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Evil is limited, Good is limitless


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11/29/2011 08:04 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
Evil is limited, Good is limitless
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5109731

Yeah cos good comes naturally, its about love and freedom. You dont have to think about it.

Evil is un-natural, you have to think about it so you will burn out faster. Thats why evil people are always in a rush.
Do not take memories of what happened yesterday, into what might happen today.

When love is your greatest weakness, you will be the strongest person in the world.
Anonymous Coward
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11/29/2011 08:06 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
"Even if human beings object to evil and desire good, they are far more convinced of the power of evil than of good. Experience has shown them, they say, that those who want to destroy others and create disorder succeed more readily and more quickly than those who want to be helpful and redress a situation. If this is the case, why should they make so much effort? And they become discouraged, they do not react, or they are even influenced to behave badly themselves. But there is one question that they have not asked themselves: this success that evil has achieved, how long will it last? Yes, in order to draw truly valid conclusions, we must introduce the factor of time: how long will these successes endure? Because the moment evil is set in motion, the forces of good rise up to re-establish order."

Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/29/2011 08:08 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
Mankind is total depraved in continual thoughts and imagination incapable of doing anything good in and of ourselves,this is our nature. "Anything" we do that is considered good comes from God our thoughts,deeds,etc...
Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/29/2011 08:08 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
Has it been less than six months since you first heard a whisper and pondered the language of heaven; the means of understanding what is hidden in plain site? Can you pinpoint a date of when it started? Have you found yourself in serious contemplation of what is, ever since? Do you ponder how darkness is created and from it is formed the light?
Anonymous Coward
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11/29/2011 08:08 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
The Divine Seed

“It is necessary to know, to want, to dare... and to speak! To keep silent was good in the past, when it was dangerous to reveal the truth to humans. But now, those who keep silent will be rejected. In the future, when you speak, when you explain, you won't be transgressing the laws: on the contrary, you will be useful; you will be beneficial, because humans need these revelations. Some believe that the great initiatic truths mustn't be revealed; they haven't understood that there is an evolution now, and that certain rules which were good in the past are less-so in the present, and will no longer be good at all in the future. Why remain in old concepts?"

Thought of the day: "A seed is nothing other than a living being who ceaselessly calls upon the forces and materials of the cosmos so as to be able to accomplish its task. And its task is to resemble the tree that produced it. The Creator put into the seed the vocation to resemble its father, the tree. That's why, once planted – unless it's defective – all of its work will go in the direction of this vocation, taking from among the elements which surround it those which suit it, relinquishing the others, and it's in this way that it will come to express all the tendencies indicated in the diagram which it carries within it. It is the same thing for man. Since God created man in His image, he has the possibility, by developing himself correctly, of becoming like his Heavenly Father."

Everyone knows, even children, that every seed receives the elements from the tree which produced it which will allow it, once planted, to grow and become like its father, the tree. It's the same for man. It is said in the Scriptures that God created man in his image. People believe that they have understood the meaning of these words, but I can show you that their profound, essential side is not yet known.

What's in a seed? If you cut it to observe it through a microscope, you won't discover the image of the tree in it. Yet when you will have put it in the ground, this insignificant, and even sometimes ugly and black, little seed will give little by little, a plant with its roots, its stem, its flowers and leaves and fruits. Because the image of the future plant exists within it in an etheric form. So it's an entire work which develops according to a diagram, according to determined lines of force, so that the plant may have exactly the same characteristics – colors, tastes, perfumes, properties – as the one which produced it. Yes, it's extraordinary, but everyone finds that it's normal, natural; there is nothing there to ponder about nor to question. Actually, this growth process of the seed can reveal the mystery of man to us. Man also possesses a diagram within him according to which the forces which are in him are determined and oriented. What this diagram is and how to realize it: this is what I am going to reveal to you now. I have already spoken about it in the past, but since there are new brothers and sisters, it is necessary that they also know this; it is extremely important.

When I was very young in Bulgaria, among many other books which I have read, I read the books of a write, Louis Jacollieux, a Frenchman who had gone to India and who wrote many very interesting books. He relates somewhere that he saw some fakirs make a mango seed, for example, grow in very little time, and then distribute its fruits to the crowd. And Jacollieux explained the phenomenon by saying that the fakir works with a substance which in India is called "akasha". This etheric substance which is spread throughout space can be utilized to accelerate the growth of vegetation and to bring fruits to maturity in extremely rapid time. So then, he who knows how to concentrate on this akashic force is capable of making a tree grow in very little time, when it would normally take months or even years to accomplish its task. But non of the thinkers who have looked into this phenomenon have gone as far as discovering that, in the same way, the human being can accelerate his perfection. It is in man's vocation to arrive at the perfection of his Heavenly Father; even if this evolution must take centuries, millenniums, man is constructed so as to attain divine perfection. Actually, what one doesn't know is that he can attain this state of perfection in a single incarnation. Yes, it's possible, but on the condition that man be capable of finding this image of God within himself and nourishing it by using this akashic matter, this cosmic electricity, which Hermes Trismegistus in his emerald tablet called Telesma. Whatever the name given it, it is always a question of the same primordial force, "the most powerful force of all forces" as Hermes Trismegistus calls it, this force that comes from the sun, of which the sun is the distributor and the inexhaustible source. One of the manifestations of this force is love – love which makes the worlds move, and of which sexual love is an aspect.

So that is the true science which very few possess: how to work with this force to attain perfection, that perfection which is already engraved somewhere in us like in the seed. The seed doesn't resemble the tree, but the image of the tree is inscribed in it; if one puts it in good conditions, it becomes a tree, because the image of the tree is there somewhere already realized in the subtle domain, but not yet realized in the material, physical domain. So, the activity of this seed which we are, consists of drawing nearer and nearer to the image of our Heavenly Fathers which we carry within us, of vibrating in unison with Him.

One can say that this divine image within us is our Higher Self towards which we must aim in order to fuse ourselves with it, just like the little seed which was black and ugly that becomes a gigantic, rich, powerful tree. Look at an oak tree. first of all, it was a little nothing of an acorn, just about good enough to be eaten by a hog; and then one day one sees a magnificent tree that beautifies the forest: its leaves purify the atmosphere, birds build their nests in its branches, children hang their swings from it, lovers come to rest there, painters to be inspired for their paintings, peasants to collect wood to make their fires. What a magnificent tree an oak tree is, and yet, at first, it was nothing at all. We too, we are nothing at all, but if we know how to use this fantastic means, this most powerful of all forces, to work on the divine image which is in us, we will succeed in realizing ourselves such as the Lord conceived us.

It is said that God created man in His image and in His likeness. This image is within us, it is God himself who deposited it there, and it is up to us now to make the efforts to arrive at this likeness. But if you believe that humans intend to resemble the Creator... Becoming chemists, physicists, lawyers, bankers, ministers, movie actors, crooning singers, pedicurists, manicurists... That's what interests them! From the earthly point of view, of course, it's something very great, but from the initiatic point of view, it's zero. From the initiatic point of view the only activity worthy of this name, is to work at resembling our Heavenly Father, to at least make some efforts to arrive at it, to always go further, higher, in order to see things differently, in their immensity, in their splendor.

Why always stay there like an ant, a microbe, eating away at the body of living nature? To the point where Nature, who has enough of being disturbed, takes a few laxative pills and up! He who disturbed her is ejected! Or else, she also takes a pill to vomit, and how she vomits! Terrific collective vomits.... all are vomited! Now she is going to take some emetics again, because in her entrails she still feels some who disturb her. But humans never ask themselves the question; never do they think that their disorderly, anarchistic attitude makes a tumor of them in the body of Nature, and that Nature, which is alive, defends herself. It's like some who go to tickle the feet of the Lord.... They are surprised afterwards that they receive a kick. It isn't the feet of the Lord that we must touch, but His heart, then you obtain everything you desire.

It is necessary to know, to want, to dare... and to speak! To keep silent was good in the past, when it was dangerous to reveal the truth to humans. But now, those who keep silent will be rejected. In the future, when you speak, when you explain, you won't be transgressing the laws: on the contrary, you will be useful; you will be beneficial, because humans need these revelations. Some believe that the great initiatic truths mustn't be revealed; they haven't understood that there is an evolution now, and that certain rules which were good in the past are less-so in the present, and will no longer be good at all in the future. Why remain in old concepts?

That doesn't mean, of course, that one must reveal no-matter-what to no-matter-whom, for there too it's risky. And if the Initiates of the past had given as a precept, "to keep silent", it is because they knew that the secrets of Initiatic Science could become very dangerous arms in the hands of egoistic, self-seeking, cruel people who would use them in their own interests to the detriment of others. For look how things happen even now. Since there are so many revelations in occult literature at present concerning the power of thought, how it can influence humans, move objects, etc., it seems that, already, there are crews of people practicing in this domain to be able to influence the athletes who will participate in the Olympic Games in Moscow and in this way make some win and others lose. It is black magic, and that's how black magic is going to become collective.

That's why, my dear brothers and sisters, we must practice in WHITE magic, we must work with LIGHT, with LOVE, so as to prevent the black magicians from annihilating the world. I am warning you: more and more the black magicians are going to manifest themselves, so practice sending LIGHT, HARMONY, in order to prevent black magic from triumphing. This is how one day the Universal White Brotherhood will be the savior of humanity.

As soon as new discoveries appear, there are always all sorts of people with no morality or conscience who want to take advantage of them to impose themselves, to crush others. It is always that prehistoric nature which manifests itself in man to push him to utilize the means which fall into his hands to assure his superiority.

Man is never first inspired to do good, but always evil. That is why several humanities have already disappeared, and ours will disappear also, if morality, love and goodness don't take the upper hand. When one lets the intellect predominate, considering that, of itself, it has no morality, it concerns itself only with putting new scientific and technical means at man's disposal, without asking what he will use them for. And if the heart doesn't come in to say its word, all these means will serve only for the ruin of humanity. There were, in the past, cultures and civilizations which surpassed ours, and they disappeared because of the preponderance given to the intellect to the detriment of the heart, for the intellect always pushes humans on the path of egoism, domination, injustice, the enslavement of nature. And if our humanity continues on this path, if no other element comes to balance the destructive forces which are manifesting themselves more and more, it too will disappear. Look now if we begin to use thought to make some triumph and to eliminate others, what will the result be? Have you thought about it? You must reflect, and if you don't want everything to be engulfed once again, you must participate in the work of the Great Universal White Brotherhood.

(Note: In this lecture, the term Universal White Brotherhood certainly refers to the cultural association of the same name, but also more essentially to all the beings who work for light, peace and justice in the world.)

There is no activity more celestial, more glorious, than to participate in this work for the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. You must become conscious of it, and with all your means, large or small, even with your weaknesses and your deficiencies – that doesn't matter – you participate! When there are elections, people aren't asked to be so intelligent and capable to vote, even idiots vote. Well then, we too, we must all vote for the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, we must participate in the coming of this Kingdom on Earth, we must be proud and happy to participate. Before Heaven there is nothing more important. Of course, the majority of humans participate more or less in all sorts of ventures, but these ventures are most often prosaic, when they aren't stupid, pernicious or even diabolic. Whereas here, you are presented with the most noble, the most sublime enterprise which you could participate in: the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, the Golden Age.

You will say, "But there are already thousands of religious and mystical movements in the world! Yes, I know it, but where is the result? Have they succeeded in installing the Kingdom of God? No. Why? Because their ideal wasn't so sublime; religion was for them a little label thanks to which they could arrange their affairs. They worked only for themselves, their family, their prestige, their little society, and a little bit so that the Lord might consider them good Christians. But this wasn't sufficient, there were too many things on the side which they attended to, to gratify themselves. So, even if in front of the crowd they pass for extraordinary people, for Heaven it isn't great, because Heaven sees that they are working for their own success, their own glory.

The activity which I want to lead you into surpasses all these old concepts of religion. The moment has come now to consecrate yourself to a truly grandiose activity, to no longer work for yourself as everyone does, but to work to realize the Golden Age.

Where are those who work for the Golden Age? With the exception of a few great Initiates, and one cannot even know them or meet them for they are hidden, only the Universal White Brotherhood works in this direction, the other movements, under the aegis of religion, content themselves with launching fine ideas, fine words, that is sufficient for them. Like that pastor, who, one Sunday, has just given a sermon in which he said that one had to think of doing good without ever preoccupying oneself with what might happen: accidents, losses, etc. Upon returning home, he picks up the newspaper, looks at the Stock Exchange and sees that certain stocks had fallen. He begins to shout, "But that's dreadful! It's all over for me!" He calls his wife to lament with her... He had completely forgotten the sermonizing he had done back in church before his flock. And this isn't an invented story, it really happened, the person who related it to me was present at the scene.

The Earth is full of such people: they talk of the Lord, they talk of sacrifice, of renouncement, but they deprive themselves of nothing, and all who listen to them marvel at their words, that's enough for them. Ah yes, fine words everywhere. Rarely will you find a being who truly works selflessly for a divine idea. And even, more and more, one sees people who, because they have read some esoteric books, believe themselves capable of playing a role of Master. And the others, rather than studying him a little to see what he is like, go and follow him with their eyes closed. He will take all their money, but that doesn't matter, it's normal, it's magnificent, he's intelligent! It's the others who are silly.

They don't wonder where he comes from, how he has lived, who his master was, who sent him.... Ah, no, no, it's useless to put the question to oneself. It's sufficient that someone tells them that in three days they will be initiated – at a charge of a few thousand dollars, of course – they believe him. They are in a rush, you understand, initiation mustn't last more than three days. The world is full of people like that: frauds, charlatans, swindlers ..... who take advantage of the credulity and stupidity of others. But they at least are intelligent.

The Universal White Brotherhood brings a different vision of the world, different criteria, a different ideal: not to think of oneself so much anymore, but to work for the Kingdom of God. May those among you who are ready, come, they won't regret it. This ideal is capable of projecting them very far. If you love this ideal, if you consecrate yourselves to it, you will feel divine presences awakening in your soul, you will draw dearer to this image, this diagram that Heaven slipped into you from the very beginning and little by little you will succeed in bringing it into being. Otherwise, you will remain there eternally, marking time like everyone else in the midst of hypocrisy and lies. But one day the Universal White Brotherhood will put an end to all that. Once humans will know it, they will be ashamed to see that they are still like animals, always satisfying the cravings of their lower nature. There are so few who are ready to realize this diagram, this image that God has deposited in us!

I can reveal to you where this image is, so that you could nourish it by sending it this akashic force, but I won't yet, I will reveal it only before those who have given proofs, who truly want to consecrate themselves. As for the others, may they continue to do what they wish! How many things I could still reveal to you! But I am not allowed to, because these revelations will be profaned, and then, it is I who will be responsible. Everything is profaned at present, people don't even know what is sacred, there is nothing sacred anymore. All want to free themselves from what is sacred so as to be able to indulge in any folly whatsoever. Look at such reasoning! Human mentality is falling apart more and more, and it's in this way that they will all destroy themselves one day, I assure you. Because, look, without knowing it, they are in the process of attracting all the harmful elements from space which are going to eat away at them.

I have already told you that there is a law of affinity according to which each element, by its vibrations, its quintessence, is in relation with other elements of like nature, which it is thus susceptible to attracting. This is how by your thoughts, your feelings, you attract the beings, the elements, the events which correspond to them. So then: on account of your thoughts and feelings you are crushed, and on account of your thoughts and feelings you can become the King of the world. It's simple, it's clear. But humans who have no knowledge of these laws, do everything each day to destroy themselves. Of course, they don't realize it, because the deplorable consequences don't appear right away. If it were the same day that they received a lesson, maybe they would manage to become wiser. Yes, but considering that the consequences make them wait, that it is only after months, sometimes years, that the results of such and such a behavior appear, they continue to delude and demolish themselves.

I have already explained to you why Cosmic Intelligence has done things this way, only there you are, you don't read the lectures to know all these details which are of such subtlety that no one has revealed them yet. Go ahead, look for them, prepare yourselves, one day you will be the messengers of this formidable Teaching throughout the world. But you let yourselves go, you don't prepare yourselves. When will this affair be taken seriously? If you make up your mind to work only on this law of affinity, each day, by your thoughts, your feelings, your words, you will be doing nothing but attracting the most harmonious, the most beneficial, the most luminous elements and your whole life will be transformed. Even here, in the Universal White Brotherhood, rather than understanding once and for all the path to follow, the new activities to embrace, the brothers and sisters continue as before to demolish their life and their health.

How many things I can still reveal to you on the subject of the seed! Try to read the twelfth volume, Cosmic Moral Laws, and you will see that all morality is inscribed in the seed. Why can a seed produce only the fruit of which it is the seed and not another?

Yes, it's impossible to obtain figs there where one has planted thistles. There you have the laws of morality, of cosmic morality: they are the laws of agriculture. But never, obviously, has one gone to seek them there. One has sought morality in books, but not in nature. That is why people delude themselves by thinking that in planting thorns, they will have dates, figs, apples, pears... That is to say that in planting evil thoughts and feelings, they will carry off a triumph. Morality, true morality, is not an invention destined to enslave people as many believe it to be. It is nature which created the laws and these laws are there, in agriculture. This idea is also expressed by the proverb, "He who sows the wind shall reap the storm."

So then, you must learn to attend to seeds, all Initiatic Science is there. The seed contains an entire potential life: plant it, water it, let the sun give it the Light and warmth of its rays, and you will see. All Creation is summarized in a seed, but who thinks about that? Even the farmers who plant the seeds and harvest the fruits of these seeds haven't understood the mysteries which are hidden there.

And in that seed that man gives to a woman, where are the indications that the child will have such and such a face and organs? They are invisible, but once this seed is planted in the woman's womb and watered with her blood, it develops little by little, and one fine day, what does one see? A magnificent child.

But if future mothers wouldn't content themselves with carrying their child while continuing the same prosaic life as before... if they knew how to concentrate on the child like the fakir who knows how to concentrate on the seed so as to infuse the akashic force into it, that most powerful of all forces, they would do wonders on their children. Obviously, this child would come into the world with the physical characteristics inherited from his parents, but inwardly he would have other qualities, other faculties, which he possesses already in potential, but which can really develop only if the mother, by a conscious work strives to accelerate the process.

This is why women, mothers, have a big responsibility. It isn't enough that they bring a child into the world who is capable of eating and walking and talking. In receiving that seed, they must concentrate, to work on it with that most powerful force of all forces to accelerate the evolution of their child, to make of him a divinity. Yes, mothers have an immense responsibility. How many mothers bring puny, sickly, criminal and handicapped children into the world? It's their fault and the fault also of the fathers who don't help their wives carry their children in the best conditions. They must be instructed: so that they know, both the mothers and fathers that, by her behavior, by her way of thinking, the mother acts upon the child who is going to be born and that she can make of him either a criminal or a benefactor of humanity.

Look now, all the young who steal, destroy, and take drugs! Well, it's the mothers who are responsible. You will say, "But no, it isn't the mothers, it is society, the political and economic situation..." No, if the mothers knew how to work on their children, nothing could keep them from becoming divinities; in spite of the seductions the threats, the disgraces, the downfall of society, they would remain like gold: non-corrodible. That's my opinion. Mothers have the greatest powers over the child who is going to be born. Whether they recognize it or not, that's another question. If they don't recognize it, it is because they are ignorant and they must seek instruction.

So then, my dear brothers and sisters, so many things to re-establish, improve and perfect! One is unconscious and lazy; where are those conscious, enlightened beings, capable of deciding to work for the Golden Age? You must register now, you must vote, you must participate. This is what I ask of you today: to participate in this grandiose work. Even if you have never set foot in a university, even if you are neither strong, nor rich, nor highly placed in society, you are terrific since you participate in this work. This is the new concept I am bringing you today. From the point of view of the majority of humans, what I am telling you is nothing at all, it's zero. For them the only thing worth doing is to shout, to lay hands on everything they can: money, positions, and honors. But according to the Initiates, the only thing worth doing is to participate in the work of the Universal White Brotherhood, for the coming of God and His Righteousness, for the coming of the Golden Age.

It's at that moment that you release celestial forces; it's at that moment that you are useful to all humanity; it's at that moment that you prepare the future. So then, have you understood me? Yes, you must participate!

[link to www.liveyourquest.com]
Anonymous Coward
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11/29/2011 08:09 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
The true meaning of "showing the other cheek"

It says in the Gospel, “Whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also”. I sincerely hope that Christians who hear what I am going to say about this phrase will forgive me, for it is far beyond anything they could imagine. Let me assure them, at once, that the future will prove that my interpretation of it is the right one.

Certain moral precepts which were valid in the past are no longer right or useful for the present or the future. Jesus' words do not mean that we must always be passive in the face of insults an ill-treatment. He was not telling us always to accept and submit to violence and put up with torment and, in the long run, allow ourselves to be wiped out. It is true that this is how these words have often been interpreted, but I shall show you that that is not what he meant. Of course, if one does not possess the light, there is only one solution: to submit passively and allow others to destroy you. But that is a code of behavior for the weak and ignorant and it must not last for ever. It has never been decreed that spiritualists, the wise, Initiates and sons of God, should be perpetually oppressed, enslaved, ill-treated and put to death, while idiots and criminals prosper. For the time being this is still the situation, because men have lost the divine spark, they have lost the strength that comes from the sun, they have lost all fire, warmth, light and life and, because they have lost all this they will necessarily be beaten and ill-treated.

It has also been said,”You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavour, how shall it be seasonned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.” So, there it is: if you lose your flavour you will be trampled on by men until you find it again. The Gospels do not say that you must be trampled underfoot for ever, but when you deserted God you lost all your powers and, now, you are an easy prey for the violent and corrupt.

At the time of Jesus, men needed to develop certain qualities and virtues which had never been emphasized before that; qualities such as indulgence, forgiveness and mercifulness. At the time, the code was one of justice, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The new moral code that Chrsit introduced was designed to encourage men to cultivate the qualities of the heart. Instead of reacting to others with such crude weapons as stones or knives or the sword, they had to learn to respond with nobler, more loftly means; with humility, love, patience and magnanimity. This is what Christ meant. But he was speaking to the men and women of his day and age, and what he said to them is not necessarily valid for the rest of time. He is telling us, now, that there is a better way: “When you are the victim of an injustice, you must respond with such intelligence, such strength of character, such understanding, light and warmth, that your enemy is completely bowled over, blinded and thunderstruck. Yes, thunderstruck; that is to say, transformed. Not annihilated, not killed, but regenerated. Instead of killing your enemy you give him life by leading him closer to God. If you are capable of doing this, you are a true hero, a true son of God.”

Why should we always let our enemies massacre us and crow over us? We must not kill or hurt anyone, we all know that, but that is no reason why we should be the eternal underdog. We have to learn to defend ourselves by becoming like the sun and shining so brightly that even if people try to attack us with senseless cruelty, they will be dazzled and blinded. In this way you blind your enemies and then you open their eyes, just as Christ opened Saul's eyes when he was on his way to Damascus, bent on massacring the Christians. One ray of light and he fell blinded to the ground. And Saul became Paul. If you could blind people in this way, for just a few moments, and then heal them again, do you think that they would still be determined to persecute you? The new philosophy does not teach us to remain weak and at the mercy of cruel and violent people; it teaches us to become like the sun so that our enemies cannot touch or soil us and, if they approach us, they will melt like wax.

If human beings do not possess the power to use light in this way, it is simply because it has never occured to them. They have embraced a mindless philosophy of weakness and impotence on the pretext that they are supposed to turn the other cheek. Well, you can turn as many cheeks as you like, it will not do you any good and you will not change your enemies that way. They will continue to slap your face and, in the long run, to assassinate you. You are just going to have to understand the question differently. The “other cheek” is the other side, the other aspect of yourself, the side of spirit, the side of power and light. Jesus showed this other side to his tormentors. Hiw whole attitude proclaimed it: “You can imprison my physical body, you can even crucify it, but I'll show you the other side of my being, the indestructable, divine side. Strike me, if you like, but within three days I shall rebuild my temple.” And he kept his word: he showed his other side with the result that the whole world was revolutionized. He showed the divine side of his being, not the earthly side, and he rose from the dead!

Christians and spiritualists in general still have a lot to learn and understand. Instead of always allowing themselves to be overwhelmed by the powers of darkness or by materialistic philosophies, they must learn to unite. They have a habit of saying, “Amen. Amen. So be it”, and accepting whatever is flung at them. But it is time to stand together, now, for they have it in their power to transfrom the world and restore the Kingdom of God on earth. The time for saying that Jesus teaches us to turn the other cheek and let ourselves be martyred is over. This may have been acceptable in the past, because people could not do otherwise, they were not sufficiently advanced to hit back with sublime, divine weapons. But that is no longer true today.

Today we have the possibility of manifesting the power of the spirit through our knowledge and love, through our gestures and the whole of our behavior. This is where true strength lies. Why should we forever try to show that we are true Christians by being weak and spineless and cowardly? If that were the Christian ideal I should be the first to say that the world will never be rid of evil if we have to rely on a bunch of weaklings like that! We have to be strong an mighty, dynamic, active, impetuous, even violent – although, obviously, not with the violence of the physical plane. If Christianity is not properly understood it is worthless. True Christianity teaches us to be well armed, but with other arms and, when we are attacked, to show that other side, the side that is well armed, not the puny, impotent side. Until now no one has ever explained what that “other side” was.

Many of the things that were not well understood in the past will be better understood, today, and other entirely new things will have to be learned, for nothing is ever stagnant; everything changes and evolves. Jesus himself demonstrated this very clearly in teaching a new morality which was not that of Moses. The Gospels relate how, on several occasions, Jesus said, “You have heard that it was said to those of old... But I say to you...” Let met give you some examples of this: “You have heard that it was said to those of old, “Thou shalt not kill”, and whoever kills shall be in danger of the judgment. But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment”; “You have heard that it was said to those of old, “You shall not commit adultery.” But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart”; “Again you have heard that it was said to those of old, “You shall not swear falsely, but shall perform your oaths to the Lord.” But I say to you, do not swear at all”, and, finally, “You have heard that it was said, “You shall love your neighbour and hate your enemy.” But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those that hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in Heaven”.

It is obvious, from these passages, that the moral law thaught by Jesus was no longer that of Moses. So why should there not be another, even more perfect moral law today? Christians will be scandalized by this suggestion because they consider that Jesus thaught a definitive doctrine: there is nothing more to be said. And what if Chrsit himself came and added some new notions? Can Christians deny him the right to do that? After all, everything has to grow and evolve. The laggards and all those who are too set in their ways, will be left behind. We are in favour of evolution, of something even more sublime, of the new life, the new religion which will be known throughout the length and breadth of the world, the true religion of Christ which has never yet been put into practice.

As long as men were still primitive, what could they be expected to understand? Before anything else, they needed to learn justice, and Moses was sent to teach them justice. Later on, Jesus was sent to teach love and forgiveness. But why stop there? That is not all there is. Forgiveness cannot solve all our problems. If someone tries to trash you, is there a law against you being stronger than he is? Why shouldn't you grab him by the leg and hold him up in the air, saying, “Do you want me to break every bone in your body?” Not that you would do it, of course. On the contrary, very gently, you would put him back on his feet again. Wouldn't that be much better?

What kind of Christianity is it that obliges you to be constantly ill-treated and massacred? I cannot accept that. You must be stronger than your enemy. So strong that the slightest gesture, a glance, a divine vibration flowing through you is enough to make him realize that you are far superior to him. And, when he feels so small, he will beg you to spare his life. “Very well, my friend”, you reply; “You're beginning to understand?” And as soon as you put him down, he will take to his heels and leave you in peace. Tell me frankly: wouldn't it be far better to be strong enough to react like that? I assure you it would. But no one has ever dared to envisage the possibility. The very idea seems far too ambitious, and that is exactly what I am interested in: giving you this ambition. How long it will take you to achieve such strength is another matter, but you can, at least, cultivate the desire to do so. You will never do anything worthwhile in the world if you are always passive, conciliatory, meek and vulnerable – wishy-washy.

There will be no more martyrs in the future. The martyrs of the past have already made the contribution that was required of them. They have fulfilled their mission. Besides, the main reason for their martyrdom was to allow them to pay off their debts and make good their past misdeeds more rapidly. Now that they have done that, why should they be martyred all over again? In the future, some beings will be so strong that when they know that someone is planning to injure them they will be able to put him to sleep at a distance, before he can get close enough to do them any harm. You will say, “That's a bit far-fetched, isn't it? You're going too far.” Not a bit of it. On the contrary, the time has come to lead human beings very, very far. At the moment they are in a dead-end street.

If you think that what I am saying is too much for you, very well, stay where you are. Others have more heroic ambitions. They want to be strong, powerful and full of light. They have no desire to be eternally victimized by the powers of darkness. When people like that are attacked they put up a fight. They know that they are not obligated to submit passively until they go under, on the theory that their destruction is “the will of God”. When Christians are stupidly submissive the powers of darkness smack their lips in gleeful anticipation of a feast. “Oho”, they say: “these Christians are tasty mosels. So juicy and tender! Let's make a dainty dish of them.” In other words, by their attitude, Christians actually serve themselves up as a choice dish for the powers of darkness. Sometimes one gets the impression that that is their only goal in life. Well, if they really want it that way, I have no objections. Let them go ahead and nourish the powers of darkness, but a true Christian defends himself by projecting a protective screen of light when he is threatened by forces of darkness. That is the reaction of a true Christian.

Some of you may think, “But we are not supposed to fight. It is written that we shouldn't try to contend with evil.” It is absolutely true, of course, that you should never try to battle with evil on it's own home ground because it is far too powerful there, and you would inevitably get the worse of it. But move to a higher plane; get above your adversary and, from your vantage point, hurl rockets and bolts of fire at it. You will soon see it turn tail and run. Man has an impregnable inner fortress, the fortress of light, armed with cannons and machine-guns that spit fire. What is to prevent you from turning the full force of that weaponry on your enemy and bombarding him with light? You will not kill or even injure anyone that way. On the contrary, you will transform them for the better. Aren't you perfectly within your rights in doing this? But people think that they have to behave “in a Christian manner” and, for them, that means letting themselves be martyred without reacting in any way. But the only thing that we are told in this respect is not to use the same weapons or react in the same way as the enemy.

Why assassinate someone who is trying to assassinate you? Paralyze him, blind him, put him to sleep, if you like, but get him to change his mind. There are some comic sketches based on this idea: we see someone plotting all kinds of dastardly deeds against a whole family, then along come a neighbour who talks so much nonsense, asks for so many stupid questions and makes so many impossible suggestions that the villain is completely bemused and disharmed. All that nonsense concealed the fact that the neighbour was really far more intelligent than the villain. So, you must defend yourselves. Not with the same arms, of course, with other, far more potent weapons which no one ever thinks of using because they do not really beleive in their efficacy. In fact, most people have no inkling that they exist.

Christians will never get out of the morass thay are in if they do not learn to work with divine methods. The very fact that they neglect the sun and attribute no spiritual value to it, proves that they have not got the means they need to overcome evil. But once they realize that they have disdained and neglected the sun, they will humble themselves and the sun will forgive them and, when that day comes, they will be all-powerful and the reign of evil will be over and done with. As long as Christians refuse to recognize that the sun is a gateway to God, they will always be weak. They can pray as much as they like and fill their churches with the smoke of incense, but that will never put anything right; the world will still be devastated by catastrophes, and disorder and chaos will continue to reign. But the day they recognize that the sun is the visibal image of God in the physical plane, and a doorway that gives them direct access to Him, it will be much easier for them to reach Him.

There is no doubt about it: the future belongs to the bold, to those who fight and work according to the laws of their divine nature. It is they who will have the last word. You must not beleive that, just because things were thus and so in the past, they are going to be like that forever.

Now, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, in Bulgaria, there was a young schoolteacher. He was not very big or strong, but he was an intelligent, sensible young man. One day he was with some friends in the village square and one of them, a big, hulking fellow who was not very bright, did not agree with something the schoolteacher said and started to argue with him. When the schoolteacher began to get the better of him with his intelligent arguments, the colossus lost his temper and let fly: one, two, and our hero was flat on his back! Of course, the others laughed and applauded the winner. After all, he was a real heavyweight, and physical prowess is always much admired. The poor young teacher went slowly and sadly home, the laughter and jeers of his friends ringing in his ears. But then, wonder or wonders, when he got home he found that his cow had calved and there was a lovely little calf in the meadow. He bent over and stroked it and then picked it up in his arms and hugged it, forgetting all about his recent humiliation. The next morning, and every morning after that, he would go up and pick up the calf and pet it.

