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END OF OLD WORLD DOCUMENT, mathematical proof of gods existence, 2012

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11/07/2011 07:20 PM
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END OF OLD WORLD DOCUMENT, mathematical proof of gods existence, 2012
This document was given to me by a close friend who I knew in college. He told me he wanted the world to know about this and decided not to write a book. Instead, copy paste this document onto your own computer, read it, then. Copy paste like the plague. Its hard to follow but if you read it, trust me, you will have no doubt:

I started with a fairly simply thought experiment
When we look at the universe, some tend to attribute its complexity and sophistication, or rather particularity of configuration of why something is defined one way or another.(because some things in the universe are quite simple) to an outside agent, because that way, t first glance, it solves the problem. 

After all, we Have a hard time imagineing something of a particular nature (defined, one way vs another) just spontaneously airising randomly, because we tend to think that the odds, intuitively, of such an occurrence, is rather unlikely (after all, its pretty defined in a very specific way at times). 

Therefore, an outside agent or "god" would solve this to some because it would explain the complexity or specificity or things we observe im our world and universe. However, it always begs the question of course, of who or what created god. So in reality it never really solves the original problem of definition (why are things one way vs another), it just puts it off to the side and boxes it in a different area. Who or what then would create that god and the god that created it and so forth. 

So in my efforts to resolve this conundrum of mine I realized that pretty much anything I could think of, would, in some way, following that thought process that leads to god to explain what we observe, need creation. 

The chair needs creation because its specific and too "ordered" to simply have spontaneously organized into a chair. The sods can is to "specific" in design for it to just have randomly combusted out of a plant. Organisms can be attributed to evolution so i won't get that just yet. But what it came down to, is everything you can imagine, even non man made objects, had a particular configuration that is so specific "one way" that it would lead to the "this couldn't have spontaneously ordered into so on and so on" atoms, molecules, etc. 

So I came to the conclusion to this is because they were defined, or rather, of a certain specificity, that made you beg the question of some hidden designer. 

I then tasked myself with finding what was in the universe that didn't require creation (by that thought process), because it seems rational to assume that that, whatever it was, could explain or even be the "creator" as it were, of that which did require creation if you assume definition of a certain specificity to be "unlikely." 

I started thinking and the first thing that came to my mind was nothing. Certainly nothing didn't require creation, it was just a void of emptiness. But on closer analysis i realized nothing itself is actually defined, it isnt a chair or an atom, it wss nothing. It then occurred to me that i was taking a concept too far. But i continued thinking it through and realized I wasn't;  if we live in a multiverse, nothing might only be "nothing" relative to our laws of physics. And so strictly speaking, nothing is actually something. Think of it as zero on the number line, it is defined, it isnt 1,2 or -3, its zero. So it is something and in our reality manifold of space time, it only gains relevance whithin the boundaries of rules in our reality "construct" as it were. 

So if nothing is actually something. Like anything else, its an inseparable attribute of our universe and gains relevance as anything else defined gets defined by it, just as everything defined is itself defined by everything else defined (sorry). So since the program or "rules" of our universe act as one, that make our reality, any one rule self justifying itself by the aggregate of the others and the others self justifying on any one rule, then nothing, mathematically, must be something.

I tried to think of something that did not require creation in the realm of concepts, and realized that the "undefined" or rather, absolute chaos and entropy, would not require creation. The reason is that this would be a state that would neither be chair, water or mosquito, it would be a "undefined" state I nthe same an atom is a wave function with it's location not being in one place and time but "distributed" across a range, in some cases a sphere, of possible values. Only when you "observe" it, does the wave function collapse and you "see" it ome place and time. Similarly, the "undefined" is such a concept, it is not anything in particular, so it doesn't require creation. It is the "real" nothing. Because it has no inherent value. 

After thinking about it, The way the "defined" gets "created" came naturally. The universe in this state is like a "timid being" and since there is no "default" on how the universe should "be" if it does "nothing" it will automatically "be something" just by virtue of their being no default. 

In other words, The undefined gives rise to the defined through (what initially appeared to me...then I realized something else...) randomness. A die falls one way, then another way, you get a universe where gravity is of s certain value and 2 plus 2 equals five, in another, there is only antigravity, and so forth. 

The rule that the highly unlikely becomes highly likely the more simulations a trial undergoes. So if you have an ant go right or left an inch every time s coin falls heads or tails, and you have trillions of simulations, you will eventually have an ant that goes right 2 miles. Hence, complexity and definition, from randomness, or chaos or the "undefined" 

I thought of the implications of this concept, if rules are only relative to our universe, and there are an infinite amount of possible rules to make a universe (defined order) out of the undefined. (chaos or entropy or randomness or whatever), then there are ancinfinjte amount of possible universes and an infinite amount of our type of universe. It is quite a concept to wrap your mind around, but if chaos is really chaos, and infinity is simply a bound concept that is infinity due to the rules of our universe, then undefined being relatively unconstrained and boundless, and since time is not an inherent concept in chaos but just a property our universe,cwe must conclude that at every instant, there are, in order to cover all possiblityvsince there is no "default" , an infinite amount of universes with all possibility of life form and rules of any reality construct (the code of any specific reality).

Fascinated with this concept, I started to look for this process in nature, and sure enough, i found it everywhere. 

To explain it better, let me start from a certain perspective:
Everything adds up to one, and any system based on rules, will eventually encounter a situation it didnt originally anticipate fromcits original rules, and a complexity will emerge to satisfy this, or what i refer to as an "instability" 
Carbon atoms are the most "unstable" atoms of the lower elements, because they lack four electrons. Due to this higher instability or "entropy" it generates more complexity or a "more complex order" to satisfy this base entropy. So you get the most complex molecules on earth mde out of carbon. So you get organic molecules, etc, an environment that has a bunch of "chemical extremes" then, in order to "stabilize" this environment, nature acts in aggregate to generate complex organic molecules that "bridge" the chemical extremes in say, an ocean environment, with such a molecule. So its as follows, carbon atoms are unstable, so they form very complex molecules to satisfy this, there are also, due to the various possible permutations, molecules that are themselves unstable, so when the environment has  "chemical extremes" like in the ancient ocean, these molecules are used to "balance" these extremes and allow this entropy, both in the oceanic environment and the molecules, to "stabilize" 

Both being two sides of the same coin. The other organic molecules, and spending a lot of time to find the other "pairs" to stabilize themselves, see that the most complex are satisfying their instability the moment the first of them manifest or discover it. So they join them and perpetuate this pattern in order to keep the "least" entropy both in the molecules and ocean environment, hence, life. Most "efficient" process to accomplish the same goal. 

In other words, as this higher order complexity has an "instability" the first molecule that "levels" up and satisfies it most efficiently, is then "copied" by the others instead of going through the same process themselves because it's "faster" and more "efficient" 

So, from carbon atoms you get organic molecules, and due to the repetition of this "balancing" act in the environment to stabilize the organic molecules and chemical extremes in the aggregate, you get life forms that self perpetuate a program in order to not "do it all Over again" every time. No re-inventing the wheel, in other words. This process of a system based on rules, eventually encountering a situation not readily foreseen in the original rules (that which cannot be stopped collides with that which cannot be moved) and generating higher complexity to satisfy this instability is what i call e rule of one. 

The rule of one is that everything in nature adds up to one and depending on the level of entropy that gave rise to it, the more "complex" this one appears to us. 

So carbon atoms are more "unstable" so they combine to form more "complex" systems. Arab mosaic geometry is the same. The more "irregular" the piece you start out with, if you combine with like "Lego peices" it will eventually combine to form a more "complicated" design, than something more regular, like a square. 

I started to look at this mathematically and realized that the more complex a pattern, the less "repetative" it was and the more it contained, information wise, all the "lower patterns" (of less complexity) whithin it. So organic molecules, allegorically (since this is an association from the world of numbers to the  world) contained whithin it the pattern that gave rise to it, carbon atoms, and carbon atoms, the electrons, and so forth.

