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Message Subject omfg Sadusky scandal,murder, pedo ring, politicians??????
Poster Handle HypnoSlaveDoll
Post Content
ok, so i was researching on the scandal and reading blogs and came across this one here.

[link to jamesrenner.wordpress.com]

ok so on that one it talkes about the murder of 22-year-old Betsy Aardsma back in 1969. ok, so researched to see if Sandusky was at Penn State around that time and sure enough he was. In 1969 Sandusky was working under Paterno as assistant.
Then,the writer of 20/20 vision PAMELA WEST, felt she uncovered the murderers identity and consulted with the DA Ray Gricar who is still missing but Gricar told her not to publish the book because there was not enough evidence against the "powerful mystery supposed killer". It's obvious to me Pamela must have been referring to Sandusky, This s$$ht is serious.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

I'm doing more research on this but I believe we have a child molestor who is also most likely possibly a murderer.
If I were the police in charge of this case, I would questione him in the murder of Betsy Aardsma, the dissapereance of Ray Gricar, and I sure as heck would get the names of the disgusting nasty rich people who were possibly molesting all these children also and making big donations in exchange. Wealthy powerful people are involved and Sandusky needs to give up the names.

 Quoting: ononono

Great find! Really enjoy the James Renner blog too! This Penn State rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper! I ordered a used copy of Pamela West's book from Amazon (1 cent plus shipping!), can't wait to dig into it and "read between the lines"! Thanks, OP!
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