This went on for several months. The calf was rapidly growing into a full-sized bullock but the schoolteacher never noticed. He just went on picking it up. Then, one day, he suddenly realized that his muscles had developed enormously and he decided to go down and join his friends in the village square, once again. When he got there, there was the bully who had knocked him out, bragging and preening himself, as usual. Going up to him, our hero asked him, “Do you remember me?” “I'll say I do”, said the bully; “You're the little chap I knocked out.” Without a word, the schoolteacher stooped, grabbed him by the leg and held him up, at arm's length, over his head. “Make your peace with God”, he said; “Because I'm going to throw you to the ground and smash you to smithereens!” Well, of course, the big bully started to whimper and beg for mercy: “Forgive me, forgive me. I'm sorry I hit you. Don't kill me.” “Very well”, said the teacher; “As long as you're sorry...” and put him gently down on the ground, whereupon the bully took to his heels and ran. All the other young men laughed and cheered and the teacher went home feeling very pleased and proud of himself: a true hero! So you see, you must never let yourselves be vanquished and trodden underfoot because you will not help others to be any better that way. They will just go on bullying you and misusing their strength. If you are too meek and mild, people think, “Aha, there's someone who won't fight back. Let's take advantage of him.”

The Lord asks strength, intelligence, light and power of His servants. If you want to conquer your difficulties, your enemies, therefore, you have to build up your strength. See if you cannot find a little calf somewhere – in your head, perhaps – and practise picking it up every day. You will soon be so strong, and so luminous and powerful, that you will be capable of picking up your enemies and holding them up in the air, telling them, “Make your act of contrition; I'm going to smash you to smithereens!” You will not kill them, of course; you will not even hurt them, so you will have nothing on your conscience. This is the true philosophy: instead of killing someone you help him and give him a chance to become wiser, more reasonable and better behaved. In other words you teach him something extremely important.

Don't try to hide behind weakness. Weakness will not save you and nor will stupidity nor indolence. You must meditate, search and practise and, one day, when you are as bright and as hot as the sun you will be invulnerable for, after all, can anyone touch the sun without burning himself? Ill-wishers will steer clear of you because – symbolicly speaking – you will be aflame, a fiery furnace. In the face of true spiritual strength, everyone is obliged to lay down their arms.

You will say, “Yes, but if I turn the other cheek, my enemy will be ashamed and beg me to forgive him”. Don't you beleive it. He will not repent; he is more likely to treat you worse than ever. No, you would do much better to follow the example of that young schoolteacher who picked up his calf every day. As an example, it is unique, you could find none better. Day and night, for years on end, you must practise and grow stronger and stronger until, one fine day, you seek your enemies, saying, “Do you recongnize me? You'd better look out because you're in for a surprise!” And, at the sight of your strength and the light radiating from you, they will realize that while they were resting on their laureals, you have been in training and have become invincible.

Take an example from mothers; they know what to do. When a child is disobedient and does exactly the opposite of what she tells him, she shows him the “other cheek”. That is to say, she begins by reasoning with him and perhaps, even, sheds a few tears. But if the child still refuses to obey she gives him a taste of the slipper, and he instantly understands and obeys. She does not kill him, but by showing him the “other side”, the side of stength, she teaches him a lesson. Instinctively, she reacts divinely.

There are two sides (in fact, there are three or four or, even, ten, but to make things simpler, let's just say that there are two), gentleness and strength, and it is important to know when and how to use them. Very often, when you are feeling depressed, worried or discouraged, it is because undesirable spirits are tormenting you, attacking you like a swarm of wasps, mosquitos or snakes. Is this the time for gentleness? Should you let them invade you and feed on you without a word of protest? On the contrary, it is time to show the other side, the side of strength. With words and gestures, you must show your strength and light and, in this way, teach them a much-needed lesson. And you can do this every single day. Why sit there suffering and feeling sorry for yourself? Show the other side, show you strength, your will-power. Get up and chase these entities away; don't allow thoughts and feelings that torment you and sap all your energies to drag on and on.

It all this clear, now? It goes against the traditional ideas, I know, but that dosen't matter. The important thing is that it is useful. And it works! You must adopt ideas and methods that work instead of clinging indefinitly to attitudes that are totally ineffective. To begin with, these new notions may shock you but, if you want to become stronger and stronger, always stronger, but without violence, without killing or destroying, you will be obliged to accept them. You can be strong, invincibly strong, thanks to the light.

Thus, each one of you must begin training and practising in order to be strong. You can only do it with practice. When war breaks out and you have to give battle to the powers of darkness, will you be ready? Start by trying to overcome the minor enemies within. Put them to rout. Stop giving in to them on the pretext that you are a Christian and don't beleive in violence. A strange kind of Christian, indeed! Don't you know that Christians are knights-errant? They are fighters, Christ's soldiers, and they must be well armed. Why do you suppose that so many Orders of knights were created in the Middle Ages? Simply because a true Christian is just the opposite of a meek and timid individual. He is a soldier, and his arms are light and the power of spirit.

[link to www.liveyourquest.com]
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11/29/2011 08:10 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
The coming of the Golden Age

"During the passage of time, the consciousness of men traversed a very long period of obscurity. This phase which the Hindus call "Kali Yuga", is on the verge of ending. We find ourselves today at the frontier between two epochs: that of Kali Yuga and that of the New Era that we are entering.

A gradual improvement is already occurring in the thoughts, feelings and acts of human beings, but everybody will soon be subjugated to divine Fire, that will purify and prepare them in regards to the New Era. Thus man will raise himself to a superior degree of consciousness, indispensable to his entrance to the New Life. That is what one understands by "Ascension".

Some decades will pass before the coming of this Fire, that will transform the world by bringing into it a new moral. This immense wave comes from cosmic space and will inundate the entire earth. All those that attempt to oppose it will be carried off and transferred elsewhere – meaning that they as souls, will have to reincarnate elsewhere.

Although the inhabitants of this planet do not all find themselves at the same degree of evolution, the new wave will be felt by each one of us. And this transformation will not only touch the Earth, but the entire Cosmos.

The best and only thing that a man can do now is to turn towards God and improve himself consciously, to elevate his vibratory level, so as to find himself in harmony with the powerful wave that will soon submerge him.

The Fire of which I speak, that accompanies the new conditions offered to our planet, will rejuvenate, purify, reconstruct everything: matter will be refined, your hearts will be liberated from anguish, troubles, incertitudes, and they will become luminous; everything will be improved, elevated; negative thoughts, feelings and acts will be consumed and destroyed.

Your present life is slavery, a heavy prison. Understand your situation and liberate yourself from it. I tell you this: get out of your prison! It is really sorry to see so much misleading, so much suffering, so much incapacity to understand where one's true happiness lies.

Everything that is around you will soon collapse and disappear. Nothing will be left of this civilization nor of its perversity; the entire earth will be shaken and no trace will be left of this erroneous culture that maintains men under the yoke of ignorance. Earthquakes are not only mechanical phenomens, their goal is also to awaken the intellect and the heart of humans, so that they liberate themselves from their errors and their follies and that they understand that they are not the centers of the universe.

Our solar system is now traversing a region of the Cosmos where a constellation that was destroyed left its mark, its dust. This crossing of a contaminated space is a source of poisoning, not only for the inhabitants of the earth, but for all the inhabitants of the other planets of our galaxy. Only the suns are not affected by the influence of this hostile environment. This region is called "the thirteenth zone"; one also calls it "the zone of contradictions". Our planet was enclosed in this region for thousands of years, but finally we are approaching the exit of this space of darkness and we are on the point of attaining a more spiritual region, where more evolved beings live.

The earth is now following an ascending movement and everyone should learn to harmonize themselves with the currents of this ascension. Those who refuse to accept this orientation, will lose the advantages of the good conditions that will be offered in the future to elevate themselves. They will remain behind in evolution and will have to wait tens of millions of years for the coming of a new ascending wave.

The earth, the solar system, the universe, all are being put in a new direction under the impulsion of Love. Most of you still consider Love as a derisory force, but in reality, it is the greatest of all forces! Money and power continue to be venerated as if the course of our livers depended upon it. In the future, all will behave according to cosmic Love and serve it. But it is through suffering and difficulties that the consciousness of man will be awakened.

more at link

[link to www.liveyourquest.com]

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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
"Evil is limited, Good is limitless"

Actually, you got it exactly backwards...

In THIS present world, Evil is limitless, and Good is limited.
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11/29/2011 08:12 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
Absolutely the very best post this site has ever or will ever see and read. This is TRULY the way of things. The book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle would be a good start to further ones education in this field. OP Thank you for posting something wonderful for us to ponder.NAMASTE!!
 Quoting: Charlie 1567796
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11/29/2011 08:17 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless

It was one of those crystal clear days when the light reigns in space - the kind which the Master called "the diamond days of Nature". Every little stone, every blade of grass was encircled with an aura of radiance. The light which illuminated the rocks made them appear to be ethereal, almost weightless in their radiance. It was one of Nature's holy days. We were high up on the mountain with our Master, high up in the luminous universe, and he began to speak about the Angels:
"The whole Cosmos which God has created is filled with Beings who are more cultivated than we are and much more organized. Beings of the Angelic Hierarchy exist on the Sun. They live in an ethereal world:
solid matter does not exist there in the way that it does on earth. Matter there is in an ethereal state.
"There are also Advanced Beings who dwell on Sirius and on other celestial bodies as well. Compared to the Culture of Sirius - the culture of humankind is still in its swaddling clothes.
"Three kinds of solar systems exist. Some manifest the material world; others manifest the more sublime spiritual elements: these belong to the spiritual world, the Angelic world. After some time - when your spiritual eyes have begun to develop - you will be able to see all worlds. For now like the astronomers, you can see only the material world. The third kind of Solar System is the Divine World: the One which has been created from the most sublime Divine Elements.

"Eventually, man will pass through all solar systems. Our solar system is at the border of the Cosmos. One day - when your consciousness evolves and passes from one solar system into one with a more highly-evolved culture than ours at present - your perception of things will be completely different.

"By 'Angels,' we imply those Beings whose consciousness is so awakened that they shine like the sun. If you were to visit the Angels, you would see that in their world there exists a state of order unlike anything which exists on the earth. People have notions about the Angels, just as ants have notions about people. If you were to ask the ants where man exists, they would say that man is in another world. The ants have no knowledge of the human world. When an ant crawls over a person, it does not think, 'this is a living being.' Just as we can see the ants even though they do not see us, there are invisible Beings who exist and can see us although we do not see them. They work for the betterment of the world.

"We think that man is on the highest rung of the evolutionary ladder, but evolution is without end. Just as there are beings that exist below man, there are Beings that exist above man as well. These Beings evolved from the universes of the past.

"The Angels have a completely different scale of measurement. The more that the consciousness expands, the more the field of vision broadens. For them, only one thing is impossible: they cannot err.

"The Angels have an evolved Consciousness, and they do not intermingle good with evil. The Angelic Universe is much larger than ours. We are children; they are adults. When an Angel errs, he is not accepted into Heaven for ten thousand years, whereas they are much more lenient towards human beings.

"The Angels do not know human error: because if they knew, they would be defiled. Even though the Angels have passed along another path, they are nevertheless interested in our world. For them, we are the objects of study, just as the plants and animals are objects of study for us.

"Some Angels have passed through one mental epoch of humankind in which they stumbled and fell. When the angels were being tested, some of them remained luminous, while others darkened. Those who were conceited and prideful grew dark.

"The Angels take an interest in man. They have no knowledge of the Divine in man, because man is moving on a different path of development as opposed to the path which they have passed along. The Angels are able to learn from man's existence, because there is something in it which is unknown to them. They have no Knowledge of our experience, just as we have no knowledge of their experience; and for this reason, we are interesting to them. Millions of years ago, they were the 'humankind' of their world.

"The Angel possesses Knowledge which is applicable in all worlds: physical, spiritual and Divine. What is the Knowledge of an Angel? If you were to compile all of the knowledge of humankind - all that it has accumulated over thousands of years - an Angel knows all that and more.

"For the Angels to travel from one solar system to another - what kind of transportation do you think they would need? From the Sun to the closest star, an Angel will travel faster than the speed of light. The Evolved Beings who live on the Sun come down to our earth. Beings from Venus, Mars and Mercury come down as well. They have the means of transportation. The light which comes from some universes takes 500 million years to get here. What a great distance! But for an Angel, this is just a stroll. Our scale of measurement is like that of a microbe. The Angels travel at a speed greater than light. For them, the speed of light is like that of a buffalo-wagon. If the speed of light is incomprehensible to human beings, then what about a speed much faster than that? Light travels at the greatest speed possible for the physical world, but the speeds about which we are speaking here belong to other, higher worlds, to different dimensions.

"The Angels are highly evolved Beings who send forth energy throughout the entire solar system. The earth is too small a field for the power of an Angel. An Angel moving at the speed of light would cross the entire earth in a split-second, and yet they travel at even greater speeds.

"The Angels have bodies which are more resilient than ours. Angels master their bodies in such a way that they can be either visible or invisible. When Angels look at human life, they do not see as people see. When an Angel visits you, you become inspired; but when common spirits come to you, you say, 'We are stupid. We are ignorant. We are dull.'

"An Angel is a Being of absolute Justice and Purity. Their clothing is classical in style. You have to live like an Angel in order to put on Angelic clothes. You have to think rightly to be able to dress in a Divine robe.

"In the Sanskrit language, the word 'Deva' means 'Angel.' The Angels are rich in Love, and they work because of their Love. They intuit what God's Will is - that is to say, what God desires - and they fulfill it immediately.

"A World exists where Joy is real and suffering is make-believe. This is the World of the Angels, of the luminous Beings. Happiness on earth is not the Happiness of the spiritual world. In Heaven, your joy and suffering is unknown, but they have knowledge of what the Divine is. In the Angelic World, you cannot speak a word that has a double meaning, nor can you say something negative. If you imply that something which is pure is impure, you will need to leave paradise. On the Sun, if you want to speak an unkind word, your mouth will not open. If you want to speak a good word, then it will open readily.

"Sainthood is one of the highest states of a human being on earth, but the Angels stand higher than the saints.

"There are different orders of Angels. There are Angels who are from the first, second and third Realms. They speak different languages. The lives of the Angels who live in the second Realm are hidden from those who live in the first. And similarly, the lives of those who live in the third are hidden from those who live in the second. In the Angelic World, you can never pronounce a word if you do not like the object which it indicates. For example, if you like apples, you will be able to pronounce the word 'apple', but if you do not - you will not. You can never say, 'I do not like you.' Because before you can speak the words, the one to whom you are directing these words will no longer be in front of you. Compared to the celestial Angelic language, the human language is like the sound of thunder.
"If you go to the invisible World, to the luminous Beings, you will need to know their language, just as when someone comes to you, they will need to speak in your language. The Angels know all tongues. They will speak to you in that ancient Bulgarian language which has preserved its initial purity.

"When the Angels speak amongst themselves, man rejoices, because in their speech, there is something new. Light emanates from their speech: it is something very beautiful. There is a saying, 'When the Angels are eating - on the crumbs from their tables - humans are feasting.' This means that nothing is ever lost. In the same way, the ants are being fed by the crumbs which fall from the table at which man eats. Nothing ever goes to waste.

"The Angels are God's servants. There are Angels of Love, of Wisdom, of Gentleness, of Temperance, and so on. Each of the virtues is represented by specific Angels. The same is also true for all of the arts: music, poetry, etc.

"For the Beings of the Divine World, neither death nor reincarnation exist. The Divine Life is a Life of Perfection.

"When we speak about the sun and the stars, we should look at them as the result of the activity of the Intelligent Beings which lived 25 million, 250 million and 2, 500 million years ago.

"You say, 'I am interested in the other worlds.' It is impossible for you not to be interested, because the aspirations of the human soul originate from the higher Consciousness and culture of the Intelligent Beings from the other worlds.

"The Angels are Beings who have participated in the creation of the world. All of the Divine Powers pass through them. They are protecting us; they are helping us; they are bringing us Divine Blessings.

"It is the Intelligent Beings who work with and direct the life processes of the plants. There is a special class of Angels which works upon the plants. The whole plant kingdom is the accomplishment of the Angels. The intelligence within the plants is that of the Angels. For example, look at how regularly the berries of the grape in a grape cluster are arranged, what perfect form it has. Through the apple, we connect with the Beings of the Sun. The apple is a radio which connects us with these Beings. The flowers are the children of the Angels; they are the paintings of the Angels: their art. Flowers should not be picked. And should you step on a flower - at the same time - you are stepping on the thoughts and feelings of the Angels. We are very unruly children. We have a very high opinion of ourselves.

"The Angels work not only on the plants, but also on the whole of Nature. They work on all the natural kingdoms: animal, mineral, etc. If I say that the Angels are among us, you would ask, 'Where are they?' This very light by which we see today - this is of the Angels. They desire to stimulate our consciousness with their light.

"The Angels are helping us. We have helped them when they have been in the [evolutionary] position of humankind and our bodies were as the animals. In the future, when the animals of the present reach the human level of development, we will be helping them.

"At one time - when they were more like man - the Angels resembled us in certain things, but in other things not at all. The lowest existence of the Angels is still higher than the most sublime existence of man. This is the result of the intensity by which the Angels live. The relationship between the Angels and man can be compared to the relationship between man's life and that of the plants. In order to connect with a man, an Angel must come down and prod him for a long time until his mind awakens and is prompted into motion. The Angel wants to tell him that he is in the presence of a highly evolved Being with whom he needs to connect that he may learn something.

"In the Scriptures it is said, 'Speak not an empty word in the presence of the Angel who is guiding you, because this will turn your cause to naught.' This means that if you do not respect the Angel who is guiding you, you will lose everything and will continuously feel discontent.

"The Beings who have completed their development send their Love to us. We need to connect with them. The Angels on the Sun as well as those of the other solar systems - are thinking about us. When you find yourself in darkness - when you are under attack by inferior beings - a luminous Soul will come to you, will tell you something, will bring you a new idea. These luminous Souls will tell you, 'We will be with you.' These are the helpers, the guardian Angels of humankind. These Advanced Beings surround you; and because of them, your life can progress. You need to make every endeavor that your heart and mind may become an altar in order that you may work with these Advanced Beings. We have to study not only the physical world, but also the spiritual. We need to be connected with not only the physical world but the spiritual as well. We need to maintain contact with the Advanced Beings who are helping us along on our path. Many of our thoughts are the fruits of the thoughts of Advanced Beings. When a seed from one of these fruits lands in your mind, in your heart or in your soul, it will propagate in and of itself. These are the Divine Ideas which have come to grow within you. They are great treasures. Even if only one of these small, precious thoughts penetrates you every day - within ten years, your life will have become drastically changed.

"If you are in good spirits - this is an indication that Advanced Beings are sending their sublime thoughts to you. On the other hand, there are inferior beings as well who are sending to you their parasitic thoughts through which they attempt to prevent you from hearing clearly. Both kinds of beings are active. When you have a stale outlook on life. you have come into contact with beings who are on a lower level of development than you. When you have a fresh prospective, you have connected with Beings who are on a higher level than you.

"If you do not connect with the luminous Beings, no future awaits you. If you nourish yourself in the proper way, you will come into contact with all pure and righteous souls. The Intelligent Beings from the invisible World are sending their good ideas to man; but should these ideas not find good soil for their development, they will be deflected and will return to whence they have come, to their source. This is the reason why - regardless of the great wealth, the great abundance of Blessings which God is sending to earth - the majority of people are spiritually poor.

"If, through the efforts which you are making, you are able to communicate with the Intelligent Beings, you will be able to improve your destiny. This means that you must come to have faith in God, to trust in God. Through higher reasoning, you can come into contact with the Angels; and through Love - with God. The beauty of life lies in man's ability to live in harmony with the Advanced Beings. Man's thought needs to be in harmony with their thought. What greater music - than to think as the Advanced Beings think.

"The Angels who are teaching us are above us. Learn from them. Why should we learn from them? Because they possess a greater understanding than we do. Follow the path of the Angels that you may correct your error.

"People today think that once they come to believe, the sciences and the arts are no longer needed. But people are peculiar in their beliefs about God and in their attitudes about faith. Is it not God the great God of Wisdom, the Great Cause who has created all the worlds? Is it not God who has created the Angels? We need to come to know that there is another Science which exists, another Music, another Poetry, another Art. There exist other worlds as well, other forms of life-all a thousand times more beautiful than ours. There is much to learn.

"You live in an Intelligent World. The Sublime Beings who participated in the creation of the world are still working upon your consciousness and want you to learn, to come to understand things.
"The real wealth in man is the good within him. As it is with the Good, so it is with Love, Wisdom and Truth: they are inseparable. No one can say, 'This Love, this Wisdom, this Knowledge is mine.'
"We have the ability to comprehend the thoughts of the Sublime Beings. Work upon yourselves that you may develop your receptivity, through which you may come into contact with the more advanced Beings.

"Those who have had experiences and personal encounters with the other World - should they become ill, they will be able to overcome their illness more easily. Their Angels from the invisible World will visit them, will take away their pain, their suffering, their discouragement. The Intelligent Powers in the world are very active. The benevolent beings come from above or from the right side, whereas the inferior beings - from below or the left.

"When you are passing through a trial, pray and the luminous Beings will come to help you.
"There is a Law which states: no act performed by an Advanced Being exists in which the loss is greater than the benefit.

"If a man's heart is filled with sublime and noble thoughts and feelings - it is sufficient for him to think merely about an Angel, and the Angel will be with him. Without these feelings in his heart, no Angel will be able to leave his world to help him.

"When I look at you, I can see what kind of relationship the higher Beings have with you. This is because you are like a candle which has been illuminated, and from the intensity of the light of your candle - of your mind - a determination can be made regarding the essence of your candle as well as the quality of the burning which is taking place within you - whether it be full, or only partial. The Advanced Beings utilize this fire, that is to say, the energy of your mind for their work. This means: when you are making the endeavor to love, the Sublime Beings use this energy for their work.
"There are Angels who are guiding the nations. The Angel is a very real being, with both a body and a mind. Man thinks, and the animal thinks - but what a difference between man and animal!

"Sometimes highly Evolved Beings instill themselves within a man for 10, 15 or even 20 years and work. This is more economical and saves time in comparison to being born. In this sense, the man of genius is a collective being. One or more Advanced Beings has fallen in Love with him, has come to dwell within him and to manifest through him. Those people within whom an Angel comes to dwell, we call geniuses or saints. Within each great soul a great spirit lives. A musician in the true sense of the word can be only the one within whom an Angel lives. All things in the world which are sublime are because of the Angels.

"Man's consciousness needs to be awakened that he may be able to connect with the Consciousness of the Great Beings and learn from them.

I believe not in enthusiasm, but rather in Inspiration. Enthusiasm lasts for a day and a half, whereas Inspiration endures forever. Whatever one seeks to do, one must have Inspiration.

"In the future, the earth will be aglow, just as it was illuminated in earlier times. There is a saying [in Bulgarian]: 'To wherever it did flow, it will flow again.' It is the Advanced Beings who order our lives. They are investing something new into your account. It is important for you that everything which they have imparted to you increases. It is important that you invest something in their account as well. How? Through your gratitude to them. Be thankful for your friends from above who are helping you.

"All the Sublime Beings gather around those who have sublime aspirations."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)
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11/29/2011 08:17 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless

"A new Order is coming into the world. When you return to the earth after several thousand years, you will verify what I am telling you now. The houses will not be constructed as they are now, but will be built several kilometers away from one another. The animals will be given rest from the people. To the artists, musicians and other people of the arts, the best conditions for work will exist. This will be accomplished by the sixth race.

"The inner wealth, the knowledge which a person possesses, will be available to all. Now you are provided with air, light and water. One day the bread too will be given to you like the air, the water and the light. In the sixth race, people will have bread in abundance. Every one will have a home, a garden and fruit trees. When you pass through a place that is new to you, you will be asked from all sides to come in for a visit.

"In the new Order, everything old will disappear and all things will be completely new. The fruit too - pears, apples, plums, etc. - will change; they will be different. At the present time, the lemon tree blossoms and its fruit ripens throughout the whole year. In the future, this will be the same with the apples as well.

"The culture will be smokeless. Everything will be done by electricity.

"That which we desire, exists. There are Beings who have this; they live this. The Angels live in such a culture, the kind in which we will live after thousands of years. After thousands of years, we will live in the Angelic Culture. Everything in the world is real. Everything exists already, but it descends from above downwards. The Angelic Culture descends to the human culture, and the human culture descends to that of animals and so on. Thus, a culture descends from above.
"Somebody may say, 'When we are perfect, what will we do?' We will then begin to live."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)
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11/29/2011 08:18 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless

The Master observed one Law in life: wherever he was, he improved the conditions - not all at once as if according to a plan made ahead of time, but gradually, naturally. It appeared as if by chance, yet in reality, everything corresponded to the inner Life. He used every opportunity which arose in the ordinary workplace to teach a lesson. No better method than work exists for people to get together, to become better acquainted, to grow closer and harmonize. The Master encouraged every good initiative and supported all in it. He was pleased when the disciples manifested resourcefulness, awareness and focus.

The yard and the entire farmstead were gradually cleaned and put in order; the paths were repaired. On the steep slope where the path led down to the house, a retaining wall was built. The stones were arranged in such a way that they represented the rising sun. The idea for this came from the disciples.

The Master gave this interpretation, "This rising sun is a symbol for that Sun which will rise in all awakened Bulgarians, in all awakened human beings."

Stone steps were built - a seemingly simple task, commonly done everywhere, but in the presence of the Master it gained deep meaning and significance. After finishing all the work on the homestead, the Master said, "In life, there will always be improvement."

Then someone asked, "How will the new culture be structured?"

The Master answered:

"A human order to the world exists at present. But this will be destroyed. From the way in which people have worked in the past and how they work today - the world cannot be improved."

"Someone will say that God has created some people to be masters, others - servants; some rich, others - poor. This is a misconception. This world - this order in which some go hungry while others eat lavishly - has not been created by God. Others will say, 'Why does God allow all these evil deeds - all these social injustices to happen?' All these are done by people but they blame God for them.

"The verse, 'Everything that has been made has been made through Him' - relates to the Eternal and the Great Acts in the world; but the temporal, transitory things are not of God. Everything that man does of his own will is not from God.

"Some cite the verse that every authority is given by God. In this verse, something is omitted. It should read: every righteous authority is given by God. And in every righteous authority, the Law of Love must be included.

"Modem culture is being put to trial. The culture which has been built on sand is not stable. People do not know how to live, how to eat. They do not know how to build their homes, etc. What expectations can you have of such a world? And yet, everything will be transformed.

"The new Teaching gives the right methods as to how the future society will be built.

"Those cultures which have been based on power have disappeared.

"The Teaching which I bring to you is tried. Within it are hidden the basic methods which show people how to live. I bring to you now that Divine Teaching upon which the future order will be based. This Teaching is upheld by the Law of the Intelligent Nature.

"When the right time comes, the caterpillar will say, 'For such a long time now, I have been eating and drinking; I need nothing more. I leave the leaves for the others.' She cocoons herself. From out of the cocoon, the butterfly flies into the wide world and begins to feed off the sweet nectar of flowers. When will the world improve? When all of the caterpillars transform into butterflies.

"Society's problems can be resolved in a very simple way. They will be resolved when the new Consciousness enters into man.

"You may say that all people want a new order. This is well I agree with you. But what will happen if a new order comes, but your old character - your shortcomings - remain? It is easy to destroy the old, but what can be achieved with your bad character? How would you benefit if you tear down your old home but cannot build a new one? Nature does not permit this: She destroys and builds simultaneously.

"The moment in which you err you enter the night. The tragedy lies in the fact that people desire to do all things in the night.

"It is not the external conditions which create hardship for man, but the internal. God created this world with all the proper conditions for man's existence. Everything which they desire is provided. That is to say, that with regard to the external conditions, everything is favorable; but the internal conditions are missing: for example, the new Consciousness is missing. The cause of this lies hidden within the spiritual realm. Your mind and heart must pass from one state into another.

"Some seek to give structure to people. The world has order. Every man whose consciousness is awakened belongs to the World of Order. However, this world whose consciousness has not been awakened has yet to begin to prepare itself to enter the World of Order.

"Contemporary people wish to build, to restructure the whole of the humankind first, then the society, after that - the home and lastly man. Yet this way is not correct. I will. give you the following explanation. Take the most prominent musicians who have completed their education in music. They have mastered their art, and with them, you can put together any kind of orchestra that you wish. Within ten to fifteen minutes - or a half an hour at most, you will see that you have the best orchestra with the best performers. Why? Because each one of them knows his score perfectly. And yet, should you bring together people who have no knowledge of music and try to set up an orchestra with them, even if ten of the best conductors come to conduct them, nothing will come of it.

"People seek a material improvement in the order. But a spiritual improvement must take place as well. Someone will say, 'In order for the world to be a better place, a material improvement is necessary.' Make an experiment, and you will see.

"What kind of consciousness am I speaking of? Man must set Love as the foundation of his life and through Love, create the new Consciousness.

"The suffering of people today is greater than it was at the time of Christ. The resolution of the most difficult problems will come through Love. Love will come in a real, living form and will sweep away everything old.

"The nations of modern Europe exist in the phase of destruction. They do not apply the Teaching of Christ, but the teachings of a distant past. War is a remnant of the most ancient beliefs. This is the old culture which appears in new forms.

"My basic idea is the following: all social problem must be resolved through Love. How are we to resolve the social problem? Replace the absence of love with Love. Love resolves all contradictions: mental, emotional and social."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)
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11/29/2011 08:19 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless

The Master would go for a walk almost every morning accompanied by friends. No matter what the weather would be, he would not miss going out. He loved to be in the open, walking in the sun. He moved quickly and with ease. His attention was vigilant for every thrill of the beauty around. Sometimes, during such morning outings, questions would arise and the Master would shed light on them. On one such outing, the question about evolution and involution was raised. The Master answered thus:
"Involution is the turning away from God, and evolution is the returning to God. Involution is leaving home and going to work. Evolution refers to returning home from work with the experience one has acquired. Moving down means moving into darkness; climbing up is rising towards the light.
"The story of the fall of man into error is one of the great mysteries of life. This story symbolically touches upon the question of involution. It concerns the time when man was with God and dwelled among the Angels. He alone wanted to come down to earth to learn.

"People descended to earth to study and when they had come to 'the pigs and the carobs' - to the unfavorable constraining conditions - they began to think about their Father, about God. God knows what man is like, and for this reason, He did not give him immortality and allows all people who do not fulfill His Will to age. When He sent man to earth, God began to take away from him that which he possessed. This is the consequence of the involutionary process.

"For as long as you were outside of the material world, you were idealists: you strived towards God and desired to sacrifice, to share everything. Yet when you descended into the material world, you forgot everything. In the process of descending, you lost something. You must return to that state in which you were at the Beginning.

"Since ancient times, many beings have lost their primeval sublime Life. The boundless Love of God seeks to reach them so that He can bestow the Life and Light upon them which they have lost. Love wants to awaken all those who have fallen asleep and bring back to life all of the 'dead'. History keeps silent about the reason why these beings have lost their sublime Life. They have experienced a disaster. Their life is a great tragedy. There exist many legends about the reasons for this tragedy. The whole of humankind has lived through this tragedy.

"A new Epoch is now coming in which the Divine World wants to show man the way in which he can return to his primeval Life and find solid positive ground. At present, most people live in life's illusions.

"In the involutionary process - that is, in the process of descending into the material world - the materialized souls have come down through great resistance into the densiest matter of earth. In the process of descending, great energy is generated. This is the hardest path: the path of wisdom. Even though the Teaching of Love - that is to say, the path of Ascension or evolution - has been taught to people, they still walk on the hardest path.

"The Devas or the Angels move along the easiest path: the path of the least resistance. That is to say, the Angels move along the Path of Love and people - along the path of wisdom. Until recently, man was descending. As he begins to ascend, he will meet the Angels and will become acquainted with them.

"At present, we are in a transient time between involution and evolution. Because descent is followed by ascent, at the border between the two epochs - that is, in the transient period - there exists the greatest resistance, the greatest suffering. This is the reason why there are so many delays and obstacles at present. Yet once the evolutionary process begins, the forces will be directed upward. Then obstacles will not exist.

"The methods of the Eastern nations were good at one time, but now they cannot be applied (as they were in the past) because we are at the beginning of the evolutionary process and no longer in that of the involutionary when these methods had been given. The methods which the Hindu philosophy has used are involutionary. Now new evolutionary methods must be given to the Western nations.