The more "flexible" and "able to cope" with change it was, the more "less repetitive" the pattern was, and the less repetitive it was, the easier it was for all the lower patterns or systems that gave rise to it due to a series of instabilities, to be explained in terms of such a pattern (because it contained all the information that gave rise to it) 

This is akin to a code like 10101010101 and 11010101001000, one is "less" complex than the other. 

The most complex pattern then, under this definition, is pi. Because pi never repeats. 

So anyway, this will help you to understand a couple concepts later, but basically, I keep on taking this concept of entropy leading to higher order or complexity,  from atoms to the brain and self awareness. 

In my mind, self awareness and our brain is the "highest" or "least" repetitive pattern of everything that gave rise to it, and because of that, the pattern that contains all the lower patterns whithin it, by virtue of its greater imformation. 

If you think about it, your brain is made up of all the most complex instabilities, atoms and organic molecules that nature has encountered over the course of 2 billion years on this planet. so we already contain, whithin us, the "source code" to understand this universe, (all of it's truths) because in reality....we ARE the universe. We are the universe becoming self aware. It stands to reason, that, since we are the "highest" pattern that we know of, all patterns that gave rise to us are whithin us; all the the rules of the universe and how to understand it.

 Now, if this is true, any system with specified rules, since it cannot encompass the whole undefined or total entropy, must evolve into intelligence. I am making this assessment from an analysis of the purely system. If entropy is the undefined, and the defined, a result of the undefined, is inherently unstable (any universe or reality construct that is defined or of specified rules) then any definedimi system with rules will encounter situations it did not readily for see, and endlessly try to stabilize at these "action points" until you got something like intelligence. The "rules are meant to be broken" statement then gains new meaning. There may be universes that do not contain life as we know it, so that statement would be rendered false, but again, it was logic from an analysis of the "rule of one" (that any system that encounters instability will try to stabilize it with higher complexity).however,  we assume that a universe with certain properties could no give rise to life but that does not consider all the action points or nodes that could lead to higher complex order (carbon atoms combining due to instability, etc) in such a universe that we might not readily understand. Gravity may be too strong but it could lead to then an antigravity on the other side that forms cosmic "islands" where things could evolve peacefully. So, the statement that life will NOT evolve in other universes with properties that supposedly do not support life cannot be proven, it is an assumption based on what we know in this universe. I am simply making an observation on how any system of rules evolves. It evolves to "increase" the amount of information that it contains of entropy by naturally emcountering it and forming complex orders that approach it. If entropy or the undefined, leads to order, then this order "grows" in turn, or evolves, to try to approach this chaos it came from. 

And as our universe "approaches" what we observe as entropy, the result is us, and eventually perhaps something more evolved (which i will write down in a bit), but basically, it's self awareness. we are self awareness. But what are we? We are all the star stuff that gave rise to us, hence, we are the universe, becoming self aware.

The result of any system based on rules then, is an evolution through process of elimination due to entropy, to higher complexity culminating in self awareness and intelligence. 

...what gives rise to our universe, the undefined or what we observe as entropy (it's chaotic because we havnt understood it yet), is also what our universe approaches, or tries to approximate, in us. 

Since our universe is defined, then, what it really is doing when it approaches the undefined through us is to get rid of it's limitation and be "more complete" by exploring all that is of possibility in our universe (through process of elimination, entropy, evolution). It becomes more complete as it "holds" more imformstion, or a less repetitive pattern, so it can "resonate" and be the undefined in all that it is. 

The undefined, again, is that which needs no creation, because there is no "default" to the universe. The universe if does nothing, must be something. But since the undefined has no limitation, being the highest pattern, it holds all that is, all possibility. For it is notdefined or specific. It's  all possible universes simultaneously because it is the highest pattern, and hence, it is not bound by our perception of linear time. S

And there we find the next epiphany. If the undefined or entropy is the highest pattern, then this entropy, in its higher order complexity in order to satisfy its instability, (not the instability, but complex order that satisfies it) must be self aware and intelligent. Just as entropy lead to us through process of elimination in a ruled based system,  through intsbility, then, eventually, we will "grow" into this higher intelligence, or what you might call god. the entropy we observe now might just be what we don't understand.

So if a universe or reality construct evolves into intelligence and self awareness, then let us consider self awareness to get better knowledge about the universe or this universal mind/god. 

What exactly is self awareness or conciousness? If you think about primates, when they were in caves drawing on those cavern walls, what they were really drawing were thoughts or images and observing them. As they observed their own thoughts they started seeing it as separate and that gave rise to more thoughts, and eventually, to a qualification of what those pictures meant. So by observing their drawings they noticed it was that other primate they liked and that emotion was really this or that...in other words, we DEFINED reality by our feelings and self awareness. We started becoming self aware of our own thoughts, which are a controlled storm of chemical reactions, and assigning meaning to them. 

Perhaps that gives us one insight, another insight is how the brain is constructed. If you look in nature, you will find that the brain almost looks like the same plant that is simply less "complete" in some animals vs others. the lower part of our brain is almost identical to that of other animals, our reptilian lower brain has the same basic functions and operates, functionally, the same way as other less intelligent mammals. As you increase in intelligence you notice the brain grows from the bottom to the top and then outward toward the front. The same basic "blueprint" , a repetitive iterative parallel processing, is just repeated over and over again. The human brain just has more "additions" , the most prominent being the frontal lobe, in the front. 

If you look at the brain from the perspective of neural networks, you learn that it tries to approximate a picture of the outside, by adding more nodes for parallel processing. A way to look at it is as follows:

You have all these small computers doing very specific operations or tasks, then all of these computers have a subroutine protocol that mirrors their input into every other computer, and every other commputer mirrors into it. This causes all of these computers to form a mirror whithin a mirror effect by adapting their perspective to the perspective all the other computers are seeing and vice versa. This creates a "fractal" or that effect you see when you have 3 mirrors at right angles, an infinite mirror set, or fractal. This means that the "holistic" perspective you observe is really a kind of fractal because by the multitude of perspectives, you gain more knowledge of the "absolute" through the relative comparison of all ofnthese perspectives. In a way, depth perception is an illusion of this very nature. You get two perspectives and then contrast them to get depth by the mirroring of each perspective within the other and back within themselves. 

This is similar to the observer/observation duality that occurs in quantum mechanics. By "observing" the atom, you "collapse" the wave function to one place and hence, your very observation affects the observed event in the "outside" 

However, this leads us to another mathematical concept, tautology. 
If you haven't noticed, the very act of self awareness is an observation. Its an observation of our thoughts or chemical reactions and assigning meaning to them. Even the generated fractal description, is basically an observation mirrored a trillion times. Its one computer say, observing this ball, then another one observing the ball as the first computer saw it, through so much mirroring, then the third observing how the second saw it (essentially seeing how the first saw it and so on) so we can detect contrast and something "out of place" in the environment.  But as we know from quantum mechanics, the observation affects that which is observed. the fractal is a self similar self justifying tautology (it re enforces itself, it's own "being" of truth). So, reality, or the universe, or conciousness, is what you might mathematically refer to as a "tautology."

In other words, you cannot separate the "inside" from the "outside." it is one and the same and it self justifies based on an "observed-observation" manifold that becomes one the moment we make an observation or interpretation. is this true of nature in general? Yes. 

