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Message Subject UFO At NFL Game: Special Slow Motion Camera Captures Strange Object In Flight During TV
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4603530

wow actually the slow motion video of the golfer lower down on the page is even better...

I was a bug theory supporter until these 2 videos. The football one is actually much easier to try and excuse.. since film exposes in an additive fashion a motion blurred object will actually show much better against a dark background. This is why you do fire writing photos at night.

The slow motion golfer vid on the other hand seems completely indisputable. The camera has a much shorter shutter speed and thus captures a bug in the scene without any motion blur, as it does the ball. The rod is travelling at least twice as fast as the driven golf ball, incurring the blur effect, and is of heftier construction than the 'bug'. If that was a beetle then, it appeared to be flying at more than 300 miles per hour...

wow. Rods. I only gave them a 10% credit until today now it is like 65% + 30% confused :p
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