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Message Subject we all knew it wasnt a plane REAL UFO, RIGHT IN YOUR FACE DOING LIGHT DANCES UP CLOSE
Poster Handle Father
Post Content
Looks like a plane to me, especially with the strobe and port light visible. But im still waiting for the whole thing to blow personally.

Long time no see Father, how have things been? Any news?
 Quoting: Molock

Oh There is always much news but my words seem to fall on deaf ears here so if no one cares about what I have to say here than why say it ya know? The few that heard my call know how to get ahold of me at any time.

I'll put the words on our website and the straight proof I relay to this site as long as they dont bann my IP again or call me evil for simply offering aid as well.

After so long of being called a liar (not just here tho), wanting to help while taking a beating has grown old.

Anyone wants answers to their questions, I dont hide.

Im ready when ever anyone else is and I'll be exploding gobbs of info on the website soon but if its only a few than I'll make sure that they are the only ones who benifit from it.

Im not under the employ of the world, I just love it.

If they love me 2 then theyll find me because I already found them.
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