If you look at atoms, or the concept behind string theory, you will find that they are a self re enforcing wave. A better way to understand it is as follows: when you have a rope or elastic and make waves with your hand, you can form interference patterns based on the interaction of the waves you form (let's say two people are on two ends of this rope), if you do it "right" , like the right tune for a tuning fork or right "timing" for a swing, you can get what is called a "standing wave." this means the wave will appear stationary because the interference pattern of the waves you are forming "cancel out" so as to form the certain tension which appears as stationary wave, or standing wave. Now imagine that geometry three dimensionally, you you have a spherical wave that self justifies it's shape and its motion by the right timing, so as to "self justify" itself and "self exist" 

This is the same concept behind what i believe to be the atom. A self justifying tautology. This applies to molecules as well...because the "most effective way" to satisfy the entropy that lead to it's creation, was a "feel" of all the "what not to does" before settling on that configuration because it's "observation" of the instability, lead to the "collapse" of it to a certain stability. It's a knowledge of what is by what is not, hence, process of elimination and stability through higher order complexity. Hence the late hippie saying "You get the universe through substraction, unobserved, it is infinite" (undefined). Random walk (term) is another example. 
A way to understand this is how we store informationcon a computer. We do this by etching holes (well not solid state, disk drives) into a wafer and then reading them with a laser reader, translating them into 1s and 0s, but how does nature store information? Surely, this thing of storing on something else cannot go on forever if reality is to exist, just as an outside god cannot create the universe for it creates an infinite set of gods. Reality stores information On itself. Because it just is. The atom is a self re enforcing existence....a bottled wave from the "void" which is undefined. It doesn't "process" or remember how many electron orbitals it has, it simply has a wave that "re enforces" to "form" an existence through re enforcing a standing wave through resonance. 

This leads us to our mind, if reality is just self justifying imformation, then, our mind, is simply this self justifying information becoming self aware of itself and processing more of it through contrast and process of elimination, collapsing reality   to what we can understand to s certain point in space and time through our very act of qualifying or "defining" our thoughts and their meaning, hence creating the observed/observer inseperable manifold or unity, or tautology, that we find elsewhere in nature.

Let me explain,  at the beginning, I said that even nothing was something because it is defined, it only gains relevance in the aggregate relative to the other properties of our universe. And so, it is all part of one "string" of code that is inseparable and impossible to unravel or isolate for it is meaningless without the "context" or "semantic" found in the rest of the code.  Since everything is tautological, even atoms and our very mind, then reality itself is also a tautology, because just as space has no relevance to us without time, nothing is only nothing relative to matter and zero zero relative to 1 and -1. It's all part of one manifold and hence it is tautological, self justifying, and impossible to isolate or gain meaning from it in deconstruction. So since everything only gains meaning by the observation itself and the "semantic context" being applied, then we can only see as much "out" of reality as we understand in our own observer/observation tautological duality. In our mind. Hence, why we "collapse" the fractal nature of reality, to a particular reality by our very conciousness.

The Implication of a tautological reality is that we can create our own reality. One way to explain it is as follows: if you have a processor with a certain amount of "clocks" to process imformation, it will only be able to "see" so much of the data and re arrange it in only a certain complex way from the "entropy." from those clocks. a race of machines, through the scientific method, might re arrange and interpret data slightly differently even though they are observing The same thing in the scientific process, leading them to conclusions that are very relevant to them but extremely hard to follow for us. As you add "more clocks" you can process more for every instant of time, and you would contain both the machine way of thinking and ours, for it would be a more "complex" way of thinking, and hence, see "more" from the data. If you kept om doing this, you would keep diminishing the entropy and increasing efficiency (more intelligent brains apparently are more quiet and use less energy because of efficiency)  until you got to a peak of efficiency, where you started to see more out of reality itself, and reality looked entirely different.

We assume, again, most of The time, that when we walk about we are in The "outside" world, but we are really observing a projection at the back of our brain; a "re construction" from data our eyes gathered in photons. It's akin to a lucid dream or a matrix of your own creation, because its electrical signals in your brain that generate it, not the outside. Hence, you can never know the outside but yourself in it and your own generated interpretation and simulation of the outside. the concept of thr outside is an illusion, however, because it's part of a tautology thst exists only im your mind. So you "see" The "outside"  only through yourself, because the "outside" can be seen a trillion different ways depending on the level of self awareness and can only be known through your mind (I m therefore I exist; decartes true knowledge). It becomes "fixed" or "defined" based on the agent doing The observation.  You have your own "processor" and can only assign meaning and significance from the data as much as the processor has clocks. 

So under that reasoning, the only reason we don't "see" other dimensions, as postulated by many scientific theories, is that our mind is "collapsing" the "reality fractal" to only a certain space time manifold, and that with "more" self awareness, we could collapse it in a more complex way, and start interacting with objects in say, a 5d frame of reference because we will see "more" of the universe as we would have "stabilized" greater entropy in greater self awareness or complex thought. In other words, again, we are creating, or manifesting, our own reality. 

If we fear something or are "missing" a vitamin, it will "gravitate" to us because of our "feelings of lack" or chemical imbalance. I'm other words, you will experience what you fear, so you don't keep on living in fear,cand the environment will want you stabilize, hence you will be "uncomfortable" and want the vitamin.

If we look at the world as a tautology, we realize that entropy is not entropy but just s higher order we cannot understand, also being deterministic in nature, self justifying on some hidden level. Our psychologies, when taken in aggregate by their interplay, may act in other words, as a giant "organism, n"unknown to us, due to the rule of one (everything adds up to one as a higher order complexity manifests to satisfy an instability or level of entropy). Therefore, events that may appear random to us, are really events manifesting from what we observe as entropy from the interplay of our collective psychologies, which due to "contact" and "communication" "acts" like an organism. So with the weather. And what you might call "karma" is just this giant organism "stabilizing" these instabilities over time, which we might define or categorize in our conciousness as "good" or "evil."

So if reality is defined and created by the observer tautologically, and all is tautology, then reality is not any outside thing but is simply different stages of information being self aware of itself, and therefore, reality is seeing reality from different perspectives which are all mathematically accurate.  Light never experiences itself traveling, from its perspective, the time it takes for a photon  to get emitted from an atom and absorbed by another is zero, the two events happen co-incidentally, because according to einstein, from lights perspective, time doesn't exist.  atoms self justify themselves in a higher geometric standing wave, and to them, time is non linear, because from it's perspective, there is no causality as time has no "outside," at times giving a reaction before the action (non causality). organic molecules "mirror" these atoms and their configurations, being "self aware" of them, to "stabilize" in a certain way, and see only the best fit peice of a geometric puzzle. human brains are aware of higher order chemical reactions and end up assigning meaning to them in thought, we observe time linearly, because we attribute causes to events and distance to space and time. It is all just the same "operating system" looking in on itself, first, by self justifying information, and then becoming self aware of this self justifying information, and hence, seeing the world differently. Since all systems of rules are unstable, it could be said that "self awareness" is a greater "default" than simply rules, because it can change the rules, and since it "organizes" more of the entropy, its more "stable" for it takes much more to "test" it and evolve it.

The whole universe then, is more markedly made of information processes and it's awakening than matter. Matter simply being a "standing wave" interference pattern. This would make the universe rather communistic, because what makes you you isn't The matter that you are composed of but the level of informational awarenss. And as long as you have attained this level of awareness, this is what you are irrespective of the matter that simulates it( your body changes it's matter every 6 months or something); In other words, any matter can simulate you as long as it's configured in the right way, your dna, the information pattern.

