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Message Subject the NOME NUGGET (alaska), grim masons, ghostly dog, editorial about shipping animals and bodies before landing a human (WTF?)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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creepy TSA advertisement at the bottom.
*whew* i made it through that whole paper.

there sure are a lot of people getting arrested there
and big marijuna busts!

remember the movie "the 4th kind" was supposed to be about this place?

now it's being evacuated because of this "epic" and "unusual" storm.

 Quoting: Pink Cat with a Telephone Hat

That storm certainly was not unusual, I've lived in Alaska for years and that part of the state gets those storms all the time. They never make the news either except for this one.

There have been lots of drug busts in rural Alaska. In Dillingham which has a population of around 2500, they had a huge drug bust a few years ago that was some kind of joint operation involving the FBI, BTAF, Coast Guard, the state troopers and local police. They were after people who were growing pot in their houses and they flew some special helicopters over the town with some equipment looking for grow lights.

They busted around 7 people who were growers.

I thought it was so strange because lots of tax dollars were spent on that operation, and it's very expensive to fly out to that part of the state. Then I heard they were having major drug busts all over western Alaska, and I wondered why they would want to spend so much time and money on an operation in areas where there are so few people?

They're still at it too from what I hear.
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