"At the boundary between the involutionary and the evolutionary epochs is Christ. His Coming heralds the beginning of the evolutionary Epoch, but the majority of human souls at present continue to descend, that is, they are still on the involutionary path. In this way, they will not accomplish their assignment. Another impulse upward toward the Sun must come.

"Three categories of souls exist: those who are descending are in their involutionary; others who are on the ascent are in their evolutionary period, and a third category of souls who have stopped in one place. They are at the lowest point in their development and have not yet started their ascent.

"If you are on your way up and meet a being who has stopped and you make a connection with him, he will start to take something from you, and therefore you lose. There also exist beings with whom you move at a parallel. Here we come to the question of related souls. You will help these others. You will sacrifice for them, but should not make intimate contact with them.

"Why is it necessary for man to descend and sink into matter? So that he may put on layer after layer, each one denser than the others, to gain experience and after that, start his ascent by acquiring new forms. The final movement will be upwards.

"Those who do not want to connect with God, will be tossed by waves out of the general movement of the Day of the Lord and will need to wait for another period of ascent: that is, they will need to wait for another wave.

"All those who are ascending toward God will enter Heaven, but those from the other period will remain descended outside of God. The door will be closed to them for a while."

Because Christ was mentioned in relation to the beginning of evolution at the start of this discourse, one of the brothers asked the Master to say something about Christ.

The Master said:
"Christ is the Transformer of the Energy which comes to man from God. Without Christ, man could not ascend to God. Why? It has been said that God is an all-consuming Fire. "To explain this concept, we can use the following analogy. The sun's energy has such powerful vibrations that if it should come directly down to earth, humans would not be able to bear it. This is the reason why several transformers exist between the sun and the earth through which the sun's energy passes. This alone makes solar energy bearable for man."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)
Anonymous Coward
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11/29/2011 08:20 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
The prodigal son

According to initiatic science, an anarchist is someone who refuses to submit to the divine order of creation, and this means that nine-tenths of all human beings should be classed as anarchists.

People's understanding of anarchy is usually based on political or social criteria, but these are inadequate; the only true anarchy is anarchy in relation to heaven. Of course, in actual fact, many people are double anarchical, being anarchical in their attitude both towards earth and towards heaven.

Think of the parable of the prodigal son, who left his father's house because he was bored and went out into the world in search of freedom and adventure. To begin with, he enjoyed the novelty of it all, but his enjoyment did not last long and his fortunes gradually deteriorated.

Wherever he went he was a foreigner, and people distrusted him and refused to give him work. So the poor young man began to suffer from hunger, thirst, and bitter cold; he had nothing to eat and nowhere to live, and he began to regret having left his father's house. He remembered that there he had had everything he needed; everybody knew who he was, and his father and mother and the whole family loved him. He knew now from his own experience that neither love nor pity ruled the world, and so, a wiser and a humbler man, he decided to go back home. And his father recognized his son in the miserable, half-starved creature who appeared before him dressed in rags and covered with dust. The Gospel adds that he welcomed him with open arms and ordered the fatted calf to be killed to celebrate his return. Of course, his brother was rather angry at all this and grumbled a bit, but the father soothed his feelings and reminded him that he should be generous to someone who was destitute.

The story of the prodigal son is the story of all those who, instead of living in harmony with divine law, want to do exactly as they like and take pleasure in being anarchical. And, as I have said, the worst form of anarchy is that which reigns within man. This is why the goal of all initiatic schools is to induce human beings to return to their Father's house, to the safety of that 'secret place' of which Psalm 91 speaks ('He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty... He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in him I will trust'), and which the forces of evil cannot enter. Human beings always seem to be glad to get away from this secret place in which they are under the protection of the Lord. They are eager to live their lives in their own way by breaking God's laws and getting as far away from him as possible. Well, let me tell you that people like that have a great deal of suffering in store for them. Their constant tendency to be out of step and to disobey means that their destiny requires them to suffer. But those who have already suffered a great deal, and whose sufferings have brought them understanding, are ready to return to their Father, to that 'secret place'. This is why they join a spiritual brotherhood, an initiatic school, for to do so symbolizes a return to the divine order.

Many years ago I talked to you about this 'secret place' in which man is unvulnerable. It is a world of such harmony, a world in which the vibrations are so intense and so pure, that the slightest negative element is immediately rejected and cast out. Jesus said: 'I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing. Whoever does not abide in me is thrown away like a branch and withers; such branches are gathered, thrown into the fire, and burned.' This expresses exactly the same idea. Find and take refuge in this fortress, therefore, so that you may be protected and nourished. How can anyone fail to understand this? Human beings are all anarchists, they all want to break away from the Lord in the hope of getting something more, something which, in fact, they can never get. Before launching out blindly like that, they would do much better to study the laws and understand how things are likely to turn out. But they are like the prodigal son: he too should have seen what life was like in his father's house and compared it with the life he would find in the outside world, where men claw, bite and hack their way to success. But he did not study anything, the poor wretch; he just imagined what he would find. And this is what all anarchists do, they imagine. This is why I advise you all to examine the whole question very thoroughly to see what is in store for you if you continue on the path of anarchy.

This question of laws is so easy to understand. Suppose you overeat: you will not be prosecuted in the name of any you overeat: you will not be prosecuted in the name of any human law - no policeman will come and arrest you - but you will suffer from acute indigestion. In the name of what law are you laid low and put to bed? The laws of nature are not those of human beings.

Human beings will come and see you and commiserate with you in bed, but however much they sympathize, they will not be able to cure you; only nature can cure you. If you start to obey the laws of nature again you will be cured. You must learn these laws of nature, the divine laws that rule the intellect, the heart, and the physical body. You should know exactly what everything you say and do represents in the way of energy, see where these energies go, and make sure that they do not disturb or harm anyone. In the Tales from from the Arabian Nights there is a story about a merchant who sat down to rest from his travels and eat some dates, and as he ate he threw the stones carelessly in different directions. Suddenly, a monstrous genie appeared and declared that he would kill him. 'But why?' stammered the unfortunate merchant; 'What have I done?' 'When you were throwing those stones away,' replied the genie, 'my son was passing by, and you threw one into his eye and killed him. Therefore I must kill you.' Of course this is only a legend, but there is great meaining in it.

There is also a popular tradition that when one goes out at night one must carry a light. This external light symbolizes the inner lamp that you must keep burning in order to protect yourself against evil spirits. For just as wild beasts hunt their prey at night, so do many evil spirits roam freely at night, seeking to harm human beings, until at cock-crow they are obliged to disapear. But human beings are so ignorant; they leave their doors wide open night and day for any entity to enter and lay waste theri inner world.

So there you are, my dear brothers and sisters, do as you please; cut yourselves off from the Lord and maintain your independence if you like, and you will see what your destiny will be. For my part, I do not need to wait and see; I already know what it will be. How do I know that? I only have to see a person's attitude and I can immediately sense what he wants from life. The goals of those who cut themselves off from God and from the fellowship of initiates, who turn their back on the light, are necessarily extremely banal and mundane. They want wealth, power and glory; they want to be able to gratify their appetite for food and drink and sexual pleasure. In other words, their ideal is not very lofty; on the contrary, they spend their time in the filth and slime of the lowest regions, and the only possible outcome is misfortune and suffering. As you see, I only need to know a person's ideal and I can immediately tell you what his final destination will be; he will end up exactly where his final destination will be; he will end up exactly where his ideal has led him. When you possess initiatic science, nothing is easier than to prophesy. When you know which track a train is running on , you know exactly which towns it will go through and where it will end up. Every station-master is a prophet. And astronomers are prophets too, because they can tell you the exactly where the planets will be years in advance. All those who are really proficient in any science are prophets. Predictions for the future are based on an occult science.

There, this is what I wanted to say about anarchy. All these intellectuals who think they are God's gift to mankind must learn that their philosophy of breaking away from the centre can only lead to enslavement and total restriction, for there can be no freedom far from the centre. What is in store for you if you withdraw form the light and warmth of the sun? Darkness, cold and death. And the sun symbolizes the initiatic confraternity. The Psalmist says, 'I walk before the Lord in the land of the living.' and this 'land of the living' is the true confraternity, the sun, for in the sun dwell the noblest, most luminous of beings. That which we call sunlight is the vibrations, emanations and radiations of these incandescent beings. The light that illuminates the planets comes not from the sun itself but from the sun's inhabitants. The sun is a richly fertile, cultivated land, a very advanced civilization, and it is the inhabitants of this land that project light out into space. All this will one day be discovered by scientists, but initiates have known it for ages, for they have travelled in their etheric bodies into every region of space and visited the sun and the other planets. Believe me or not, as you please, but I am telling you the truth.

It is a great mistake to think that to belong to an initiatic contraternity implies that you have to restrict yourself and forfeit your freedom; on the contrary, only in such a confraternity will man find freedom and happiness. True self-realization can be achieved only in the one true brotherhood, the Great White Brotherhood which exists in the higher world and of which our own Brotherhood here on earth is nor more than a reflection. Also, if you think that it depends on your decision to belong or not to belong to that great Brotherhood, that too is an illusion. Some people may say that they do not want to belong, but the truth is that they would not be accepted. If they were worthy to join it, they would be eager to do so, but it is not all comers who can be accepted just as they are. Each one has to work for years and years and prove that they are worthy before being allowed to join this confraternity. Perhaps you will say, 'But I have never done anything to earn it, and yet I have been accepted as a member of the Universal White Brotherhood.' Yes, but the Brotherhood here on earth is no more than a vestibule; it si not yet the Holy of Holies. It is much more difficult to be accepted into the Brotherhood on high, but once you are accepted your name is inscribed in heaven and you receive all the gifts and all the help you need every day; just as the employees of a company here on earth receive a salary, family allowances, and so on.

Perhaps you are thinking, 'Where on earth does he get all that?' Well, you have read the Gospels: surely you remember that Jesus said, 'See, I have given you authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing will hurt you. Nevertheless, do not rejoice at this, that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.' Once your name is written in the book of life you will not be forgotten. You will be given strength, health and joy. You will feel that support, advice and guidance are bestowed on you, and even if you do have to endure trials and difficulties, you will find either that they will not last so long as they used to or that you are stronger and more able to deal with them. This is the Gospel, the living Gospel; and it is up to you now to make the necessary effort to enter this fortress, this secret place, for once you are there you will be safe. There is a Sanskrit text that says, 'A pilgrim has reached the far bank of the river, an arhat is born, a new dvija, a saviour of the world,' and in Christianity this idea is expressed by the quest for the Holy Grail. In one form or another, all religions speak of this confraternity under the rulership of Christ.

Human beings look for a confraternity to join, of course, but never this one. They prefer to join a political confraternity and are ready to be massacred for an ideology that will soon be out of fashion and replaced by another one. They are not interested in putting themselves at the service of an ideal that would make them immortal and invinvible. But for heaven's sake, if they really want to shed their blood, why cannot they at least choose a cause that is eternal? They just do not use their brains; they sell their freedom for too little. All their brave words about the price of freedom are just that, words. The truth is that they do not care two hoots for their freedom, their life, their blood. Someone who really wants to save his life entrusts it to a bank that will never become insolvent; to the bank of the sun, not to a ship that is sinking because it has a hole in its hull. I was still very young when I realized that I should never achieve very much if I relied on my own freedom, my own will, and my own intelligence. This is why I did everything possible to enter the divine order of the Universal White Brotherhood. And if you, for your part, continue to believe that you will achieve great things on your own without this confraternity, I can prophesy that what you gain in this way will be far less than what you would gain by joining it.

To possess your own house and have money in the bank - is that your idea of success? If so, when it is time to depart for the next world you will see that you have worked in vain - or, rather, you have been working for the benefit of thieves. So acquire all the material possessions you want, but know that you will be obliged to leave them all behind; whereas the things you acquire through your spiritual work will always be yours, and you will take them with you into the next world. Wherever you go, your capital, your wealth, all your precious stones will go with you and will benefit the whole world. You will probably think that what I am saying is very difficult to understand; it is as though I were speaking an unknown language. You would all understand me if I talked about higher mathematics, but people no longer understand the language I speak, although it seems to me that nothing could be clearer.

It is not a sign of intelligence and freedom to refuse to submit to the great laws of the Universal White Brotherhood. The Gospels tell us that we are all obliged to serve a master. If we refuse to serve Christ and the light, we shall be obliged to serve the devil and the powers of darkness. This is a law. People say, 'Oh, you know, this thing about Christ and the light is not for me. I cannot accept that.' Well, if that is your attitude, you too will be unable to avoid falling into the power of dark forces. Those who seek to be free in their own way cannot find true freedom; they will find only slavery. They are influenced and controlled by other entities. Their ignorance is such that they are easily hoodwinked into thinking that they are following their own wishes and making their own decisions, while in fact they are working for others. Human beings are like children; they just do not understand. When small children want to be free, they are liable to do all kinds of stupid and dangerous things that will restrict their freedom even more. Young people - and adults, too, for that matter - have no more understanding of freedom than a baby. Only the wise know that if you want to be free you have to impose limitations on yourself. Others, on the pretext that they want to be free, let their wild beasts out of their cages, and then they are torn apart and devoured by them.

I happened to switch on the television yesterday, and what did I see? Four hairy ruffians who looked like animals, screaming and gesticulating incoherently. This, apparently, was a concert. Never have I heard anything so repulsive and discordant. But the audience - mostly young boys and girls - were wildly enthusiastic, clapping and jumping up and down and twisting about in hideous contortions. I could not help feeling sad at the sight. I thought to myself, 'My God, how can anyone understand human nature today? What is it in man's soul that has the power to estrange him from beauty to such an extent? How can four such villainous creatures be such a popular success? I am not so strict and narrow-minded as to condemn young people for wanting to express their vitality and joy, but there was no joy here at all; the movements which should have been an expression of vitality were no more than horrible, unsightly contortions. Wild animals! Yes, the doors of their cages had been flung wide open, and they were prowling about, devouring whatever good there was in those so-called musicians while the crowd looked on and applauded.

Seeing this, I almost lost hope of ever leading human beings to something beautiful and meaning ful. They are going to have to go all the way, they are going to have to touch bottom. How can people like that understand the magnificent laws of nature? They have never done any work on themselves; they do not even know that there is work to be done. The only thing they know is how to open the cages of their own wild animals. And they call that freedom, liberation. Yes, they are liberated, independent - unleashed.

The Bonfin, July 25, 1965
Anonymous Coward
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11/29/2011 08:20 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
Seeking the Truth

When people seek the Truth, they most often possess preconceived ideas about what that Truth will look like. They assume, for example, that finding the Truth will make them happy, successful, and healthy. They often believe that Truth will support their ego in its own expression and desire. They may think that Truth exists in order to make their life easier and support their own personal growth, personal empowerment, etc. and assist them in obtaining enlightenment.

But Truth is, by its very nature, not the servant of the ego. Truth does not exist for the purpose of making people happy, successful, or healthy as egos. Truth cannot be circumscribed by the bounds of the personality-consciousness. Truth leads souls back to God, Reality, and Divinity via the dissolution of the ego-self. Truth, therefore, leads souls out of ego-consciousness into a transcendent awareness of non-separation, while the nature of ego-I is separation. Truth seeks to express itself in the world as it calls the prodigal son home.

Many people seek Truth - or what they conceive as Truth - but often do not consider that it will challenge and utlimately tear down and demolish the very things that they seek to achieve by discovering the Truth! People will seek the Truth to make themselves more powerful, to satisfy their personality, but Truth actually neutralizes the power and agendas of the ego. Many people seek Truth to find happiness, but Truth undermines all satisfaction with the personal life. People seek Truth to obtain enlightenment for themselves, but truth ultimately dissolves the ego-self in order that enlightenment may be realized.

In such ways, then, many people imagine that Truth and Love are their servants, but when Truth is found we inevitably become the servant of Truth - a servant of the Divine, a disciple of Christ. People imagine that when they find the Truth it will be possible to turn it to their own ends, to utilize it for their own purposes. But when Truth is found and so known, the realization of it is a continuous process of ego-dissolution and disintegration. For what the individual, separate ego wants and desires is the opposite of Truth. What the ego seeks to accomplish is the opposite of Truth.

Most people would rather be personally happy and safe in their I-ness than know the Truth and so welcome into their lives its ego-dismantling influence. They would rather sit smug in their ignorance than consider the nature of Truth, which for the self-invested ego is always frightening. For Truth in expression means the end of the ego-self, and so consequently Truth also means the end of personal happiness. Truth in expression is the ending of the personal life. For Truth is of Divinity, of God, and of the divine Spirit. To go to Truth is to go to God, and to go to God is to die to the personal nature and leave it behind forever.

This may be too difficult a course for many people to contemplate. They would imagine that they can go to God and obtain enlightenment while retaining many personal tendencies, preferences, desires and habits. Or, at the very least, maintain their individuality together with its goals and dreams. Many people believe that in working hard on themselves they can merit God's favor, God's grace. So while people say they seek the Truth, they continuously have expectations about what Truth is and how it works, which in turn prevents them from actually arriving at a humble rapport with Truth. Yet since Truth does not - nor can ever - meet their personal expectations, it is not recognized as such when it comes Calling; instead a semblance of Truth, a verisimilitude of Reality is sought and cleaved to. People then pass diamonds on the wayside because they see only what they want to see based on their own personal ideas and preferences, they therefore do not always recognize what is really needed upon their journey towards Freedom.

For most people the Truth - when it confronts their personal desires and agendas (which it will always do) - seems quite negative and "unloving". For Truth is a destroyer of the limited and selfish self, but people want to build upon their personal lives. Truth sends the message that the personal life will end, but most people seek only to enclose and protect themselves, or to augment themselves, to grow as a self, and they may use spirituality for this very purpose. Truth reveals the shallowness and falsehood of material living, but people seek to create something new and better in their material life. Truth shows the way to God, but people wish only to live the life of self-gratification, personal security and personal abundance. Truth reveals the inevitability of death, but people wish to prolong and enrich their personal lives. Truth reveals a future of Armageddon, but many people cannot or rather choose not to see past today's news. Truth reveals a dangerous world, but people want only to consider their personal safety.

Thus all genuine Truth is labeled negative in order to protect the self from the inevitable. The ego must die - thus Truth is a murderer, hostile. Our personal goals must be sacrificed for Truth - thus Truth is regarded by most people as unkind. This civilization will not last - thus Truth is seen as a negative outlook on life. The planet and humanity must be purified of error and the temporal comfort it seems to offer - thus Truth is regarded with dread by both the secular and the spiritually-interested masses. In order to know God we must surrender to God - thus Truth denies mankind's highly-valued free will. This world is a temporary construct, as is the ego-self - thus Truth offers no meaning or nurturing to the life of the ego. The 'good' of humanity must be transcended by God's Good - thus Truth opposes the 'good' of mankind. This world is a realm of suffering - thus Truth undoes denial, and reveals unhappiness and pain. In all ways, the meaning of Truth is twisted and distorted by those who would attain it for self.

There are, relative to the human population, exceedingly few friends of Truth in the world today; so few in fact that they can hardly be found on this planet. There are few who can see through the veils and mists of this darkened Earth to see the value and absolute necessity of Truth with regard to their Liberation and true, lasting Happiness. There are few who can accept the Truth as it is without having it diluted, distorted and made more palatable for the ego's tastes and sensitivities. There are many who would prefer to imagine that God is their personal servant and that Truth is their key to personal success.

No one can present the Truth in the world today to mankind at large, as it is, and expect it to be recognized or well-received. For the Truth is regarded as the enemy of self, and people are ruled by self and egoism. In this dark age the whole force of the world opposes Truth. The very substance of the planet is permeated with energies that oppose the liberating light of Truth. The very air that we breathe and the dust under our feet stand in opposition to Truth. All the creations of humanity: the buildings, cars, factories, clothing, farms, churches, schools, etc. radiate energies that shut out the divine Spirit. All these things, which mankind regards as natural or necessary, constitute a dark barrier that shuts out the divine Light and spiritual Illumination. Like a pervasive fog, a thick veil has been thrown over mankind until the eyes not only no longer see the Truth but neither want to, as people habitually regard their own feet rather than lifting their eyes upwards toward the Divine. All the subjective creations of human beings: their feelings and thoughts likewise form a nigh impenetrable obstacle to the recognition of the living Truth. Great thought-clouds of materialism, government, organized religion, selfish spirituality and science ensnare and condition the human mind from infancy and into adulthood, and few are capable of resisting the mesmeric power of the amassed and congealed thought-forms of billions of people and their hidden masters in the subtle realms. It takes a strong mind to resist human culture, and then a still stronger heart to give that mind over to God's Will.

So for the most part people do not really seek Truth. They do not really love the Truth. For people do not want Truth, but rather they fear, loathe, hate and reject the Truth; they would crucify Christ again. Mostly, however, the whispering voice of Truth is simply ignored. People think that maybe if Truth and conscience is ignored, they will just go away. Then they can go about their lives undisturbed by the very disruptive considerations that Truth brings into life.

Truth is not what people seek. People seek lies. This is one of the truths that people find so hard to accept and to see in themselves. For we are not really seeking Truth until we are seeking God, Reality, and Life, which means the death of self. And we cannot really find Truth until we have turned over our life to the guidance of the Spirit within our hearts. For there is no Truth in this world to be found except in the divine Spark in the heart.

Those world-weary souls who cry in pain at being separated from God; those who want release from this world and the body; those who cry out deeply for Liberation - will naturally begin to invite the Truth into their lives, because only then will the divine Spirit know that we are ready and that the time is ripe. Then the doors of Heaven will open, the Light will shine, and the Truth will be able to commence its work of beneficent transmutation and ultimate dissolution of the self, in order to set us free.

[link to www.thenewcall.org]
Anonymous Coward
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11/29/2011 08:21 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
Golden Age? BULLSHIT...

"The earth is now following an ascending movement and everyone should learn to harmonize themselves with the currents of this ascension. Those who refuse to accept this orientation, will lose the advantages of the good conditions that will be offered in the future to elevate themselves. They will remain behind in evolution and will have to wait tens of millions of years for the coming of a new ascending wave."


Everything you say is in direct contradiction to the very scriptures you love to selectively quote, as do all deceivers.

What the OP is telling you here, is just the same old New Age GARBAGE. A total distortion of reality. And you sheep are eating it up like candy, and 5 starring this deceiver left and right. But I guess it stands to reason, since the scriptures say that Satan deceives the whole world.

There IS no "Golden Age" coming to this earth. Not until the earth is made new, 1000 years AFTER Jesus returns and all of the elect return from heaven with Him, in the New Jerusalem.

OP is setting you up with a totally false version of the reality to come.

Get ready for a veritable HELL ON EARTH, especially when the 7 last plagues fall upon those who accept the Mark of the Beast. And if you are under the same delusion as is the OP, you will undoubtedly be taking the Mark.
Anonymous Coward
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11/29/2011 08:26 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
The New Humanity

Lecture held by Peter Deunov on August 19, 1920, in Tirnovo

Today I am going to talk to you about The New Humanity. I shall go into this matter from a new point of view. The new in the world is the rising sun, and the old, the setting sun. This is a law of Nature. It is not only I that assert this law, every mother and every father asserts it too. When a maiden and a youth marry, the first child that is born unto them is the rising sun, the hope of their future. If we are of the opinion that the new brings forth mischief, that it disorganizes the community and the whole of humanity, this is a distorted view of those great principles that govern living Nature. But if we cherish faith in the new life, what are those children for who bring only misfortune to their parents? How many days and nights the mother has gone with no rest because of this new child, who still speaks not, this new idea!

The newborn idea is yet undefined but the mother has the ability to catch, to listen and to understand the language of this new being, this little child. So also in a community, in a nation, there are persons with sensitive souls, in whom consciousness is developed, the heart raised to a higher rate, and they grasp this new idea, this child, this new idea which they bring forth. And their contemporaries who do not understand the bearers of this new idea, say: "These men are anarchists, communists, heretics, sectarians!"

But these are names with no sense at all. If we reason thus, I ask them: What is the difference between a communist who lives according to his own understanding, and another who lives according to his old understanding, and still a third who lives according to his new understanding?

The difference is that the one who lives according to his new ideas feels within himself an uplift, energy, life, - growth! and the other, who lives according the old ideas feels himself old, exhausted, his strength failing: he is afraid of the future, he thinks of old age and therefore wants to become rich and starts insuring himself through banks and insurance policy. And I say: those are old people who think of insurance. The best security is Death, the graveyard.

But graveyards bring no new ideas to humanity, they create only misery and misfortune in the world. There in the graveyard are buried kings and priests,musicians and poets - all for their sins. If you ask me why people die, I reply: people die because of their old ideas.

Then how, can humanity be resurrected? I say: be young, become bearers of the new Divine Teaching, the emblem of which is Brotherhood. Brotherhood; but what kind of brotherhood? The one who names himself your brother must be ready to sacrifice his life, his wealth and his worldly honor - everything - for you.

When a great nation comprehends the idea of this kind of Brotherhood, it must be ready to sacrifice all for this idea. Where there is no sacrifice, there is no brotherhood, no equality. When someone preaches the great idea that there is a God but sacrifices not his life, his wealth and his worldly honor for Him, he has not grasped the great teaching of Life. This is Brotherhood and Equality; this is what Christ preached.

Let us go back, let us apply Christ's teaching, because in it is hidden the salvation of the world. What did Christ teach, what did He preach? He taught the great idea about the New Humanity!

What are the characteristics of the man of the New Humanity? The Jewish prophets, being far-sighted, two thousand years ago said that God will create new hearts, made of flesh, and in them His Spirit will be established and all, small and big, will come to know Him. Thereafter nobody will ask whether there is or there is not a God. Every man will lie under his own fig tree with no fear. Peace and love will reign among men; the weapons of war will be turned into tools and ploughs, and the peoples will not make war anymore.

Christ has established two principles; the New and the Old. In correlation we have the story of the wise man who has understood the meaning of Life, and built his house on rock. Winds and floods came but, they could not destroy that house. By "rock" here is understood the sound principles of living Nature. And the unwise man, who has not understood the meaning of Life, built his house on sand and the winds and floods carried it off. Storms and floods are those persons who live without any principles. They provoke all mischief in society, They carry off the house built on sandy foundations.

Therefore, these two cultures, the Old and the New, are founded on two principles. The contemporary old humanity still serves its egoism and that is why there can be no brotherhood. The New Humanity serves altruism. Egoism is predestined to become the servant of humanity.

Therefore, the new ideas include not only the welfare of the individual or of the society, but the welfare of all sentient beings. Under "sentient" beings I mean all beings, because there is no being which is not sentient. If you are deaf and someone talks to you, you do not hear him, and you wonder where lies the mistake. The mistake is not with the one who speaks but with him whose ear is deaf and cannot hear what is being spoken. A blind man cannot comprehend the world. The world is not dark, but the senses of this man are undeveloped.

The present society needs to develop new senses. Now this society evolves according to a great law. Nature today is not what it was a million years ago. Every 100 millions of years a great change comes inside Nature. If I ask you how many millions of years our solar system has existed, you will tell me that some of the contemporary men of science say 100 millions of years; others, 200 millions; still others, 500 millions, and so on. Occult science says that from the creation of our solar system to the present age have passed 250 milliards of years. These statements can neither be proved nor disproved. They are only assertions. They can be proved only under certain conditions, accepting some axioms and maximae; but generally, in order for a truth to be understood, some data is necessary. Proved truths are very rare in the world. For instance, suppose you desire to prove an idea very dear to you: whether a man has a soul or not.

Half of the contemporary intelligent people deny this idea and the other half accept it, but neither can prove it or disprove it. When we ask someone if there is a soul and what is its form, he usually replies: "There is a soul but its form I know not." We can prove only things that have form, content, and meaning; and things that have no form, no content, no meaning, we neither prove nor disprove.

I speak of an idea that is near to your souls, what I speak of is inherited by you. You have some ideals, some aspirations, yearnings, but they are being expressed in various ways. And every one of you has his own special aspiration.

The youth, for instance, is looking out for his beloved. The old man will say: "This is foolishness. Once upon a time I also busied myself with such things but now I need not any beloved." But this is not so for the young man. Night after night he sleeps not, gets up early, walks here and there, looking out for his girl with the dark brilliant eyes. His mother and father wonder what is happening to their son. The son says: "The new idea is what will bring forth in me new life - that is what I am looking for." Who is right? I say: the youth.

Once upon a time a fox passed by a tall apple tree and on its highest branch she saw hanging a piece of good cheese. She looked at it, passed on, and said, "that is no good." Why? Because it was high up and she could not reach it. But if it had been down, within her reach, she would have said that a better cheese than this one she had never eaten.

There are hints about the New Humanity in the New Testament and specially in Revelation. The Evangelist John, two thousand years ago, saw the woman pregnant with this great idea, the New Humanity, and fixed the number of the chosen ones, the bearers of this idea at 144 000 persons. If you add these numbers 1+4+4 = 9, the number 9 signifies an evolution of men who have all the positive, noble qualities.

Some would say that these 144 000 persons are in heaven. No, they are now here, on earth; they are incarnated among the intelligent people. Some of them are writers; others, poets or men of science; and all of them push humanity forward on the path toward the new idea, toward the Divine.

These are the enemies of darkness, of the fetters that enchain humanity. And the world-wise unrest, this great change that is coming, is due to them. They will turn this world upside down. Don't take this for a bad omen. In Bulgaria, when a person drinks water and chokes, the Bulgarians, turn him with his head downward so that he may vomit the wrongly swallowed water. Even so people today have swallowed much unclean water, and they must be turned head downward in order that this water might flow out.After everything unclean flows out, they will once more be turned with their head upward and the new life will begin.

Some of you may say: "We do not care for this New Humanity, seeing the present sufferings." We must understand that suffering is necessary for the development of man. We have only now, in this age, started to suffer because we have become more sensitive. It is true that contemporary people suffer more, but suffering is noble and it will transform society. Doesn't every pregnant mother pass through some suffering, some painful experience? She suffers until the baby in her womb is formed, but when it is born she is released from suffering.

At present a new age is coming on earth and about this the present occultism says that a new wave will come forth from the sun. If I use new words you will not understand them and my speech would become obscure. This wave which comes forth now touches the human brain and some people under its influence become eccentric. Eccentric is the man who either talks not, or if he talks much, his speech is incoherent. These are extremes which exist among people, but the correct development has its norms.

Some say that speech must always be logical. I am of the opinion that there are three types of logic in the world. The first is purely materialistic logic; the second, logic of sensible persons; and the third, Divine Logic. No untruth is allowed in the Divine Logic and therefore in order that man may operate with the last two logics he must have a noble and lofty soul; that is, he must be ready to sacrifice himself for his brothers and live not merely for his own good.

And therefore, the basic idea of the new teaching is brotherhood. Brotherhood must be applied in homes. The mother and father must understand this fundamental law of brotherhood in order that they may create new conditions for bringing up children.

Some youth is violent, makes mischief. How is he being dealt with according to the old type of education? He is punished and imprisoned. In the prison he loses his health and later the State must take care of him. This youth could become an excellent citizen. It is only that he has an outburst of energy which must be wisely channeled into work. You say about him: "Yes, but he is a sinner, a criminal." Society has created conditions which he cannot cope with.

And instead of studying the Living God, the Living Nature and dealing accordingly, we oppose one another, thinking that there are many laws in the world. No, Living Nature has only one law which applies both to rich and to poor. The poor say: "This rich man has everything he desires to eat and to drink, lives richly, and I have nothing." But you do not know that this man's suffering is only put off for forty or fifty years. Doesn't Nature take equally the fat of the poor and of the rich? What does Nature wish to say by taking the fat of people? Nature tells them: "You have not yet learned the law of Brotherhood."

If you read the first chapter of Genesis you will see that God says to Adam and Eve: "You will eat of all fruits except one and the day you eat of this one fruit, you will die. "The forbidden fruit is egoism."A person who wants people to work for him, who lives on their backs, a person who takes the bread out of the mouths of widows and orphans, a person who wishes to fight many nations - he eats from the forbidden fruit. Therefore, we all must be followers of the Great Teaching. Has Christ ever taught to wage war, to fight each other, or to pray that God will help one of the fighting sides? A thousand or two thousand years ago this had some meaning, but now it has outlived its time. Where is that orthodoxy which is being paraded as true Christianity? I speak to those who term themselves true Christians; they must act according to their beliefs and laws. Someone says: "I am not a Christian." What are then the laws and beliefs according which you live? "I am a free thinker." Then act according to your free thought. We must give the right of free thought to every person because there is something good, something noble in each soul. Give opportunity to every man and he will raise himself up. If he lives under unfavorable conditions - he falls down.