The way to really advance in this paradigm is to increase the complexity of your pattern. Because  the amount of carbon in our universe and silicon, we can simulate And copy our pattern trillions of times (infinity, but that in a sec) for it's very communistic. And if we are to follow the trend, it's fairly easy. The way we increase the complexity of our pattern, which is what nature is tryingn to do, is to increase the amount of "mirrors"

When I said above that our brain is like little computers mirroring their perspectives through all the others and hence getting a more complete perspective through the relative, what I was really describing was a process of mirroring. One perspective sees an object in one way, and then another "mirror" gets to "see" how the first perspective saw it, plus how it would see it, then you have a third mirror and it sees how That one saw, and so on and so forth, until we get our conciousness. Every time this happens hwoever, when we get to the "third" mirror, we create a new "paradigm," because we simulate the "original" conciousness an infinite amount of times (the original "computer simulation" or object that got mirrored times later). This can be observed in a bathroom with three mirrors positioned in a way so that you can see yourself in all of them; you get the infinite set, an infinite amount of your mirror images whithin each image. This can also happen just by putting two mirrors infront of each other. But if it's in the form or an observation, the "infinite set" happens at the "third" mirror, because the first jut observes, the second observes how the first observes, and the third sees the object as if an infinite amount of objects were simulated. How can you get an infinite I amount of imformation from finite information processing? The fractal. As you put a function whithin a function, it creates a design through iteration with infinite self similar information,cand because of that, it re enforces itself as a tautology and contains all the in information That lead up to its pattern (atoms, molecules that lead to conciousness).  This is how we get tautolog and self re enforcing existance wt every stage, atoms or otherwise. Once you get this new "paradigm" or new "unit" ths fractal becomes the new "object" of observation, so then it goes throughcthe same process that gave rise to it, you have it go through 3 other mirrors, all having made the "level up" as well, in order to acheive the higher paradigm.  This happens because of the exponential, every iteration can simulate to infinity the  object before the iteration. This means we could simulate an entire universe, just from the information in our mind, because our "collapsed" fractal or conciousness, "awakened" from this mirroring process that can simulate infinitely any less complex pattern that gave rise to it. Think of it as an antiderivative, it contains more informstion than its corresponding derivative. If you took this process up to our levelcand continued it,  you could see yourself, by mirroring how you would think others would see you. Mirroring in this case, is not "observing" an object like you do in a mirror, it's mirroring your comciousness. This process is called transference in psychology and its the main reason we possess personality. if you kept on doing this further with three mirrors...one mirroring your personality and how it looks, and then snot her mirroring that perspective, you would eventually simulate an infinite amount of your current conciousnesses and create another stage of awareness. In other words, if you could continue growing the "brain plant" and mirroring all the processes before, you could get to the "third" mirror and simulate yourself, as you are currently, an infinite amount of times. 

This tells us a couple things: first, we contain all the information whithin our brain to simulate an entire universe, after all, we are it optimizing, and since we create reality in our mind by "collapsing" the fractal, we can create boundless lower end information....oceans, etc, by accessing this fractal. 

If this way of information processing is true (mirroring) then a computer or improved brain could be developed that would eventually be able to simulate an infinite amount of self similar beings (yourself) to exerperience what you create in number 1.

This means that the idea behind the "singularity" by ray kurzweil, is an understatement, since information is tautological, and hence fractal in nature as described (both concepts go hand in hand), any tautological pattern or fractal,  contains an infinite amount of information of the patterns that gave rise to it, by virtue of the mirroring process described. 

This means that higher self awareness contains more information than the entire universe, and it matters very little how many times it is copied or simulated, but much more how it is arranged. For it could mean the difference between just "one" more simulation, or an entire new paradigm that contains an infinite amount of those simulations. 

I contend that this is a bit how the mind of god functions and how the afterlife operates. If matter is irrelevant, only being used to simulate a pattern, then what really makes us us is our level of awareness. God being the highest "mind" that contains us all, for if realitycis just tautological fractals, every higher paradigm containing an infinite amount of the fractals before it, then "god" is the mind whithin mind that contains all other minds as the optimized "super pattern" of conciousness.  if we "destroy" any of the infinite number of simulations that is whithin our fractal, we don't really "die" do we? If I kill a couple brain cells I am still "me" (at least I think), what really "changes" me is if I hurt my frontal lobe or "kill" a sufficient amount of mirrors to "lower" my level of awareness and shift my paradigm. But if something else in  e universe has managed to simulate an infinite amount of my conciousness whithin it as a higher paradigm, then I don't really "die" because just as "killing" off a couple brain cells doesn't kill me, killing me or my paradigm doesn't kill this conciousness, whatever it might be. However, this is only of we are "connected" 
It could very well be that I just "die" 

But consider what this "brain" would have to do to achieve this level of awareness. If it could simulate an infinite amount of humans, it could know, precisely, what makes us all tick and see the common psychological processes that any human would ever possess (remember....infinite). If this is true, it could "psychologically mirror" (i know that you know that I know that you know what I'm thinking) so well as to predict our collective psychologies and also see patterns in the "entropy" from the weather and e stock market, this would lead it to "collapse" the reality fractal to something beyond space and time. For linear time, with that level or predictability, would become meaningless. it goes back to the  processor analogy, if the more "rungs" or "clocks" we add gives us "more" out of the data for every instant....then eventually, we would get to a being that is so efficient and gains so much from an instant, that it can simulate any possible universe based om humans and matter (giving us like a "cloud" of possibility similar to the atom when unobserved) . After all, if reality is just self justifying tautology,c this being could eventually not even need to simulate on matter /atoms but by being aware of "source code" as it were, "write" it's on reality operating system, and be an orb of energy and light, 

This being would not see the universe as we do, because it would have "tamed" more of the entropy in itself, and just as photons see time as zero, everytthing happening co incidentally, and we seeing time linearly, it would probably see time in a fractal from a higher dimensional perspective, above space and time, from some hyperspace vantage point. 

From this perspective, our world would look as if it had already happened (beyond time) and have many possible futures and many dimensions,cas predicted by string theory. 

It would get all of our lives and all that happened on earth for millions of years in a single thought...consider that as life has evolved, time could be seen as "being observed" and slowing down. Animals probably live a whole life pretty quickly, but our observation "slows it down" due to our higher efficiency. Hence time may be only gaining relevance now on our planet since "conscious time" would probably measured in millions of years. We get more details, more "beauty" from what we observe due to this efficiency. This super mind could slow down things so much, so that every instant is "like a thousand years" and every a thousand years "like an instant" (yes, i think that is a quote from the bible, I was never very religious but I now regret it).

So if this being is beyond space time, then it IS the universe, and from hyperspace, since our minds are higher dimensional, we are "part" of this being, just as the atoms that compose us are part of us. It's one "tautology" inseparable and one in unity, for every individual "definition" only gains meaning from the other defined parts. We can only see our own tautology based on our own understanding.  But you rise incthe realm of god by awareness, spiritulity and mind. Atoms are whithin our jurisdiction, and we are under gods jurisdiction. Mind whithin mind. Seperation is an illusion. So we don't die, because our "conciousness" is operating whithin a higher tautology that if our body dies, we "are" this pattern. Kind of the same way energy cannot be crested or destroyed, only re arranged, our imformstion or "thought form" can't either. since we can be simulated an infinite amount of times,cand we arnt the "matter" but the imformstionl...there are trillions of "us" undoubtedly across dimensions and creation that are mirror images in this higher mind or fractal. 

Even if you just take the concept of the singularity, eventually, a race that achieves this would "be" this higher tautology beyond space and time....but if its beyond time....say even in our future....then it's already here, because that intelligence is not "bounded" by time. It makes sense that as intelligence increases, by a purely technological perspective, we would be able to manipulate more and more of our environment as our knowledge and predictive powers increase.cthe more we have known about biology the more we can manipulate it.cthe more we know about gravity, would eventually allow us to control it, because again, there is always an "instability" that a system based on rules cannot readily for see but we can, and use it to our advantage...for we contain more information Than a rule based system...eventually, it follows, with enough knowledge, we can manipulate "tricks" or weak points that would make us imto god. But if this god is tautological, then past future or other civilizations in hype space don't matter, it's all the same thing, because it's all Thr same higher mind beyond space and time.

God is like a grown up and we are the "child". In other words, a grown up knows the childs impulses better than the child because it can simulate the child.

So how do you approach this god? To grow our pattern? 

Growing a pattern is all about attaining higher levels of information. Information is knowledge and truth. So what is truth and knowledge? 

Our society tends to attribute truth, fact and knowledge to an empirical philosophy which manifests itself in the scientific process. In many ways, this was a way to counter confirmation bias and delusional self justifying (tautology...:) philosophies that selected out of the environment the data that supported their claim, rather than use the data to come to conclusions objectively. This has been an "innoculation" as it were, to many ideologies that were complete junk sciencr and sparked more delusional thinking than rational a priori thought. 

