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OWS VS Tea Party (Conduct,Real Motives,Clear Demands)

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United States
11/11/2011 02:18 AM
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OWS VS Tea Party (Conduct,Real Motives,Clear Demands)
Hello, I am a fairly fresh member been reading the site since march when japan went up and just made a user this week..I plan on upgrading my account soon also.

So There are three major groups at this point who are conducting public assemblies?
Please clarify if I missed one or if I am wrong.

-VeteranDefenders- [link to veterandefenders.org]
-Tea Party-

Michael G. Bitterice pointing out some facts between each party.
[link to www.pittsburghlive.com]

Kevin Grandia criticizing tea party-
[link to www.huffingtonpost.com]

after analyzing these two sites and from what I've read on here, my guess is The OWS is the real product of the Elite and corrupt government officials because they want rioting,property damage,civil unrest, etc, etc. so a police state can be implemented and so on...

are both parties are loaded with useless banter or has the tea party actually stood strong internally against corruption and improper motives.

I am not even touching the veterandefenders because theres no mainstream attention of them so clearly their assembly tomorrow is blacked out by dickwads up high. (So therefor I am probably safe to assume they are legit and should not be discredited.)

but these are just some thoughts more links and insight from some of you that are more informed and qualified would be awesome.

Cheers, lets have a beer and watch the game.sheeplebah

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