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Message Subject U.N. inadvertently confirms “Freeman”. there IS a Law above "the law" in their world!
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If you have BC's they are just the deed to your body. You have to accept the deed as yours by a letter of acceptance stating who you are and what you want you can get an example of this at [link to robcourtofrecord.wordpress.com.] Everything is based of deeds. The BC is just a form of a quit claim deed that your parents did when they signed you over to the state. There was a fella I believe in Arizona or Arkansas that took his certificate of live birth to the county where he was born and recorded it AS A DEED AND THEY ACCEPTED IT!. Now...as far as the preaching...OP is not preaching so you are gonna have to get over the bible stuff because it is what they use (old Testament to rule over us. It is an ecclesiastical priesthood with the Vatican at the very top with the pope holding all of the lad in the world. They have provinces over America and all over the world. We have to leaders of the provinces in the united states. The leaders of those provinces are call ordinaries or vicar generals. If you are having problems with your public servants these are the people you write to and they will settle the problem. The fact is that you have to re-claim these deeds and do it publically...that means to have them re-recorded as yours. Right now they are registered and recorded as them holding property...(like a deed of trust does).. even your body. I did so with my house/real property and they accepted it. Now that I have Officers witness whom I claim to be (real beings made in the image of God and that I am claiming my property as an inheritance as an indefeasible estate in fee simple according to the common law, who are they to say That I am not? and that it is not mine. They didn't create the earth...God did! and gave my body/land and other property to me....not to the government and not to any corporation. It's like the old days when they went out and claimed land. They put their stake there and the government who was holding the land then granted it to them. It's the same thing only no one knows to just accept the warranty deed. That warranty deed must be perfected and only a real living human being made in the image of God can do it. They (banks and corps) can't do it because they can't own land only real people can. They can only be the holders until the real human shows up to claim it. The County Auditor said to me "So essentially what you are saying is that your business with FannieMae is finished right?) and I said eeeeyep! done deal now the record shows that I am the sole owner of the (screw the bank)property....not the tenant as the deed of trust says. Your title is now a clean title and superior to the banks. Until you accept the warranty deed...you will only be the tenant and will have to pay your taxes(rent) until the real owner of the land shows up. Same thing with your BC...it is the quit claim deed to your land/body. Your body when planted with a seed also produces fruit you know. They then register it. Go to [link to robcourtofrecord.wordpress.com] and learn what people are now discovering and doing. Listen to the audio files and read the info and then take responsibility like real people and sovereign kings and Queens of the land.
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