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Message Subject U.N. inadvertently confirms “Freeman”. there IS a Law above "the law" in their world!
Poster Handle Muscles
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Just another note. when you do this process. you will not be without a government. You will go back to the real constitution Articles 1-13. The Corporate government will become your servant again and will be bound to protect you because they have sworn oaths to do so. There will still roads and bridges etc. Its just that you will be at peace with your enemies as the bible says. the Law/statute enforcement officer will become a peace officer and your judge or administrator of the bankruptcy will become your arbitrator because YOU are now the judge of your own court...you are essentially THE LIVING LAW OF THE LAND! what you speak...will be so as long as it does not violate natural law/God's law. The roads and bridges will not be state owned...they will be owned by the people again. Houses will not be corporate held...they will be truly owned by the people again. We will have real money again and not this fake fiat crap they give us to enslave us with. Loans will be without interest because under the common law you cannot charge your brother interest. Read Revelations Chapter 3 verse 7-9. God will make those who enslaved us to come and worship at our feet!...a complete flip flop! Be who you are people! Come out of the land of the munchkins and back home to Kansas. It's all make believe....and it only works because we have believed it....it really is that simple. Hell do a Writ of mandamus and tell them who you are and get 2-3 witnesses and have it publically recorded. The judge will call you by your first name and your debts will be discharged. Then starts the move out of Egypt! Peace [link to robcourtofrecord.wordpress.com]
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