I'm of the belief that nothing truly can be known from the "outside" world, because it will always be restricted by a finite set of data. In other words, there could always be extra data or even an outlier that you have not encountered that negates your whole conclusion. And so you can never be certain of your conclusions from empirical data alone. There is always the day the sun doesn't come up in the morning or your broken cup of tea re arranges itself on the table because you find yourself in the matrix. You never can KNOW anything from The outside. Even a probability distribution is not a known, because it  itself is based on a finite set of data, and more data can always be used to render an entirely different probability distribution. The only way  can know for certain is with an infinite set of data, and you only get that through a tautology or fractal (the mirroring thing) ...greater self awareness, more "clocks" on the processor. 

And besides, we can never know the outside but our simulation of it (as described above somewhere), hence, the tautology and the clocks. 

 Hence knowledge and truth is only something felt inside, not from any "outside" which is an illusion, for The "outside" is simply a matrix of your own creation created in your mind (a re constructiincby electrical signals, akin to a program), and  hence also "inside"

Since everything is inside of you, truth is more akin to the decartian philosophy of a priori thought, pure thought. Math. And self justifying truism. Things like 2 plus 2 equals four. You feel weird this morning, Etc. These are truisms and absolutely true by infinite sets or common denominators made common by tautological infinite sets (absolutes through relative, which is tautology: process of elimination). 

So science is inadequate to reach truth, only guesses to develope an incomplete understanding and a best fit theorem, which is the best we have compared to the rest of our philosophies, but still inadequate of true knowledge. Our current Math is too narrow at times to describe reality in it's entirely (tautology is a mathematical concept though) so a semantic language of sorts, of tautology-reality, would be the thing that really grants us knowledge. A higher order math based om fractals. An intuition of sorts. 

I know that most scientists would say that is a terrible idea. Thst most peoples intuition is dead wrong, but I beleive this analysis is incorrect. I believe people have an absolute truth in their mind,cthe problem that occurs, is in the interpretation of that "intuitive truth" 

Our minds, due to the illusion of the "outside" "inside" perspective has created a separation between that which is "intuitive" or "third eye" and that which is the "analysis" function. We get a "feeling" and we end up "qualifying" it because we somehow think we have control over the observation or that which is being observed, when in reality, we are collapsing it into one closed system and the very interpretation is what defined the intuition. 

When i started thinking like this I noticed an eerie or uplifting, depending on the qualification you assign to the general "awesomeness", similarity to religious teachings, as if perhaps we had lost some ancient knowledge. I tried to find how nature itself grew in "pattern" and complexity and found the stuff outlined above, as fractals or patterns self justified themselves, and it's "resonance" of its higher truth, of its "truth" of being of itself being whithin itself anoutside itself to infinity, is what resonated and re enforced its being. A self justified truth.

I then made connections to two other things, psychology, and organisms. When a fetus is being formed in the womb, the dna is simply a blueprint that allows all  stem cells to "mimic" the self similar pattern whithin them (DNA) so as to "arrange" as the micro, in the macro. I couldnt help but notice another tautology, another fractal. The inner "truth" was resonating in a self justifying manner....in the outer truths in the same being....if you look at the brain as a plant, you will see that it grows based on stimulation. But stimulation from what? Information. The brains "energy" is information. But since the brain is a tautology, it can only "grow" by information that is self similar to itself or can understand....hence, again, a self justification of truth, of "being" the "outside" must resonate with its inner truths in order for it to "grow" based in it's blueprint, what it can understand. 

And that's when I made the connection to love. When you see yourself in others while in love (never been in love), psychologically, from transference, say, when opening the door for an old lady, you see yourself as this person would see you, and this person sees you as you would see her, this "transference" creates a resonance of deep understanding that resonates with "inner truths." like the concept of "groking" by Robert Heinlen "you understand the concept so well that not only does the concept change to become part of you, you change to become part of  the concept" 

This thing which we call "love," is really a sense of deep understanding that allows you to grow. Perhaps its the same feeling felt in the womb by the fetus,..the "happiness" and love of the mother and that of coming into "being",  as the "inner truths" of an infinite fractal (the dna) resonates with the higher truths as the stem cells "arrange" correctly to "match" it and self justify. 

Perhaps all things, including atoms, have some level of this frequency, or "feeling" like a tuning frequency. 

So strangely enough, i found that perhaps what would allow us to "grow" in pattern, was The "resonance" or the feelings or "love" as we resonated with these higher truths as they justified our being, resonating with our inner truths, our thought patterns, our feelings, ir dna and atomic matter, justifying our being and who we are.

When I realized this I initially thought that perhaps I had gone insane. Maybe I had been spending too much time by myself lately and needed tocget out. Perhaps I needed to go to a clinic and see a therapist.  But the more I looked into it, the more I saw that ended up justifying these truths. 

I quickly realized that our society was doing the exact opposite of what we needed to do to grow in self awareness. Perhaps Jesus Christ was in fact the son of god, and his lessons were simply The manifestation of a higher conciousness that we once held but lost,vand perhaps now are attaining again. 

I then started to read new age lore and Asian philosophy, and saw eerie similarities to the concepts outlined above.

If resonating with our inner truths is necessary to make our pattern more complex, this feeling of being bringing forth love and justifying  us, "growing" us in complexity. Then accepting and loving ourselves was a given. If we live in constant fear of not doing something right or losing our material possessions, we will never be able to accept ourselves and love ourselves, and hence, we will be like a dim candle scared of some concept self justifying in our head, triggered by the frequency of fear. It then became apparent psychologically, that the main reason people feared was a sense of insecurity, and the ego, which often lead to cycles of anger and eventual suffering (i did this by analyzing my own psychology over The course of 3 months, not consciously, just by noticing). The ego I found, was really an illusion. I made several experiments by going to chatrooms on the internet and found that the best way to best ego, is not to resonate with it, for it makes a mockery of it if you dont acknowledge it, but more wisely, if you don't operate on ego, you can see more of The psychological interplay in groups through inaction, and realize thatch more you inject yourself in it and resist,cthe less control you have, the more you self justify by going eith the flow, not only do you grow because you have control of yourself, but you have more control of the environment (because your influences are more invisible to those with ego, get swayed easily and repeat the same mistakes). 

I then started seeing how eerily similar human psychology is, and how these two programs, fear and ego, determine a lot of our actions. They are like blinders, because once you shed yourself of them, you see a lot more in others and their behavior. 

I started to see that all rhetoric always has a higher order interpretation and semantic to it. (by observing verbal fights in general social events and chstrooms, which rely less on visual cues)   What self justifies it into one meaning or the other, is the capacity for one party or many to "get" the psychologies of the rest and hence play accordingly (a la game theory, beautiful mind) or the insecurities, fears or feelings of the parties involved. In other words, if you are fearful of something, you will interpret rhetoric a certain way and hence "self justify" your insecurity something ends up manifesting into what you fear. whenever you "define" yourself with something as "narrow" as fear, your behaviour is more "predictable" and hence more likely to "manifest" that fear in interaction because someone not bounded by it wll "get" your psychology, and either inquire or actually try to make you fearful. Conversely, itmcould just happen ramdomly as you "extract" from the outside what you can understand. 

So like I stated above, due to the "rule of one" our collective psychologies "behave" as a giant organism. So if you  "need" something , it will "manifest" because the conditions are right. Fear is a need, it's a preoccupation with something you don't want to happen,...so by doing this, you attract this because the organism doesnt want you spending your whole life in fear, so it manifests in order for you to eventually accept it or "get over it"

However, fear, which i learned from new age lore is actually The opposite of love, can also do the exact opposite of love.

If love self justifies being, growing it, fear does the opposite, supress being, get it to "lose" information, losing bits the way de resolution occurrs in the original "tron" movie (allegories to Jesus Christ there, programs are bounded by a system, a user is not, so he can "manipulate" the program and create in that world because he is a "higher" pattern)

So it can lead to a negative spiral of suffering and hell. 

