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Message Subject Child Sex charges at Penn State
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Paterno and the other administrators kept this quiet and didn't go to the police so they wouldnt lose their status, power and that all important alumni cash flow. This is very similar to the priests who were protected by their Catholic bishops. All a bunch of sick monsters. Paterno is guilty of not following through to get this guy off campus from 2002 until now. No excuse. He is lying to the grand jury by saying he didn't know the details. The janitor who was so distaught by what he saw back in 1998. This Sandusky was being protected to keep it quiet and to keep that alumni money coming in! All blood money. Children who were brought in through a charity for disadvantaged children started by this monster. And Sandusky's wife plays a part in these horrible crimes as well!! Children sleeping over many times throughtout the years! And she makes calls to one of the victims around the start of this investigation saying it is important that she speak with him. She needs to be in investigated and charged as well. Hang em high in the public square by their balls!!!
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