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Message Subject Child Sex charges at Penn State
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I was born and grew up in State College--lived there until I left for college at U of M. Mom, dad and both sisters are PSU grads--I'm the black sheep. In about 1965, as I was leaving for Ann Arbor, JoePa moved into the house directly across the street. My younger sister babysat for his family and was a HS classmate of Tim Curley at State College High. Last Fall, she and her son--who was considering attending PSU--sat in Curley's suite for a home football game. Mike McCreary is also an alum of State High.

These are good people--who just did the wrong thing. It's very hard to understand how it all happened but it did.

You can say a lot about JoePa--nepotism, arrogant, stayed way too long, etc. but the fact is he coached at a very high level for a long, long time and did it without the slightest hint of a scandal. And I doubt there has ever been another football coach who gave $5M to his school's library.

There is a lot of this story yet to come out. There are a lot of other young boys involved. Some big squeezes in SC will be pulled in as someone gave a Cadillac Escalade to the mom of one of the boys who was molested to keep him quiet--the boy wrecked the car. The Second Mile, a charity with a ton of good works that Sandusky founded, is going to be pulled in and investigated.

In 1998, a year before he left, PSU knew that this was going on. I'm told his pay was cut in half to force him out--this to a guy who was probably more responsible than anyone else for PSU's tremendous defenses and success on the field--but he wouldn't quit.

So the next year they forced him out. Joe attended his retirement dinner and spoke for less than a minute--for a guy who had been his key assistant forever.

There is just no way JoePa didn't know. As did Graham Spanier, and a whole lot of others.

But Sandusky was allowed to keep an office at PSU and had keys to many of the sports facilities. Why? Absolutely unbelievable.

I think they just wanted him to go away and hopefully stop abusing kids. But that's not the way this stuff works.

BTW, JoePa is still at PSU as he raises a ton of money annually from the older alums--they love the guy. And PSU wants to be in their wills. Supposedly, Joe has made it very clear that he stops campaigning for $ the minute he is no longer the head coach. And he wants a secure position for his son JayPa and knows he is gone the minute Joe leaves.
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