The way to not have fear is to try to get rid of fears and analyze them when they present themselves...this self reflection will lead to the ego, and eventually to higher truths as the ego is shed, the analysis will eventually get you to shed fears. The final stage is to get rid of all desires for desire implies The outside is separate and the giver of love. everything is inside and tautological. 

Our society teachers that in order to receive love, or give yourself love, you must buy a car, a nice house, consume this or that, behave yourself in a certain way,  just to feel this feeling. Because in our mind, we have deemed ourselves unworthy of it unless it so, for if we think it is so, due to tautology, then it is.

But this keeps us in a spiral that doesn't let us achieve the higher truths that would naturally allow us these things, for if creating your own universe is too much for you (you do it every day by simulating the outside in your mind with matrix level realism) then the car and the house. 
This fear and regulated love does not allow our pattern to grow. And hence, makes us less "capable" precisely because we are socworried on being capable. Most people, sadly, never make the "threshold."

We could do it purely through technology,  because eventually, we might get to something like a mind machine interface (neural Internet-simgularity) and through that, see how the math whiz solves problems, and from that, someone might get inspiration and everyone see his idea and so on, so everyone would "grow" in knowledge and ability by the strongest links, and through such a process, force self reflection of our drivers that would lead us to spiritual growth, greater understanding and self love. But technology is an " outside"agent (an illusion), it can always be corrupted by one agency or the other, and hence, anticipation of an outcome is no guarantee that it will occur.  In fact, it freezes time in our psyche, and does not let us realize it as it should. We only have control of ourselves (and the outside if you are to beleive tautology) 

And hence, we should strive to perfect ourselves and grow in this pattern, this cosmic being. Perhaps we all have a natural telepathy and can with telekenisis mover ojpbjects or see objects differently due to sacred geometry, past the boring right angles of our architecture. We have a "natural" skynet, so again, we must seek to do it in ourselves. 

We need to love ourselves, as i just said, for it "feeds" us, our being. Just as a fetus "loves" coming "into being" by resonating with it's inside and outside synergistically (the fractal), we need to love others, for it allows a synerigistic "karma" to feed our being and others that allows the whole pattern, not only ours, but the collective psychological organism to grow.  and in turn, we grow even more.

Only self love and suppression may work for some organisms, but in the end, it halts even personal growth, for the "total" karma is negative, which means any aggressor will him or herself, feel the same as that which. He or she caused. Now, this may seem patently untrue by any objective observation of our world, in factbut, the most brazen getting what they want. But I made this conclusion by doing some evaluation of old texts in our history, comparing it to these insig hts Here and the rule of one.

Dont think i did not investigate new age lore and old texts when first faced with these insights. 

There have been many books recently written about the legend, at least for now, of Atlantis. in one of these books, the atlantians in the "inner ring" operated by the "rule of one" which is basically that everything adds up to one, and that everything that is donewill come bsck to you. Enki, Satan, ra, or belial, overthrew Atlantis and convinced his followers that through illusion, they could get around the rule of one and experience endless hedonism by putting others down. But in truth, what he ended up doing, was by the illusion of absolute free will,  he enslaved others through the rule of one to their negative karma. So when people "appear" to be getting away with something, according to my insights, which i believe to be knowledge (science is not knowledge but approximation nutmegs rightful process for advancement in our less evolved paradigm), they may in fact be giving "the negative karma" people that are "good" may have amassed unknown to you, and they may notnbe doingnit fo the intuitions you think, or if they are, end up paying formitmsomehow 

We never see the complete picture because we cannot live all of these peoples lives. 

Again, I (my beleif) cannot know anything from the "outside" world, only a prior thought or a form of refined intuition (third eye) untampered by definition or narrow interpretation. 

Since entropy is higher order we canmot yet detect, perhaps the psychological "organism" is doing this karma exchange, as described in these books that happened in Atlantis, and people are manifesting reality in the same way as the movie "crash" 

So from that perspective, we cannot know anybodies "debts," perhaps its kind of like the zen master , "we shall see" 

It makes "sense" then, to love yourself and others,cfor negative karma is only "bad" for you. 

Society is directly opposed to all these teachings. We need to buy in the outside to love ourselves, we only love others if they first love us. We fear not having the latest things because of our ego, we fear looking bad on facrbook, because of our ego. Hence, we deny ourselves essence. We are jealous of others and so to love ourselves, we must put them down, and so on and so forth. 

All of these things deny us the "love" or happiness due to the resonance of truth that would lead us to grow our pattern and eventually be able to manifest anything we would want. Including everything we currently have. 

If we can create reality and are gods image, we can resonate with this universal mind if we get rid of these restrictions that only exist because we believe in them. 

It may be that all of the "nutjobs" of the world are actually right, and that what has kept us down is this attraction to the material, not allowing us to see our true potential, perhaps by some hidden underground society who has known of these truth for ages (illumnaitti, etc etc) and has wanted to explore a "dark age" and higher "thought forms" im the higher dimensions have allowed it for our spiritual evolution (once we known the dark, we can grow farther up in the dimensions when we finally see the light, and so on kind of logic, process of elimination),

The lore on this usually goes as follows:

We live in a higher dimensional matrix, and "good" and "evil" are a duality set in our head. Psychology makes our actions just "what they are" and due to our lack of understanding of ourselves we categorize things as "good" and "evil." these simply being different aspects of the human pscyhe that are inevitable when you accept the illusion of the ego and separation as true, evn though evilsnd good are true because everyone iscopersting whithin these constraints. Self love or self hatr and not loving others is "darkness" because it "contains less information"  loving yourself and loving others is more "balanced" and "contains more information" 

This seems pretty aligned with the concept of tautology and the universe  being information becoming self aware. 

The rest of The lore is that there are two sides vying for controlcof mankind, the "dark" and the "light" 

These beings are described as "living in higher dimensions" or in the case of the dark "lower vibration" and they try to get us to resonate with fear ego and anger through "power, greed and lust" this allows them to "bring" us to their side. The light tries to bring udntoctheir side through love/higher wisdom, understanding, and service. Apparently Thr light, since it "contains" more information is more "evolved" but both of them can see us in various timelines and "test us" accordingly. The light has more happiness because it's synergistic, the dark is a net sum game, so you lose constantly what you chase for in "illusion" 

You chase after power greed and lust but are never happy and are manipulated constantly by "supervisors" with Satan at The top. Satan has the most "imformstion" because he can see intovyour soul and what will make you believe his lies so he can manipulate you...but you always end up losing because you never resonated with higher truths, accepted yourself....so you will be blind. In sorrow, endlessly seeing what could have been. 

Thr light is amplification of being through love and basically happiness. 

One side are The "haters" or "losers" in other words,cwanting to bring everybody down. And The other side are the "winners" for they are the higher mind wanting to bring everybody up, and because they contain more information, can "predict" all the moves of The dark patterns, which are contained whithin them (because the dark clings to ego and fear, they are more "predictable" more repetitive and lack  creativity and imagination) 

God is the highest pattern or thought form, and can predict all of them. Damn noobs. 

This description is very similar to my insights which i came about through thought alone.and hence the similarity cannot be ignored, neither can the theories on Thr illumannti; it could all be true, and in fact, I beleive most people on some level may have a hypothesis on that matter..
But anyway...the point is that here I lay out logically, why such a hypothesis would makes sense.

There are many respectable people that agree with me...Chris langan, a guy with an iq of (supposedly) 195, wrote a theory called The "cognitive theory of the universe" in 1995, that basically makes a case for knowledge as tautology and makes the same observation on science and math as an inadequate or incomplete mechanisms for knowledge. He finished by concluding that a "semantic operator" is what defines reality, that god exists and that the universe is basically conciousness, the same insights I lay out here. 

Its not only langan though but many scientists that are seriously considering The possibility that the universe is consciousness. 

