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Why are christians so adamant in how events will unfold? The bible is a PLAN...Do they realise this?

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United Kingdom
11/04/2011 06:50 PM
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Why are christians so adamant in how events will unfold? The bible is a PLAN...Do they realise this?
Why are christians so confident in how these events will unfold? Just finished talking to a family friend and he's so adamant that its god's word and events will play out just as the bible "predicts". He sights Israel creation as an example of prophecy being fulfilled despite it being an anglo saxon fraudulent creation. Many have so poor knowledge of history and only have their beliefs because majority of people are doing it and hence it must be right. boy, are they in for a surprise. Well, not only will they have the element of surprise but also, they will realise that its a different thing reading from a book and another thing experiencing it first hand. Some of the things we have been led to believe are prophecies of earthquakes, CMEs could be better explained today as planetary changes and astronomers could tell in advance of these things occurring. Simulations are done and they know the outcome to a degree.

Have they heard stories of the Annunaki? Have they thought about the concept of a god that requires the righteousness of his followers yet deceive many of these same followers about stories like that of 9/11 causing them to have allegiance with evil and be complicit in murder of millions of innocent people over the planet. The Kings and Queens of Europe are hush hush with the events of 9/11 despite the fact that building 7 exposes the event as a charade and fraud on humanity. They also promote the "terrorist" wars. The worrying thing is the fact that the King James Bible came from some of their lineage and 9/11 amongst many events in world history have advanced many so called prophecies of war etc in the bible. What is to say that the reason they are silent over this event is because it helps advance their agenda as written in the bible. I wonder if the world realised that the event was a fraud that they believed in whether it would change their belief in the bible and the concept of the god they've been force fed their entire lives. It seems they have to witness these things and have their hearts broken big time for them to believe it.

Many are so unaware of what the conspiracy theorists know of...An example is this recent Israel and Iran move. The element of surprise will destroy so many christians when this thing pops. The other thing is that this time events might not actually play out as they have been written as there seems to be so many patriots not willing for this thing to pop into WW3. having said that, that doesn't negate so much chaos being created before order is restored.

People are in for a big surprise. Damn!!!

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