I have given this example before and I shall give it now again. An Italian painter wanted to paint the image of Christ and walked around the town looking attentively at all faces, hoping to find the suitable one. And he found a youth of about twenty and painted Christ after his image. The work was good. Ten years later the same painter decided to paint Judas and started looking for a suitable face. He found a young man in prison and asked him to pose for the picture. The young man said: "Sir, it is strange, ten years ago I posed to you for the image of Christ, now you want me to pose for Judas!" Inside these ten years the sinful life he had lead has so much changed the face of the youth that he looked like Judas.

If a young woman walks in the sinful paths of life and comes to a brothel, Won't this kind of life stamp her face? Such a dissolute woman told me one day that while she had money her husband lived with her, and after he used up all her money, he left her to her fate and she turned to evil paths. She said: "I want to go to church but they do not accept me there." This woman has the craving for a pure life and when her conditions change she will raise up herself.

And of those free women who wish to serve their sensuality, people say: "Such women are needed in the world."I say: No, we must take out of the brothels these our sisters and put them on the right path and show them how to live. The bearers of the new idea, of altruistic feeling, of the idea of the Divine Teaching, are coming now, and they are the ones who will intercede for all fallen and unjustly treated.

These people are not just anybody, they have signs on their faces, in their eyes, on their hands, You will recognize them. Here are their signs: if the bearer of the New Teaching is a doctor when he comes to your home he will bring all the medicine you need and will take from you no money but will say: "I serve for nothing." If he is a priest, when you ask him to baptize your child or read a burial service he will not accept any money but will only say: "I serve the New Teaching." If he is a trader, he will trade honestly; if he is a teacher, he will teach for nothing. You will object: "If we all work for nothing the world will be bankrupted." Yes, the present world will be changed but new beliefs will spring forth. Some will ask: "How is it possible to work for nothing, how shall we live without money?"

I ask, how many thousands are being paid to the mother and the father to rear and feed and educate four or five children? Is there a law which decrees that the mother and the father get up five or six times a night and watch over their little children? There is no such law and no such enforcement, and in spite of this, such work goes on more smoothly and naturally than other work subjected to laws issued by the State.

Therefore, the mother and father show us the first law which we have to obey. I say: If you live as parents and children live in a home or as brothers and sisters, you are on the right path. From the point of view of the New Humanity no great catastrophe awaits us. It is true, a great collision is forthcoming in the world, but it is for those buildings which have no solid foundations, for all those rotten trees which have no healthy roots. A great idea is forthcoming which will overthrow them; this is a law, a ventilation which will clean up everything rotten and only the healthy will remain in the world.

When suffering comes your way don't ask the reason. I say: The sun is the reason for all misfortune and for all happiness on earth; it gives birth to all floods, all epidemics and all diseases in the world; it calls forth all earthquakes, it is the reason for everything that is being done in the whole of Nature. And the sun says: "If you are wise, you will wisely use my energy and I shall shower on you all blessings; if you are not wise, I shall inflict on you the greatest suffering." The sun can change its energy but it will always shine and the earth will always rotate.

I tell you this: In the high mechanics of the occult science there is a statement that in the movement of a wheel, once in every 100 million rotations there is an exception. Our earth is also such a wheel. And when it rotates around the sun 100 million times an exception will come to pass in its movement too, which exception will be expressed either along a descending line, disastrously, or along an ascending line, beneficially. Such exceptions have happened before and such an exception is forthcoming. Our earth has made so many rotations and is very near to the exception. I shall not fix the date when this exception is to take place. You will not believe me now but when this day comes, then you will believe.

We can also apply this occult law to the sun. When it makes 100 million rotations, an exception occurs. The contemporary men of science say that the sun needs many millions of years for one revolution. Do you know what will become of the world when the sun shall make such an exception? If this exception falls into the descending line, the whole solar system will be extinguished, our sun will be darkened and all life will cease. If the exception falls into an ascending line, the sun's energy will be increased tenfold and then people on earth must watch out!

Therefore, at hand is an approximate coincidence: the sun and the earth both have made their 100 million rotations and their two exceptions are forthcoming. This is a statement which I can prove mathematically with facts and data but not here at this moment. Time is needed to prove to you the formulae and the facts which the occult science uses. I do not intend to instill fear but I say that there are exceptions and every man must be ready at his post to meet them. Christ says: "Blessed is that servant who is awake and watching so that when his Lord comes he will not find him asleep." If you think that in eating and drinking, life will flow on peacefully and quietly, you are being deceived.

Some men of science insist that man has not lived on earth for more than eight thousand years but here occult science is also at variance. It declares that man has lived much longer than this.

That man has lived for more than eight thousand years is being proved by the bones and skulls left over from those times, and he has really lived much longer still - but the proof will not be accepted by the public. Even if such facts be made public, the connection between them is so delicate that it can be said that there is almost no connection. In one of my lectures I once said that the thumb defines the development of man's will. Some say that this is illogical. But truly, the thumb is the result of man's will. In times of old when they wanted to punish some thickheaded man, to make him stop his offenses, they cut off his two thumbs. Then I ask: Why is the thumb of some persons longer than that of others? - Why do some have better formed thumbs than others? All this has some meaning, it points to the development of the will and reason in man.

If you look a man's thumb you will see how the development of this soul goes on. If the development is correct, the thumb is correct too, and there is no crookedness; if there is crookedness,there is deformation in his character. If your nose, your eyes and mouth are crooked this has significance. The doctor says: "Here is an abnormality, en apoplexy." I say: "Here is a disharmony between the organs of the body, between the connections of the forces, between the thoughts and feelings which act in the man." If I develop this new science only theoretically and do not include practice, it makes no sense. Every reality must have a form. I speak of realities which are fixed quantities, the way the mathematicians deal with formulae; the chemists, with molecules and atoms; the physicists, with forces; as with something fixed and defined, not abstract.

We say that man has a soul. Is soul a fixed unit; where does it live? In the brain, in the heart, in the lungs or in the stomach, where can it be found? The contemporary science can say nothing about the soul.

Now let me go back to my trend of thought. The New Humanity must begin with Man's anatomy. When you begin to build a house, first of all you set up the woodwork of the building, then you prepare the scaffolding of the building, and then you start to build. The scaffolding - is anatomy. Some say: "We need no anatomy!" No, you cannot go without it. There is no child, no mother or father who does not learn anatomy. When you sew a garment, you start again with anatomy. The patterns are anatomical signs and according to these you cut the garment. Therefore, people do study life anatomically: they always cut. What is incision?

In the New Humanity you will study not only anatomy but physiology also. How do you study physiology when you are building your house? You put windows and chimneys so that more air flows through. What is the subject of physiology? The functions of the various organs,the function of the heart, the circulation of the blood. To obtain more favorable conditions in our life, physiology is needed in every home. You that now build your house: do you have big windows? I recommend to you: make bigger windows and doors on your houses, open larger chimneys. I like big chimneys and I am against these stoves which are being used now. You say: "My grandfather and my grandmother once upon a time were very healthy persons." Yes, but your grandfather has big chimneys in his house, ventilation was good; and you slide backward, you live in carbon dioxide and of course you will not be healthy. Good ventilation is necessary.

What do the Bulgarians? They clog up their windows with paper so that no draft comes in, they are afraid of catching cold. It is better to catch cold than to breathe carbon dioxide. The men of the New Humanity are already living; they will increase in order to carry over the world their new ideas. You, all of you, might, become members of this New Humanity. Who does not like brotherhood and equality? Is there a father who does not wish his son to become educated, and not to remain ignorant?

The New Humanity requires of every man to be honest, to subdue his egoism, to be just, wise and good. And not only on the surface, but to have these qualities absolutely; to be so honest that he will never sacrifice somebody else's interest for his own good, but always his interest for fellow's good. You might say, if we apply this, we shall be overtaken by suffering and misfortunes. I ask, is there happiness through the application of the present-day ideas? Were not thirty millions killed in the war, are not the prisons full?

And this very day people die because they serve the old culture, which teaches that man must be wolf to man. But Christ says: "You are brethren."

Do I create this Teaching? I say: If you are not willing to obey Christ's Teaching, obey Moses's, if you are not, willing to obey Moses's, then obey the laws of your country, anyway, act as an honest and just man, do not break your word. And obey either Moses or Christ. You mix up the laws. Some ask me: "Do you always say the truth?" Yes, I have thought over every word I say. If I speak honestly, justly I speak for my good; I do not wish to pollute my honor; I wish neither to disgrace my brothers, nor the name of God, but I hope when I meet you some day you will know that I have always been honest and just in my soul and mind, and that you also walk in this path. Only in this way, through this teaching, can the mothers and fathers become better; any other teaching brings suffering, suffering, suffering.

This brotherhood is being practiced There are fixed forms and laws in the occult science. The laws of the White Brotherhood, of these 144000 bright souls, have not been changed a particle during these 100 millions of years. That is why I say that the laws of Nature are wise and unchangeable. Every thought can give a result thousands of years later. If you plant a bad thought it can cause your death. If I explain your life with its everyday incidents, I can consider it from the standpoint of the Hindus, from the point of view of the occultists, and also from a Christian point of view. And in all these points of view the truth will remain one and the same. For instance, you meet a man and he kills you. In this case, we, the contemporary Christians,say: "God has willed it so." I say: God never said, neither wrote, that I kill somebody, I did this and God only allowed it. The Hindu law explains it thus: you have killed him in former life and therefore when he meets you now, he kills you, who had killed him.

You can accept either one or the other explanation. You may say: "This is a heretical teaching, can a man be reborn?" He can and he cannot. As much as the one is right, so is the other. The belief in this is of no importance. The soul has the strength to create all its forms. It can come and live on earth as many times as it wills. If the soul wills to come to earth, God will sanctify its wish. That soul which wishes to be reborn, is reborn.

Therefore, in this respect, both Hindu and Christians are right. By "Soul" I mean that conscious divine soul which can return here as many times as it wishes. There is also another law in the world, which explains things in another way, so that they become plain and a common moral is originated.

For instance, somebody commits a crime, he steals something from someone and says: "In the darkness nobody saw that I stole." Yes, but after the theft he looks around, he is afraid. Why? Conscience bothers him, it will torment him. What is conscience? These 144 000 persons, members of the White Brotherhood, say: "Sir, we saw the crime you committed and according our law which never changes, we sentence you and you will suffer the consequences of your deed. "

Then this gentleman in order to relieve his conscience, goes into seclusion, fasts ten or twenty days and after that he goes to a priest to have something read over his head in order to be calmed. The priest must act according to the new teaching, and say: "Brother, you must confess before God. Wanting to redeem your crime with a ten or twenty days fast, is not right in the eyes of God."

And so, Christ must permeate the world. This is what the Brotherhood preached. And those shining Brothers are coming down now. They shall use these two exceptions, the exception of the sun and of the earth, and a new miracle will be realized as written in the Scripture: that there will be a new heaven and a new earth, and a New Humanity. I say: We must put an end to the old humanity, and in the future we shall live under the laws of the New Humanity. This is what the Brotherhood demands.

I do not preach some dead god. If you ask me: "Where is God? ", I shall answer: He is not in the heaven which you see. Some say: "Prove to us where God is." God needs no proving. The ant with its lower consciousness has no sense with which to know that man exists. When you take up an ant between your two fingers or when it climbs upon your head, it says to itself: "On what a high hill I managed to climb." It looks over life from this height and when it goes back to his fellows says unto them: "Today I climbed a very high mountain." Thus God takes us between His two fingers and we ask: "Is there a God?" Yes, He is these two fingers and tells us: "On my head you cannot climb." If you see not the living God in your brothers, you do not understand this teaching. If I do not see God in you, my teaching is a lie. If I do not love you and am not ready to sacrifice myself for you, I preach a false teaching. And you must sacrifice yourselves.

There must be brotherhood in this world. You must accept this teaching. It is being preached by all good people, by all mothers and fathers, by all brothers and sisters. This world needs self-sacrifice. Enough of lies! Some one asks: "How much will I be paid if I serve?" No need of payment. I speak for those that consider themselves Christians, I do not speak for the others. That is why Christ says: "Who are not Christians let them go out, so that it be known who are for and who are against."

I shall give you an example. In old times, in the so-called Golden Age, there were two kingdoms: the kingdom of the Espertites and the kingdom of the Menezites. The king of the Espertites had a son and according to the custom of the time called the wise men to ascertain his future. One of those great wise men made his calculations and said to the king: "About the age of twenty your son will pass through a crisis. For this reason you must send him to be a shepherd in another kingdom so that there he may learn the great laws of Living Nature. The father believed in the indications of the wise man and said to his son: "My son, henceforth you must earn your living with your own hands," and sent him off to be a shepherd in the kingdom of the Menezites. There the youth lived for ten years and he studied the laws of Nature.

During the eleventh year of his sojourn in this kingdom the daughter of the king of the Menezites came to this place riding a white horse. She was accompanied by her servants, but tempted by the beauty of nature strode away alone, and a cobra came out from among the stones and bit her hand. The shepherd, the prince, seeing this, and knowing the laws of Nature, ran to her, put his mouth to her hand and sucked out the poison, but her servants, watching from afar thought that he was offending the king's daughter, and bent their bows and sent a poisonous shaft into his left hand. When the king's daughter saw this she came quickly to him, tore the sleeve of his shirt, put her mouth to his arm and sucked out the poison. I ask, who was saved by whom? The young man saved the maiden from the snake's poison, but the maiden saved him from the poison of the shaft. The young man said to the maiden: "You suffered from the snake's poison and I from the human poison."

Now, women suffer from the poison of the snake. Do you know what is the snake? It is their extreme egoism. Woman and man must save each other from this poison. Woman must suck out the poison of man's egoism and man must suck out the poison of woman's distorted heart. Only in this way women and men can join hands, can come to know that they live together and can begin to understand each other.

And I believe that a great warmth is coming which will melt away the ice. Vapors will rise up from the mountains and clear, pure brooks will flow down. Then luxuriant growths will come forth, the seeds planted thousands of years ago will sprout, will bloom, and will give fruit, and the nations of the entire white race will join hands with each other. This new culture for which man scarcely dares to hope shall come into the world. And all shall be citizens of the new culture, of this New Humanity.

I would like that all of you may be guests at the dinner table of this New Humanity. You are all invited, but please, do not refuse, as two thousand years ago, when Christ invited many people to a feast, they refused under so many pretexts: some had to plough their fields, others had just bought five pairs of oxen and had to try them, still others were going to be married. What they were all really saying was: "We denounce your new culture! "

Christ comes again and again and asks the white race to take up this new teaching. Now we shall take as divine all the good people who have for five centuries pastured herds and shall use them for the erecting of this great Divine Building, this Temple of the New Humanity; for Life is not built of but one stone. And when we build our Temple of the New Humanity then at last Wisdom and Love shall come to the earth. There will be music and poetry; there will be beauty. And only then shall there be justice for all, and order shall reign. Only then shall there be understanding among all peoples. Only then can we give one another a sacred kiss through which we feel the joy that angels feel.

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on August 19, 1920, in Tirnovo
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11/29/2011 08:26 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
This thread is an absolute abomination of demonic deception.

Absolute GARBAGE.
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11/29/2011 08:27 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
Know how to use your energies

If you read the great Book of Living Nature you will realize that, in order to evolve satisfactorily, it is essential to know exactly where one's energies go, what one spends them on, what use one makes of them. This is just one more area in which human beings do not have the light they need.

They squander their energies frivolously and unthinkingly on whatever takes their fancy. But to live in ignorance of how to use one's energies makes it virually impossible to advance and evolve. We are responsible for our energies; Heaven has not given them to us so that we can waste them, and the use we make of them will be noted on our record. The Book of Living Nature says, "Blessed are those who devote all their physical, emotional and mental energies to working for the good of mankind and for the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness."

A close look at human beings will show you that they are not really aware of all the energy that has been given to them so that they may live. They have no idea how precious it is, how much the Lord values it, where it comes from or what it has cost nature to manufacture it for them. It is in things like this that one sees that man is not very highly evolved, for he wastes his energies on fits of anger, orgies of sensuality and selfish, criminal activities without realizing that, in this way, all that priceless treasure goes to feed forces of Hell. If I told you that it was human beings that nourished the forces of Hell you would be astonished, and yet this is the truth. Out of ignorance, most human beings spend their lives nourishing, sustaining and supporting Hell. They never been told that they are responsible for the way in which they use their energies - and it is not at University that they are going to learn this.

One of the first tasks of a disciple is to become conscious of how he spends his energies, for they have been carefully counted, weighed and measured.

When Heaven sees someone wasting his energies in harmful activities, it shuts off the supply. It says, "That man is dangerous; he has got to be put out of action." Do you know, for example, why some people are drunkards? It is because the Invisible World chose that way to render them harmless. If they were in full possession of their faculties they would use their destructive energies to create havoc in the world, but their abuse of alcohol chloroforms and stupefies them. They are incapable of doing any harm. This is not true in every case, of course; there are all kinds of reasons why people become alcoholics.

You should continually be aware of how you are using your energies, continually ask yourself to what purpose, in what direction you are using them. There is nothing more important than this, for Heaven watches you and sees what you are doing with all that wealth it has entrusted to you, whether you are using it for purely selfish purposes or for a divine purpose. That is the question. If you ask yourself this question lucidly every day, many things within you will improve unbelievably. To be sure, you will not succeed in bringing everything into line from one day to the next, but at least you will learn to be conscious. Never forget that without this consciousness you will continue to be subject to karma.

As long as you have still not consciously taken control of your life and started to synchronize the vibrations of every particle of your being with the vibrations of the divine world, you will be subject to the blind forces of nature. This is the situation of most human beings, because no one has ever shown them the importance of working on their inner life. It is of vital importance to realize that, if you oppose Cosmic Intelligence with a way of life contrary to Its design, you will progressively disintegrate until there is nothing left of you. Perhaps you will exclaim at the cruelty of Cosmic Intelligence in destroying those who reject Its laws, but the truth is that it is not Cosmic Intelligence that destoys people. It has never wished to destroy anyone. But if a man is stupid enough to pit himself against Immensity, the forces opposing him are so powerful that he will, inevitably, be torn to pieces. It is only to be expected. If one puny human being tries to stand up to a whole army, he will soon be wiped out. If an insect batters itself against a window-pane until it knocks itself out, is it the fault of the window? Men behave like insects: they pit their strength against the divine law, against the splendour of the universe... they love a good fight! But they are heading straight for destruction and it will not be God who destroys them, but themselves.

A disciple must seek, first and foremost, to attune himself to Cosmic Intelligence. Every day, he must try to vibrate in harmony with this Immensity, to melt into It, to open himself to It, to let himself be caught up and swept away by It. The only way to do this is by love, for the only way to become one with another being is to love them. This is why Jesus said, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength." God does not need our love, He can get along very well without it. It is we who need to love Him; it is to our advantage. Jesus did not say, "Think of the Lord, unite yourselves to Him, do His will". He simply said, "You shall love the Lord your God", because only those who love each other can be in tune with each other.

And this is what I am saying, also, when I ask you to attune yourselves every day to that Supreme Intelligence, to act in accordance with His will without even knowing exactly what it is. We often do not know what God's will is, but we should always be ready to do it whatever it may be. That is what love is. When you love someone you are always in harmony with him; even before you know what he is going to ask of you, you are ready to trust him and do everything in your power to please him.

Amongst all the things I tell you, there are some points that you should think about every day and others that may apply only in certain circumstances. What I am telling you, today, about how you use your energies, is one of the things that you must note down and think about every single day, for I shall not always be there to remind you of it. There are great many things that you can leave to one side, but this is not one of them. Every day, in all the different circumstances in which you find yourself, you are asked to be conscious of how you are using your energies. You can do this wherever you are: in the street, on the but, at the dentist's, in your own kitchen - wherever you are you can glance into yourself and ask yourself, "Let's see, if I do this or that, what is it going to cost me? Ah, I can see that I shall be feeding the swine with all that is most pure and divine in me. No, I'm certainly not going to commit myself in that direction. I don't intend to spend my energies on bringing back the dead." As Jesus said, "Follow me and let the dead bury their own dead."

As you see, it is essential to be clear about the work to which we must devote our energies. I cannot insist too much on this point.

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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
If you want to set yourself up for a really ridiculous New Age perception of reality, then keep reading the Satanic New Age lies that the OP keeps cutting and pasting.
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
All Things Work Together For Good

John ch. 5.

There are believers in the world who are afraid of the wind, the rain and the sun; there are believers who are afraid of illness; there are believers who get offended by everything, and thus always seek their due; if you invite them to dinner, they want the first seats to the right of the host; if you invite them to a concert or a lecture, they also try to take the first seats there. Those believers can be likened to a virgin who loves her suitor, marries him, yet asks herself whether he will love her. Why does she marry him when she doubts? Since she doubts, she should not marry. What sort of bread should you eat? Eat only the bread which contains vital power. All other kinds of bread which do not bear this vital power, should be put aside. - What shall we do without bread? - You will stay hungry. If the spider can stay hungry for six whole months and believe; he will not die, because food will come from somewhere, why should not a rational man, who listens to the Word of God, hunger for two or three days? It has been proved that man can pass in absolute fast for forty days. Therefore, man must recognize the truth in life and not deceive himself.

In contemporary life there exist certain false "facts." People must discriminate the true from the false. Much of the misunderstanding among people is due to these false "facts." I shall cite an example) to show what these may cause. When a minister is appointed to some large parish in America, the decision is usually made by voting. At one time the question of electing a minister for such a parish was raised. However, a rumor was spread among the people of the parish that the minister they had elected had the habit of parting his hair in the middle, as women do. All unanimously expressed their opinion that they did not want a minister who combed his hair that way. The meeting decided that before making their final decision about the minister, they would call him in person and take a look at him. When he appeared before them, they were all surprised - he was utterly bald. In the same way, many people dispute about questions which do not even exist.

"All things work together for good" - says the Scripture. Therefore, whatever happens in the life of man, good or evil, is good in the end. Good and evil are the two sides of one whole. Evil is the external side of the good, while good is the inner side of good itself. Since the external side of the good always becomes stained, it is called evil. The internal side of the good can never be stained, that is why it is called good. However, no matter how we may speak about the evil and the good, they will always remain unexplained. There are things which can not be explained by words. They are inwardly understood, they are perceived, felt and accepted, but they cannot be explained by any means. How, for instance, can you explain what the tone "do" represents? Who could take the tone do, re or some other tone, in its absolute purity? These are elementary things which can not be performed. If you can not take these tones as you should, then wish to perform something in the name of Christ. You say that you believe in Christ. Test your faith. Go to some seriously ill person and wish him to get well in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. If he is already in a recuperative state, he will rise from his bed, but if he is seriously ill, your words and desire for him to be well will not produce a result.

Therefore, it is not sufficient only to say that you believe; you must test your faith. You will say that every person can sing. It is easy to say that, but have you ever tried to sing? Everyone must sing, but everyone cannot sing. When the thought of a person lacks something essential, he can not sing. He who cannot sing, can not value the good either - he is not a tactful person. Singing uplifts the spirit of man and creates a good disposition in him. In general, the Bulgarians are not very musical. In the past they have been more musical. No Bulgarian has created something original or immortal in music. How many Bulgarian singers or musicians can earn their living in a foreign country? You will say that a talent can be manifested in any country. Do you know what a talent depends on? Every talent depends upon the faith of man. What kind of faith is that, which wavers at the least trial? Someone wants to sing in public, but he wavers as soon as he goes to the platform - he does not believe in his ability to sing. Unless a talent is supported by faith, it cannot be manifested. After studying and working for a long time, you can appear on the platform believing that you can sing and play. If you do not believe that you can sing, and yet you sing, your talent can not be correctly manifested, for you have no faith.

When some people cannot sing as they should, they begin to excuse themselves on the grounds that they have not practiced or studied sufficiently. If that is true, then let them practice and study. Excuses cannot justify them. You will say that you have listened to angelic choirs and know what good singing means. In comparison with human singing, the angelic song is unsurpassed. The angels are excellent singers. It says in the Scriptures that when Christ was born, a choir of angels came from heaven praising God.

Therefore, you should also sing and go forward. Do not lose time with the life of your ancestors. He who wants to progress, must not live in the past. There is no greater danger for the disciple than to live in his mistakes of the past. Leave the mistakes aside and go forward. Stop on that which you are doing at the present moment. Ask yourself the question why you are doing this or that thing. If you are eating at this moment, ask yourself why you are eating. Man eats in order to support his organism. Why do you feel? Man feels in order to support the life of his heart. Why do you think? Man thinks in order to support the life of his mind. Everything which is not exercised degenerates. If love does not penetrate the heart as the air fills the lungs, man can not live. The fresh air refreshes and invigorates the lungs; in the same way love rejuvenates man. If love does not visit man, all the organs of his body atrophy. If thought does not activate the human brain, all its cells will atrophy. It is preferable at times for an evil thought to enter the human brain than to have no thought to stimulate it. This may seem contradictory to you, but the contradiction is only for you.

The contradictions of some people are a blessing for others. For instance, the child of one mother is crying, but it is alive, happy and plays all day. The crying of the child is a contradiction for that mother. Another mother's child is dead and does not cry. When that mother sees the crying child, she considers his crying natural. However, it is a contradiction to her why her own child is not crying. Therefore, it is preferable for a man to have contradictions and be alive than not to have contradictions and be dead. It is better for one to make mistakes and have temptations, but to be alive, than not to make mistakes or have temptations, but to be dead. Of what use is the perfection of the dead man?

The present day up-bringing imposes a number of rules on the child which petrify him. Parents say to children: You must not do this! You must not do that! On every side the child is surrounded by rules about what he must not do. When the question arises as to what he must do, he does not know anything. You must know one thing: if you act in a human way, you must be honest, but if you live in a Divine way, you must be just. Honesty is an expression of the human life, while justice is of the Divine life. If someone can not act humanly, or honestly, let him act Divinely, or justly. And inversely, if someone cannot act in a Divine way - justly, let him act in a human way - honestly. Whether or not man acts justly or honestly, he must pay his debts. He must know how to act. The power of man lies in his knowledge. If an archaeologist cannot read the past history of a nation on the ancient monuments, he has no knowledge whatever. If you can not penetrate into the annals of your past life, and by reading them study yourself, where is your power? People are interested in their past life and want to know something about it, but they themselves must come into a knowledge of it. Why? Because the good is very minute in the past of humanity. For eight thousand years, humanity has not made any significant progress. In the life of man up to his fall, there were good things; but after his fall there is nothing worth mentioning. Since you know this, it is better not to be interested in your past. You can judge your past by the sufferings and trials you are passing through today.

Today all people are paying for their past. Someone wants to know whether he has been a king in the past. He has been a king, but he has not been able to rule; that is why his head today has turned white. All men must work consciously upon themselves to correct the mistakes of their past. How will they correct their mistakes? By learning to rule their thoughts, feelings and acts. To be king is to rule yourself. Somebody walks and waves his hand around his ear. What does that movement mean? That man is confronting some temptation. Some evil thought has passed through his mind and by waving his hand he thinks that he can free himself from it. But that is not a mechanical act. Things can not be settled in a mechanical way. How can you recognize a temptation? It is known by its odor, just as the flower is known by its fragrance. You can tell a carnation by its aroma without seeing the flower. Every flower is known by its fragrance.

All people must study in school as the little children do. Which school must they attend? Young, adult and old – all must enroll in the Divine School. There is one requirement in that school: all students who enroll there must be as children. When a child first starts school he is open, ready to listen and receive everything the teacher is saying. When a grown-up man goes to school, he has his own specific conceptions and opinions about things; as a result, he meets with contradictions. He is too late for school. Therefore, if you have entered the Great School and meet contradictions, you must know that you are too late and will not be accepted as a student in this School. You can attend it and listen to the lectures, but you can not be a regular student. You must return to that original, infant-state of your soul and listen and accept everything your Teacher is teaching you.

There is an anecdote about an 84 year old grandmother. During her youth, in spite of her great desire to study, she remained ignorant. In her 84th year, however, she was in better conditions and she decided to study. She went to school and entered the teacher's room, turning to one of the teachers with the words: My son, I want to study. - It is very late, grandmother. - Never mind, all my life I have wanted to learn, to read and write, but it is only this year that the chance has come to me. - All right, remain with the children. The old woman was happy that she was going to study at last. The children gathered around her, pushing her and laughing at her, but she did not heed them. She studied, read and wrote with them and even played with them, forgetting her old age. She was not offended by anything in her desire; to study.

Now I advise you also to forget your age and not be offended by anybody, but rather to listen to the Teacher who is teaching you both on the outside and on the inside. Take example from this grandmother. When people laugh at you or blame you, do not be offended. Remember that it does not concern you. However, when they praise you, do not lose your head. Remember that you must pay something for every bit of praise. When someone is praising you, he wants to take something from you.

Some years ago one of the Sofia newspaper editors asked me: "Do you know what the; newspapers write about you?" "I do not know." "They say bad things about you." "Then you may be sure they are not bribed. If they wrote something good, one might suppose that they were bribed." In general, if you speak evil about a person, your conscience is free, because you are not bribed by anyone. When you praise a person, it might be supposed that your conscience is bribed. However, as a man who serves love and the truth, both when you praise and when you rebuke someone, do not sell your conscience by any means. Only he who loves has a right to praise and rebuke. To love a person means to act in the way he would act. A visitor comes to your home who lives according to the Eastern customs. You invite him for dinner and on your table there are dishes, silver forks, spoons and knives. However, the guest acts as he is accustomed to; he breaks the bread with his hands instead of cutting it, and dips it into the dish of food without using any forks or spoons. You immediately give an order to the servants to take away the forks and spoons from the table and the whole family eats the may the guest does.

If you hold to the letter of things, you will make a remark to him that that is not the right way of eating, but love does not go by the letter of things.
Now you have entered the path of perpetual love - the path of the Divine love, and you must act according to its requirements. This love excludes all mistakes. In the love of interruptions, i.e., the human love, many mistakes and crimes are committed. The crimes and misfortunes are due to the fact that man does not submit himself to the Great Principle of life. There is one law in the world and he who diverts from it will inevitably expose himself to suffering and misfortune. Have you ever made the experiment for one day at least not to allow any evil thought in your mind, or any evil feeling in your heart? If one whole day is too long, make the experiment for one hour to see if during that hour you can keep evil from entering into you. How has evil come into the world? It is not allowed to speak about this question. What greater contradiction, indeed, than to meet men and angels sinning and committing crimes, in spite of the fact that they were created by God, the Only perfect Line among the perfect?

How has evil come into life? What is the cause of crimes? A young, handsome youth loves two young maidens. Before he decides upon one of the two, both of them are careful with him, converse well with him and seem to enjoy their mutual understanding. When the young man expresses his preference for one of them, the other one is immediately offended, draws herself away from him, and their relations are spoiled. Why? The evil has entered into their relations. If the mother loves one of her sons more than the others, or if the father loves one of his daughters more than the others, again the crime is born. In order that there may not be criminality in the feelings of people, this is how they must look at things. If you have two rings, the one iron and the other golden, you will prefer the gold one. Everyone would like the golden ring better. If you have two swords, the one iron and the other gold, you will prefer the iron one. If you must defend yourself with one of them, the iron one will do the work better than the golden one.

A man marries a woman who tortures him all his life - she does not give him any freedom to look at anybody. Whatever he does she is dissatisfied with him. He walks from one room into another, sighs and trembles, trying not to say anything which might displease her. She represents iron for him, which constantly presses him. At a certain time a woman-friend of his wife comes to their home, who is of a happy disposition and cheers up the whole house. The man feels contented at last and breathes freely. But soon a new torture begins - why is he happy in the presence of that woman, while in the presence of his wife he is down-hearted and in a bad mood. Who is to blame for that? Which man would not prefer the golden ring to the iron one? Where is the crime in this case? Give freedom to a man, if you want him to love you.
These are facts which exist everywhere in life, both among religious and among worldly people. Until you understand the laws which govern life, you will always meet contradictions. That is the reason why people imagine life in heaven to be like that on earth. They think that there also people are divided into men and women, that they are born, marry and die as they do here. They imagine a kind of human paradise. In heaven there are no men and women. If a man goes to heaven and seeks a woman, he will immediately be sent to earth. If a woman goes to heaven and seeks a man, she will immediately be sent to earth. While you are on earth you can marry, but when you go to heaven, there are no marriages allowed.