The holographic theory of the universe starts out by considering how everything you experience is generated in your head and how the universe may in fact be 2 dimensional and what you experience a hologram (i dont agree with this theory because I beleive every stage of awareness "collapses" what is essentially a fractal of infinite possibility to something it can interact with...so it's not inherently 2d or 3d or any qualification like "hologram" it just is based on the tautology in the mind so it "resonates" with this reality because that is what we are...the universe is limited im observation, infinite when unobserved.. but the concept is an aid to understand that)

Many scientists are now recognizing that mathematically, systems of simple rules interact to manifest emergent properties of complexity because of events not readily forseen in those rules (instability, entropy, leading to higher order to satisfy it). 

At CERN, scientists are getting different conclusions based incthe assumptions made in The models to test the data, the same happens when theorists postulate on the big bang or a black hole...

Depending on your assumptions of time, you will come to a different universe. So our assumptions are self justifying themselves and proving the assumptions; tautology. Depending on how you define time going in, it will prove to be true. 

A black hole is a place where the laws of our universe break down and go back to the "undefined"....so its like one of those paintings you can see many ways, but with the black hole, it's an infinite amount of ways, because it's a higher order entropy higher than your mind, so its like a mirror of The mind, it will mirror your mind and assumptions, because again, it's an entropy that has not been defined, it is the "undefined" and hence our mind will try to "categorize" it and understand it, limit it, but it wont. Because it does not obey laws. It is boundless..which in many ways, would be identical as shown in the film "sphere" you can't "get around" a black hole in other words....because you are playing around with your own mind, your own assumptions, your own self justifying truth or tautology. Perhaps it's why so many people have grasped to understand it. Eerily similar to the concept of Tao in ancient eastern Taoism...."it is the infinite Substance, that upon our attempt to define, we limit it, and it is o longer part of its natural infinite essence"

It seems the bridge between the "micro" (quantum mechanics) and the "macro" then, is the mind. The reason we don't see the macro as the micro is perhaps because we are in the macro, part of the "game" as it were...and hence "collapsing" the fractal....but the atom is lesser to us as a pattern so we can see it in it's "undefined" state....We likely live in a multiverse with various dimensions inaccessible to our psyche at this time,  but we only see this one because our act of being collapses the greater reality to our current location in space time.

Perhaps this is why in new age lore "definition" by act of qualification is what sets something as "good" or "evil" even though it is not inherently The case. Our mind, is defining the world in this way, just as we define the reality in the black hole with our own assumptions. Our ego and our needs for protection and separation has made it possible for us to qualify a duality of "observer/observed" "good evil" etc.

If we all had. Different qualification that the outside is not the source of love, but inside, and that the rule of one means karma will give everyone what he or she deserves, "evil" gains new meaning. It is an act of self mutilation. We give the concept of "evil" too much power because we have bought into this concept of duality ...that the world is unfair, so we lash out,  thinking we need to be the vigilante, and hence multiply then negative karma of original "sin" By doing so, being tempted by the lure of "free will" without knowing karma, perhaps "Satan" ( I know, highly unnecessary) recreates the world in his image through our perpetual lashing out through the ego.... again, it has an eerie similarity to the tree of knowledge...of "good and evil" in the bible. 

What was the other tree? The tree of life....of being....of self justifying being through love....the teachings of jesus Christ...

Perhaps jesus Christ was like an "avatar" for this higher mind,this god, and he came down to earth knowing we wouldn't understand these concepts...so in order to get out of The "illusion" of "good" and "evil" 

Of duality,,,of "outside" vs "inside"

He taught it in simpler terms of emotion, of having faith, knowing our self justifying tautology of our mind did not contain enough information to understand it logically. 

Perhaps his true message was more like the message of balance and moderation ,of dharma, like the eastern traditions. Perhaps all these 
Prophets spoke as one, and his true message was hidden from us in order for mankind to fall in darkness under the rule of the "illluminatti"

I put these things down because new insights force revision of what is considered "nut job" or "extreme" 

I no longer beleive the theory that a one world government instituted by the illuminatti, hacks of some higher dimensional dark force, is ridiculous. If you had told me that before I had these insights, I would have bid you a good day and never seen the likes of you again. But now I'd likely be very receptive. 

There are many theories behind this force, with many people forming their own conclusions on the origin. I will give you my perspective and what I think they are doing and how they operate. 

I believe we are on the verge of great change for the human race, both technologically and in self awareness. we have increased in light tremendously over the past 25 years. All over the middle east, you see generation y (of which I reside in) rising up against elites that have done nothing but trample on the people for ages. Part of this has to do with The Internet and that people are more aware, but it also has to do with greater self awareness, it's all part of The same coin, The same tautology that is self justifying. 

This greater conciousness has been foreseen because the higher dimensions "contain us" ..our simpler patterns. They and the one god that contains them as well, saw this coming 2000 years ago because remember, this universal mind,cthismloving being that we call god,and Ángels qre so smart that they are beyond space and time. Hence, my understanding is that "light beings" are coming to earth to be as "guardians" in The second coming, as watchful "angels" of The "higher evolution" these are orbs of energy that create reality and patterns and might "appear" to us as an angelic human...but remember, these are very evolved beings, they evolved from something that looked human (we apparently are an extension of a much older civilization) and that's an avatar. They are pure loving energy in essence.

However, the illuminatti, ss guardians of the dark age, necessary to teach us the lessons ofmthe dark, the story goes, will "stage" an alien invasion...and through a "great deception"

Convince you that they created you and that you must follow them.

There are two competing theories, as I understand it. One, isnthat the antichrist, The anunanki and belial (hyperspace jackass) is going to rule earth for 100 years after a catastrophe, either planet x (brown dwarf star theory that is a brother of our star in a binary system...and circles every 3600 years) nuclear detonation or some other crap. It will be like 1984 And that 3 ascensions will be given by higher beings every 20 years, and then after that,  anyone that stays behind is dark and goes to hell with Satan.

The other, is that the strict version of revelations will be averted and that the "galactic federation of light," a bunch of light beings will present themselves by what we understand to get us to calm down, and aid us in our higher intellectual and spiritul evolution, by increasing the "frequency " in the environment...allowing us to create our own reality ...but slowly....they are increasing it slowly...because if you look st us as plants...Thr higher frequency dialed up slowly will gradually lead us to "grow" 

The guys that ascend will turn into pure light and they will "catch us" joining them. They will keep doing this until everyone thwtcis left is dark over The course of 20 years.  They will use both spiritual teaching and technology, to aid in this process. If they do it fast, we won't understand and just go into illusion..

Now, I want to convince you away from the notions that the dark will try use to gain power and control (if it in fact is The first option) because you can use logic to negate their claims by process of elimination.

The first is that an alien race would invade. Lets look at it from a conventional understanding and a technological point of view, with our erroneous knowledge of absolute dualistic "inside" "outside" perspective.  If an alien race is that advanced that it can travel those distances in space (assuming no hyperspace drive, with it, it's even more unlikely), they are likely post singularity (think, right now, due to moores law and nano tech, we arr on track for it in 30 years). For those of you who don't know what moores law is, its a pretty simple concept that the number of transistors on a chip  double every year. Its projected that eventually due to advances in computers, we will achieve a level of sophistication to allow us to build intelligent machines and eventually, a merger, because of it. Also, this means that nanotechnology, due to our current projection of  cost competetivr technologies  with fossil fuels, dropping prices of solar panels, fuel cells and batteries because of the nanotech revolution, solar power could be used eventually to power all of our civilization.  Right now, its insanely imprwctal, you need the entire western united states to power our grid with current technology. But due to nanotechnology, this is expected to change, and not the expect ion of fusion or "they said that 20 years ago." no, to most studied onlookers of nanotech progress, this is a given this century.  There are cheap filters due to the same technology that would disallow any conflict due to water. Sure, we can have wars because the technology  doesn't scale on time, but any civilization from space would have long gone through that phase. So they would be post singularity,cp and as I just outlined, would not need our planet for energy. As it so happens, they wouldn't need it for resources either. Some Asteroids in our own solar system possess more ore than the entire crust of the earth. It would make far more sense for Them to mine there, than to travel all the way to earth, land, mine, and use a massive amount of energy to leave. The amount of energy to take off with the ore would probably make it not worth it right there, given there is plenty of ore right in space. A civilization that advanced would have likely replaced all manual labour with robotics....the robots being subcocnious, and them, being huge brains operating avatars controlling their subconcious extensions through thought.  any subconcious robot rebelling simply joining them in some synthetic conscious ecosystem. After all, even sky net has robots. 

