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I had a heart attack and...

I Ate Eat
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United Kingdom
11/09/2011 01:28 PM
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I had a heart attack and...
Hi all
Just wanted to share with you...
Last Friday I had minor surgery to remove a lump on my forearm. Been there for years and thought to be linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis I suffer badly from. Had general anaesthetic as staying in one position for extended spells is painful. When I come around, the Anaesthesatist said I had a mild heart attack whist recovering and she put me out again quickly. To top that, the surgeon said that the lump was a tumour (most likely benign) which is being tested.
I discharged myself on Saturday against all advice now waiting for heart scan to check for permenant damage. Well, at least I experienced some doom over the weekend.
Take care all...

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