What is the difference between the people on earth and those in heaven? People on earth have two horns: one horn re-presents the man and the other represents the woman. People in heaven have no horns. There man is neither man nor woman. Therefore, men and women are necessary on the earth, but not in heaven. The sword is necessary for war, not for peaceful times. Swords, guns and poisonous gases are necessary for wars, but in times of peace they have no application whatever. The peaceful life requires entirely different weapons. In this sense the man and the woman are; weapons with which people make war. The man is one sort of weapon, the woman another. They are dangerous weapons. The woman asks: What shall I be when I go to heaven? You will be neither a man nor a woman. The man asks: What shall I be when I go to heaven? Neither man nor woman. When you see yourselves in heaven then you will know what you represent. There you will be souls come forth from their Creator.

People imagine the spiritual world, or the life of heaven as a peculiar, perverted life. They do not know that the earthly life is perverted and that they must leave it to enter reality. You meet a person and you smile at him. Why? You yourself do not know why. You meet another man and regard him seriously. Why? You do not know that either. At times you smile, in order to make him well disposed and to show him that you care for him. No matter how you act with people, whether you smile or look seriously at them, they will form their opinion of you. What is a smile? A smile is a condition for getting introduced to a person. You smile: that is opening the door of your house. You become serious: that is closing the door of your house. When does a man open his door? In the winter. It is better for a man to open than to close his door. It is better to smile than to look serious. Why is a woman smiling? It is winter and it is cold outside, so she has opened her door. For whom has she opened her door? For the frozen people. When a frozen person goes in, he will warm himself at her hearth, wash his hands and feet with warm water, eat some warm food and go away. What evil is there in that? That woman has no right to smile at any other man than her own husband. This is the old moral which has existed for sight thousand years. This moral is the cause of all the misfortunes among people. The crime does not lie in the smile, but rather in the wrong feelings and thoughts of man.

All people want to be healthy, good and prudent. They are right in wishing that. Health, goodness and prudence are paths for achievement. They are powers by means of which one can attain everything he desires. Only by means of them can he enter heaven. Health in one kind of wealth; the mind is another kind of wealth, and the good is still another. Therefore, there are three ways by which a man can be rich: health, goodness and prudence are three kinds of wealth. In order to be rich in the full sense of the word, or in order for a man may be called "man" in the full sense of the word, he must be at the same time healthy, good and prudent. Make an experiment and you will be convinced of the power of these qualities. Let everyone ask himself whether he has increased the capital of health, his goodness and his mind. These three capitals must increase every day. If they do not increase, man constantly loses something.

Man is sent to earth to work. Therefore he must work whether he is healthy or sick, good or evil, wise or foolish. He must work whether he is young, adult or old. He must work as a man and as a woman, as a father and as a mother, as a master and as a servant. These are states which a man must pass through. In all states man must work, develop and increase his potential. We are not interested in your original state or in how you were originally created.
"All things work together for good." Both evil and good - everything works for good, but everything is not of God. This shows that we live in a perverted and disorderly world. How will order be introduced into this world? Through love. Love puts everything in its place and gives meaning to life. A young man loves a maiden, but her father does not allow her to love him. Who must withdraw in this case, the father or the young man? You will say that it says in the Sacred Book: "One must leave his father and mother and attach himself or herself to the beloved." Therefore, the beloved is the measure of things.

He solves the problems. The beloved represents the great law which directs the whole life. One is the beloved in the world, but he appears in many forms: as a bird, a fish, a tiger, a flower or a fruit. When you see a man clothed in nice clothes and a top hat, you like him. When you see a spider, you do not like it. The One you like in the man is the same One in the spider also. The beloved is everywhere one and the same, but you can not see him. People are strange, indeed! They speak with a person and find him good. They go to the same man as a surgeon who must operate on them, but immediately they say about him that he is bad. How is it possible for one and the same man to be both good and bad? The surgeon wishes them well, he wants to free them of their sufferings. You have broken your leg which the surgeon wants to cure. Who is to blame - you or the surgeon? The one who has broken his leg is to blame, not the surgeon who wants to help him.
I sit in my room and read. All of a sudden, I hear a fly buzzing somewhere.

Turning around, I see it caught in a spider's web, trying hard to get out of it. I turn to the spider with the words: Listen, in my presence I do not allow crimes to take place. Either you will set the fly free, or I shall take my cane and throw you both out of here. You can do anything you want outside, but in my room this is not allowed. The spider looks at me and does not know what to do, to eat the fly or to let it go. There are stubborn spiders which are not easily persuaded. The spider walks around its web and thinks about what to do. Finally, it decides to set the fly free; it starts to cut the cords of the web one after another and sets the fly free. In this way both the fly and the spider are free. After that I ask the spider: Why did you catch the fly? - It is my debtor. It owes me something and I do not let it go until I sequester all its property. - Yes, but if you do not let it go, I shall come with my rod and deal with you as you deserve. You must forgive it its debts and let it go.

The same thing takes place among people. The creditor catches his debtor in his web and does not let him go. The debtor buzzes, struggles, wants to become free, but the creditor does not let him. Then I go between them. I take my rod, i.e., the Divine Lain, and say to the creditor: You will let go of the debtor and forgive his debt, or both of you will go out. I do not allow these crimes before the face of God.

How should we understand this? It is very simple. When you are before the face of God, you must forgive the sins of your brothers. When you are before the face of God, you must forgive all the debts of your brothers - absolutely liquidate them. You can not appear before the face of God, or enter the Kingdom of God until you forgive your brother. What do you do? You say: when I make much money, I shall settle all my affairs and help the poor. Why should you wait for that time? See, all your debtors are poor people. Forgive them their debts and the question is settled. "With what measure ye mete, it shall be meted unto you." Someone goes to God carrying his debtor's bills with him. I say: If you do not tear up these bills this very day, and appear with a clean face before God, both you and your debtors will go out. Today there is an appeal to all Christians to tear up their bills, if they want both they and their debtors to be free. Otherwise, all will be chased out. The rod - the Law of God - will be laid on the backs of all people - both creditors and debtors. It is forbidden to commit crimes in the presence of God! Where is your love, if you commit crimes in His presence?

Now I am pointing out a principle. When you want to appear before the face of God, be ready to do all for Him. Therein lies the fulfillment of His will. If you are not ready to tear up your bills for the sake of God, your love is weak. If you are ready to tear up your bills, I am ready to tear up mine against you. If you are not ready, I am not either. Since you are not ready to tear up the bills of your old ideas and to become rid of the fear of the morrow, I am also not going to tear up my bills. What will become of our life? As soon as you discard your old bills, your life will be set in order. If today when you are before the face of God, you are not ready for heroic deeds, how will you be ready tomorrow? When Christ was on the cross, He tore up all the bills of His debtors and said: "Father, forgive them! They know not what they do." If Christ had not forgiven His debtors, He would not have been able to appear before God or enter the Kingdom of God. Christ was before the face of God and forgave His debtors. If you want to be free and appear pure before God, you must forgive your debtors and say: Lord, forgive them! The greatness of Christ lies in His noble act on the cross. Nailed to the cross hand and foot, He said: "Father, forgive them!"

You will say that you like my talk today, but that is not the important question. It is important that you apply what you hear. Where is the power and love of the Christians who stand before the face of God, but can not tear up their old bills and say: Father, forgive them! After all that, they will go to some righteous man and ask him to pray for them. It is not allowed to pray for a man who is not ready to discard his old bills. The name of God must be sacred for you. When you pronounce this name, you must be ready for all sacrifices. If an illness comes to you, make it come after you and put it to work. As soon as you put it to work, it will leave you. According to me, the illness is nothing but an uninvited guest which has visited you and imposes himself on you - he wants you to bathe and feed him, or amuse him. Five or six persons gather around the sick person and serve him. In reality, it is not the sick man, but rather the sickness they are serving. No medicine must be given to an illness. As soon as it comes to you, say to it: I am going to dig in the vineyard of God. If you want to come with me, you are welcome. If not, goodbye! He who believes in God as a dynamic force will always be healthy.
People today want to be loved. Their desire is right, but it is not sufficient to be loved by a single person. Man represents a microscopic tube through which only a single sunbeam can pass. The sunbeam will contribute something to his life, but the powerful thing in the world is the whole sun.

The light of the whole sun must enter into man and illuminate even the most remote corners of his house. One sunbeam is the love of one man. This love is not sufficient. Love which can not transform man and make him healthy, good and wise, does not deserve its name. Love is that power which transforms man and makes him ready for all sacrifices for the Creator of the universe, for the Sacred One, not a sacrifice for people. Where will you find the Sacred One? He is hidden somewhere deep in the soul of all living beings. A great sacrifice is required of all people, as that of Christ. Of what does this sacrifice consist? When they are nailed on the cross, for the name of God, to say: "Father, forgive them!"

People ask someone: What are you? - I am a Christian. Have you fulfilled all that Christ has preached? Christ has preached self-denial. Have you denied yourself? Christ has said that only he who has given all his possessions to the poor and followed Him, could be His disciple. Have you done that? When Christ was on the cross, He said: "Father, forgive them!" Have you forgiven your debtors? You will say that your time has not yet come. According to me, many of the present-day Christians are too late. If they do not apply the Teaching of Christ today, they will be entirely too late. We do not hold to the letter of the law. Christ's teaching is one of inner sacrifice. Sacrifice yourselves every moment for the One Whose love is perpetual. Christ teaches an inner, true moral, which rests on absolute purity. People speak about love and kisses with embarrassment. Why? Because in their love and kiss there is something covetous. They take, but they do not give. It says in the Scripture: "Greet ye one another with a kiss of charity." The Divine love implies absolute inner purity which gives man hope and a feeling of security, making him bold and resolute. If a kiss can raise the fallen, heal the sick and raise the dead, it is in its place. This is what a "kiss of charity" means.

Christ said: "I did not come to do my own will, but the will of Him Who has sent me." Therefore, every man must realize that he has come to earth to fulfill the will of Him Who has sent him. When you find yourself in a state of great contradictions, and can not solve some problem, say: "The will of God be done!" When you say this, not much time will pass before the problem will be solved. But for that, a complete reliance on God is required. If you all decide in yourselves to do the will of God without doubt or hesitation, your work and problems will all be settled naturally. As soon as your affairs get tangled, you must know that you are fulfilling your own and not the will of God. If you do not voluntarily fulfill the will of God, death will come and, taking you by the neck, will make you give up by force what you can not sacrifice today. Is it not better to fulfill what God wants of you before death has come? By the word "death," I mean Law. It is preferable for man to do the will of God voluntarily than to do it by Law. What will become of us then?

Perform an experiment and you will see. But if we suffer? Do you think you will not suffer, if you do not fulfill the will of God? Does not a rich man stay hungry? Man suffers in spite of his wealth, knowledge and power. The whole of humanity will pass through such sufferings as they have not even thought of. When man does the will of God, he will suffer also, but his sufferings will be meaningful. Sufferings will come to all people without exception. Death will come to all. It is an inevitable act. Many people think that as soon as they leave their bodies, they will immediately be free. They will be as free as a passenger who comes out of a ship and walks straight into the sea. Will he be free in the sea? The sharks are expecting him in the waters which will immediately devour him. If he leaves his body and enters the sea, his condition is dangerous; if he leaves his body and enters the sea port, his condition is good. I wish all of you to come off in the sea port for which a ticket is given you. While you are in the ship, rejoice, think, work and do not hurry to come off until you hear the name of the port for which you have a ticket. When you hear the name of that port, do not lose a minute, but come off the ship and wait in the harbor until another ship comes to take you. The new ship will be nicer and more perfect than the first one.

"As the Father hath taught me, so I speak." Now I shall ask you: Are you ready to set free the flies in your webs? I regard this question as a matter of principle, net personally. The personal questions represent comedies and tragedies in life. I have no inclination either for the comedy, the drama or the tragedy. According to me, the comedy is the simplest thing in the world. The tragedy is full of pretences and artificialities. The drama is a combination of the tragic and the comic. In life the comedy represents the life of man, the drama the good, and the tragedy the mind. Arid in reality, only the wise man meets contradictions. Until he solves these contradictions, his head turns white. The white head is the tragedy in the human life. The woman complains of the man, the man of the woman; they want to commit suicide. This is tragedy. The young maiden threatens the young man that if he does not love her, she will commit suicide. He becomes frightened and hurries to respond to her feelings. There is no reason for fear. But he is afraid of a tragedy. Let him try to cut her finger and make it bleed a little and he will see that she will give up the idea of suicide. When the maiden loves the man, but he does not love her, that is tragedy. And inversely, when a man loves a maiden, but she does not love him, that is also tragedy. When both of them love each other, that is tragi-comedy. When a 120 year old man falls in love with a young maiden, that is tragi-comedy. What better thing can there be for the old man than love? When he loves, he grows young. If a young maiden falls in love with an old man, she becomes wiser. Therefore, the young maiden sacrifices her love, while the old man sacrifices his wisdom or knowledge; in this way there is an interchange between them. In the Divine world this love is the real, harmonious love. There is no better love than this. The love between an old man and a young maiden is pure and free of covetousness.

"All things work together for good." When? When things are done out of love. Sacrifice always out of love and in the name of God. When you act this way, say: "Hallowed be the name of God! The will of God be done! The Kingdom of God come!" Be ready to sacrifice yourselves in the name of God, for the will of God, and for the Kingdom of God! This will elevate your souls and will make you citizens of the Kingdom of God.

Now I threw the flies and spiders out and cleaned your rooms. Do not admit any more flies and spiders in your rooms so that they may not commit crimes before your face!

"The Divine Spirit bears all the blessings of life."

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on September 3, 1935, 5 A.m. Sofia - Izgrev.
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
The True Religion of Christ

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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless

Love gives birth to the good.

The good is the foundation of life. The good is the soil of life and at the same time its nourishment. Only the good can sustain life, only the good can nourish it.

When God limits Himself, the good is born in the world.

When man is confined, evil is born. And when he is freed from confinement, good appears. In other words, when the desire to serve God originates within the human soul, then the conditions for the good are created.

Men wish to create good within themselves, but good is not created, it is born. It is implanted from the beginning in every man and he has only to become aware of it and reveal it.
Man must be good because good is the foundation of life. Without good the life of man has no foundation.

If man does not do good, evil is born. The evil that is now in the world is the unutilized good of the past.
Evil results from an unstable order. It is a world of arbitrary rule.
In the world of nature, it might be defined as reproduction without law.
Evil is, however, inevitable in the relations between forces and beings. Evil and good in Living Nature are forces which it utilizes equally.

Behind the good and the evil is the Great Intelligence which utilizes everything.
Man must not fight evil. He must escape it. He must not fight evil but must rather set good against it.
The man who fights evil most, errs most.
The only being who can harness evil into work is God.
You must know that there exists a collective consciousness of good and a collective consciousness of evil. They form the two great poles of Creation.
Human life moves between those two great poles.
When evil is within, predominating over good, and the good is without, then evil reigns on earth. In other words, "hell" reigns on earth.
But when good is within, triumphant, and evil is without, then "heaven" governs and good reigns in the world.

"Hell" is a place where evil is both inside and outside.

"Heaven" is a place where good is inside and outside.

And human life is "a place" where sometimes good is within and evil without, and sometimes the reverse.

Each man, according to the life he leads, is either at the pole of good or the pole of evil.
The man in whom evil is master lives in constant turmoil. Outwardly, he may have great wealth, he may be honored by men, but within himself he is not at peace. He is unceasingly troubled by evil misgivings and fears. Gradually he loses his health and his strength.

But when goodness is in the heart of a man, he may have neither riches nor power, but he is at peace and full of joy. His outward conditions are bad but his inner conditions are good. Such a man has something powerful within him and because of it he is loved by all.
The good people are the truly strong people in the world.

People think that evil is powerful in the world. Evil is powerful only because people love it. The love given to evil gives it strength. Evil obtains strength from love.

In spite of this, however, the striving for good can never cease.
The process of good is eternal.

It is the creative process of life. Therefore, the good might be called the path to life. It leads us to life.
Evil is the path to death. It is condemned to barrenness.

In order to distinguish between good and evil, remember the following:
Good and evil are the high and the love in the world. Evil is the weakest possible vibration of good. Therefore, good is the price of rationality, and evil is the price of irrationality.
Good increases the value of human consciousness. Evil lowers it.

Through good, endowments are strengthened; through evil they are weakened and dimmed.
Good begins with small insignificant things. But they constantly grow, increase, and multiply, and then organize and unite into one whole. In evil there is always disintegration, disconnection.
The good might be compared to a spring that constantly flows. Evil on the other hand is like a dried-up spring that hardly trickles.

Evil promises much and gives nothing. Good promises nothing but gives much. Is it necessary for the spring to promise that it will flow? It simply flows.

So it is with a good man. In him, good is like a spring. He remains good under all conditions. It is delusion to think that conditions might change him. Good permeates his whole being, it is the foundation of his structure.

The good man differs fundamentally in construction from the evil one. The nervous system of a good man is more intricate and more finely constructed. His brain has more cells and more folds; it is differently constructed. His circulatory system, also, forms a richer and thicker network. The skin of the good man has more cells, and it is finer than the skin of the evil man.

The good man generally has a more perfect constitution. He is a highly advanced being. That is why every person who lags behind in his development becomes evil.

In such a case we say that evil is good which is not utilized. Evil cannot be uprooted from the world. And when Christ says not to touch the weeds until the time of harvest - "the end of the world" - he means that in the future a new era will begin and all that is now evil in the world will pass into another phase of development.

When we speak of good, of a good deed, we always relate it to a healthy man. The sick man can do no good. It is evident that we do not imply here the ordinary "good" as people understand it.
The real good, from the point of view of divine science, is distinguished by three qualities: it brings life, light and freedom.

If it does not have these three qualities, it is not good.
Life comes through Love, light comes through Wisdom, and freedom comes through Truth. If anyone wishes to do good, he must be in connection with these three divine worlds.
If a deed of ours is to be really good, it must be alive, it must walk after us. Good must accompany us. If good cannot follow after us, it is not good.

My good deeds must follow after me. And in order that they do, they midst bring life, light and freedom for me as well as for those for whom they are being done. Because the divine law is a collective law, it applies at the same time to all. When you do good for someone, this good applies to all the world. It makes no difference to the divine world whether people know this or not. It is true, nevertheless, that all will profit from this good. Therefore, I say: to do good is a sacred act because in this way you cause God to manifest Himself through you in His Goodness, in His Love, in His Wisdom.
There is no greater act than this - to do good.
However minute this good might be, it is a noble act that all in heaven praise because God is hidden within goodness.

Nature is very careful even with the smallest gain. When a man does a good deed in the world, when he performs an intelligent act, there is great rejoicing in the invisible world.
And when Christ advises men to store up treasures in heaven, he refers to the good. The treasure is the good that man has done on earth.

To do good means to call upon God to act through you. And when God acts, He does so not only for one person, but for all. That is why when good is being done, all heavenly beings participate.
Thus, every act in which heaven does not participate is human, and every act in which heaven participates is divine.

Good must be done at the proper time. It does not take much time to do good, but it is necessary that your mind, your heart, your will, your soul and your spirit be fully concentrated, during those moments, upon the good you do.

There must be no delay in doing good. When you wish to do good, you must do it at once, without postponement. If you postpone it, the opportunity is lost.

Do not think, however, that you must do good only when you are well disposed. Good may be done even when you are in the worst of dispositions. Indisposition is something that concerns the flesh. It does not concern the spirit of man.

People think that good is something that is dead. This is not true. Within the sacred idea which has stimulated you to do good, acts a higher, secret spirit who will illuminate this deed and will reveal that the life of the man who serves God is always fulfilled.
The good is the first link in life.

The good is the first bond between people. It is the only material bond that truly unites people. Moreover, good is the first real bond between the souls of all people, on earth or in heaven.
You can acquire no knowledge without goodness. Knowledge begins with acquaintance with good.
A good deed is never forgotten. It is recorded in the Divine book because it is an act of love and as such it will be remembered in the Divine world for all time.
Everyone who does good becomes an ideal for others.
Do not think that when you do good, this will deprive you of something. On the contrary, good will elevate you.

Therefore, never shrink from difficulties when you ought to do good. Be brave, be decisive, do the good and let that good bring life, light and freedom to your fellow men.
All of you can do good, because there is good in the hearts of all of you.
Every good you do is a bond that gradually increases in strength.
You must continually form such bonds - not just once.

However, do not forget that man must remain anonymous in doing good as he tries to remain anonymous in doing evil.

Do not hasten to become good. Good is an indispensable condition for the perfection of man, but man does not become good in one day. If he aspires towards perfection, however, good will help him.
To be perfect, you must be strong in the good.

The only thing that distinguishes a man is the good that lives within him.
Good is a way to find Divine Love.

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)
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11/29/2011 08:32 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless

Talk of Petar Danov (Beinsa Douno) held on July 13, 1925 at the Lakes of Mussallah, the highest peak of the Rila Mountain

Every stalk that comes out from the earth will see the rays of the sun.

You may ask why we are sitting in the rain. This is an object study. When the field is sown the rain is a blessing. When the field is not sown, the rain is a misfortune. When the field is sown and rain falls on it, the wheat will sprout. When the field is not sown and the rain falls only thistles will come to grow. Therefore, when the Divine blessing comes in your life and you have planted nothing then thorns and thistles will grow and misfortune will follow one after the other like the shadow that follows the wheel. Do not fool yourselves. External actions do not bear life in themselves. The meaning of life is not in the external manifestations. Good things do not come out of external, superficial things. They are something internal.

Man must be good in his heart. If a man cannot love the life God has endowed him with, cannot treasure his soul and if purity as an essence is unknown to him, how can he then teach others? If you cannot achieve purity for yourself, how can you then pass it on to others?

It is funny that people wish to know much, to become smart, to become men of genius and astonish the world. God has given a mind to everyone. Why are some people smart while others are not then? Because the first have cultivated their mind while the others have not. Those whom God has given a brain to and who have not put their brains to work tread on the broad and slippery road. We say that such men are not smart.

We have come on earth to learn. The earth is sacred. This needs to be understood! With its vicious life humanity has defiled it. When people do not understand what earth is, they say, "The earth is impure, sinful." This means that they ascribe sin to the earth. Yet this sinful earth upon which all crimes and all sins are committed, constantly bears from its depth something of great value: wheat, apples, pears, potatoes and others. The earth shares with us all the blessing it receives from above. Furthermore, many say, "this sinful earth" and spit on it. Why? Who is to blame? Is it the earth's fault that things are the way they are? No, man is the one we should spit on. What is the meaning of this spitting? It represents everything evil which has accumulated in our mind and in our heart. It is a toxic fluid which is thrown out. The human spittle is poisonous, especially when one is in a state of irritation and anger.
Why did you climb Mt. Mussallah? Why were you met by thunder, rain, snow? This is the language of Heaven. God is saying, "Tell these people that they do My Will and I will pour all My Blessing upon them. If they walk with you and climb up high they must be pure. With their sickly desires, with their sickly thoughts, with their egotism, as little as it may be left, they cannot serve Me."

Today you may be better than other people but compared with the Angels who do God's Will, you are weak, you cannot serve Him. You can become either demons or Angels. These are possibilities for you. The Angels are excellent servants. They bring God's blessing throughout the whole world. It is beautiful to bring to fruition the small gift which God has imparted in our souls! It is beautiful to do what God wants of us. You may say, "How did God speak to you?" How God speaks to me is not of importance but you need to know that whether in a direct or ideal sense these are the words which God is saying to you.

I can sense noble jealousy accumulated in you. Jealousy is something beautiful when it is for good. When this jealousy comes from a sown field it is blessed. But when it comes from an unsown field, it brings grave suffering. Many of you have left your virtues unmanifested, i.e. many of your seeds have not sprouted in your field. Now I speak only about virtues. In my opinion your shortcomings are due to underdeveloped virtues. In life we are all connected in such a way that one's transgressions are transgressions of all; and one's virtues are virtues of all.

What is a transgression? Transgressions occur as a consequence from withholding God's blessing. Man always serves as a conductor of God's goodness. Therefore if the preacher does not fulfill his obligation, if he does not come when God calls him, all will suffer, because we are all connected with his life. If he does not want to do God's Will, someone else will be found who will fulfill it. There are always other possibilities in God. In our case, you who are called upon to be the bearer of God's blessing, open your heart and your soul for God's kindness to pass through you and go to all people! God wants His kindness to pass on to all souls. Do not think that you are a small underdeveloped being, that you have no value, that you cannot accomplish great things! If you do, you fail in understanding things. It is true that you cannot accomplish great things but you can do little things. It is sufficient to do this and that. You have to say, "Now I will open my heart, my mind for God's blessing to come." This is the God's Will: His Blessing to come upon us the way the sunrays come. Do you think that if someone nails down the shutters of your windows you will be able to receive the rays of the sun? If the shutters are nailed down on the outside, I will open them. If they are nailed down from the inside, this is bad.

Some say that the people are not good. What kind of philosophy is this? I interpret it like this: for thousands of years people have locked up their souls. Their souls have accumulated excessive energy and if they cannot utilize this energy wisely, they cause harm to themselves as well as to others. What do we have to do? We will harness this energy and make good use of it as we use the dwarf pine, which we now burn. They will say, "These people climbed Mt. Moussallah. We have helped them, we gave so much sacrifice, our life was lost for them. Let's see what they will do now." The dwarf pines will be a witness to your life. At present they are asleep but one day when you see God you will meet them and they will speak up. Remember – they are living beings. You think that one can hide a crime. No, in Nature there is nothing hidden. Even the stones will say what good or evil you have done. You think that Nature is dead. She is alive. All that you see here around are sleeping beings. When they start speaking, they will say, "There was a time we too, were willful like you but now we are learning the first lesson of silence and humility." For millions of years the Divine Hammer has played on these stones but they have not learned their lesson yet.

You will say, "We are not sleeping beings, we are alive." You, who are alive, why were you lead to Mt. Moussallah? To come to know God. He speaks to you from above, but you do not understand His language. God's language is not hard to understand but you do not understand it. He is telling you, "You have to love each other." "Lord, how can we love each other?" I will ask you how you should love one another. "To forgive each other all your mistakes and offences." This is halfway correct. Can you forgive him who does not repent?

Now I want to interpret your words. What will happen to the dead donkey if the sun shines on it all day? It will decompose and start smelling bad. What will happen to a dead man if we keep him too long? Even if we pray for him, he will still start smelling bad. We have to bury the dead or take them somewhere far to decompose and all matter should disperse in space. After some time God will collect this matter and out of it He will make a new man. Sometimes even a living person smells. This indicates that in some respect he is dead. What should we do with a man like that? How should we manifest our love for this man? If a donkey is alive we will give it some fodder and water. If it is sick, we will try to cure it. A soon as it is healed it will bray and its braying is a sign that it is healthy and able to work. You can ask the donkey, "What is it, why are you braying?" "Now you can put a load on my back." What should we do with a man? You should give him, too, what he needs.

Today we climbed Mt. Moussallah. This is good, but it is only an external achievement Some turned back. This indicates that some people lack complete readiness. If we do not know how to climb up high, those who turned back will impede us. When can a man turn into a burden for us? If a person who climbs Mt. Moussallah has many virtues but at the same time has a big defect, this defect will paralyze his activity toward good as well as his aspiration to God. Therefore this defect has to be transformed into a virtue so that you would not be impeding yourself as well as the others.

I have been saying that a man can have some imperfections. This is true, but when? As long as he is in the law of development. When he comes to the state of serving God he has to be perfect, without any defect. When I speak about serving God I imply that sacred moment of the soul when we step toward God with all our purity and perfection, with purity and holiness in our thoughts, desires and deeds. Only in the perfection of our spirit and purity of our soul do we understand what God wants of us in a given moment.

I ask, how are you going to bring the new Teaching to the world? Your souls have to be open. If you enter into the world with your shortcomings, if you have the same desires which the people of the world have, what kind of blessing are you going to bring them? If I preach the God's Word and expect to be paid for it, so that I can dress in the most beautiful clothes according to the latest fashion, do you think that God will be pleased with me? Do you think that this way I properly preach the Kingdom of God? Tell me what housewife working in her home or going to the field wears her wedding gown? The prudent housekeeper goes to work with her old clothes. This is correct. She keeps her new clothes for special occasions. What occasions? When she goes to God. We will go to God in our most beautiful, in our cleanest clothes, with no spots on them.

Remember: when the field is sown, the rain is a blessing. Why is it raining today? – Because man has many imperfections. He is very selfish. Is man evil? No, he is good but only for himself. We should be good but to whom? If you are good for yourselves, you achieve this important purpose. It is of importance, however, to be good towards God and for Him. Good manifests itself in three ways: man can be good for himself, he can be good for his neighbor, but most ideally he should be good towards God. Man has learned the art of being good for himself, also – to be good towards his neighbor, but now he has to study the art of being good towards God. It is of greatest importance for us to be faced by this requirement. Look at the mother who raises her child, isn't she good for it? She is good. Is not the little bee that travels miles around collecting pollen for her neighbors good for them? It is good. But the bee has not learned yet, has not understood the great Law to be good for God. If you try to take a little honey, it will immediately sting you – it gives nothing for God. It has arranged everything perfectly for itself, it has also cleaned and tided up its little home, it is industrious, but does not know the Law that it has to be good towards God. We, too, are like the bees. We are very good for ourselves and our neighbors, but when it comes to God to ask us for the smallest favor, we show Him our sting.

From now on you will study the Law to be good towards God. It is the greatest thing. When you learn and apply this Law your life will gain meaning. The living nature will start to speak to you and from all that you will learn a lesson. If these stones could speak, what will happen? Your hair will stand on end from this horror and this beautiful landscape will become too narrow for you. Can you imagine what terrible things you could see and hear? It would be hell for you! If these mountains could narrate their history, the whole town of Sofia will be too small for you. Here you could see two giants, people of the past, killing each other. What would you learn from that? You would only be frightened, nothing else.
Thousands of years are needed before these heroes of the past would advance. All around you are the bones of dead heroes, of gods, inhabitants of the past. Now for thousands and millions of years the Sun will have to shine from above, many rains will fall so that the sins of the people could be washed and the Law of serving God learned. People have served only themselves, they have served also their neighbors but they have not worked for God.

You may ask, "Didn't we come from God?" There exists coming out from below and also from above. "What should we do? Is it not the science saying so?" Yes, there is a human science, but the one I am speaking about is not human. There exists science of the saints, of the Angels, but there is also science of God. You may say, "I know a lot." I am glad that you know, but this knowledge is human. Have you studied the science of the saints? Have you learned the Science of the Angels? The science of the Angels is for the far distant future. Have you then studied the science of God? I do not start with the angelic science, I do not start with the science of the saints but begin from above – with the Science of God. This is one of the most rational methods which distinguishes my science. I start with the hardest science. People start with the smallest numbers. The Teacher asks, "Ivan, tell me how much is one plus one?" "One and one equals two." "Two and two?" "Four.' "Three and three?" "Six." "Three times three?" "Nine." This is the easy path – the path of the easy science. We have been treading for thousands of years on the easy path and for this reason we do not succeed. He who walks on the easy path hardly gains results.

In order for man to start with the small units he has to have the mind of God. Only God can work with small units. We, humans, have to work with great units. I will explain my idea with the following example: let's take as an example a child that is crying. If you give this child a small apple, would it stop crying? It will not stop. But if you give the child twenty pounds of apples, mad as it may be, it will stop crying. This is the science of Divine life, the science of Divine abundance. In this science the numbers themselves speak. It will be enough to call number one by name, it will come out and give you an excellent lecture. When I call number two by name, it will come out and give you another lecture. This is how all numbers speak. From them you will understand the meaning of Divine science which holds together the whole Cosmos in harmony. In this lies God's greatness that He occupies Himself with us – the small magnitudes, the infants – and acts upon us with His abundance. Even before our departure from Sofia God said to His servants, "Prepare the way for these small children, clean everything around, and high on Mt. Mussallah meet them as welcomed guests. That is why we have here rain, snow, hail. In God's Science which works with the small units there is no feasting. In human science it is the opposite: everywhere there is eating and drinking. People are good when they eat and drink.

You say that we have to forgive each other. It is good for people to be forgiving. It is great for man to forgive. God distinguishes Himself with this quality that He is longsuffering and forgiving. For you it is important to love as God loves and not as people love. If you love the way humans do, you corrupt yourself. If you enter the Divine world with your human love, you would achieve nothing. Therefore as soon as you enter the Divine world you will love as God loves – you will be forgiving and work only for God. If the thought about God is always in your mind you will be blessed. Whatever you do, always think about God. If the thought that you are sinful should cross your mind, say, "I know that I am sinful but I know also something else – that there is One in the world Who loves me. Because God loves me I will fulfill His will, I will serve Him as needed!" If I am asked why I love God, I will answer, "Because He, too, loves me." One reciprocated Love with Love. And Love manifests itself through service and work. If you do not love Him you will not serve Him. Love works. Therefore he who is working he lives in Love. He who does not love is the one we love. God works from above and we – from below.

