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Another instance of Mass fainting?

Ride the wings of the mind

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United States
11/05/2011 05:44 PM

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Another instance of Mass fainting?
[link to highschool.rivals.com]

"Authorities in Houston are still searching for answers after an area high school football game was called off early after nearly two dozen fans were hospitalized after suddenly becoming sick in the stands of Barnett Stadium on Friday night.

During the second half of the game between Austin (Texas) High and Houston (Texas) Yates, many members of the band and dance team from Austin started suffering from nausea, vomiting and dizziness and began collapsing in the stands, according to numerous media reports.

Officials feared they had been exposed to some type of biohazard and called hazmet teams to the scene but no traces of gases or chemical agents were found."

The other day there was a thread about mass fainting in Cambodia.

Thread: MASS FAINTING IN CAMBODIA! HAARP 2012 Nibiru Elenin Phenomena?

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Difficulties strengthen the Mind as labor does the body...
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 2438140
United States
11/05/2011 05:46 PM
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Re: Another instance of Mass fainting?
Kids thesse days.
Back in the day we could hold our liquer.