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Message Subject U.N. inadvertently confirms “Freeman”. there IS a Law above "the law" in their world!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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It seems like if you had spiritual smarts AND a freeman perspective you might get away with a Quaker-style alternative culture that would be pretty cool... but that would require huge spiritual discipline and trust and would likely be attacked and/or infiltrated just like most Christian churches already are...

this is actually what the New Testament seems to imply in Acts. Meanwhile, my supposed Christian family ridicules me for wanting to "go back to the stone age" when I talk about this stuff...

the baby boomers have too much money invested in this system and though they are enslaved, they think they are free and happy... they are unwilling to look at things honestly while the stock market is up... best reason to suppose the economy will never implode: it is the best carrot tptb have...


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