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Message Subject U.N. inadvertently confirms “Freeman”. there IS a Law above "the law" in their world!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There is two paths to follow.

1. The keyword "register" puts the baby into the system. To not register, keeps one out of the system. You can always de-register. Since the Birth Certificate is evidence of "an event" and not the birth, the baby still gets the Birth Certificate, which is printed on Bond paper and therefore is a Bond, worth the baby's share of wealth of the resources of the country. You are free to register or not register. You should merely "record" the birth which keeps you out of the system.

2. Patrick Devine
Yahoo Group
[link to groups.yahoo.com]

has a system where, at age 25 minimum, you can change your legal status from Debtor to Creditor. Debtors always lose and Creditors always win. Your claim form is the UCC1 Financing Statement where you list your real name (living name- First name: Family name) as Primary Creditor and your Corporate Govt name (Dead name- First name Family name) as Debtor. This is the last step they never told us about. Then you make the Debtor the Primary Debtor (in the Creditor box) on a UCC3 which is an Assignment. Then you send one UCC3 to all the Corporations listed under the Primary Debtor, assigning each one as Debtors to the Primary Debtor, ie, the Church of Rome INC, The United states INC, the State of (Your state) INC and all the Affiliates within your State. Now you, the real man/woman have reversed your status and are now over them and they owe you all the listed Collateral (Bonds, Property, Accounts) that they have stolen from using your credit (your signature is the source of money). Now you can make real money (no more fiat money) draws against your Birth Certificate, your DD-214 Military Land Bounty Discharge paper and against the other Insurance policies such as your SS Account and other Trusts. After you file your UCC's (and file other docs) and recind and return all Govt Contracts such as the Drivers License, Voter Card and remove their Power of Attorney back to you, the living, they have three days to resurrect you again, on the real money side. Record (never register) your DD-214 in your local District Court Clerks Office.

It's slightly more complicated than this outline but you get the idea and with some work, it can be done.
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