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Message Subject U.N. inadvertently confirms “Freeman”. there IS a Law above "the law" in their world!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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[link to earthlinggb.wordpress.com]

today is my last day of being a paid member so
i am repinning this old thread today because i think today especially this needs to be seen and understood in the context of what is happening in our world right now.
and never has there been a more pivotal time that people need to grasp this concept and see that it is within their reach.

i did not vote because i do not consent to tolerate the current system as it is.

this is not a negative thing. this is a positive thing meaning, i am creating space by NOT voting for the lesser of two evils for something new to happen. and by the act of not participating in the voting ritual i have said to "the universe" i do not consent to tolerate this anymore. i make room for real change in this way. move beyond dual thinking.

holy fucking shit THIS!!!!! copy this before it gets taken down. it doesn't matter if you don't believe in this , this IS how the system works! i have never seen it written so succinctly. THIS is what we are up against, ok? THIS is #1 to understanding what is happening and why and THIS is what you need to call BULLSHIT on them for. this this this. i cannot stress it enough! even if this isn't "exact" this is as "exact" as your going to get it right now.

"The U.N. states:

“Registration means proof of legal identity. It is vital for securing recognition before the law, protecting rights such as inheritance and making children less vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.”

“Under international law then, every child is entitled to registration of their birth, including children born to irregular migrants.”


Now, please consider carefully, the word “entitled” above. It would sound like an offer, a choice wouldn’t it? “You are entitled to such and such if you so choose to accept”. But the reality is that, in each state/country, you HAVE no choice. The State will punish ANY parent who, on your behalf as a baby, does not wish to CONTRACT with the state. The State’s propaganda machine, however, is great and the ignorant populace will be led to believe you are, somehow, abusing your child. They will say “we cannot confer benefits on this child because LEGALLY, it does not exist” Therefore, you as a parent will be demonized.

Again, directly from the U.N.

“The child who is not registered at birth is in danger of being shut out of society – denied the right to an official identity, a recognized name and a nationality. In 2000, an estimated 50 million babies – more than two fifths of those born – were unregistered. These children have no birth certificate, the ‘membership card’ for society that should open the door to the enjoyment of a whole range of other rights including education and health care, participation and protection.
This Digest examines the situation of children who are denied a fundamental human right and who, in legal terms, do not exist”.

UNCF Innocent Digest No.9 March 2002: birthregistration_Digestenglish.pdf

So there you have it in the UN’s own PLAIN language: In LEGAL TERMS they don’t exist. IF then, in legal terms, they do not exist then, by definition, the legal world can have NO AUTHORITY over them. They are EXPLICITLY saying this. There is no room for misinterpretation. It is precise. The UN and legal world spell out the ADVANTAGES of having a birth certificate (all the benefits) but not the DISADVANTAGES which they trust you will not even begin to consider."
 Quoting: Pink Cat with a Telephone Hat

I've known this stuff for years

I especially like this comment from the blog:

It’s the same for all Terence because, until the majority get to grips with this and then we start putting in this clause to all birth documents, it won’t work for anyone because the majority’s ignorance will carry on allowing the state to do this. However, if and when the majority DO understand it, then we can create a law retrospectively for all people’s registration. Once socirty wakes up to this fundamental con, there would be no stopping this. Thanks for the input.
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