part theres many more connections to him ,
each one of them is a gift and a jewel in itself ,
currently most are in a locktight box and dont realise they hold the key's inside of them
they keep wandering where they left them and how to get out of the box
all they got to do is look within
and find G-d
thus themself
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