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Message Subject U.N. inadvertently confirms “Freeman”. there IS a Law above "the law" in their world!
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our system of laws sucks. I would scrap the whole thing.
anarchy is the answer. We should all just carry a gun to protect ourselves and abolish police forces. There's common morality like the golden rule to do to others what you would have done to yourself. It's that sort of thing that anyone can understand, it's simple. You don't need this whole elaborate court system and police forces and swat teams. It's garbage. If anything we should have militias of neighborhood watch where people protect themselves on the local level. Personal responsibility. Our economy is obviously one giant ponzi scheme and will soon fail completely. We need to stop using money. Money is the root of the evil in the world. Government needs to be of the people again. Direct democracy using the internet is the future. We don't need these corruptible representatives anymore. This is an outdated idea. Our system is an antique. It's a relic of a bygone era. We are just not going to make it as a species if we don't change with the times and use our technology to guarantee that everybody has their needs met and their voice heard.
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