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Message Subject 11 11 11 Remember the last illuminati card...Alien Invasion !(NEW VIDEO)11 11 11UPDATE failed PHOBOS is NUCLEAR !!!
Poster Handle oeroe2911
Post Content
possibility x

what if this failing phobos spacecraft was secretly planned
by the russians/chinese
It is supposed to stay in a lower earth-orbit (remenber it failed after 11 minutes! on 9/11/11
look at the logo on this rocket! it is the NASA logo mirrored!
And what if it contains biological weapons....you now what is happening when it enters our atmosphere ?
It still contains al the fuel to make the trip to Mars....
It will explode!
It is not a sattelite, but a Rocket
Did you see it? What is in all of these containers?
The whole project costs were Billions

According to Lev Zeleny, Director of the Space Research Institute, IKI, a funding adjustment was made to the Federal Space Program in March-April 2008 for a shortfall in the Phobos-Grunt project. (285) As of 2008, the price tag on the project was expected to reach 2.4 billion rubles by 2012 (299):
[link to www.russianspaceweb.com]
(look at these pictures! )

Wy spend billions only for some durt samples from a 20 mile
in diameter 'moon' which is not even there! (see link the 4 horseman in the begin of this thread )
And this in a time of global economic chaos !??
Come on people, WAKE UP !!!!


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