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Message Subject 11 11 11 Remember the last illuminati card...Alien Invasion !(NEW VIDEO)11 11 11UPDATE failed PHOBOS is NUCLEAR !!!
Poster Handle oeroe2911
Post Content
The Untold Truth - How The NASA Viking Mission Found life on Mars
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Former NASA Viking Lander astrobiologist Gilbert V. Levin describes in detail how his biology instrument flown on NASA's twin Viking Lander mission found living microbes in the soil of Mars. A new supporting scientific paper supports his conclusion
Directed by: Barry E. DiGregorio Productions
Runtime: 46 minutes
Release year: 2010
Studio: Barry E. DiGregorio Productions
[link to www.amazon.com]

Key words: Viking biology - Extraterrestrial life detection - Labeled release experiment

[link to mars.spherix.com]
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