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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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sponsored by racists
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1507432

 Quoting: farmergirl

You have no reason to call me a shill. You have been blasting this thread for hours about this so called great movement and you havent even checked out their website.

read their mission statement.
[link to veterandefenders.org]

read their threat scenerios
[link to veterandefenders.org]

Its a bunch of fucking racist fucks using u.s. vets to push their agenda.

lemme guess, your kid is a junkie and is being hauled off to prison because some muslim terrorized him into shooting up.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1507432

Perhaps they see Islam as a threat because they watched their friends die because of it.
They died because of MONEY, not because of islam. Get your worthless ass off the farm and see the world for what it is.
Did you serve?
yes i did. I killed human beings in war. Do you know what its like to take a life? Do you know whats it feels like when you take a blade across another human beings neck?
Maybe if you had seen a few of your friends blown up, you would feel differently.

I have seen things your little prissy ass can never imagine.
Your kid turning to dope is a reflection on how he was raised. You waste hours endorsing crap propaganda while your own flesh and blood is about to be hauled off to prison.

Being cautious of Islam is not racist, it's smart.

your a worthless waste of a fucking human being. Dumb fucks like yourself is what continues to fuel this entire bullshit cycle.

Just because you think we are not under threat from anyone doesn't make it so. We do have enemies and some of them are islamic. Our borders are wide open and we are under threat as long as this is the case.

Defending our borders does not make them racists.

OUR borders? you stupid bitch, you dont own the borders, nothing belongs to you. You have no right to claim anything as yours. Those borders belong to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation. The floor where you layed down and got fucked belongs to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation.

you wouldnt know that..because your busy fucking every tom dick and harry, having worthless kids.
 Quoting: farmergirl
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