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Psychology of the Antichrist (and You) - Last Wonder of This World

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10/28/2011 03:18 PM
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Psychology of the Antichrist (and You) - Last Wonder of This World
It's time to rise above it all. There is a lot of speculation regarding the identity of the Antichrist, his character, background, appearance, agenda, etc.. With the rise of the Internet and ubiquitous, lightning-fast communications systems, we can expose ourselves to a myriad of opinions and beliefs regarding this mysterious character. I've expended a lot of time(many years) doing research into the research of others. Following, are some general observations of this research, along with some personal, next-level insight into this Antichrist fellow.

First of all, if we really want a high-level analysis of the Antichrist, then we need to kill our point-of-view, our egos, and all emotions. Most of the time, when people make speculations about this man, it is tainted by a limited, disease-ridden, adolescent perspective. Christians think he must be Jewish or Islamic, or in the case of many Protestants, he must be Catholic. Muslims await their own version of the Antichrist(ad-Dajjal), and he must be a jewish or a Gentile. Here in the United States, we also have the Antichrist playing a role in politics. The Left tried portraying Bush the 43rd as the AC, and the Right returned the favor heavily in 2008 portraying Obama as the AC. This is the most obvious psychological trap laid out for mankind, and most people are ready to dive head-first into it. This deeply concerns me. Want to know why?

The Antichrist will lead the ENTIRE world as a Global Messiah, not just the western world or the Euro-centric world. This will be an exhibition of ultimate, geo-political mastery. To emphasize this point, don't be surprised if has close ties to the Far East, South America, or Parts Unknown. Many people assume it's going to be all about the Christians, jewish people, and the Muslims. These people are only neglecting a few billion other people of other established faiths. If you want to dazzle others with your knowledge of the Antichrist, think Global, and get ahead of the game.

Another pitfall of labeling people that you dislike as the Antichrist, is because you will be wrong. By all accounts, he will become the most popular, celebrated, and loved personality in the history of the world. People nowadays love to demonize people who they may have ideological differences with, and they won't hesitate to throw the'Antichrist' label on them. Good luck trying to do that when this modern day Superman arrives on the scene to solve all the world's problems. And guess what? Being the genius that he is, he is most likely going to already know what to expect out of these people. Are you ready to engage in a supernatural, psychic chess game with the master of deception? Personally, I am not going to go there. I plan to just ride it out, observe and make sound judgments based on logic and reason.

I also get the impression that many people think that this Messiah is going to be very boastful and proud. Do you picture him loudly exclaiming,"I am God", or "I am Jesus" to followers and subsequently asking them to worship him? I don't and I'll tell you why. His prophesied rise is greatly aided by a sense of overwhelming intrigue. He will have an undeniable air of mystery about him. One does not gain the Kingship and cooperation of the world by exclaiming holiness and begging for attention and worship like we see a lot nowadays with 'keyboard messiahs'. He will rise from total obscurity, no one will know much about him, and he will actively work to maintain that buffer of mystery.

I briefly wanted to touch upon Daniel 11:37 because it is a popular verse to reference when putting together a composite on this character. Yeah, it's the one where it states that this fellow does not regard the desire of women. The two prevalent theories regarding this verse are that he is either a homosexual, or he is celibate. I've come to disregard both of these explanations. From what we can piece together, the Antichrist will be extremely attractive, handsome, and charming. It's highly probably that women will follow after him because of this and will display their desire for him. A Nietzschean Superman-type Antichrist who wants to transcend base-level human instincts would disregard and quell these advances. This will gain him a lot of respect and admiration from other circles, and I'm sure he knows this and will use it to his advantage.

Of course, all this put together doesn't necessarily create a transcendent man who can fulfill Messianic expectations. What is the final ingredient and what underlies the perfect storm that will be the turbulent and spectacular rise of our Savior? Humility. Yes, something as boring, unromantic, and something that is normally shunned and disregarded in the modern world will be the hidden additive that supercharges the Antichrist engine. Only when one is completely grounded, can one accurately assess one's own weaknesses and strengths. Know your limitations and know your strengths, and you can do the same in others. Strive for mastery of your emotions so you may be able to guide or manipulate the emotions of others.

So, we've gathered all this information about the looming world Messiah and now we're wondering how we can use this information. Is there any way we can leverage this accumulation of knowledge to ensure our livelihood as this event draws near? To be blunt, the answer is 'No'. We can do all the studying we want regarding Satan, the Fallen Angels, their relationship with God, and hypothesize about all the symbology and abstractions presented in the Bible. When it comes down to it, it won't be about the religion we choose, and it won't just be an epic story-telling of the battle between good and evil, complete with a moral of the story. It will be about You and Me, not about Him. So, the next time we are tempted to point our fingers of accusation in the direction of a Prince William, Barack Obama, or the NWO, let's take the road less traveled and turn the fingers to ourselves. Even though all signs point to the ending/beginning being near, it is never to late for all of us to start doing some soul-searching. Better late than never. Let us be satisfied with ourselves first before concerning ourselves with the affairs of others.
“Chang is a mystical warrior. Chang is somebody who believes in conservative principles, believes in entrepreneurial capitalism, believes in moral values that underpin a free society. I rely on Chang with great regularity in my public life. He has been by my side and sometimes I let him down. But Chang, this mystical warrior, has never let me down.”
~Jeb Bush