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10/23/2011 12:29 AM
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there is something wrong with the story plastered all around the world about the teenager arrested in BALI for so called drug charges.??

i can understand a need for his identity of the teen being kept secret for obvious reasons. i can even understand that the same reasoning for his parents identities being kept secret also.

i am sure many here, have noticed the body language of the teen paraded in front of the cameras.?? his body language does not fit with that of a teen facing drug charges at all.

the PERSON behind the mask shows the body language of someone being confident and in control and totally relaxed.
it does not show a frightened teen boy up against drug charges at all as he should be.

the whole story smacks of sensational journalism to its very core and a huge con job perpetuated upon the worlds populations that clamor for such heart tugging mellow dramas.

many here within this forum are not easily conned,or fooled for one minute especially by the general media in their tactics of pushing A GOOD STORY when they see it.

but what IF the story of a TEEN ARRESTED IN BALI for drug possession did not even happen in the first place.??? wow the mind boggles at such an outlandish idea.?? could all media circus of the shutter bug paparazzi and their stoic fabricated story lines actually be another Hollywood Movie in the making.???

it has never been beyond the mass media of completely fabricating or juicing up any story that would SELL THE PRODUCT at any cost to a gullible unsuspecting public.

i urge all free thinking GLP bloggers to check out all the footage pushed through their cameras into the media outlets via their screens concerning the so called teen arrested for drug possession in bali and see with their own eyes of what i have stated.

i must admit i originally fell for the media hype or story of a teen arrested in BALI for drug possession by either their total fabrication of the whole outlandish script or the total distortion of the real facts surrounding such as the tragic circumstances that could befall anyone visiting a country that has such harsh drug laws.

i know that many discerning GLP bloggers here will feel the same way and will be totally outraged at such a proposal now brought forward that the mass media would even dupe its own citizens by distorting the real facts of any fictional story or of totally distorting such a sensational story in the first place.

why would the mass media put forward such a story in the first place one may ask.??? we all know that THE MEDIA IS totally controlled by THE ELITES and they do NOTHING that will not further their aims of pushing THEIR AGENDA.

is it at all possible such a sensational story will not only pull at the heart strings of the general public. but also that the wording making up the print either contains hidden messages in plain sight that only its receiver can read.??

could the mass media hide codes or actually be pushing certain instructions to SLEEPERS strategicly placed within every country they need them.??

we all know its not like as in the good old days so to speak of where governments of the day placed so called obscure advertisements either in the personal colum of newspapers or magazines so that their agents could receive instructions without interference or compromise.

of course all this seems like A HUGE CONSPIRACY THEORY scenario of the highest order and taken to its zenith degree of human conception to even fathom or even entertain such a thought that any government would entrap or brainwash its own people to THINK or question what has been put forward in print or via mass media.

as citizens we all have the right to QUESTION EVERYTHING put across to us via a media that is totally controlled by the elites that have an agenda of world domination at any cost.

we all know advertising has hidden messages that mostly can only be picked up by our subconscious and persuade us to buy the product being sold.

such a technique has been used over the past 40 odd years or more already, but with the aide of vast super computer technology, the name of the game now is total brainwashing to not only sell a product but to also keep its citizens in total servitude to them our masters.

why does the general public swallow what the mass media puts forward without question.??? why does such advertising work in selling products ?? how can such media coverage of certain sensational stories sway public opinion to embrace the idea that it is real or factual.???

any story put forward via the mass media can not only be totally fabricated for their own nefarious reasons and social engineering but also to KEEP CONTROL OF THE worlds POPULATIONS VIA MIND CONTROL to continually push the often hidden agendas of the elites.

their is much much more to the story of the young teen arrested in BALI for drug possession than meets the eye.??
the story has gone viral and is plastered over all the front pages of every major newspapers of the world and on every telecast possible.

why would the mass media make up such an outlandish story in the first place.?? after reading what has been put forward above, many here will now be able to join the dots and discern what is sensational journalism or HOLLYWOOD MOVIE IN THE MAKING MEDIA HYPE.

i am sure the discerning GLP USERS HERE like me, now smell a rat and will look more closely at this particular story and read between the lines, not for hidden messages but to QUESTION the integrity of a much biased media that is totally controlled by the elites that intend to enslave us all.
would also like to add, by keeping such a sensational story within the media in its various forms, the people become distracted from real issues and just focused on the story being pushed.

we all must ask, just because the mass media show us the elites agenda within HOLLYWOOD MOVIES and their push for total mind control, by enslaving us at their will why should we continue to feed their propaganda machine in the first place.???

is the media coverage of the world so persuasive and totally complete to actually penetrate all our collective minds either subconsciously or consciously that the elites know, that if the general public becomes aware of their hidden agendas, they know no one within humanity could ever stop them anyways????

i would like to hear from others here, especially those with discerning views and questions that i may have missed.???