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Message Subject WOW: "Bari M. Shabazz, fugitive from Hawaiian justice, had to "die" so Barack Obama could run"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Two astonishing pieces of evidence -- both connected to someone using the identity of Bari Shabazz -- the same last name as the one used by Malcolm X -- have just emerged which may make sense of some of the unsolved mysteries surrounding the life and identity of the man who now goes by the name of Barack Hussein Obama II.

Israel Insider was among the first publications in the world to put together a coherent, if inconclusive, case that Obama might in fact be the illegitimate son of Malcolm X. The starting point was the astonishing physical resemblance, in facial and body structure, in gestures and mannerisms, and even in speaking style. The startling visual evidence is here. [link to israelinsider.net]

The theory advanced was that Obama was known by “insiders” to be of royal lineage, the sole son of Malcolm X, who took on the Islamic name El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. Malcolm had six daughters, including twins Malikah and Malaak, born after his assassination. Observers have been struck by the resemblance of the twins to Obama’s own daughters. And a smirking mug shot of Malikah, 45, arrested this year on the anniversary of her father’s murder, looks remarkably like the man who would be her half-brother.

Read more [link to israelinsider.net]
 Quoting: ~GAIA~

If Barack Sr. had been Barry's real father, Obama would be a lot darker than he is. The offspring of a true African as dark as his father was produces the typical milk chocolate brown seen in most African Americans.

But Obama is lightly colored. So he is more likely to be the offspring of an African American and a caucasian.

This doesn't change the legal father because it is whatever appears on the birth certificate. Of course, we have never seen his real birth certificate. Only a computer generated fake has been presented thus far.
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