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Message Subject Breaking - 11-9-11 FEMA EAS test now shortened to 30 seconds announced minutes ago
Poster Handle Da Purple Chicken
Post Content
There was an explanation for why it was going to be three minutes long - anyone remember what that was or have it saved?
 Quoting: Da Purple Chicken

I don't have the direct quote but i think it was along the lines of 3min was need to ensure that EAS and all the codes(EOM,EAN..) were working properly.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4265578

Yeah - that's what I was remembering

so, what changed that they can compress that down to 30 sec???

"Curiouser and curiouser, she said."
 Quoting: Da Purple Chicken

Found it!!!!

This is what it originally said -

How long will the test last?

We anticipate that the test will last approximately3 minutes. While state and local EAS messages are limited to 2 minutes, there is no time limit for national EAS alerts. To evaluate whether the system properly interprets the national message code in the national EAS test, the message duration must be longer than two minutes.

(found on a post from this thread - Thread: They're shutting down the internet too on Nov. 9th. (Page 3)

And now, changed to -

How long will the test last?

We anticipate that the test will last approximately 30 seconds.

[link to www.fcc.gov]
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