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Indian astrologer Viswapati predictions 17 Oct -early Nov

Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/13/2005 03:46 PM
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Indian astrologer Viswapati predictions 17 Oct -early Nov
Lunar eclipse Monday could spell more disaster: astrologer
Hyderabad | October 11, 2005 1:15:06 PM IST
A lunar eclipse Monday could prove disastrous for the world as it will
occur within a fortnight of a solar eclipse, says a city-based
astrologer-numerologist who predicted the killer earthquake that hit the
Indian sub-continent.
"The ill effects of this rare occurrence could affect individuals as
well as nations. Another earthquake is likely between the third week of
this month and the first week of November," Viswapati told IANS.
"It could strike any of the regions - northern India, the Himalayan
belt, Iran, Afghanistan and Russia. It is also likely to strike Egypt,
Turkey and the United States," he added.
Viswapati had on the eve of the Oct 3 solar eclipse warned it could
spell a disaster like an earthquake.
Just five days later his prediction came true when a strong quake hit
Pakistan, Pakistan-administered Kashmir and Jammu and Kashmir.
He believed that there was strong correlation between eclipses and
natural disasters and pointed out that many major earthquakes in the
past were followed by solar or lunar eclipses.
The astrologer also said that due to the planetary influences, two
severe cyclonic storms are likely in the Bay of Bengal in the last week
of October and first or second week of November.
"Another cyclone is likely to hit the Florida and New Orleans region in
the US. Airline disasters too are likely to occur in the coming few
months," said Viswapati, whose given name is T.V.R.K. Murthy.
His advice to the people is to pray to their gods to mitigate these ill
"During an eclipse, the earth is subjected to severe magnetic forces.
The strength of the force can be assessed from the study of planetary
movements at that time. They will indicate the occurrence of these
natural disasters," he said.
"Ancient Vedic texts clearly state the after-effects of the eclipses but
a detailed study is needed if exact timing and place of an earthquake is
to be known. This could help in minimizing human loss," said Viswapati,
who is unperturbed by scientists and rationalists dismissing such
To prove his point, he pointed out that a solar eclipse Jan 9 preceded
the severe earthquake that shattered Gujarat Jan 26, 2001.
The last massive earthquake to hit the Himalayan belt was in 1905 and it
was also preceded by solar and lunar eclipses. The solar eclipse
occurred on Feb 19, 1905, followed by a lunar eclipse Mar 6.
"The effect was felt within a month in the form of a major quake of the
intensity of 8 in Kangra in Himachal Pradesh," he said. The April 4,
1905, quake claimed more than 19,000 lives.
Normally many natural disasters occur around full moon and new moon days
and also around Sunday. According to him, the 48-hour period from 12
noon Saturday is very crucial. The Kangra quake occurred on Padyami, the
first day of the lunar month.
On July 8, 1918, an earthquake of 7.6 magnitude hit Assam, 14 days after
the lunar eclipse. This quake occurred on the fifth day of the lunar
He pointed out that the devastating tsunami of December 26, 2004, too
occurred on Purnima, a full moon day and that too on Sunday.
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User ID: 422
United States
10/14/2005 11:42 PM
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Re: Indian astrologer Viswapati predictions 17 Oct -early Nov
Jyotish can be eerily correct at predictions. I have been interested in it for years, and have had jyotish readings in my own life that were astonishing in their accuracy.
User ID: 32025
10/15/2005 04:48 AM
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Re: Indian astrologer Viswapati predictions 17 Oct -early Nov
1650 same here. I had a reading at 17 (Im now 46)and it has been eerily accurate on an individual level in a whole variety of ways in my life. I was told that I would die violently and quickly by metal in my 60s (bullet, crash etc). But other things have been very positive as well.