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Message Subject Child Sex charges at Penn State
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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[link to www.pennlive.com]

How are TOTALLY disingenuous ... what Joe - YOU'RE HONESTLY SAYING YOU DIDN'T ASK Mike what he saw in the shower? You have only 3 possible answers to that question: (1) you didn't WANT to know (2) you didn't CARE to know (3) you're a moron. We know you're not a moron, so that eliminates #3 - and 1 and 2 make you look like an enabling fool.

These are the options you could have done:
1. Call Sandusky to your house - and beat his a$$ - this guy was/is a life-long friend. You didn't think to pick up the phone and say, "what the blank is going on here??!!"
2. Call the authorities yourself - when you want something done, you have no qualms about breaking the chain of command. But alleged child rape? Nahhh...
3. Find out who the victim(s) were and make sure THEY were okay
4. Follow up on what you told your "bosses" (Curley and Schulz)
5. Reach out to officials at Second Mile
6. Launch your own investigation to make sure no one else was impacted by this man
7. Called the university president yourself
8. NOT recommended Sandusky for another coaching job (UVA)

LEGALLY, Joe, you are innocent - you "played by the rules" of law and did the bare minimum. Morally, ethically, and humanity-wise, you FAILED AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL. You enabled an 'allegedly' sick beast to continue his nefarious debasement of young, disadvantaged and therefore vulnerable INNOCENT CHILDREN.

When I come back for Homecoming - yes, I am a PSU grad, met my wife there - do I take pictures of my sons standing next to your statue????????

Yes, you did what you were had to do, but did you do what you were SUPPOSED to do? NOT EVEN A CLOSE CALL ... We thought you were different.
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