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Message Subject U.N. inadvertently confirms “Freeman”. there IS a Law above "the law" in their world!
Poster Handle Muscles
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Right on the money OP! They live by an ecclesiastical system just as in the days of Jesus. Remember, Jesus was not registered.His mother and dad fled to Egypt to avoid it. That was why they could not touch him and he just walked through the midst of them. He belonged to God...not them. God gave us the earth /land as an inheritance. The body that you posses is considered land and is registered land at your birth. The Certificate of Live Birth is the Deed to your indefeasible estate called..your body. You must accept this deed and have publically registered having 2-3 witnesses. (that is what the law (common law) requires. Once you do this ...you are free and everything you have signed in your life comes back to you because your land has produced fruit for them the system to hold. The government cannot own land as it was given to us (real living men and women) an an inheritance from the Father of Lights. Want to save your house? (estate/land) do a letter of acceptance as a real man and woman saying that you accept the Warranty deed (real property)not the deed of trust which is a commercial instrument which is registered/ recorded by them. We must take responsibility to publically record the Warranty deed as real living men and woman. You must get a notary signature and a public servant signature (any public officer). there are your two witnesses! Take it in to the clerk of courts (in my case the county auditors office where the land is recorded and have it re-recorded as property that is GRANTED to you. This warranty deed is a common law document that almost no one takes the time to have recorded. It will usually say that the land was granted to you for $10 dollars. Have everything stamped and re-recorded and whamo...the house is yours in "FEE SIMPLE" it is your and the Mortgage (dead pledge) goes away! I did it and many others are to. More on this at. Remember, The deed of trust is a commercial instrument that list you as the tenant... the warranty deed list you as...THE SOLE OWNER OF YOUR PROPERTY. The government cannot own land...it is just the holder of the land for the real living man and woman that sows up to claim the land (which no one does so the land just keeps going from holder to holder...etc. You now have a superior title (warranty deed) to the banks Deed of trust...deed in a trust)We must also do this with our birth certificates to claim back our bodies/land. Everything was supposed to be free for us to use and be stewards of. They stole everything from us...but in reality...it is still ours they just control everything by our consent/ lack of knowledge. Now as far as protection from them. You are now under the common law and they are your servants...they have a constitutional duty to protect you from all enemies foreign and domestic. you are walking as a man/woman of peace. This is your free will act and if they refuse to do what the sovereign/king says, they would be warring against the constitution Article 4 section 1 and they will lose their job or be forever dammed to hell. They go by the old testament law. But we are set free from the law by the blood of Jesus and all your debts/sins are forgiven. When you go icourt you are essentially entering a temple with a black robed priest. Under the Admiralty law (which is the the sea) you are considered a vessel and it is there that you are confessing your sins/debts to a priestly order. Corporations have no rights and you will mostly be found guilty and have to pay for your trespasses..ie speeding tickets etc. But a sovereign/king cannot be held for a crime unless there is an injured party. I could go on and on.... if you want true freedom just let them know who you are ...publically. Go to : [link to robcourtofrecord.wordpress.com] listen listen listen to this info. OP was right...you always could go back to Kansas......there's no place like home....there's no place like home.....there's no place like home...... "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE....BE NO MORE PARTAKERS OF HER SINS" (DEBTS)
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