Mussallah is the high peak you see here. Work consciously so that you may understand the good which is embedded in you. If you study the great Divine science, you will advance in your growth, learn many things which are necessary for you and will finish as it has been determined for everyone since the beginning of one's Creation. How are you going to finish if you start with the science of the saints and the Angels? (The Master picked a little blade of grass) – you will shoot up like this little blade of grass. Each flower has a double meaning. If I pick a floweret and adorn myself, this indicates that I live according to the science of the angels and the saints. If I study this science I will come to the law of growth, selflessness and self-sacrifice.

The blade that I picked is now glad because it has become an object of learning for you. One day this little blade of grass will meet you in the presence of God and will say, "I will testify for these people." It will be a witness for what? That you have been instructed about God and the great science of God. This little blade speaks by itself. Therefore you will open your hearts and purify them, you will repent and set right whatever transgressions you have made. You will open the book of your life and review thoroughly your good and bad actions. You will redeem as many transgressions as you find. If despite your efforts, despite your attention you are not aware of some of your transgressions and cannot correct them, we will do that. Sometimes even the Master corrects mistakes. It is not of importance who is correcting these mistakes. If a student corrects his mistakes, good for him. If the Master corrects them, it is also good. If a student does not see well enough and cannot correct his mistake, the Teacher will correct it for him. There has to be always someone who corrects our mistakes. "But what if I have many shortcomings." This is all right. Assume that these shortcomings have been allowed by God. For example you get very easily offended. Why do you feel hurt so easily?

When you go back to Sofia you should take with you the desire to correct your mistakes. We will love our brethren as God loves us. We will work in God's field, we will dig a small ditch through which we will let God's blessing flow to Sofia. Everything you say will come true. This is the Divine science. The flow to Sofia will start but the field has to be sown. Who will open the shutters of your windows? This morning I did open them. Not only did I open the shutters of your windows but I also opened the roofs of your houses. What's more, I pulled down your heavy walls. When you look around you will see that you no longer have shutters, walls, or roofs. This is Light. This is Freedom. I want you to protect your freedom. I don't want you to put your heads in a yoke and say, "Lord, how much longer can I take this life, this load, these shortcomings, these misfortunes? What did my mother bring me into the world for?"

Now, you will remember Moussallah. You will know that here and everywhere on the Balkan Peninsula there are souls, locked up for centuries, who await their liberation. They cause you harm. Who does not want freedom? Two people fight each other, they quarrel. Why? They fight for freedom. When they give each other a good drubbing, they say, "Do you know me now?" Sometimes the spirits who bring about the quarrel come to you and ask for help. Not knowing how to help them you start arguing and fighting. This indicates that you need more light. When you go to some place, start opening the shutters of the windows, knock down fences.

Today I will give to all for keepsake a little blade of grass. It will serve you as a symbol. As small as it may be when you look at it, say to yourself, "I have to learn the Law of growth, the Law of the Angels." Each blade of grass conceals in itself the formula: "Serving God is the great science of life."

Here, I give to all of you a little bit of this grass. "Should we give some grass to someone else too?" You can give but you will ask them to promise to serve God. However you have to learn the law of "serving God" as an important Law and dwell on it. If you do not have this idea in yourselves, by itself this grass has no meaning, even if I gave to you a basket full of grass.

And so, in the great Divine science serving God is required of everyone. If you say that you will serve God, you have to sow something. When you pick a leaf it has to represent an image of the idea "Word of God." Let this little grass be an image, a symbol of the idea of "serving God." If you hold this grass without the content of these words, it will be like a sacred book without the contents of the Word. When in it are inscribed the Holy Words, it will be valuable. When in the future you sit on the grass, keep in mind the idea of "serving God." It will speak to you about the law of service. Understanding this Law, as soon as you sit in the grass, you will hear an welcome. This means that the windows and the roofs of those who have this grass, will be open. He who takes upon himself the study of the great Divine science must have the roof and windows of his home open. The sun will shine from all sides while the earth will be his foundation. And so when you give someone some of this grass, tell him these words which I have told you today.

Now, we need to finish our work. In the light of this great Science by the word finish is implied the beginning of another work, a new work. And when I say let's finish this work, I mean to start another one. When we finish a given work we will not rest but will go to the vineyard and start cultivating it. After cultivating it another work is awaiting. The day will come when we will go to the vineyard and taste the grapes. When we finish our mundane work, we will start the great work for God. You say, "Once to be free from the world." There is no need to free ourselves. As long as we work for God we are free citizens. But if we do not believe in this science the world will have an influence on us. Therefore, if we maintain the idea to free ourselves from the world, we consider ourselves weak.

The fundamental idea of this talk is "serving God." We will start with the most difficult science – the Divine Science which will teach us all those things for which our soul is longing and toward which our spirit strives. Why are there great obstacles in the world? Where are the strongest bridges built? Over big rivers. Why? Because over big rivers heavy loads are transported. The stronger the bridge is, the heavier loads are transported over it. The stronger, healthier and more learned a man is, God places him to do a harder and more responsible work. You say, "I will not become a bridge!" If you can become a bridge from God to the people, and angels pass on your back is this something bad? The passing of each Angel will give you a blessing. We will become bridges not for the human, but for the Divine. If we become bridges for the human, we will deface ourselves. Becoming bridges for the Divine, we will rejuvenate. The word bridge implies a link between the Divine and the human.

Keep in your mind that you serve God. Keep repeating this thought. Your consciousness must be present at every action as small as it may be and know that you serve God. Do not say that it is not easy to serve God and big knowledge is needed. Who chooses to serve God can be lacking any knowledge. When you go to a wellspring, would you take water with you? When you go to an orchard with ripe fruit, do you take food with you? But going to the desert you must carry water with you. Science is food for the people. When I say that we go to God I imply that we need no science. By science I mean Living science. I mean that we need no human knowledge but Divine knowledge of the living Nature. You may say, "I do not want bread." I understand that you do not want ordinary bread prepared by people. This means that from now on I will want bread from God, I will be nourished by Him. "I do not want science." I understand that you do not want the worldly, human science but the Divine one in the light of which you will develop. Thinking in this way you will come to comprehend what is Great and Divine in this world.

Now, I am not saying to you that you should be good but that each one of you should be as God has created him. In the human world when you do not like someone you give him nothing, you keep him hungry, chase him away. This is how the worldly science solves a problem. In the Divine world the opposite is true: when you do not love someone you care for him most and give him most food, and when you love someone you give him the least. It is a privilege given to few when no food is given. When on earth you are not given food, you will complain and tell everyone that you have been left hungry, that you have been driven away. If in heaven you are not given to eat, you will be glad. This happens seldom, once in a thousand years. This is a special privilege. How is this profound Divine science to be understood? He, who has not been given food has in himself everything, he can share it with others. He says, "Let be given to all and what is left at the end is mine. Let all be nourished. I am glad that they have received God's blessing." Translated in our language it means that we have to concede to each other. How? In the Scripture it is said, "Pray for one another." We pray for those whom we love that God gives them His blessing. We also pray for those we do not love, and ask God that this or that befalls them; we shall send them a blessing. Therefore we pray for those we love, and those we do not love. Yet there are some people who are in the middle; we forget them. I wish to remind you of those forgotten ones – to pray for them. As far as I know, you pray a lot. Your prayer must come from the depth of your heart. There should be absolute sincerity in your prayers! This is how you have to pray! You say, "For this to be accomplished a great deal of strife and struggle are necessary." You will have to struggle to that point when your virtues get mastery. Say, "I can serve God in all times and under all conditions." You will become a true servant when you overcome all hindrances in your life.

We, too, have overcome a great obstacle by climbing Mount Mussallah in rain, snow and hail. Those who hear about us coming here will wonder why we have departed in such weather, at dawn for Mussallah. People say that we are foolhardy. We are on a different opinion. Everyone can climb Mt. Mousallah in good weather. To climb in bad weather is important. If you have been asked whether it was necessary to climb Mt. Moussallah in such weather, say, "This is a subject lesson." I want that you keep the memory of this outing as one of the rear memorable ones for you. If this excursion remains for you a dead recollection like monuments in a cemetery, you have accomplished nothing. On some monuments one reads, "Here rests a young hero who fought in twenty five battles." I do not want such monuments and inscriptions. The monuments of our heroes are living and not made of stone. When we go to one of our heroes we say, "Come out and show your heroism." I wish that you too would be living monuments. First I want you to rise – rising means sprouting; i.e. a process of growth; after that – to come to life and then to resurrect. When I lead you one more time to Mt. Mussallah say, " We have learned how to rise and come to life." If people ask you what kind you are, meaning where you belong answer, "Of those who have gotten up."

As you can see we are surrounded by fog. What does the fog signify? When Moses climbed Mt. Sinai heavy clouds covered it, one could hear thunder, but none could see what was taking place there. It was better this way. Now, too, God is saying, "The external world is not ready yet to see My face, nor what is happening here." For this reason we have the fog spread around us.

For a long time has the Divine Plough worked on you in order for you to perceive the Divine Light. Such great shaking up is coming for the world that not one roof of their roofs will remain intact. What kind of roofs is the word here about? These are people's chains and shackles. When all roofs will be blown away, when the shutters of the windows will be opened, God will come and you will be free. Is there anything bad about that? The chains from you hands and feet will fall off. If the horse grazes freely in the woods free of chains and bridles is there anything bad about that? Where to look for the horse? – In the woods. When I see him, I will pat his back and say to him, "I am glad that you are free from chains and bridles." As the horse grazes it will look at me, lift high his head and then continue to graze. This is a kind of speech. I am chatting with the horse. By raising his head the horse wants to tell me, "Have you studied the science of the saints and of the angels? Are you grazing like us?" The oxen say the same. I ask, by studying the science of the saints and the angels do you know why the horse and the oxen are eating grass. We comment sometimes that someone chews and ruminates like an ox. In my opinion man has to learn to chew and not swallow his food. Chewing symbolizes Life. When you see a horse in the woods, walk over to him, stop with respect, pat his back, look up to God and then continue on your journey. If you see an oxen do the same. "What will become of us?" Strange question, what will become of us! The Divine in you will awaken and God will begin to speak to you. Your souls will open for the Great in the world and rejoice. Thus will you come to know God. Your ears will open for His Word and your minds will perceive Him. Solely in this way you are going to be brothers and sisters to one another.
I am not speaking of modern brotherhood ands sisterhood which in four generations is wiped out without any trace. I speak of a brotherhood and sisterhood that nothing can wipe out. This is brotherhood. Also friendship which nothing can wipe out is true friendship.

Let God's blessing come upon you! Let God's Love be with all of us! I wish you to walk with this Love throughout the whole year!

Now you are kissing my hand. Why are you kissing it? This is an agreement that you will serve God. Why do you shake hands with the right hand? This means: when two rational people come together in one place they can accomplish everything. "We want to have this sermon." This is already accomplished. As soon as you want something it comes true. "Whom should this sermon be given to read it?" To all, who occupy themselves with the Divine Science. Said and done.

The grass, i.e. the little blade which I gave you won't be lost. It will always speak to you. As soon as you search for it from the depth of your heart you will find it. Be cheerful, glad and joyful. You are expected to serve God. Let us be humble like children.

It was not possible to give this sermon on the peak of Mussallah. Your feet were cold. As soon as you came down the sermon was given. The good side in you is that you have the courage to climb even in bad weather. Since you were able to climb Mt. Moussallah in such bad weather, this indicates that in respect to the spiritual you will be able to overcome all difficulties and impediments. Your deed of heroism gives me joy. From the standpoint of the Divine Law he who gives always attains something. Whatever you decide comes true but it is important that the mind and heart are open. We decided to climb to the top of the peak and we did. As bad as the weather was we were able to climb. The higher we went, the thunders receded, gradually diminished. They were saying, "Whoever climbs up must be clean like the snow." Now on the peak even the sun is shining. We should go up one more time to see the sun.

Usually people compete and try to be the first in everything. He who fulfills God's will is the first. Who does not fulfill God's Will is the last. From this point of view all can be first.

When we were climbing to the peak some were afraid that they might get sick and turned back. Others wanted to descend to Chamkoria* being afraid to remain with us any longer. They asked me, "Should we go back or remain here?" Because I honor one's freedom of choice, I said, "Since you are afraid not to catch a cold it is better for you to go." I could have told them, "Remain all here because tomorrow there will be a sermon." Because I did not tell them this, they left. I acted according to the Law of Freedom.

In God reverse decisions do not exist. What He promises happens. God is the only Being in Whose words opposite decisions do not exist. He is never unfaithful to His promises. In Him there is no knowledge about "what is not possible". If God does not manifest His mercy this is because He waits for the moment when all will be able to understand Him. If God tolerates people, this is because He awaits for them to awaken and understand why the world was created. For example you do not know why the grass was created. It is not a sin that you do not know. Today I opened for you one page of the Divine Book, but how many more are remaining? Until now you did not know why oxen and horses graze. Which professor would tell you that? You say, "How good it would be if we could be always with you!" At no time was I outside you.

As you can see the weather is beginning to improve. The weather smiled and you rejoiced. When you are joyous the weather, too, is joyous. When you are crying, the weather is gray and crying.
Many complain that there is no one who loves them. There is One being Who loves you – it is God. When you say that no one loves you it means that you have not found the One Who loves you. As soon as His Light comes and fills your souls you all become joyous and glad.

It is now important for you to apprehend completely everything that you have heard. Here are the most important things again: sunny day, joyful day, God's day (a song of the Brotherhood). When the day is joyful, it is always God's day. When you have one God's day, all days become like this day.

Some of you complain for having wet feet. What does it mean to have wet feet? The Divine cannot be attained unless one gets wet feet. Wet feet represent the unfavorable conditions in life. Someone has all desires to achieve something, but a number of obstacles come along- these are the wet feet. You decide to build a house for yourself but you do not have the money to do so, this is an obstacle. When we begin to live in harmony with God we will have better homes than the present ones. We will build homes according to our needs. We will have as much light as we need.

Often you become discouraged and say, "We grew old." What does old mean? When a man looses his faith he grows old. When he looses the meaning of his life, his approach toward God, a man grows old.
When the child is joyous that his mother takes him out this is good. You are today joyous and should be joyous. Why? Joy is such an outing.

And so, those of you who climbed Mt. Moussallah did well. Also those who did not climb, they too, did well. At the end of ends we all will go down. "How beautiful it would be to stay here!" Here, it means with God and with God we always be.

Peter Danov (Beinsa Douno)
Anonymous Coward
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11/29/2011 08:33 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless

Lecture of the Petar Danov (Beinsa Douno) given on January 1, 1917, in Sofia

"Sanctify them in the truth"

John 17:17

In the archetypal language, the language of the Virgin Divine Spirit - the highest in the hierarchy of the angels - God gave man a different name, not the one we know now. This happened at the council of Gods, chaired by the Lord Jesus Christ, called the Saviour of Humanity. This council discussed the creation of man and defined his name. The name man has been incorrectly translated, but let's be content with it for the present. By man we mean a rational being.

At this stage of evolution man's reasoning takes two directions - ascending and descending. The descending reasoning functions to create the human personality and the human body with its seven invisible enveloping sheaths. The Eastern and Western esoteric lodges differ in the classification of the enveloping sheaths but these classifications refer only to the external, visual aspect of these teachings. Essentially there is in fact no difference between them. According to the inner meaning of Christ's teaching, we have three essential unalterable bodies and seven enveloping sheaths. Theosophical literature mentions the seven enveloping sheaths of the body, but the three unchangeable bodies are only hinted at. The enveloping sheaths are called bodies. But they are not bodies. Enveloping sheaths is a better name for them. In reality, the human world is transient, and the evolution of the world is a divine process. From the Divine viewpoint, the aspiration of the human spirit is to attain the three unchangeable bodies. This idea is so vast and boundless that even men of genius, the great minds of science and of the occult, the upper hierarchies of the angels, and even the upper hierarchies of the gods past and present are unable to comprehend it completely.

By gods do not mean The One God but the supreme members of the angelic hierarchies. Today however, the meaning of the word God has lost its essence through its application to beings which are not gods but which deceive people. There is nothing divine in them. Free yourselves of this misconception of God. The word God had a special meaning in the archetypal language. Today the concept is distorted. With this distortion of the concept the human mind has also become distorted. In order to formulate the right concept and understanding of God, we must return to our primary state. There are many who think of God as a being which changes several times a day, as humans do. Even some Western mystics think likewise. This is not meant as a reproach. It is the result of conflict between the two lodges - the white and the black - which exist in the world. They have divided humanity into two opposing camps. They are the cause of the discord and strife which exist in politics, society, families, individuals, and even in religion and science. These two influences have split human minds. For wherever there is division or duality the Divine Spirit is inactive. As soon as one is divided in one's own mind and succumbs to strife, God is absent. This is a psychological law.

When I speak to you about man, you must concentrate on, you must imagine the man created in the image and after the likeness of God, that is to say of truth and love. This man never desecrated the name of God. Moses, one of the great initiates, said, "Thou shall not take the name of the Lord, thy God in vain". This is a commandment of the first mystic who sought to study the great divine teaching. He sought to sanctify the name of God. This is what it means to be a true human being. Until you begin to sanctify the name of God in its profound meaning, handed down by the virgin divine spirits, you cannot rise to a higher spiritual plane than that upon which you stand now.

Often enough I have observed how people in Bulgaria and elsewhere divide themselves into great and small, open and narrow-minded, black and white. They say, "We are open and not as narrow-minded as the others". It is all too well being open, but be sure you are not formless, lacking of ideas. Going abroad among the mystics, among the theosophists, one observes that these are followers of the White Brotherhood who are working towards the renewal of human thought, so that in the future a new impulse, a new activity of the Divine Spirit may flow. Today the theosophists are divided into those following Besant and those following Steiner-anthroposophists. In reality both groups are anthroposophist. Yet as people they don't get along well either. The followers of Besant are women, those of Steiner, men. Both argue among themselves. All spiritual movements of the Eastern School are led by women, and those of the Western School, by men. This division is remarkable, but is only an external aspect. Whoever is not enlightened may be tempted by them, and whoever is tempted cannot understand Christ. Just as in Christ's time some people were tempted, so are people tempted today.

Ever since man sinned and in this way distorted the name of God, he has always fallen into temptation. Those of us who are tempted cannot rise to the position of thinking people, cannot understand the inner, fundamental laws governing the human spirit. In order to change our individual and social life, as well as that of the whole of humanity, we must understand the great laws of Divine thought.

The theosophists call the superior (higher) mind the superior manas. The natural or lower mind they call the inferior manas, but there is no mention of the middle mind, middle manas, which is the most important. The lower mind is the foundation upon which human consciousness is built. This means that it is the soil of the world of thought. If you are familiar with the make up of this soil, you will know what seeds to plant in it. Every thought contains a seed of action. To learn to think correctly means to know what seeds to plant in the different seasons of the year. It has been said in Scripture, "Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap". What is meant here is the sowing in the mind. There are so many false concepts and misdoings between people that if they do not listen to the Great Teacher they will exterminate each other. He says, "From now on I will permit no one to take one step ahead, if you does not change your thinking, if you do not sanctify the name of God, woe unto you. You may knock at my door for thousands years You will reap the fruit of your karma gathered over the millennia" What is karma? - the consequence of all bad fruit, planted in the past. Christ came to Earth with one purpose only - to redeem humanity. By redeeming 1 mean teaching people how to sanctify the name of God in themselves as well as in the world. The foundation of our existence rests upon this name. The sanctification of the name of God is the greatest thing. It represents the philosophy of the future.

Some of you complain that no secret knowledge has been revealed to you. What do you want? - to be given a weapon to kill each other? In Western Europe there are various teachings and brotherhoods whose members aspire to uncovering the secrets of nature. In this respect they resemble women who avenge themselves on their lovers with vitriol. Why do they take on against them? Because they have been unfaithful. Once they have deformed their lovers these women are satisfied and say, "Now that he cannot be mine, he cannot belong to any woman." There are men who behave in the same way, as well as some religious people. Christ is grieved by the acts of people. God has decided to punish them if they do not mend their ways. No longer may one go against Divine Law. People must forsake their old ways, for the new epoch, the new uplift is now commencing.

The Virgin Divine Spirit descends in a circular wave through seven fields, that is to say through seven worlds. During the period of Saturn the Virgin Divine Spirit descended to the mental world and formed the mind or mental body of man. During the second period, the Sun period, the Spirit descended to the astral world, creating the body of desire. During the third, the period of the Moon, the Spirit descended to the etheric field of the physical world, creating the etheric enveloping sheaths of man. In the fourth, the Earth period, the Spirit descended to the lower field of the physical world and created the physical body. In each period of descending and ascending the Spirit passed through spiritual day and night. In the first period, when the Divine Spirit worked to create man in the image and after the likeness of God, man did not know sin. In the second period man started to fall. In the third period man came to full degradation. In the fourth, the Earth period of descent, the fall reached its end.

Why it is necessary for man to descend and sink into a world of matter? - so that he may clothe himself in all the enveloping sheaths, each successive one more dense, at which point the rising and acquiring of higher forms begins. During each period there is partial rise and descent in an oscillating curve. The final movement will be rising. Anyone who has no desire to come in contact with God will be tossed out of the common flow of the divine day, and will have to wait for another period of descent and ascent, for another wave. Unlike all those moving upwards towards God will enter heaven, they will remain below, outside of God. The gates will be closed for them and they will hear God's voice saying., "I do not know you". One day, when Christ comes to knock at their door, those who tend only to their own affairs, who do trivial things, will find themselves without oil in their lamps. Then will they come to their senses, but the divine ship will have left, without waiting for anyone. Therefore everyone must be ready to board the ship on time.

Talking like this I do not wish to moralize, only to explain what the law is, what God speaks. God will not stop the ship for anyone.

And so, the wave proceeds, and today you are fortunate to have the most favorable conditions for spiritual growth. When an evil thought enters your mind, remember that it comes from your distant past - it is not a thought of the present, it is a strange foundling dropped at your door. I do not want you to bring abandoned children to me. As a Teacher, my mission to Earth is not to raise and educate such children. To raise a sinful person is one thing, but to bring up an illegitimate child is quite another. If sinners come to their senses and regrets their sins, they can be saved. They make an effort to do God's will. Christ came down to save such people. Everybody can be saved except for illegitimate foundlings, for they are snakes which grow stronger the more they are fed. One day they will coil around you and will crush your bones. For you personally, for your future blessing, you should nourish only the great thoughts which God implanted in you at the beginning of time through the Holy Spirit. Do not nourish the negative thoughts implanted in you by the Black Lodge. A mother says, "I have a hard time with this child, he causes me great headaches and worries, but one day he will take care of me". No, one day this child will, like a snake, crush your bones and throw you off the rising wave.

"Sanctify them in the truth; thy word is truth". No one can learn Divine Law before they hallow God's name. When you hallow God's name your thoughts become pure and luminous. With them may develop the enveloping sheaths, where the body of truth that shall free you will be conceived. Truth is the first body which must be developed. In it lives the human soul. Without truth there is no freedom. No matter how many tears you shed, you cannot be free if truth is not within you. Weeping cannot help you. Sometimes it is good to weep, but sometimes it is not. Weeping is like rain. If you have sown good seeds, when they grow and mature they will uplift you; but if you have sown thistles, in maturing they will suffocate you. If you weep for God, you are blessed; if you do so for the world, I pity you - it will be better to have drought than this. Luminous and kind thoughts, however will uplift you. With them you will enter the body of truth and be free. This way will you come to know Christ and he to know you.

Some people want to find Christ in me. No, you will find Christ in his teaching. If you wish to know who I am, I will tell you: I am the brother of the smallest ones in the Kingdom of God. I, the smallest one, wish to fulfill God's will as ordained, to sanctify His name as He has sanctified me. God has been so good to me that I, the brother of the smallest ones, wish to repay Him with all my gratitude. I wish that you also may follow my example. Some of you might be tempted to be greater than me, to take first place. This truly is a temptation. Christ said, "The disciple is like his master". I too do not wish anything more. This modest station is quite good enough for me. I would not exchange it for any other. The station one has is not as important as the way in which one fulfills one's obligations to God. Some of you want to be kings. It is not bad for one to be a king, but there is nothing worse. A king may accomplish thousands of good deeds. Whole societies, a whole nation, can benefit from his benevolence, but he can also bring them to ruin. This is why Christ said, "Of him to whom much has been given much is also expected".

If you want to become great, this goes to prove that there are feelings of pride and vainglory in you. Big businessmen operating with a capital of hundreds of millions also run up huge debts and sometimes bring their creditors to ruin. If you have hundreds of millions and you lose it all, you will experience great torment. I take the number one hundred for it represents an upper hierarchy ofangels. No words exist to describe the anguish of a businessman who has lost his one hundred million. The opposite is true also: there are no words to describe the joy of a man who has one hundred million at his disposal and knows how to use it wisely. The later is as great as the former is terrible.

"Sanctify us through thy truth". The first thing to learn from Christ's teachings is humility. Pride is the mother of temporary, transient knowledge. One may have great knowledge but if one also has pride, one is in the position of the deluded brothers of the black lodge. If on the other hand, you obey the divine laws, even if you are is among the smallest ones, you will rise. If people wish to call the attention of heaven and its blessing upon themselves, they must be humble in the highest sense of the word and not in the common sense that it is preached. Humility is a beautiful angel, a great spirit. Whoever has seen it has come to love it. All the divine virtues for which the human soul and spirit long are conceived in humility. The angel of humility is alive, bringing forth Charity - the child of Love, the youngest daughter of God. Love abides among the virgin spirits and promises a bright future for all humanity and all who seek it.

If you want Christ within you to be immortal and powerful enough to uplift you, you must give way to love in your soul. This means giving Christ the highest place in your soul and sanctifying his name in your heart. Some people think that they are close to Christ. Closer to Christ is the one who has learned the art of being small. You say that you wish to be like Christ, but at the same time wish to make demands. In order to be like Christ and to be close to him you must learn the rule of selfless service, you must learn to think right, to answer hatred with love, and Evil with Good. Then it will not matter whom you serve, this person or that, you will be serving God. The names matter in as much as they correspond to their content. The name Christ is not singular, but collective. It is like air and light, everybody is entitled to benefit from it. Learn to think rationally, philosophically. Do not become confused by the external form of things, nor by words. Seek the inner meaning of words. If I had been thinking the way you do, I would have fallen from high position a long time ago.

"Sanctify them through thy truth". I want you now to move upwards in a straight line, to sanctify the name of God in yourselves. This name will uplift you to be, as Christ has said, co-heirs and co-participants. Today I wish to implant in your minds and in your hearts the Divine light through which you can free yourselves from evil impulses. The sword of the Spirit is raised and woe unto those who are enemies of the Truth. We must fight with the weapons described in 2 Corithians 10: 4-5: "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds; casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of God". This is theosophy, esotericism, spirituality, Divine wisdom.

I would like you to take the following verse as a motto: "The weapons of your warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God". Only in this way can you free yourselves of the intentions of the lower manas, of sin, to which even today people pay tithes. Christ said, "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's".

The lower manas is the Caesar in man. This verse means: While you pay dues to the lower manas, do not forget to pay your dues to the higher manas. What does it mean to "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things which are God's"? It means to destroy the harmful germs so that they may no longer grow, to free yourselves of all impure thoughts, and to say, "Here, Caesar, take what is yours", then to take high Divine thoughts and store them in the Divine granary of your soul, saying. "Here, God, take what is Yours" - and then you will enter your secret chamber and say a prayer to God without mixing the things which belong to Caesar with the things which belong to God. Mixing these two does not make for a good prayer. Only when the heart is pure and surrenders completely to God can a prayer be strong. As long as the fire in the human heart does not burn strongly the prayer cannot reach God. Can you imagine what the state of your mind will be when you feel the Divine warmth penetrate your hearts?

An American once listened to Camila Rousso, a pupil of Paganini, playing "The Dream of Life" and said, "At that moment I was ready to make peace with the whole world, to forgive all my enemies". The American had heard many prominent preachers in his time, but no one had moved him as did Camila Rousso. Therefore, when humility penetrates your hearts say, "Lord, we are ready to make peace with all people". I ask you, have you heard the voice of humility? I have. I do not know any music more beautiful than the song of humility. What harmony exists in humility! What love wells from the heart of humility. This love embraces with its rays the hearts of all people. It sends forth every day its kindly thoughts and comfort to all suffering and burdened people, to all humanity. It says. "Be hopeful. I will help you sanctify the name of God in your minds and hearts. I will give you all my blessing". At present God wants to unite all brotherhoods and religions in the whole world. That is why you should refrain from taking the liberty of condemning people; you do not know' the profound reason behind everything.

"Sanctify them through thy truth". How does God work for our uplifting? Through sorrow and joy. I have walked the path of all human life; I have listened to the sublime divine spirits; and from the experience acquired I have come to the understanding that all people must go through joys and sorrows. There is no better path than this. Who dares to doubt this? The path is not rough but most people have served and still serve Caesar.

A woman complains of her husband, saying, "I don't love him any more, he has made me unhappy", - Then leave him. "But who is going to support me'?" No, this is no longer marriage, this is concubinage. Marriage is a sacred institution. If you wish to enter the Kingdom of God, you should not complain that God has given you a seemingly bad husband. If you complain, God will tell you,"You have chosen this husband yourself, I did not give him to you. You want me to improve your husband while you are not trying to improve yourself". When I say this I have in mind a conceptual woman, I have no definite personalities in mind. For me every woman and every man are rays, parts of the whole. I use these concepts as real facts from life itself.

And so, the path of joy and suffering is the path that leads to the attainment of patience. One who has patience gains great experience and inner wealth. This is the only way for one to understand God's great ways as well as God's great providence for humanity's future blessings.

If you wish to progress this year, never complain. I know that there is much noise around you, and by saying that you should not complain, I mean you should not permit these noises to penetrate you deeply. Your heart must remain calm and silent. It is not your fault that someone is throwing stones and breaking windows But if you yourselves throw stones and break a window in your own home I say, "Friend, you have not learned to serve God; you have not yet learned to render the things that are Caesar's unto Caesar". Anyone can ruin the lives of thousands of beings. Do you know how many centuries it takes to correct people's mistakes? Sometimes the desire for revenge surges up in you. You tell yourself, "I will smash its head, I will put it under my feet that it may know who I am". No, you ought to calm down, focus yourself, and say, "The spirit that has entered me is evil. I will catch it and command it to be silent; I will order it out of my sanctuary. It ought not to desecrate the image of God". You say to someone, "I cannot think well of you". Well, I pity you. If you cannot think well of your neighbor, you cannot think well of God, in which case how do you expect to have love of God?

There are three paths you can follow: the path of Love, the path of Wisdom, and the path of Truth, the last being the narrow path of life. Christ said, "Narrow is the way and few there be that find it", yet everyone can find the path of Love. If you cannot find the path of Wisdom, take the path of Love. If you cannot find that path, then take the path of Truth. Therefore the paths of Love, Wisdom, and Truth are the three paths you must walk. Do not be upset if no one else is following your path. Just go ahead. All three paths will bring us to the same point. The difference is only in the turns each of them makes. This is what Christ taught when he was on Earth; this is what he teaches today. If you are unable to comprehend earthly affairs how can you comprehend heavenly ones? If you are unable to understand the easy things, how can you understand the difficult ones?

"Tell us something great". This is the greatest thing that the brother of the smallest ones, the brother of your angels, who lead you in the right direction, can tell you. You say, "You are our brother". If you think that I am your brother in flesh, you are mistaken; but if you think that I am your brother in spirit, you are right. "You do not love us." If you speak of earthly love, I do not love you; but if you say that I do not love you as your angels love you, you are mistaken. There is no man on Earth who loves your souls more than I do. I wish that you also would love human souls in the same way. Do you understand? I know that your angels are very glad for you today. Do you understand? I wanted to do you a favour. I came to Earth to serve the angels and you. When I finish my work you will say that I went away somewhere. Where will I go? No, I will go nowhere. I will return to Him who has sent me and will ask, "Did I fulfill the assignment that was given to me"? If there is still something that I have not finished, I will come again. If I do not finish my work the second time, I will return yet again, I will return until at last I am told, "You have done your work well". This is the law for the little brother of heaven.

Let us do what God has demanded of us. This is the great teaching which you have not heard until now. Never before have you experienced what you are feeling now. Why have you heard it so late on? Because this teaching is the teaching of the small angels which have come to Earth to uplift humanity.

