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Message Subject Attention LED light lovers.......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Something interesting....

I have a solar type fan that fits into the car door to cool the interior. I bought it into the house and put it under a regular light bulb. It ran... I changed the bulb to the "corkscrew" efficient bulb. IT DID NOT RUN. what wavelength of light are these things putting out?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2798886

the second lamp is fluorescent. solar works by absorbing energy emitted by the heat of the light source. an incandescent bulb is heating that tungsten filament white hot, so there is a huge amount of heat "noise" in that white light. fluorescent is a very cool blue light made by exciting a gas with electricity to a point of over-saturation of the capacity of the valence electrons. it only appears white because of coatings inside the tube. it's the equivalent of the halo light one sees from a tesla coil. it's what gives them their efficiency, but it also renders them "black" as far as a solar cell is concerned.
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