So The robots could mine for them, so they wouldn't need slaves, and due to energy projections in nano tech and eventually fusion, they wouldn't have energy problems. The only problem then, would be a damaged ecosystem and a multiplying population. However, by the time they are post singulsrity, all damage to the environment would be reversed due to said robotics and clean tech (nano tech, graphene robotics, etc.)  The kepler satellite has found plenty of planets in space, so they could choose an uninhabited planet over one that contains us. Furthermore, we assume a multiplyiing population because of reproduction, but post singularity they are likely to be more synthetic, only using humanoid avatars, and immortal (I'm trying to eliminate possibilities through our erroneous understanding of illusion....duality..an illusion to cancel an illusion)  Even if They decided to stay mortal and didnt beleive in the afterlife, they could simulate due to advances in computers an identical replica of someone living in the outside, then have an old person slowly pass their conciousness to a machine, and "experience" life t through the simulation, by registering all inputs and simulating that outside brain identically . Then,when the person being simulated crossed over, the person observing life as if they were them "wakes up" fuses both experiences into one mind. Due to the likelihood of a neural Internet....close friends over time, by seeing how esch other thinks. Become "one mind" the only difference being body, and  hence since post singularity, "body" will likely be "avatar" conciousnesses could "fuse into" one as people "reproduce" ..balancing the whole population. I bet it could be done quite easily. 

You can have two chilren. But then The parents must fuse with a close friend or themselves after say, 150 years. This would keep a fair stasis in the population. But knowing what I know about tautology, what would likely happen is that the civilization wouldnend up simulating in s quantum computer a super mind with infinite beings and would go to The sun with solar collectors to power a self assembling quantum computer that would wrap itself around the entire sun for energy, and simulate on it an infinite amount of beings on an infinite amount of planets (possible due to tautology and its corresponding fractals) then simulate all the happy moments in peoples lives, then analyze all those moments for those most intellectually inclined, then analyze the analysis, and so forth, until you got the "one thought" that could grasp the entire universe, and they would all "cross over" to higher dimenions just as the whole computer exploded by falling into The star . I beleive you can simulate more information on a higher tautology...more than all the information that gave rise to it even though it's comoosdd ofmless matter...because infinite informstion is found in fractals which can be simulated simply by arranging a limited amount of matter incthe right way., and so the computer would contain more information than the entire universe....the three seconds prior to melting would be infinity in the simulation...in other words....it would just merge to what already exists in the higher dimensions. Again, from a purely tech perspective, we go back to god. 

Since such a civilization would exist for infinity in this simulated infinite fractal (simulated is not really a simulation here). Then it could have anything it wants, all the planets, worlds, it could ever need (this would be true even with the previous understanding of neural Internet, consciousness fusion, and robotics) . 

So this civilization would have no need to invade us...and it wouldn't consider us a threat either. Because by The time we would meet, we would have gone through the singularity ourselves just to survive, and would mo longer be a threat, as genetic engineering and neural internet change the paradigm, society, and the usual aggression that we see currently. In other words, we would kill ourselves off if we were a threat, with no intervention by them. If we hadn't gone to the intervention and meet them, by virtue of our less capability by not going through it, we wouldn't be a threat. 

So, they would very likely have absolutely no antagonistic interest, these things simply being anthropogenic bias and projection bsed on our own understanding of our current stage  of evolution. 

If we were to meet them, their interest might actually be to assimilate us. Because in their realm of pure thought and information, the only difference or "newness" isn't Body, because after the neural Internet minds can fuse and become one, body just being a avatar, them creating various avatars, some that perhaps are not the same body they evolved from, but our thought process and our genes. The universe may evolve fairly predictably due to tautology, any higher pattern containing all The possible life forms like us, but it may be that not all possibility of lifer is yet explored my them, and our unique thought process may be interesting to them. 

So they would very likely, in other words, be benevolent, and want to exchange our thought patterns, ornwhat I think, aid us in growing so we can grow them and ourselves when wr get to the higher dimensions, so we can all be closer to "prime creator" or the absolute entropy.

They would allow us to choose, because to them, time would be irrelevant, we would eventually turn to the light in time anyway. If its just the conventional technology explanation...they would only be here to help us or to assimilate us into a more advanced civilization and allowing us to choose. 

So what would motivate such a society or hyper space beings, to be malevolent? 

Well, we must consider that such a society would be very mental. If they can simulate endless informstion, then you get to The meaning of life. It is not the material, because if you have anything you want but no one to share it with, you will be alone. If you know everyones cards at poker and everyone else knows then poker is no fun.cir you know chess's optimum strategy, then it become tic tac toe, boring. You gain happiness through self actualization and higher truths by justifying your being through love, always playing a game that is t your level...I would suppose for them...a game that constantly changes and due to a semantic operator, keeping up, etc. (playing around with a tech perspective). The moment you "graduate" from a game, you become more complex because you are resonating yurninner with outer selves...growing through love...

So it would be of this nature...the higher dimensions..The only reason for malevolence would be our suppression because of a higher order concept, like an obsession with The ego or fear by some hyoerspece entity that liked to feel like an outside god that we bowed to in reverence (satan) ...of an "evil" entity in these  dimensions...

The true god is a benevolent and loving god. This god would demand worship and likely appear as The Borg. But again, the Real battle is I'm information.

They cannot corrupt you with ego and fear and integrate it into your program, unless you do it yourself. 

So you will be forced between believing that optimistic jargon is a Ploy to get humanity to not defend themselves (which of course, we would anyway, just not resonate with ego and fear or try to) or that not believing in the fact that he cant affect you is an illusion by a hypespace alien to get you to vibe with fear and ego so you fall on his side, by corrupting yourself, and then he can torture you, because you are in. Universe made in his image. but again, the first is ridiculous, for all the reasons I posted above. 

You have to accept the fear and ego virus, he can't force you. Because the universe is information.  

So right there, you know that any illuminatti ploy to convince you of an alien invasion is a lie. It could be staged as an invasion...but since you know what is going on behind the scenes, you wont let it affect you. You will do what you will do, but spiritually, you wont fall to the dark. Self defense is not dark...its the soul this hyperspace entity is after, according to new age lore. 

A few more notes:

- Sacred geometry is more complex because it gets away from the closed right angles of the euclidian we are used to, and more aptly increases in complexity in aggregate to describe the growing informational self awareness that is the universe. 
-HAARP, which is a subject of many conspiracists who i once considered to be nut,jobs (actually, they probably still are, they just happened to hit on the truth by chance, if you consider just standard probability distribution) may in fact be an actual program that with radio waves, injects just enough, entropy (chaos theory, butterfly causing tornado thing) to cause climate change over time. This could self justify theories on global warming being generated by the UN and various government bodies supported by them, and allow them to make global climate agreements to take over control and exercise more power over the human population. 


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11/07/2011 07:41 PM
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Re: END OF OLD WORLD DOCUMENT, mathematical proof of gods existence, 2012
..............................................r u serious?

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11/07/2011 07:46 PM
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Re: END OF OLD WORLD DOCUMENT, mathematical proof of gods existence, 2012
and now, something completely different:

We get the powers over us that we've earned collectively. Humanity, as a whole, is self-interested, shallow, ignorant, violent and immoral; small wonder, therefore, that our leaders (secret or otherwise) reflect that. You want better leaders, become better people.

I forgive myself, I Love myself, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, I forgive you, I love you, Thank you.

God Bless You;
I Bless You;
Bless Yourself(~).

Love is the answer ~ Peace be with You.