Now, I will not bless you. I do not do that. Why? If I send my blessing and there are still weeds in you, they will flourish too. I act rationally according to God's law. When they see that you have sown good seeds, all heavenly brothers will send their blessings so that these good seeds may come to grow and give good fruit. With this fruit let God come to grow and be resurrected in you, and may you sanctify God's name! This will be my joy because you will be close to God. I proclaim this to you for the New Year - I have not finished, I have only just started. You must realize that. What I tell you is the beginning. How many more things there are greater than this! If you listen to what these small ones are telling you, you will experience God's power. Wisdom will come to you, your will-power will be strengthened and the affairs in the world will improve.

Great work is awaiting the small ones. The teaching about the small ones is great. It fits you best. It is the basis of what the future holds in store for your soul. It is the divine thought for 1917. I do not speak now about the earthly but about the Divine year. I am starting with 1914, 15, 16, and 17 which form the new epoch. These are four Divine years, forming a cycle of the Divine blessing. The number one in 1917 implies the principle of fairness, and the seven, the law of repose and of blessing.

I will leave you now to think about humility, patience, and love. Through these, try to smooth out the rough surfaces in you which interfere with the Divine harmony in your lives. Let every one of you, with the help of your angel, call to God in yourself and ask Him, "Lord what shall ! do for the triumph of the Kingdom of God on Earth and for the glorification of Thy name among the people?" The first thing you will be told is, "Reconcile!" This was Christ's message. Read the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. In them it is said, "If you bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that your brother has fought against thee, leave there your gift before the altar and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift. If he refuses to reconcile, take two more people and go back to him". The ones that go to the altar must make peace with everybody. No one can go to the altar if he has not reconciled beforehand. You say of some people, "Let's go and reconcile them". How can you reconcile people if they refuse to go to the altar? You must reconcile! You will say, "Brother, let us reconcile"! If he refuses, go with two more men. If he refused again, take two more men. If he still refuses to listen to them, go with the whole community. If he refuses even then, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector; he doesn't know any better (Math 17:18). This is Christ's teaching. The squahhlcs that exist at present are not compatible with this teaching.

I have no desire to judge anyone. To me you are all equal. I tell you now, if you do not accept this teaching, the result will not be good. Why should unnecessary suffering be caused in this world? The sufferings of the past are sufficient. Let joy and blessing come to humanity from now on. What I say to you today is being spoken everywhere: God speaks it, the angels are saying it, and all their servants on Earth are preaching it; Christ speaks it too. I believe that this will come to pass. This has been said; it will come to pass and there is not a shadow of doubt about it. We will all meet one day; naturally, not in the same' situation as today, but ten times better than this, and still here on Earth. After ten years we will be a hundred times better off, after another ten years - a thousand times better. After another ten years, we will be ten thousand times better; after another ten years - one hundred thousand times better; after another ten years - one million times better; after ten more years - ten million times better; after another ten years - one hundred million times better. And at the end of this period, or at the beginning of the next, we will be one with God.

My peace be with you.

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)
Anonymous Coward
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11/29/2011 08:33 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
Everything evil is associated with death.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6136578

And destruction...and degradation...and making you feel worthless.

Choose Righteousness as God wants you to. He has told all of humanity that there are forces of evil that just prey on you constantly. The only time they can't touch you is when you form that bond with God and His Son.

It's not enough to just "be saved". It's when you look around you with new eyes and actually SEE God's hand everywhere. It's when you feel His presence - it's good.

Evil is in power now for God has turned over control to satan to finish out the end. Look around you - SEE the evil. See the destruction taking place.

As God tells us - you cannot serve two masters, choose money or God.
Anonymous Coward
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11/29/2011 08:34 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless

Lecture given by Beinsa Douno
August 19, 1921
Veliko Tarnovo

Please, be so kind to listen to me; I am not going to speak long. Wise persons do not need long speeches, what they need is a short, but sensible and comprehensible talk. With all my compliments and respect to you I would like to speak to you concisely and clearly, the way I would speak to intelligent people.

Life on Earth is music. It flows in three directions. Let me express this in musical terms – sometimes life follows a major scale, as in the case when military men express themselves; at other times it follows a minor scale – the way sorrow is expressed; and finally it follows a chromatic scale, which includes the first two scales. These are three great methods, three great laws that regulate our lives. When we do not understand the deep inner meaning of Life, we focus on nonessential matters and we ask ourselves why Life is organized the way it is and not differently.

Be aware that I maintain the positive view of experiential science in Life, which we have verified ninety nine times, and as a result we do not have even one hundred millionth of a doubt about what we say. Doubt is an indication of ignorance in the world. I do not imply that ignorance is bad; but it represents a process of development. For example, all infants are born ignorant and their consciousness should be gradually awakened and developed further on.

Hence, human consciousness, if I am to express myself in strict scientific language, passes through three stages: essential, substantial and material stage. The essential stage includes the principles of Life; the substantial stage includes the laws of Life and the material stage – the facts of Life. Therefore, grouped facts in the world, i.e. aggregated personal little experiences, form a law and we say that this law is expressed one way or another. Currently, contemporary scientists refer to the law as something mechanical, but it is a living essence. A law can exist only in beings who are elevated, whose consciousness has passed through the material stage – from the facts to the laws, from the individual to the general and from the general to the whole.

We ask ourselves about the most important thing for us once we are here on Earth. In the present circumstances people think that life on Earth is most important when they are well off materially; so all nations individually and collectively are striving for their material security and wellbeing. That is why today we have the so-called economic struggle. The current aspiration of nations towards the material is a trend. Hence, human consciousness advances from the material to the substantial stage or in other words the collective consciousness in man is in a process of awakening. Until now, similar to the animal world, humanity has been living in collective sub-consciousness and from now on entire humanity is advancing to collective consciousness, in other words people are beginning to realize that they need one another. Until now everyone has being living for himself alone, everyone has been seeking his personal salvation. But at present humanity as a whole is moved by an inner impulse towards the improvement of the common status, not only of one, but of all social classes and, moreover, it is happening wisely; not as we currently think that we will be able to improve our individual lives ourselves.Thousands and thousands of years ago humanity itself ruined its own wellbeing. There are reasons for that, but I am not going to elaborate on them. Once upon a time the Earth was like Paradise: the vegetation was so diverse that there were thousands and millions of fruits and as a result people lived only on fruits. However, due to certain physical reasons, the ice age befell the Earth. Consequently, its fertility decreased and people began to use meat, to kill and eat not only animals but also one another. That is why the following saying still exists among people, "I will suck out your blood". Well, I ask you: if one sucks out someone else's blood, what will they gain? If one kills someone else, what will he gain? This is a misconception of Life. Not only people as a whole do not get along, but religious and spiritual people have also lost the correct understanding of Life, though they are in the forefront, considering that they have a connection and communion with God and considering that they have the right to lead. I am telling you the Truth. It is not that others do not want to tell you the Truth or that they hide it intentionally, but it is just natural for them. If a thorn gets stuck in someone's foot, this person becomes nervous. Take the thorn out and he will calm down. Therefore, if people of today are bad, it is because each one has a thorn in their flesh bothering them all the time. Apostle Paul said that he had a thorn that constantly bothered him. I have never met a person without a thorn. While the thorn is lodged in us, we cannot be clear-sighted and think properly. Our philosophy is distorted because of the thorn. Take the thorn out and you will have a sound philosophy of Life.

An English merchant asked a preacher to explain to him what was taught in the Bible. The preacher spoke of this and that. The merchant then said, "No, no, tell me concretely and in a few words what this teaching is about." He wanted to grasp the essence, to see the kernel outside its shell. Finally the preacher advised him, "Buy yourself the Bible: you can learn lots of things from it." The merchant bought the Bible and read a lot from it, but since then his business began to deteriorate and he suffered big losses. "Ever since I bought this book only misfortunes have come upon me", he said to himself angrily. Eventually he threw the book in the fire. While the Bible was burning, a small shred of a page fell to the side. He took it and read: "God is Love."

At present contemporary Christians keep asking, what is Christianity, what type of religion is it? They go around saying, that Christianity is this and that. No, no, God is Love which has to unite all people in order for them to live in Love, Peace and Brotherhood[1] , regardless whether they are kings, rulers or of any other social position; these are secondary matters. All people should live according to Love as brothers and sisters, respecting one another. They have to share everything willingly: not by force, but voluntarily and consciously.

Once we touch upon this subject, other questions arise: is there an afterlife or not, which religion is the most truthful and so on. I say, there is only one Teaching in the world that can improve our homes and this is the Teaching of wise Love, not contemporary class love. Principal Love – this is Love containing self-sacrifice, love of the mothers, brothers, friends, saints, love of the most enlightened persons in the world. Once this Love comes to dwell in us, our eyes will be opened.

At present there are many people in the world, who doubt whether or not humans possess a sixth sense and whether they can see with it. Everyone can see with it. When a young lad falls in love with an unattractive girl, he sees in her what the rest cannot see. He says, "She is a jewel." When we love someone, we see their abilities and talents. Where are they? There is a place, where we see these talents. However, when we do not love someone, we assign the worst qualities to them, saying that they are like this or that.

Now a great law is becoming effective in the world. Be aware that the world has entered a new stage and even ten years will not pass before this trend will be intensified. This great law is currently at work in all human beings; it is acting in human minds and hearts. One can see the activation of this law in the fact that all people of today are restless. Why are they feeling restless? If they were poor, we could say that they had to work a lot and as a result they became restless. This is understandable. But why are scientists and rich people restless? In addition, religious people are also restless and all people are restless. Why? – Because they have only beliefs, but not faith. If today there were persecutions of one's faith, I do not know how many would withstand. All people are Christians today, because no one persecutes them, but one's faith is tested and proven in difficulties. Self-sacrifice is tested in poverty, deprivation and hard moments. When one sacrifices one's life, it is also a test for their character.

Therefore, which is the ultimate wellbeing in the world? – The wellbeing of an individual, nation, society as a whole or entire humanity? These are all the same. An individual represents a miniature of entire humanity. Therefore, a nation in the process of its development reflects humanity in a miniature form. For this reason when we talk about an individual, we think of them as a seed. When we talk about a society, I deduce that the seed has started to grow. When we talk about a nation, I deduce that the seed has started to grow more and more and when we talk about humanity in its wholeness, I deduce that the seed is branching out, blooming and bearing fruit. If we understand Life in this way, we will know that everyone of us is a necessary part of humanity.

We do not understand humanity in the way that half of it is created to live in Paradise and the other half – in hell. I know that when we perceive God as Love, we all live in Paradise and everything outside God is emptiness. But to know God, we must have Love. Every person, every form is a factor in this Love. The forms, in which we are living now, are not completed. Do you think that you have come to the Earth for the first time; that you were born for the first time? No, each of you has a long history and if someone describes your history, you will be very interested to see who you were in the past and who you will be in the future. This is a great process, through which we are passing. For example, when someone is elevated and noble, they are aware that all people should live in Love. Whoever they are, they will use all conditions in life to contribute to the common wellbeing. Only Love provides all these conditions.

I am not going to elaborate on and explain the reasons for the struggles in the world. In my view, they appear naturally. I will illustrate them with the following example: take two trees, planted next to one another. These two trees with their multitudes of leaves, blooms and branches live well together just like brothers, and they bill and coo; but all of a sudden a wind comes out and their leaves and branches intertwine and twist together. The wind grows stronger, a storm rises up and the branches collide. They ask one another, "What are you doing!? Why are you twisting like that?" I ask, is the reason for this external or internal? – The reason is external. At present, the reasons for misunderstandings among people are external – these are the economic conditions. This is the wind that makes people quarrel and struggle among themselves. Some ask how long this storm will last. A storm can last twenty-four or forty-eight hours, but no longer than three days and then all the leaves will rest still. Currently, there is a storm in the world that is pushing and sifting us; there will be broken legs and arms. But do not grow angry, this storm will soon subside. This social storm will end in forty-five years, but only if people grow wiser. However, if they do not learn from their experiences how to improve their lives, the storm will continue even longer. And if they learn from their experiences, the storm will subside sooner, because the great law governing the world is intelligent – regardless if one is a believer or not.

There is a rational force, a great law in the world that compels people – both believers and atheists – to think and to act identically. Many times I see people who do not believe in God, do not go to church, but jump in the water and risk their lives to rescue someone. The law in such a person is not mechanical; they were born with a different law – the law of self-sacrifice. Therefore, they have within themselves something greater than the formal religion. Religion came into the world later. Some people ask, "Are you religious?" One can be religious and yet – dishonest. Religion is not a label, indicating one's honesty. To test this assertion you should visit, for example, the merchants, who go to church and believe in God; then review their accounts and note how they sell. The law ruling the world is different. Love should live in their hearts; they have to be awakened and not to cheat their brothers and sisters. Thus, they will view the interests of others as their own interests and consequently they will not sell bad merchandise. We will have mutual understanding, only if we view our work in this way.

If we view one another according to our nationality – asking one another "Are you Bulgarian, English, French or German?" – we will not have mutual understanding. We say, "The Bulgarians are bad." These are individual ideas and not collective consciousness; this has not yet been a Divine law. The Divine principle has not yet been manifested in nations. All nations care only about their own economy. No nation is more privileged than another one, because each nation has its own place. For example, if I raise my hand and stretch one of my fingers upward, and this same finger has decided that it is the most privileged of all, what will happen? This one finger shows only the direction, but it cannot function alone; work is accomplished by all fingers used together as each one has its own place on the hand. Only when all fingers act together our hand as a whole will fulfill its obligations and will present a symbol of will. Hence, when a nation realizes its position as a part, as an organ in the entire organism of humanity, which is obliged to accomplish its work on time, then it will be at its right place.

Contemporary people want to support the old god. We know who the old god is. Do not feel offended. This old god has brought all the wars, violence and misery. In the God of Love however, there is not a single lie. This God of Love watches all human beings and even the smallest creatures with equal love and compassion, being ready to help everyone. And when a little being, whose form is destroyed, comes to Him, it is given another form with the words, "Continue your work, do not be afraid and go forward!" I am asking now, what have we gained after being alive here on Earth for fifty-sixty years? Let us suppose that a mother has a beautiful daughter, an excellent lass, who is well dressed and happy to be surrounded by many young men. I ask how long her happiness will last: five, ten or fifteen years. Gradually her face will wrinkle, losing its beauty and freshness, and it will become ugly, so finally the young men will abandon her. Other beauties will appear to replace her and eventually she will become discontent, feeling that her life has no meaning and she is not happy. At the beginning she was content with life, but later on it became meaningless for her. She was in the position of that European writer who wrote a book pointing that there was not a nobler being on Earth than man and that life was good; but after the author went through a crisis and was disappointed by people, he wrote another book stating that there was not a worse being on Earth than man and that the world was bad. Therefore, when we are doing really well, we say, "Everything is great, God is very good." But if we encounter a disaster, a misfortune or an action, which we did not anticipate, we say, "There is not a more unjust God in the world than this One." The world follows its defined path.

Some time ago a highly intelligent and well-educated woman came to me asking to help her resolve the following puzzle or problem: her husband, when he was still a young man visited Antwerp during an exhibition. He had heard of a man in that town, who could tell people their future while he was asleep. Her husband became interested to hear what this man would tell him and he decided to pay him a visit. The sleeping man told him, "You are going to marry at a very young age, you will have four children, but one of them will die. You will marry your wife for love and will enjoy a happy family life for ten years. After that a blond woman will enter your home, she will destroy your life and you will go to live with her. If you pass this test, in ten or fifteen years you will go back to your first wife and you will live very well together." "In fact", said the woman, "one of our children died. When this happened I found among my husband's papers this note telling his future. The blond woman came into our home and destroyed our life." Then she asked me what to do, whether she should leave her husband. I told her to follow closely what would happen and to see if the rest of the prediction would come true. She asked me how such things were possible. I told her, "Life is predetermined, not in a fatal way, but there are certain reasons predetermining human destinies."

Our life, such as it is developing now, is also predetermined by many preceding causes. If we take advantage of these causes, we can improve our lives, we can fight evil in the world and overcome it. The Hindus call this karma or the fall of man. We are able to fight the fall of man. A man who can fall down and sin can also stand up and win. However, contemporary religious people go into another extreme in their beliefs: they claim that religion by itself will improve our life completely. This statement is half-true. Religion cannot improve our lives completely. As just mentioned this statement is 50% true, because we can control over 50% of our destiny, but there are also other factors regulating our lives and constituting the remaining 50%. I say, 50% of our lives depend on destiny and Nature, 25% – on our own selves and 25% – on the society. Therefore, when these three factors begin to work together, there will be spiritual and moral uplift and improvement. For this to happen, many souls should obligatorily come down to work in one direction. When the spring comes, does it come with only one flower? – No, it comes with millions and millions of flowers. Later on the bees come; and the bustle commences in Nature. That is how unity is created.

Consequently, from an esoteric point of view, we resemble little flowers that have just blossomed, i.e. our consciousness is at such a level of development that we have just begun to discern good and evil. You may say, "Well, one has to lie a little." No, in the conscious life lie is absolutely not permitted, just as in mathematics mistakes whatsoever are not permitted, because any mistake that slips into architecture or technology will result in undesirable consequences. Similarly, the lies we admit in our lives will affect our structure in the same way as the wrong calculations made by an architect will affect a building. Contemporary spiritual people should at least have rules, the way the musicians do. Assign a musical piece to the latter and all of them will keep time during its performance. Commission a painting to a couple of notable painters and all of them will paint it according to the same law. Give a problem to a couple of mathematicians and they will solve it according to the same law. When we consider the spiritual life, we say, "We do not need music, we do not need calculations. God will take care of everything." No, friends, the spiritual life requires strict mathematics, everything is precisely determined there. Whether a person or a nation is happy or not will depend on certain facts that are permitted.

Hence, this great law that regulates the life of the present-day European nations has placed them in their current position. The present civilization that has almost reached its end, began in Egypt, went through Syria, Persia, Rome, England, Germany, America and it is now passing into Russia again, then it is returning to the Eastern continent. From there it will go into a different direction. The wave that is currently coming into the world, stirring humanity, is not mechanical. All of you are destined to take part in it, never mind if you want it or not. And we have to participate in it consciously.

What constitutes the nobility of a nation? Why are the English people noble? – Because collective consciousness has been awakened in them. Though they make mistakes, they correct them with ease. The highest concentration of occultists is among them. Each nation, in which collective consciousness is being awakened, realizes to a certain degree that everything should be in accordance with and in subordination to the common goal. The English people have understood this idea to a certain degree. This consciousness is awakening not only among the English people, but all over the world. It has penetrated all poor people, poor widows and orphans. Do you know your situation today? It is similar to the story of an American preacher, who had the custom to invite poor children to his home and to feast them every day. Ahead of each meal they said Grace together. One day he saw an orphan, a little child. He took him to his home to give him food, but he told him in advance, "Let us say Grace together." They began, Our Father, Who are in Heaven, Hallowed be Your name. The child paused in silence. "Why are you silent?" The child asked, "So, the Lord is our Father?" – "Yes, He is." "So you are my brother?" What the child meant by these words was, "You are a preacher, you sleep in a soft bed, you eat well and what about me, brother – I shiver in the cold, I go to bed hungry." The preacher understood his own situation. This is our situation today as well. Christ has come to save the world. We recite, Our Father Who are in Heaven. There should not be poor people in any nation; it is a shame to have poor people today! There should not be poor widows in any nation! It is a shame that today our brothers and sisters have to sell their honor for bread! Thousands of our sisters and brothers are in brothels at present, selling their honor. We say, "There is God, there is Christ in church, in Heaven." Yes, this Christ came for the dissolute – to save them; He did not come for the righteous ones. Hence, today we should have the fortitude to rectify our past mistakes. We should rectify them by all means. We should hold out our hand to our brothers and sisters, who have fallen.

Currently, all suffer from misconceived Love. Deprive any flower, any plant of sunlight and you will witness the abrupt change that will occur. Deprive any being of Love and you will witness the same law in action. Therefore, we should talk about the God of the future not as some distant being, but as a Being working in our hearts, so that we can do His Will and abide by His law voluntarily, without pressure.

Now all of you are summoned to this great feast in the world. The God of Love has called upon you regardless of your position and your creed. Today He is calling upon you to rise and to take an upward step: not as Bulgarians, Evangelists, Orthodox, Catholics, Muslims, but as intelligent beings, as brothers coming from one Father, with the same blood in their veins. The same blood flows in the veins of all people. If we grasp this fact, we will grasp the New teaching, and thus religion will be reformed. If the future religion does not comprehend this great law, it is condemned to be titled "May it rest in peace" for a hundred years. I am saying a great truth. The clergy should know it and inscribe the following sign on the church: God is Love and we will all sacrifice ourselves for Love. All bishops, priests, mothers, teachers, judges should write down this law. The common principle must be Love. And when we meet one another, we should know that we are brothers and sisters. Then we will have different knowledge and different science; the current barriers among us will disappear. And a new life will commence, bringing peace and joy: peace to our minds, joy to our hearts and power to our human will.

Now it is time for all of us to live in this collective consciousness, to realize that there is no death. The human soul and consciousness do not die. The human body is modified, the form is altered, but that is not essential. One changes many bodies, many organs, but as a developing soul, as consciousness in Nature, one does not cease to exist. This is a fact without any exceptions. Examine the Truth and you will see. Therefore, I tell you: examine the Truth that is implanted in you, look for your ideal within yourselves, in your souls. You will not find this ideal outside. It is implanted in your souls, minds and bodies, the same way as energy is implanted in the seed and the seed is implanted in the ground. It draws the juices from the soil and thus creates all of its organs. Thus the human spirit uses all the energies implanted in our bodies to create the organs of the human body according to the same law.

I will mention the following fact: how many years were necessary for the creation of your hand? The finger joints reveal for how many millions of years man has existed; they reveal the history of humanity, the history of the human development, the state through which the whole of humanity has passed. If I told you that the human finger recounts the whole history of man, you would say that this was impossible. Well, for those who do not understand the laws of Nature, it is a fantasy.

Once I was walking with some friends in a pine tree forest. We stopped in front of a pine tree and I said, "The branch rings of this pine tree show the years when there was excess moisture and those when there was less moisture. This can be inferred from these branch rings". You can verify this fact. Therefore, when there was plenty of rain during the year, the distance between the branch rings grew longer and vice versa – if the rainfall during the year was scant, the distance grew shorter. So, it is possible to quantify mathematically and to determine approximately the dampness through time. This is how dampness affects trees.

Our bodies are also affected by certain events – individual, social and national. Are you aware of this? We carry the sins of entire humanity. Do not think that we who are far away from Africa do not carry the sins of the Africans. Yes, we do. There is an inner force connecting people together and interweaving their lives. Hence, in the future when we grasp this great law, we will realize that all people should create a good environment for all contemporary miseries to be avoided. Many times I repeated that only mothers could create it. Every mother after conceiving a child regardless of its gender, must say, "Daughter, son, in the future I want you to live according to the law of Love and to represent its fullness." If she says this, she will have a daughter or a son hero, who will live according to the law of Love. Each mother is to instill this idea in her children. The young people who are getting married must say, "Our sons and daughters should live for Love, for the God of Love Who unites people." The new generation will be bearers of new ideas, of Divine Love. However, if we continue the way we are currently living, if we were born in this miserly way and still want to reform people who have been working for thousands of years, we will achieve nothing. One can be reformed only in the womb of the mother, so that one would live in Love of God; people cannot reform themselves. Only mothers can recreate their children, reforming them. A person can influence only 50% of their reformation on their own. They are like a ship without a rudder that can be tossed by the waves in any direction.

Therefore, the environment for women should be improved in the future. Women who conceive must have the best environment, but also the surroundings of children should be improved. In addition, we should not go about it mechanically, but according to the law acting in Living Nature. Nature is alive and perfect; I read in Her what beautiful methods She has! If the Bulgarians apply the methods of Nature, they will improve their wellbeing! What immense riches are hidden in Nature! They could repay all of their debts in ten years. However, they should undertake the study of Living Nature. Yet, what do the Bulgarians currently do? – They await their salvation from somewhere; they expect it from where it will not come. And this salvation is hidden in Living Nature that has implanted its forces. People must put these forces in action; they should begin working according to the law of Love and for the good of others. In this way their blessing will descend upon them as well.

Now, this Great law is calling people to brotherhood and sisterhood. Only then we can establish a new science of brotherhood and sisterhood. And what is our present science? It is like a little lamb that a child looks after, kisses it and makes wreaths for it. One day the mother says to her child, "For my little baby to live, we have to slaughter this lamb". The little child cries. You will say, "Well, this is the way we should live." Do you think that this child will be well brought up? The child will ask, "How is it possible for God Who is so good to allow the slaughter of this lamb?" – "Well, my dear, God ordered it that way." No, it is not God Who ordered Life this way; it is us who did it. Let us now free ourselves from these delusions! Let us not think that God organized the world in this way. No, lambs should not be slaughtered. Currently, we have a culture for killing, for crippling the legs of this or that person. Only gun-shots are heard. All say, "This is for the sake of our homeland." However, what benefit did wars confer to humanity? – Absolutely no benefit. People grew ferocious and their wars brought about today's depravity. And future wars will not bring anything good either. We are supposed to fight, but in what way? – To fight, but not to kill. The law of Love is calling people now. The most capable, the greatest, the best persons – mothers, fathers, teachers, priests, selfless people should come to undertake this great work. If they do not arrive on time, others will.

Now I will summarize my conclusions as follows: I do not intend in the least to pressure you to believe, but I want you to test them. Experiences, experiences are needed and nothing more! There exists an inner experience. As each plant should find its soil and the conditions suitable for its growth, so every person in the world should find favorable conditions for their growth and development. Never think that your living conditions are unfavorable. These are only subjective conceptions. In the development of collective consciousness every person occupies a precise position. However, we delude ourselves and we say, "Why am I not like this gentleman?" Do not look at this gentleman from outside; he may be rich, he may eat plenty of gourmet meals, but he is unhappy, his inner life is rotten, he has a heart defect, his stomach is malfunctioning. While the other one, the poor, does not have similar riches, but he is healthy and can enjoy his meals. One's happiness is determined by the disposition of the spirit – when one is content with what he receives in a particular moment. When people unite, they must have the same ideas. The ideas of all of us should be right[2] . I do not say that they are always right, but they should be individually right. Hence, from an individual, social and national point of view we should amend our ideas and introduce new ones that are coming to the world from above. We should devise our thoughts and feelings properly, the way plants craft their forms.

Some people say, "Nowadays life is very hard." No, as I mentioned before, nowadays you have the most favorable conditions of life. You are in the position of the Jewish people who left Egypt. In the desert you may not have meat and some other things, but you will have water and clean air and a Pharaoh will not command you. It is better for you to be free in the desert than to be slaves who eat meet and indulge in all pleasures, while the Pharaoh urges you on with his whip and orders you, "You will make tiles and bricks!" And we answer: "What can we do, we will make them." No, we are not going to make bricks and tiles any more. There is a long road before us in the desert of the Divine life.

All young people who are able to walk should take a backpack and go forward. Do you know what you will be then? – When you meet someone, you will freely continue along your way. At present, when you meet someone, you shrink and hide in case he may rob you or stick his hand in your pocket. You say, "He is a thief." I say, today the world is full of thieves. Can you tell me who is not a thief, who has not inserted a hand in the father's pocket? Who has not taken from the forbidden fruit? In the future, when we enter a fruit garden, we will say according to the law of Love, "Brother, may I pick fruits from your garden or will you pick them for me?" And he will say, "Yes, you may, brother, help yourself!" When I go to a friend, I will say, "Brother, may I spend the night in your house?" – "You may." This should be the New teaching. What will you say now? "Sir, there is a hotel; go there as we do not have spare rooms, there is a housing shortage, etc." And thus the matter will be closed. Now, when you meet someone, you begin to question him, "Are you Bulgarian, do you believe in God, to which party do you belong, etc." I am not saying that these things are bad, but they are not essential. The noble feeling of brotherhood has to permeate us, so when we meet someone – a woman or a man, we would recognize this one as our brother or sister. If you are able to cultivate this feeling of brotherhood, you will set humanity on a new foundation. Then the current misunderstanding among us will not persist, but there will be a just aspiration instead.

This is the Divine teaching that is currently coming into the world. The little children have undertaken it and in ten years they will proclaim it. In ten years the caterpillars will leave their pupae to fly on their wings. They will say, "No, there is no need for pupae." This law is coming to the world. Now the facts are grouped and the laws established. We are passing from the material to the spiritual world; everything is transferred from the individual to the social level. In other words, let us not think only about the law of insurance – whereby everyone cares about leaving an inheritance of a couple of million to be distributed upon their death here and there. They make "benefactions" for the rest to say, that so and so died and left that much money, therefore he or she was a magnanimous person. No, in the future people will not die and will not need monuments.

Consequently, instill Love as an aspiration in your heart, as a feeling in your soul, as a force in your mind and as a principle in your spirit. In this lies the salvation of the human spirit.

Thereby, we should understand Love in these three aspects: as an irresistible downward aspiration in the heart; as an upward feeling in the soul; as a force expanding the human mind and containing the conscious principle, through which we realize why we live, why we have come, where we have come from and what is our purpose on Earth.

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless
Message to materialists

« I am very happy, my dear brothers and sisters, to be able to say a few words to you today in this beautiful region of France, with its sky always blue, its perfumed air, and the sun always radiant. What profound silence and what peace in this magnificent place!

I am sure that you already feel that a new day is rising in the world. The history of the earth and of humanity has its periods which replace one another. Each period adds something new in the life of living beings. Astrological science of ancient times was capable of foreseeing the unrolling of events in the life of human beings, in connection with the movement of the stars and planets.

Without entering into the details of the periods through which the earth has already passed, and with it the whole of humanity (which would lead us very far), I shall say to you only that an old age, like a long, painful and dark night, is going away. It is disappearing away, into the past of time to give way to a new age, a culture of the sun! One already hears the children of the sun and of light singing hymns of joy and of gratitude to the inexhaustible goodness of the Creator.

One sees the sun opening halfway and the angels, unflagging servants of God, coming down to put order and harmony into sensitive and affectionate souls. A new earth and a new heaven have been in preparation and formation for a long time in God's great studios, workshops. The children of the new life know a wonderful way: the path which leads towards the sun! They have tasted delicious fruits, ripened by the rays of this sun, fruits of joy, of hope and of divine love. They ask now this question to their brothers, a little dulled, numb in matter, deprived of faith and hope:

- "Do you believe that intelligent beings still exist on earth?"

- "Naturally!", answer these nice brothers, who based everything on matter, having, moreover, never well known what it really represents. "Naturally, we believe it! And these intelligent beings, we are they!"

- "Oh, how magnificent it is!", respond the children of the new life, "to be classed among intelligent and reasonable beings."

- "Do you believe that there are just and noble beings on the earth?"

- "By all means!", answer these brothers made heavy and dulled by matter. "Of course, we believe that! It is we who are these just and noble beings! All the others are in error and total ignorance!"

- "Oh how wonderful!", exclaim the children of the new life. "It is marvelous to be just and noble in this life that is so sad and colourless for the majority of human beings."
"Do you believe in the existence of good, beautiful and powerful beings?" continue to ask the children of the new life.

- "Come on! Honestly! There is no doubt!", answer the brothers a little laggard and rebellious; some of them recognizing that they were beaten or desacrated by some in the struggle for existence, and the others enchanted, enticed or seduced by the charms and beauty of creatures specialized for that."

"In such cases, how can one not believe in the existence of powerful and beautiful beings?"
After that, the children of hope and of the new life affirm solemnly this:

- "Oh, you have supplied us with the means to prove to you and to convince you that beauty, intelligence, force, justice, gentleness, charity, love, patience and all other sublime virtues are qualities and attributes, or grains come from an unique Source, transmitted to us by intermediate centers. This Holy Source nourrishes all the worlds and their creatures in infinite space. If all these qualities and virtues came from yourselves, who are matter and nothing else according in your opinion, why then can you not become at will all powerful, omniscient or beautiful as you wish it yourselves? These qualities which human beings possess come logically, therefore, from a Source which is outside of us, or of our current possibilities. Reunite now by your imagination all these qualities and virtues, amplify them to infinity in one single being. It is that being precisely whom we call the Divinity, from whom come to us all talents and all possibilities, unique Being, unquestiontable, more real than reality itself. To doubt His existence, is to doubt your intelligence, your goodness, your force and the glorious future that you can have. It is the greatest error which slipped itself into the intellect of our brothers, slaves of the material world, who bear pretentious names of atheists, materialists, realists, of rationalists, anarchists and of "abracadabrists".

Can we increase our qualities and virtues?

