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Finally it's Here!! The OWS Coloring Book- Get Yours now!

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United States
11/01/2011 06:00 PM
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Finally it's Here!! The OWS Coloring Book- Get Yours now!
I am not sure how many of these they will sell, I don't think many OWS protesters are up to coloring book level yet, but maybe they will buy it to make a "guilt relief donation".

Cartoons and games, song parodies and famous names, quotable quotes and a “Guilt Relief Donation Form” … That’s what Occupy Wall Street is all about!

We’ve been wondering and now we know, thanks to “Occupy: A Grown Up Coloring Book Novel,” available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other major booksellers.

The Daily Caller, with more:

The folio, published by Really Big Coloring Books of St Louis, features a colorful cover with images of Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and an unidentifiable MC in sunglasses. …

The book “includes modern and historical figures with quotations from Plato to O’Reilly, Hannity to Maddow, Obama to Boehner,” reads a press release. “There are pages dating back to the Robin Hood era, drawings of various parks, political views from every angle and a few surprises with imaginative satirical pages.”

The release also says “Occupy: A Grown Up Coloring Book Novel” includes songs, poems and games — and “a true to life ‘Guilt Relief Donation Form’ for the overburdened 1%!”

Read the rest here- [link to hotair.com]