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Message Subject U.N. inadvertently confirms “Freeman”. there IS a Law above "the law" in their world!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
for those with children, you know they take a blood sample from every heel of every newborn. this is EVIL and they say you MUST consent to it, "for the good". this is wrong.
i know it in my being.
they have NO RIGHT to do this.
we HAVE to recognize this, KNOW this, deep within ourselves if anything is to change.
this isn't about conservatives/libs, smart/tard, wicca/crazy ass baptist, lower class upper class, truck driver nurse teacher vs "doctors degree"

we answer to NO ONE but ourselves. and WE are the law, and WE ARE ONE.

this doesn't mean "new world order"
and we all have to think alike and agree and have the same culture and feelings about things.
but we ARE one. and we are ALSO sovereign.

this means TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR EVERY BIT OF ENERGY YOU MAKE/have/possses/process, etc.

a lot of people don't even grasp the full meaning of that.
and i'm not trying to be snooty, i'm trying to REALLY reach you all, this time is CRITICAL (but at the same time now, i know)
if you are going to be sovereign, you MUST take responsibility for every THOUGHT ACTION IDEA you have. most importantly right now those that you "believe" about YOURSELF!
you are your own worst enemy, this is what this is.

it's not complicated it's SIMPLE. it IS within our grasp.
you are not your thoughts, but you must take responsibility for them like they are your children. you CAN "take it out of the law" any thought you think which you don't want to "put out there".

i don't know if i am explaining this well but i am trying so much.

but even if this is all "new age" sounding hoity toity bullshit.

LEARN, UNDERSTAND, and KNOW, that the "elite" DO have this code of "ethics". 1. they must let us know what they plan to do (so that those who are paying attention can prepare)....example, joe biden. he is a jackass but a smart ass jacklass. pay attention to what he says. he is the KING of poker for this media game.

there are no "gaffs". this is the king as the klown.

i'm totally going off track here, let me try to get back on,
i'm not editing this i'm just letting it fly.
some people like this style some people abhore it.
let me say i do it purposefully because if you don't have the time to pay attention then this message wasn't meant for you.
if you judge me on who i am, then this message is not meant for you.
so many people will brush this off for the ytpos and the noncapitalization and the spelling mistakes.


if you have made it this far, THANK YOU.
no really, dear god, thank you.


i am here
i am ready
i'm not going to occupy a park.

but i DO know what to do with my own shit.
please people, wake UP.

no more "dreaming" no more "hope"
no more "change"

 Quoting: Pink Cat with a Telephone Hat

I love you,
love your style, love this message. can't wait to read the rest of the posts here. I FEEL IT all!!
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