Yes. by uniting ourselves:

- by correct and luminous thoughts of true intelligence,

- by the warm and vivifying feelings or sentiments of selfless love,

- by straightforward, upright and noble deeds of an ordered and harmonized activity.

By uniting ourselves with this inexhaustible Source of goodness, joy and bless which represents the spiritual Sun, we are walking towards perfection. All true thinkers, all non nebulous true mystics of all ages, the prophets, masters or initiates, acknowledged this great and sublime Truth, beyong all truths. They bowed down with love, humility and adoration before The Supreme Being, who is the true distributor of all good, all interior and exterior riches. All drew force from Him for their inspiration, their revelations, and the actions which ensued them.

Do you not feel that there is something changed in life, in human nature and in the surrounding countryside? that even the sun and the most faraway stars are sending us the most moving messages? Do you not feel that underground or subterranean forces, in the oceans, in the air and in cosmic ether, all are in feverish activity? Do you not feel that entities, in countless number, descend from heavenly regions with the plan to awaken us to spiritual truths? And that these beings direct myriad other beings, who work on stones, plants, animals and humans beings? Are you waiting to begin to work with these workers of the new time until the greatest disasters and the largest cataclysms burst out on humanity? That subterranean forces begin to shake the earth's fragile crust? That the oceans flow out onto the continents? That storms and hurricanes show their strength and power in sweeping out everything in front of them? And that the most devastating wars are launched between several nations and tear down the earth?

It is said in the Holy Scriptures, that "the sun will be obscured", that "the moon will no longer give light", that "the stars will fall from heaven", and that "the powers of heaven will be set in motion. And then the sign of the Son of man shall appear in heaven."

All this is purely symbolic. According to the ancient science of symbols, which revealed and summarized all esoteric science, "the sun will be obscured" signifies that the human intellect, their point of view, will not give any more clarity. The works of numerous scholars, writers and philosophers will present only aberrations, deviations and obscureness. Their point of view, based on an egocentric philosophy will crumble. Here is a striking example: the conclusion drawn by certain researchers sincere, honest, and nevertheless misled; that the law of life is battle, war, and merciless, pitiless fight among creatures for their existence. This conclusion has been drawn thanks to their observation of the inferior regions of life: in the oceans, where everything are eating and devouring each other; in forests, jungles, where animals and wild beasts are devouring each another, in swamps, in families and societies, where, everywhere they report egotism, ferocious fight, slaughter. They believed they were right to draw a conclusion which did not contain the whole truth, but only fifty percent.

All that is true if one sees only the lower regions.

All that is true if one sees the egoistical, selfish and personal child, who only asks to take without thinking of anybody else. It is selfishness, egotism which absorbs, cries, claims, subjects and enslaves the others.

But one forgets to see that beside the child exist the mother and the father, or the grandparents,... this mother who is all love and abnegation, who exerts herself to bring up the child. She is the incarnation of devotion and sacrifice.

Can we not conclude that another law exists in life, the law of Love and Sacrifice?

Let us take the example of the earth, which is still an egotistical child, and of the mother, the visible sun, because the Father, He, is hidden: it is the invisible Sun. Both of them bend over this child continually, warning him, enlightening him. The earth never stops taking forces and energies from the sun. And the sun gives itself continually with love and patience until the maturation of the earth. The earth will become a sun one day in its turn, contrary to that the astronomers and scholars expect according to their calculations and scientific forecasts, which are based on their point of view purely mechanical, that is, on the dead side of nature. If scholars pay attention only toward the earth and toward what happens in the inferior regions, seeing only purely selfish and destructive phenomenas, it is that they have not raised their eyes towards the regions of spirit and love, where reign other laws, those of kindness, love, charity, sacrifice, patience and impersonality. Due to maturing under the sun beams of goodness and love, a tough, bitter and acid fruit, becomes sweet, delicious and fragrant.

It is so with the earth, and with human beings. One day, all of humanity will evolve, will progress, and people will leave the planet, leaving the earth to their small brothers, the animals, those who have also become more evolved and intelligent in their turn. Nothing will be able to resist the all powerful influence of divine heat and divine light. It is a question of time.

Still, what is the most extraordinary and astonishing, incredible for the moment, is that unbelieving and atheistic scholars, like bitter, acid and tough fruits, will become sugar and honey, speaking only of love.

This example shows us that there exists another point of view, known by the Initiates, which makes us see things correctly.

It has been said that "the moon will no longer give any more light". That means that the human heart is filled with religious prejudices and with continually changing and unstable sentiments; and that these prejudices and sentiments will be reduced to nothing.

"Stars will fall from heaven", that means that many scientific, political, economic, as well as military authorities, because of a turnover of things in the life, will no longer be able to remedy by their old methods various conditions, circumstances and factors which shall start, so that they shall fall from their base.

"Then the sign of the Son of man will appear in the heavens." That means that a new light will appear, that new ideas will come to prepare the new culture which is coming. Scholars will no longer any more search for purely destructive means. Philosophers will no longer invent any more purely human philosophies and which are far from the truth, but they will accept the unique and only Philosophy which exists since the Creation of the world, which the greatest Masters of humanity knew and professed. Neither Hermes, nor Zoroastre, nor Ram, nor Buddha, nor Krishna, nor Orpheus, nor Moses, nor Plato, nor Pythagoras, nor Fo-Hi, nor Lao-Tseu have ever invented and fabricated anything by themselves as philosophy as such. But they all studied the one and only true Philosophy, which has been well guarded and passed on to our time. Writers will no longer write any more works which destroy faith, joy and hope, and so introducing in this way anarchy and chaos into human souls, without having the least idea of their moral responsibility toward their readers.

Poets will not write poetry where sadness, laziness and desolation, as well as a crepuscular and morbid sentimentality weaken human beings.

Painters will no longer paint any more paintings which are the reflection of their continual nightmares, lived in their swampy subconscious, or in subterranians, undergrounds or caves full of mildew.

Authors of theater pieces will not present plays where one sees exclusively unchained human passions, where human beings are in prey to conflicts with no way out, and walk on inextricable paths, with neither solution, nor salvation.

Musicians will no longer compose any songs or music which unchain hell slumbering in each human nature to manifest itself in madness, folies. New musicians will create a new music, which will correspond to the highest and most divine aspirations of the soul, its desire to live again the life which it lived before it left Paradise. This new music will nourish all that is pure and divine in the soul. This new music will save the world. It will possess the magic power to call the sacred Fire down from Heaven and with it a whole hierarchy of beings of order, of harmony and of beauty as well.

Dance, sculpture, architecture, everything will change and will improve thanks to the intelligent and luminous beings who know the structure and formation of human being, and of all his subtle bodies.

"This present generation", say the great Masters, "is darkened, materialized, chaotic, unruly, disorderly, and crystallized in inoperative and null forms. This generation cannot vibrate in harmony with the powerful and irresistible impulses of this spouting out Source, the visible sun, representative of the invisible Sun which is the Christ. A new generation is coming with new hearts and new minds, carriers of new seeds. New life approaches like the spiritual Spring, of which all the true poets dreamed, which the true clairvoyants contemplated, which the true prophets predicted."

The new Teaching of the Great Universal White Brotherhood contains all the methods, all the rules, and all the principles, as well as the discipline and the prescriptions necessary to prepare beings to receive the new impulses and the new streams which flow from the heart of our solar system. This heart already sends us its Heat and its Light to animate us and to resuscitate us.

Everything must be renewed, needs to vibrate and shine new plentiful, intense life, which will cleanse everything, purify all, armed with Love, with Hope, with ardent, immovable and powerful Faith in the existence of the Being of all beings, the Ancient of ancients, the Mysterious of mysterious, gentle Father of the Heavens, clement, merciful and misericordious Father. May His name be louded and sanctified for eternity! Oh, may this blessed day come as soon as possible, Lord, in order that the whole world quivers with joy and with gratitude, to be in order to sense Your presence, inexpressible through human words, but who is the resurrection and the eternal life, in joy, in Love, and in Peace.

So be it! »

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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless

Today people divide Christ into aspects such as "historical," "cosmic," "mystical" and so on. But Christ in his essence is one and indivisible.

There is only one Christ - the living Christ who is the manifestation of God, the manifestation of Love.
Christ is God revealing Himself to the world.

As a manifestation of God, Christ cannot be separated from Him, cannot be considered apart from Him.

And when I speak of Christ, I do not mean an abstract principle, but rather an actual incarnation of Love. Love is the greatest reality and not an abstraction. It has form, content and meaning.

Christ - whatever conception people have of him as "historical," as "cosmic," as "mystical," - gave to the earth the fullest expression of Love.

This is because as an historic personality, as a cosmic essence, and as a mystical experience, Christ is and remains the most perfect expression of Love.

Indeed, no other man on earth before Christ had greater love than His.

There is neither in the cosmos without, nor in the mystic depths of the soul within, a fuller expression of Love than that which we personify in Christ.

Therefore, how are the words "historical," "cosmic," and "mystical" to be understood?
Manifested on the earth at a certain historical moment as the ideal man, as an example of the real man, Christ is "historical." And the times in which he lived record an bear witness to Him: "Behold, the man! Behold, the true man in whom Love, Wisdom, and Truth live, and who applies them."

When he is experienced in the inward depths, he is "mystical," and when he is comprehended and known as God manifested in the world, he is "cosmic."

The physical side of Christ is all of humanity united in one body. All human souls in which Christ lives, united into one - this is the physical aspect of Christ.

All angels, gathered into the heart of Christ, represent his spiritual aspect.

And all divine beings, united in the mind of Christ, are his divine aspect.

This is the "cosmic" Christ, God manifested in the world.

That is why the mystic sees Christ everywhere - as the great Brother of humanity, the archetype of man, the First-Born in the world, the beginning of the human race, the beginning of human evolution. The First-Born who developed and manifested all divine virtues, who applied all divine laws.

The mystic sees Christ as the First-Born who passed every trial and sacrificed all for his brothers.
Mountains, fields, springs, rivers, and seas, with all the natural wealth hidden therein - all this is an expression of this Great Brother.

But this is a great mystery, for the understanding of which thousands of years of unremitting work are necessary.

Thus does one need to conceive of Christ in his comprehensiveness.

He is One, although people consider him sometimes as "historical," sometimes as "cosmic," or as "mystical."

All these words must come to life in the true understanding of Christ as the manifested and revealed Love of God; they must not remain dry concepts, prisons for human thought.

Indeed, is not the "historical" Christ, who came to earth two thousand years ago, a prison for the minds of many Christians? Where in the Scripture did Christ two thousand years ago speak of himself as of an historical personality? He speaks of himself as Spirit, as one who will remain on earth "to the end of the ages," that is until the epoch of violence and evil, now in its last days, comes to an end.

"Go and preach," he says to his disciples, "and I shall be with you to the end of the ages."

One of the worst delusions is to think that Christ is in heaven, that he sits and waits for the Last Judgment, when he will begin to judge the living and the dead.

The truth is that Christ has never left the earth. Remember his words: "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth."

Christ is he Who has inspired, is inspiring, and will inspire the "historical," "cosmic," and "mystical" life of the earth and humanity.

Without Christ, there could be no history.

Without Christ, there could be no "cosmos," no organized and established world.

Without Christ, there could be no "mystical" life.

He is the great inspirer of all revelations in all times. He is the unseen moving force behind the whole spiritual life of humanity.

The Scripture, in which Christ is the central figure, is a witness to this.

Christ himself hints at this with the words: "Moses and the prophets wrote about me."

Moses, in a general sense, comprises all the spiritual leaders of humanity, all scientists, philosophers, writers, poets, artists and musicians who prepare the minds of men for the understanding of Christ, the divine Truth.

However transitory their works seem, however changeable their theories, they are not arbitrary; they are created under the influence of a universal law of the Spirit, working in mankind in a special way.
All those men, therefore, worked for the manifold upliftment of humanity; they prepared the way for the coming of Christ.

It is not easy for a great Spirit such as Christ to come among men. Men had to work hard in the course of several thousand years in order that Christ might appear among them. It is not easy to come to the earth.

But with his descent to the earth, Christ opened a new epoch in the evolution of humanity. He indicated the only way by which the human soul can ascend to God.

This is why he said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life."

The Way: in the broadest sense of the word, this is the movement of the Spirit towards an intelligent application of the laws of Nature.

The Life: this is the harmonious organization of the elements and the development of the forces in the Divine soul.

The Truth: this is the manifestation of the One God, who creates the conditions for the development of all living beings.

Coming from the Divine world of Truth and descending to the material world, Christ connects human souls to the world of Truth, where the great aims of every life are hidden.

There must necessarily be a link to unite human souls sunken in matter, with God. Only Christ can form that link - only Christ can unite men with God.

He came down from the Divine world, bringing life from the world of Truth, and ascended back to it, and in this way he indicated the path leading from temporal life to the eternal.

"And this is life eternal," says Christ, "that they should know Thee the only true God, and him who Thou didst send Jesus Christ."

To know God is to know the seeds of the Spirit - the conditions, the powers, and the laws which sustain it, and according to which this wonderful order of things is built.

And Christ is the intelligent beginning who comes from the One God, bringing life to all beings, guiding them and sustaining them, and linking them to the initial center of all that is.

Christ is the way of this intelligent movement of souls which leads them to life eternal in Truth.
And when Christ is asked why he came to earth, he replies, "To this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the Truth."

These words, however, are a mathematical formula. The question of the coming of Christ is one of the deepest questions in human life. Many people think that it is very easy to reply to this question. They say that Christ came to the earth in order to suffer and to save humanity.

The coming of Christ to the earth is not a matter of suffering. The suffering was a secondary occurrence in the life of Christ - it is far from determining this very important moment in the history of humanity.

Salvation, in the way in which it is usually understood, is also a partial conception of this great event.

But today, all the preachers say that Christ came to the earth to save humanity. If Christ had saved the world in such a mechanical way as people believe, and if they were truly saved, then they would not live in a way so contrary to the spirit of Christ's teaching.

Clearly, the idea of salvation has an entirely different meaning. It is not where people look for it, nor does it come mechanically as they think.

Christ brought to the earth the science of the soul. He pointed out the path by which human souls can know God and obtain eternal life.

The gate of that path is Love. He who passes through this gate will find himself on that royal road where great deeds await him.

Many great souls came to the earth before Christ, but they were unable to cope with the difficult task of uplifting humanity. Christ had to come to earth in order to solve this essential and very important problem, and to show to men a proven way by which they, too, might solve it.

Before Christ, God sent into his field his servants - the prophets and the saints - but they were not able to accomplish the task in the way in which it should have been done.

When Christ, "the Son of God," came to the earth, the workers of all of heaven united in his name in order to complete the work which had been begun.

It is written in the Gospel that "God so loved the world that he gave his only- begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but should have eternal life."

The Son is the Word, the Rational, the Divine, the only one who could restore harmony to the world and the connection of the human soul with God.

Christ could restore that connection, he could influence humanity as a whole, because he himself was connected with the great, mighty One.

When the Gospel speaks of the descent of the Spirit upon Jesus, it refers to the union of Jesus with the collective Spirit of the world of reason, whereby the realization of a Divine idea became possible on the earth.

This is a law on the earth - in order to accomplish the work of God, a man on the earth must unite with a being in heaven. In this case, the being was the collective divine Spirit.

From this point of view, Christ is a collective spirit. He exists as a unit and at the same time he is a collective spirit. He is the sum total of all Sons of God whose hearts and souls are fountains of life and love.

All Sons of God, united in one, all intelligent souls who live in Divine communion - all this is Christ.
The descent of Christ to the earth is the most important event in the history of humanity. It is a unique event in its content and meaning. The fundamental idea of human life is connected with it - the idea of immortality, the idea of eternal life. And the efforts of all human existence have as their ultimate goal the attaining of immortality and entering into eternal life.

"And this is life eternal," says Christ, "that they should know Thee, the only true God, and him whom Thou didst send, Jesus Christ."

Know God, and know Christ.

Did people know Christ when he appeared two thousand years ago? Do they know him today? When truth comes into the world, it is not clothed in royal garments, but rather in modest apparel.

Thus Christ appeared two thousand years ago in a simple form, in which men could not recognize him. But such are the laws of this world.

In this modest apparel, seemingly a man like all other men, even his disciples did not know Him completely. Only three of them at the transfiguration saw Christ's "face," His inner self. In this inner light they saw Him and recognized Him as he was among the angels.

For the jewish people, Christ was "the son of Joseph, the son of the carpenter." For the scribes and the Pharisees, He was a blasphemer, a self-styled messiah who called himself "Son of God." He did not come from among them, He was not taught by them.

Where, in fact, did Christ study? Everything that he did testified to his wide learning. Yet, even today there are people who think that Christ was a common, uneducated person. This is not true. Christ himself, addressing his listeners, said, "If I told you earthly things and you believe not, how shall you believe if I tell you heavenly things?" When He spoke of "heavenly things," Christ referred to the great mysteries of the sun. However, He understood "earthly things" as well - He knew the Cabal, and the philosophies of the Eastern nations and of the Greeks, as well as the sciences of the time.

Indeed, Christ had no need to study in human schools. His entire earthly life was in itself objective learning for Him.

His life was a source of new experience, a field for the application of those sublime principles and great laws, whose functions He had known in the invisible world. Due to his awakened consciousness and his connection with the invisible world, Christ was always able to obtain knowledge directly therefrom.

And when He prayed, prayer was a conversation with the world of reason.

Through prayer, Christ communicated with the invisible world, with all the hierarchies there and with God. Through prayer the invisible world revealed to Christ that great lesson which He had to learn on earth, and disclosed to him the problem He had to solve in the environment of earthly life.

After having solved his difficult problem, Christ understood through experience that the only way to save humanity is through Love. Only then did He fully comprehend the profound meaning of all of his suffering.

However, to men, regardless of what they say, the sufferings of Christ, his crucifixion and his disgraceful death, still remain one of the deepest mysteries.

Why did Christ, the greatest soul that ever came to the earth, the greatest character ever manifested, why did this good, intelligent, and strong man have to undergo such a tragic death?
The Scripture says that it was thus "written" - and nothing more.

Others maintain that it was necessary for this to happen so that the world might be saved.
But Christ himself says that He came into the world to bear witness to the Truth.

One thing can be said with certainty - Christ was crucified because Love did not outwardly participate in his life. And where Love does not participate, the most severe sufferings and the greatest tragedies occur. Love does not cause them, but the competition for love creates them. Love in itself always and everywhere brings light, peace and joy.

In any case, we see that Christ's crucifixion was permitted.

On the cross Christ underwent what might be called ideological-mystical suffering, the deepest and the most intense suffering which a human soul can undergo.

He had to drink from the cup of suffering to the last drop - that cup into which were gathered all the bitter dregs of the past.

But during this profound and intensified suffering, all of the secrets of the past were disclosed to him. And conscious of the great importance of the moment, after the inner struggle in the garden of Gethsemane, Christ said, "It was for this hour that I came."

Through the great alchemy of Love, Christ converted the poisons gathered in that cup, and thus destroyed violence forever.

And indeed could not Christ - a strong man of genius who knew his high origin, who foresaw everything, who knew what was about to happen - have averted the sufferings which awaited Him?

He had the choice either to call forth the "legions of angels" and with their help to annihilate both the Jewish nation and the Roman Empire - that is, to use the method of the past, Moses and Elijah's method of violence and the sword, which was the method of the old magi and adepts - or to accept the cup and the cross and to overcome them through the power of Love.

Christ chose the second, a unique experiment on earth.

And indeed, if Christ had feared the suffering, if He had eared the cross on which later He was crucified, or the nails with which He was nailed to it, or the spear with which He was pierced, He would not have provided a new and essential solution to the difficult task of uplifting the human soul.

He dissolved the insults, and the lashes of the whip, and the cross, and the nails, and the spear, with the fire of Love - the only fire that can melt the weapons of violence. The experiment proved successful.

Thus Christ solved a problem upon which the future of all of humanity depended. Thus He opened the path of salvation to those suffering souls for whom He came.

For those simple but noble souls who had the courage to put their faith in Him, and not for the learned, the powerful and the religious people of His age, did Christ lay down His life so that they might live in the Love which He gave them.

Something very great is hidden in the sufferings of Christ. They constitute the hidden side of Christ's life, of which men know nothing.

And when I speak of the sufferings of Christ, two great virtues of Christ come to mind - His unprecedented patience, and His humility. Through these, He endured all the abuses, insults and offenses which men inflicted upon Him. Christ endured all of these and remained silent, calm and unmoved, as though nothing were happening. Not a tear fell from His eyes.

This is great patience, this is self-mastery, this is Love.

This is a rock which nothing can shatter.

Christ's crucifixion was a tragedy, but this tragedy had its solution in the resurrection.

Christ rose from the dead, and through his resurrection He conquered death. And as in his sufferings the secrets of the past were revealed to Him so in the resurrection He received the revelation of the future.

Christ is truly a strong man, a mighty spirit, a hero. He overcame everything - tortures, the cross and the grave.

Christ did not carry the wooden cross to the end. He carried it only to a certain place and then He laid it on the ground. People think that He laid it down because He was exhausted beneath its weight.

Christ was not a weakling. He could have carried the cross, but He laid it down in order to point out to humanity what was in store for them. He implied, "I can carry the cross of the sufferings of living men, but I do not wish to carry a wooden cross."

But present-day Christians still carry and kiss the wooden cross, disdained by Christ himself.
Having cast the wooden cross upon the ground, Christ stood up, and upright he made his way to Golgotha. They nailed him to the cross. But He did not remain there long. He alone unnailed himself. How? He left his body and went to Joseph of Arimathea.

Christ was buried and His tomb was sealed. But He also left the tomb. He did not want to leave his body in the tomb, because it was alive. He himself resurrected it.

The angel that caused his death took his soul to hell, but Christ did not remain there long. His entrance into hell caused a revolution - He activated all of hell's inhabitants and set them free. Do not think that after his resurrection Christ was alone - in hell He was the leader of a host of angels who emptied hell of all of its prisoners.

Thus Christ proved that the strong man cannot remain nailed to a cross, nor can he be sealed in a grave. The strong man never dies - he is resurrected and he gives life to others.

Christ was the heart of God, and that is why He resurrected. God's heart cannot die. It returned whence it came. But throughout all of this tragedy enacted on Golgotha, new blood was infused into the exhausted veins of humanity, and a new impulse was brought to the divine circulation of life.

When He came to the earth two thousand years ago, Christ revealed to us only one side of his nature.

We see Christ then in humiliation and grief, in sufferings and trials. We see him as a hero of redemption.

People do not yet know Christ in his glory, in his divine might and power.

Christ is strong and mighty now!

In the past, the hands of Christ were nailed. Today no one can nail these hands - the nails would be melted at once! In the past they crucified Christ, but today there is not a tree large enough on which He could be crucified.

Christ cannot be crucified a second time.

This Christ is coming now to visit the minds and hearts of men. He will demolish all prisons; He will obliterate all false teachings - everything that destroys man's mind and heart, that brings confusion and anarchy, that paralyzes human life. He is the living Christ who brings life, light and freedom to all souls, who uplifts and awakens in them love toward all.

When I say that Christ is coming now, some might think that He will come outwardly. Christ will not come outwardly, He will come neither in the form of a man, nor in any other form.

When the rays of the sun enter into your homes, does that mean that the sun itself has visited you?
Remember, Christ is e manifestation of divine Love. And He will come as an inner light in the minds and hearts of men. This light will draw all toward Christ as around a great center.

The opening of men's minds and hearts, and the inner acceptance of Christ - this will be the second coming of Christ to the earth.

If they do not accept Him in this way, people will continue to live without love, in suffering and misery, in outer beliefs, superstitions, and delusions.

Captives of those outer beliefs, many religious people today err when they say, "Christ brought good tidings two thousand years ago. He said all that He had to say, and now He has gone to heaven, where He will remain until the Day of Judgment, when He will come again to judge the living and the dead."

But I say to you: Christ did not preach the good tidings in time and space!

We do not consider Christ and His teaching as something that is past.

We do not consider Christ and His teaching as something that will come in the future.

For us, Christ and His teaching are an everlasting present!

Therefore, it was not only during his three years of reaching that Christ spoke to us; He has not ceased speaking during all of these two thousand years. And if it were possible to restore all that He said in those three years to the people of that time, and if it were possible also to restore what He said in the course of these two thousand years, men would have very valuable knowledge.

But only very little of what Christ said during those three years of preaching has come down to us - only fragments. Many of the Epistles of Paul, as well as of the other apostles, remain hidden from the world. But some day they will come to light. Even now they are being disclosed, but only to advanced pupils.

On the other hand, do you think that Christ divulged all of his teaching? In comparison with what He possessed, Christ gave very little to his contemporaries. The men of that time were not ready for science. Therefore, He spoke to them in parables. Christ did not want to put his weapon in the hands of the ignorant, so that they might turn it against Him.

Do you think that if Christ came now He would speak as He spoke two thousand years ago? Christ will speak today in an entirely different manner.

First of all, He will preach about the great science of Love, and the methods of its application. He will preach about the path of pupilage, brotherhood and service. The law of evolution requires it today.

And now the Great Master addresses himself to all awakened souls, proclaiming to them the fundamentals of the new gospel:

That all be diligent pupils,
good brothers, true and loyal servers!

Only those who are diligent pupils, good brothers, and true servers can create the new culture in which Christ will live in every man and among all people.

Today, Christ has no need of ordinary believers, religious people who fight one another, nor of rulers and priests, but rather of real men, creators of the new - pupils, brothers, and servers. Today Christ does not want men who constantly crucify Him within themselves, but men who will welcome Him to live within them and among them, who will be one with Him.

Today, Christ proclaims a culture without crucifixions, the culture of resurrection!

We nave seen well the results of the present culture created by those who crucified Christ.

It is time for the foundations of a new culture to be laid, a culture built not by people who worship the crucified Christ, but by men-brothers in whom lives the resurrected Christ, the living Christ of Love.
The foundation of this culture will be Love.

Love is the only power that can make of men diligent pupils, good brothers, true and loyal servers, builders of the new life.

This is the "new" which Christ brings to humanity today.

This is the Word of the Great White Brotherhood; this is what the Master speaks.

And will not many believers, then, who call themselves Christians, be enticed by His word? And will they recognize Him?

They will continue to argue about the "crucified," the "historical" and the "cosmic" Christ; about the Christ as He is considered by the various churches, and the spirit of his Living Word will remain strange to them.

Therefore, I say to you: Leave aside these definitions and differentiations of Christ! Know that there is only one Christ, the Christ of great Love, who at present is active in the world and in the souls of men.

I speak to you of that Christ, and not of the "historical" or the "crucified" Christ. Men know Him well as an historical personage, but they do not know Him as Living Love.

I speak to you of the living Christ, of that Christ who has life within himself, who brings the living knowledge and light, who brings the truth and freedom; of that Christ who teaches all methods for the building of rational life.

He is the great Christ, who is called the Head of the Great Universal Brotherhood.
All great souls know Him, and they never argue about who and what He is, what He was, where He is now, what place He holds in the "hierarchy of masters," and so on.

They never argue because they know very well what place Christ has in the Whole, just as they know the place of the other great men who have appeared and are appearing in the world.

This is the Christ that men must come to know today! They must see Him - see and know Him! Many men wish to convince us that we may be true Christians without seeing and knowing Christ inwardly. But I maintain that if a man does not see Christ, nothing will come of him.

In order to see Christ, one must have a mind, a heart, a soul, and a spirit like His. All those to whom Christ appeared before they reached that stage, fell down with faces toward the ground. And what can a fallen man see?

Man must drink from the source itself and not from the river, which is muddy because many other additives entered into it.

Follow the path that leads to this source - the path is difficult and long, but you will drink living water from the spring itself, and it will refresh your mind and heart forever.

Spacious views, unseen until then, will be opened to your sight.

On that mountain where the living water flows forth, you will hear the voice of God.

Do not ask to remain there, but come down to your brothers. Come down and put into practice, like a pupil, like a brother, and like a server, the Living Word of your Heavenly Father who draws you to Him by the threads of His Love.

These threads are in the hands of Christ, the manifested God of Love.

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)
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11/29/2011 08:37 PM
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Re: Evil is limited, Good is limitless

"Each race is notable for certain qualities: the black race - for its imagination and powerful feelings; the red - for its activity: they apply geometry and mathematics; the yellow race is notable for its objective mind; the white race - for its rationality: ever since it has come to earth, it has measured things on scales and studied them.

"The sixth race which is at hand has within itself all the good qualities of all of the races which have preceded. In this regard, it represents the essential synthesis of the human virtues.

"While living on earth man passes through the phases of the preceding races. As cautious as one might be, he nevertheless will pass through the phases of the preceding races and - if he is of an independent mind - will learn from them.

"The sixth race is the race of Justice and of the Kingdom of God. The sixth race is already coming, and then the Kingdom of God - on a small scale will be established on earth."

A brother asked, "Master, is not justice inferior when compared to the Kingdom of God? Because, according to the law of justice, the one who works less will earn less, whereas according to the higher Law, everyone must receive according to his needs."

The Master replied:
"The Kingdom of God and Justice are one and the same. I am speaking here of Divine Justice.
"The culture of the mind creates the external forms. The sixth race will impart content to these forms.

"Each race has given something of itself. The race which follows - the race of Love - will give the most. It will be represented by noble, luminous souls. It will bring to earth the new culture. The ideas of the sixth race are like the air: they permeate all, even now.

"The Slavs will give an impulse to the sixth race. After the events which are happening now, the sixth race will become active in life. It will begin to take leadership. Many more representatives of the sixth race will be present on earth than at the moment. They will give a new direction to the culture. The Slavic people will serve as the base for the engraftment of the sixth race."

One brother asked, "Is there a possibility that the representatives of sixth race will appear in Bulgaria?"

The Master answered:
"Yes, the conditions exist. For several thousand years Bulgaria has been worked upon for this purpose.

"The sixth race will give order to the world. It will take up leadership in its hands. The Divine in man puts to sleep the base - the animal nature - within him. For thousands of years it has been lulling it to sleep in a manner similar to lulling a snake to sleep. The learned ones who will come will put order and structure into the world. These are the people of the sixth race.

"The awakened people from all nations will form the sixth race.

"Slowly but surely you are advancing towards the sixth race. It is in store for you to meet with the luminous souls who love you. Do not waiver and do not doubt!

"In the sixth race, each will be aware that others have the same rights and privileges as he does.
"It has been said, 'If you are not born again..." These words imply the sixth race. The rebirth about which the Christians are speaking refers to the entering into the sixth race; and repentance and conversion, etc. - are the preparation. The 'born again' are already in the sixth race. Within it death will exist no more. When the time comes to depart, one will dematerialize, will become invisible.

Cemeteries will no longer exist. They will exist only for the remainder, not for those of the sixth race.
"As at present, existing simultaneously with the white race, there are the black, the red, the yellow - the same will be with the sixth race. We are only paving the way for Love which is the sixth race. The people of Love will be different.

"The words in Scripture 'the first resurrection' are meant for them. The Manifestation of Love in humankind - this is the first resurrection.

"The sixth race brings positive beauty. The people of that race will have very regular features: they will be beautiful. They will be inspired by the high ideal within themselves which will make them beautiful. They will be a much more beautiful people than you have seen until now.

"The facial angle of the European is 80 degrees; in the dog it is 35 degrees. In the human being of the sixth race, it will be 90 degrees. "Rarely have I seen really beautiful people.

"The brows of the people of the sixth race will be more straight:
they will be curved very little, indicating that they are part of a very large Circle. The complexion of these people will be radiant like a figure illuminated by the sun. Light will emanate from their faces as if they were radiating. At night there will be no need of lamps. Wherever one goes, there will be light, because man will radiate light. Their eyes will see at a distance; they will see also in the dark. When you look at a man from a distance, you do not know who he is. But as a man of the sixth race, you will see the details from far away.

"We need to acquire that quality of light - selflessness, and that quality of water - suppleness. That which the light has accomplished in illuminating space, you should do as well. And that which the water has done in purifying things, you too should do.

"The man of the sixth race is already created, he exists. He has been there for thousands of years, but he is kept under guard, is hidden: he is not shown to everybody. Nature exists as a closed book. The one who knows how to open it can read from it. Many look at this closed book from without only, only at its cover.

"With the coming of the sixth race, humankind will enter paradise and will depart from error.

"In the future, man will remember his past incarnations. It will be pleasing for him to remember them, but he will feel that he has departed from his old state - like the butterfly which previously had been a caterpillar.

"The man of the sixth race will be musical. When he visits one who is ill - just by singing to him or playing an instrument - the ill one will regain his health."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)