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The Fallacy of the 'END TIMES'

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 4418938
11/01/2011 09:26 AM
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The Fallacy of the 'END TIMES'
Have you ever been alone in a place of such beauty that you want to cry?
A place that you can see, but if there are no others with you to share your experience, it could just as well have been a dream. How can you explain what you felt and saw without the others feeling and seeing the same? Will they believe you? Can you believe yourself? To fully enjoy the experience you need to share it, to talk about it, to bathe in it. Can you imagine everyone seeing and feeling the same and all talking about it, with no malice or afterthought? Everyone happy and smiling and helping each other!
I have finally arrived at that place, but I am alone. It was a tortuous path and for much of the journey I was going in the wrong direction. Did I finally see the ‘light’ or was I given the ‘light’? I honestly do not know, but I do know now that I have the ‘light’ and want to give it to others. And if I give that ‘light’ freely it can never be taken from me, because I will always be able to share in the ‘light’ that I gave to the others.
The ‘light’ is this. We are very close to the ‘end times’ as written in ‘HIS’ books, but the ‘end’ is not the end that you may or may not believe. The ‘end’ refers to the ‘end’ of our journey on this earth. For some that will mean that they will go to other ‘earths’ but for those that continue here, it means they will have finally arrived. They will have arrived to the End of the Rainbow where the pot of gold is. Where it has always been, but there were not enough people looking for it – the utopia. As is stated in the Lord’s prayer – ‘’HIS’ Kingdom come, ‘HIS’ Will be done’. ‘HIS’ Kingdom was not here. ‘HIS’ Will was not done. But it soon WILL BE and WILL BE. The NEW Jerusalem will be here in Cordoba, Argentina. The NEW KINGDOM will be here on this Earth. Can anybody enter ‘HIS’ NEW KINGDOM? Yes, the only requisites are your faith, whether new found or not, and your hearts.
‘HIS’ new commandments for ‘HIS’ Kingdom will be written in your brains and hearts, as is written in ‘HIS’ books, and therefore there cannot be any sin.
The yin and yan will disappear as well as the good and bad, the winners and losers, the beautiful and the ugly, the rich and the poor. As in ‘HIS’ books, in the transition it will seem like, the good will be seen to be bad and bad good, the winners the losers and the losers the winners, the beautiful the ugly and the ugly the beautiful and the poor will be the rich and rich will be the poor. ALL the egos will disappear. All the worldly goods will evaporate and people will be left with that which is the most important – their hearts, their souls and their faith.
We will ALL be the same but not the same. We will all be happy and smiling and helping others. The new money will not be in the form of notes and coins, it will be in LOVE. We will be working with the ‘angels’ of ‘HIM’ because they will be here helping us. It will be that Wonderful World that Louis Armstrong prophesied using the words from ‘HIM’ as there are in ALL of ‘HIS’ songs.
If you have arrived, like me, you will find it currently a very big beautiful empty space filled with hope and emotions waiting to happen, but you will soon be lonely like me. We have to use our recently gained knowledge and go back and help the others get here because there is far too much work for us to do alone, and it is far too beautiful not to share with others. The future is the children and their children and their children and many of the new arrivals are absolutely prepared for this new future. This is when we should listen to the songs of Michael Jackson, another of ‘HIS’ chosen prophets ,who was used and abused by ‘HIS’ enemies to make him look bad in the eyes of you all and to diminish ‘HIS’ messages to us.
The more you help the unfortunates then the more of your family and friends that will be with you in this UTOPIA, because there are NO coincidences that they are your family and friends. All of your sins are forgiven by ‘HIM’ because there is great doubt whether you or ‘HIS’ enemies were in control of your mind when those sins were made. Only ‘HE’ knows the real truth and ‘HE’ will be the judge and the jury, and this is ‘HIS’ time for that judgement.
Now is the time to show that you are worthy of that forgiveness by helping those that are less fortunate than you and make friends with your enemies, because if they have smiles you will find that they are your best friends in disguise!!! ‘HE’ is currently separating the wheat from the chaff and giving ‘HIS’ smiles to them that ‘HE’ has selected, especially the children. You are able to do this because NOW your minds are becoming free and you are waking up and finding that the past is not how you thought it was. That the present is not what you think it is. And that the future is DEFINITELY NOT what you are thinking it will be like.
NOW is the time to praise ‘HIM’ and say thank you for everything that we have had, have and will have. ‘HE’ is waiting for you with open arms and an INFINITE LOVE that goes with HIS INFINITE POWER. ‘HE’ is directly with you and not inside the churches, so speak to ‘HIM’ directly.
Before you are born, your book of life has already been written! Relax, smile, go about your lives NATURALLY, forget about the past and the future, concentrate on the present, and follow your intuitions, because they are ‘HIS’ messages to you and look for the many signs that ‘HE’ is making to YOU everyday, and that you have ignored up until now.
There are NO COINCIDENCES. There are REASONS for everything, ‘good’ and ‘bad’.
Break the looking glass, stop your reflections. Now is the time to be you. Or in ‘your’ words.
Because you are ‘HIM’ and ‘HE’ is you.
Believe in ‘HIM’ as ‘HE’ believes in you
Bless you
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 4419449
11/01/2011 09:39 AM
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Re: The Fallacy of the 'END TIMES'
Have any of you arrived?