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Subject "HALLOWEEN" today begins the "11 DAY" countdown to 11/11/11!!!!
Poster Handle Alesiah
Post Content
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Original Celtic Holiday...

[link to www.history.com]


A Celtic Holiday evolved into.."All Saints Eve" after the Roman Catholic Church dominated Europe.
From there, All Saints Eve continued to evolve into basically what we know today as Halloween.

is the honoring of the martyr's for Christ at the place of martyrdom.
[link to www.newadvent.org]

11 days from today is 11-11-11
and Veteran's Day, Remembrance Day or Armistice Day in other countries.

It honors "Fallen" or "Absent Comrades" of war..remembering the members of their armed forces who have died on duty since the First World War....

[link to www.va.gov]
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Both "" and "Remembrance Day" honor the dead.

Today we reached 7 Billion on Halloween.
[link to www.huffingtonpost.com]

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