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Alter: Obama’s Miracle Is a Scandal-Free White House

Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/28/2011 06:19 PM
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Alter: Obama’s Miracle Is a Scandal-Free White House
Alter: Obama’s Miracle Is a Scandal-Free White House

By Jonathan Alter Oct 27, 2011 6:45 PM CT 105 Comments Q
Bloomberg Opinion

President Barack Obama goes into the 2012 with a weak economy that may doom his reelection. But he has one asset that hasn’t received much attention: He’s honest.
The sight of Texas Governor Rick Perry tumbling out of the clown car recently as a “birther” (or at least a birther- enabler) is a sign of weakness, not just for the Perry campaign but for the whole Republican effort to tarnish the president’s character.
Although it’s possible that the Solyndra LLC story will become a classic feeding frenzy, don’t bet on it. Providing $535 million in loan guarantees to a solar-panel maker that goes bankrupt was dumb, but so far not criminal or even unethical on the part of the administration. These kinds of stories are unlikely to derail Obama in 2012. If he loses, it will be because of the economy -- period.
Even so, the president’s Teflon is intriguing. How did we end up in such a scandal-less state? After investigating the question for a recent Washington Monthly article, I’ve been developing some theories.

[link to www.bloomberg.com]

Obama scandal free?lmao