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Was hitler's tyranny any different than the jewish people against christians.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1441828
United States
10/20/2011 09:51 AM
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Was hitler's tyranny any different than the jewish people against christians.
They say hitler killed 6 million. The jewish people killed 60 million and beat him 10 fold. The christian holocaust cannot be talked about!!!
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 35346873
03/22/2013 06:25 AM
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Re: Was hitler's tyranny any different than the jewish people against christians.
Some say Hitler was a Christian. I think he not was very much Christian. He wanted to take away the brothel ,s whorehouse s from Germany and in this way he was religious. The brothels, whorehouses  was Jewish owned and many of the girls there was threatened to live in brothel , whorehouse   by some of the Talmud Jews and by some of the Jews that was not religious.

In Auschwitz some of the Jewish prisoners start whorehouses. Many thought and think that since some of the prisoners did threaten girls in Auschwitz to be whore to Jews there to then it was not the Nazis that kill Jews and non Jews in Auschwitz. Many think that the Nazis did not kill anybody in the concentration camps because the concentration camps was working-prisons and camps that the Nazis had for finding out were the stolen treasures was hide so then the owners could get the treasures back and have the mostly of the treasures in the foundation to all people on earth. Many think that some of the bad Jews in Auschwitz murdered the SS prisoner guards and took SS clothes on and played that they were SS guards in Auschwitz. Remember the sign from Hitler outside Auschwitz " Arbeit mach frei". Then we understand that from the Nazi side of view it was working prison and nobody should be killed in the Auschwitz.

Many think that that some of the bad evil egoists of Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz and in other camps occupied the camps they were in after they had murdered the SS guards. And then this bad Jews murdered 2 million Jews and 5 million non Jewish people in the working concentration camps. So then some think that the Holocaust was not done by the Nazis but by some Jews that wanted to have Harem and brothe ls, whorehouse  s inside Auschwitz and inside other camps. The mostly of the Jews and others in Auschwitz did not know that Jewish bad prisoners took over the concentration and took SS clothes on and played that they was Nazis and made the camps that should were working prison to killing camps. The third Reich want to stop the brothels, whorehouses  in Germany and they wanted to set the women free. And then we understand that it was Jews that occupied the concentration camps since they made the concentration camps to whorehouses.

After the war some of the Jews that played SS guards and officers in Auschwitz told lies to the world and said that the Nazis killed in Holocaust when it was some bad Jews that killed in Holocaust. And some said that this bad Jews killed 2 million Jews in the camps and 5 million non Jewish people and made whores of many of the girls that they had killed the parents to. Maybe then it was killed 2 million Jews and 5 million non-Jewish people by other Jews in the concentration camps and then it was not 6 million Jews killed there as the history books tell us.

Remember that Hitler was not a raciest as some History books tell us. And the history tell us that half of Hitler’s Army was Jews that want The third Reich and socialism and equal sharing of the good things in the world. Hitler father and many of his friends was Jewish so Hitler did not hate Jews as many Jewish thieves of the Tibetan treasures try to cheat the world with.

When Gestapo was going around and collected in stolen treasures in Jewish homes before world war 2 and in world war 2 they find gold-plated teeth’s from millions of killed pacifists from Tibet in the Jewish homes. The Nazis putted this gold-plated teeth’s that bad Jews had taken out from the mouth to the kind and good people from Tibet that were save their treasures in Europe in 1800-1900 century. They save their treasures here because they was attacked by British and American harem-colonists that had occupied India since 15the century and they tried to occupy China to and they attacked Tibet many times since 16th century.

The millions of gold-plated teeth’s from the Tibetans was putted in old mines together with the stolen treasures that the Nazis collected in to give back to the owners of the treasures.

After world war 2 some said that this gold-plated teeth’s was from murdered Jews in the concentration camps and that’s a lie because the teeth’s is from murdereded Tibetans that was murdered by many Jews in 18th- 19th century. I do know that in they use gold on their teeth’s in thousands of years and I do not think European Jews had much gold so they could not have gold on their teeth’s.

Many want to hide that it was killed over 11 million Tibetans in Europe and other places in 18th century. Some heard that it was murdered over 50 million people from India, China, Mongolia, Tibet in 18th-19th century in Europe and other countries. And this people that were murdered was helping with the transport of millions of tons with gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, sapphires, ruby’s, emeralds and much jewellery and statues and much other gems and minerals that is much more valuable.

I am in Jewish bloodline in this life and then some call me a Jew. I am then a honesty Jewish person.