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Message Subject U.N. inadvertently confirms “Freeman”. there IS a Law above "the law" in their world!
Poster Handle mountingflame
Post Content
been coming here for years never posted a comment before...lol...anyways...this is very telling to say the least...I have looked into this whole "freeman thing"....and it IS what is going on...the system is a sham and a scam...thru contracts(written and verbal)you waive your rights...I have to admit it's all very cunning how they have pulled this crap...but it's easy enough to see after you get some foundation in understanding of the concept...made me mad as hell....lol....I'm 32, been studying this for about three years now...even when I was 16-17...I sensed that the government had given individuals rights to the corporations, and the corporations liability's to the individual.....with that being said, these statements by the U.N. should cause one to pause and get to learning about sovereignty of the individual...and discover your true freedom...and uncover the fact the governments are corrupt,lying,bullsh#t,with the purpose of exploitation of the people to the benefit of those in government and the corporations....." Freedom is a concept in the hearts and minds of men....men from all places...and all backgrounds...they are my brothers,..and I...theirs. thank youaltcdnflagrockypaul
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