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An open letter to George HW Bush

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1389579
United States
04/17/2012 03:05 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
op, serious question. how the fuck is it that you are not locked up in an asylum?
UNtypical USer

User ID: 14586538
United States
04/17/2012 04:36 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
op, serious question. how the fuck is it that you are not locked up in an asylum?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1389579

Obviously, you fail to grok machinations of the so-called Elite.


say hello to my little friend...

User ID: 14572882
United States
04/17/2012 04:43 PM

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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
lol at when you called him dude.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1008941

that cocksucker is hardly a dude....
Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living. ~

Life is about choices, you get to make them each and every day of your life. ~

Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse.~

Only in America... do we use the word 'politics' to describe the process so well: 'Poloi' in Greek meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'bloodsucking creatures'.~

“When a government is dependent for money upon the bankers, they and not the government leaders control the nation. This is because the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Financiers are without patriotism and without decency.”
User ID: 1451191
United States
05/08/2012 05:09 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
Acouple of days ago I was on a bus with a friend of mine. A man in the back of the bus began to say the nasties things ever. I stood up and held up my fists...I called him every name in the book, but he just sat there...I was so furious...but what was I to do? So I took my son to the front of the bus and informed the driver that a real fuckhead prick was in the back. The driver just shrugged it off and said to stay away from him. Sure, easy...my friend had ssaid to me to ignor him as well, saying that he was just a drunk, but I didn't think so. I exited the bus at the transit station and my 'friend', who had stayed in the back of the bus...oddly enough, gave me the strangest look when I saw her in the crowd. I recognize that look...she also said nothing to me. It's the look one give to a man condemned...even by set up.

So I went over to a transit officer and informed him of what had happened...I told him the things the man said and that something was wrong indeed, and that he ought to do something, since I was unable to do so myself. The transit officer went over to speak with the man, and the man presented himself so well. Then there was a woman who came over to interject herself into the conversation...accusing me of using foul language in front of a child, my child...she was playing street theater, and I was being set up to look like the bad guy. The cop didn't fall for any of it though. For he was not drunk at all. The officer let him go and told me to just forget about it...I did, and as I turned to leave, I thought, perhaps I ought to say something about my CIA problem...this officer was not connected in any way and he seemed to see a link between the woman and the man...but I decided against it.

Then a few minutes later that officer came along again and took me off the vehicle I had boarded. He told me the regular police had been summoned and were looking for me. Fine I said, after all, I knew I had not fallen for their trap...but they were not the 'regular police'...they were fake CIA cops...and they asked me what had happened...and my son and I told them the story...and I told them I had resisted the temptation to beat the man down, and asked them, why had they caused me to miss my connection? They then apoligized to me and said that obviously I was not the man at fault or even the man they were looking for...they said that they were looking for a drunk harrassing people, and that must have been the 'other guy'. They, being CIA rats, even friendly rats did not please me, and I informed them again that they had just caused me to miss my connection and I di not appreciate any of it.

As I turned to leave, the officers did one last thing, they asked the transit officer if he had another vehicle for me...a train at that now. So the officer said, yes, and he told me to come this way for a train for me. I followed him and boarded a train which left at once, taking me directly home, off regular schedule. This was the second time in two weeks that this has happened to me...it doesn't matter...not to any of you, but a long time ago there was this thing with a train which waited for me...a special train which my conspiracy contact informed me had been kept for us...and she told me of the perks of dealing on a favorable basis with the US government.

User ID: 1451191
United States
08/08/2012 03:43 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
Hello again sir, It's me...your very good friend Ehm writing you to let you know what's going on.

So I got a job sir...
And then I was informed of a program for homeless people who qualified to recieve assistance for moving expenses to get into their own apartments...they really pushed it on me sir, and so I took it. But as I looked around, I only found really slums. I finally decided to up my rent amount to eight hundred bucks, but I still found only slums.
And then I suddenly came accross the perfect apartment...beautiful place...clean, bright, views...really nice. If I took a roomate it would come to eight hundred a month. So I did just that.

Now there is a problem.

My roomate was short on his move in money...he had taken a loan for a few hundred bucks...they took it back because he hadnt used the money...and he didn't have it. So I covered him three hundred dollars. He promised to pay me back at once. Now he says I must wait two weeks.

Sir, he became very violent towards me last night.

I need to get rid of this guy ASAP and find a normal person with a bit more money saved up, or a better job or something...that is if I plan on keeping my nice apartment.

So, this is part of the conspiracy sir...I know it is, and I just don't know what the game under neath it all is and I am very, very worried. Are they trying to put me back out on the streets? Is that what the idea is?

Can you help me sir?


Your very good friend,

User ID: 1451191
United States
08/10/2012 03:18 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
Hello sir, this is your very good friend Ehm again, I was just thinking about it all, and I wanted to add a couple of other things for your consideration...

I wanted to mention to you that I am having a problem with my health care. I began the process to take care of my breathing problem four months ago, and finally got the ok for surgery...but the clinic refuses to send off the referal to the hospital. Did you know that? The hmo also doesnt pay that hospital, not that any of it matters because the clinic refuses to cooperate beyond this point.

Can you imagine that sir?

Like it's all some sort of big mistake.

Can you help me?

Well, it doesn't really matter...this is why I should have sent those letters years ago...fuck these filthy people!

Oh thank God I sent those letters. They will be my redemption, and hasve secured the future for myself and my children.

Oh...I also wanted to mention one other thing. I had opened up a new acount some months ago with Webs.com...in order to put my book back on the internet...since it has been effectivly removed. And I began to be pummeled with spam...at first I naturally thought that the Webs.com place had given away my email...but then I realize, it was of course the CIA doing that, because they didn't want me to put my book on the internet.

Again sir, oh thank God I sent those letters.

It's hard for me to imagine how such men could exist whose job was the harrassment of other citizens. Imagine being paid to stop people from telling the truth...such men ar eno more than slaves of course, being that they are in fact acting as the muscle of an empire whose desires ultimately run counter to their own personal interest. I mean you gotta figure...if a man had any friends or family, then he would be assisting a facsist government in imposing a kind of imprisonment against his own people, weather they currently sought to use their own voices in an attempt at directing the politics of the state or not...such a man would be forever limiting their ability to do so, would he not? Yes he would. He would be activly working for a power structure which publicly says that his brother and sister and children were free to participate, but once they tried, if anyone listened, if they gained any actual power, they would be cut down, by his own hand...such men are inherrently traitors to their own families, not to menton their country.

You know...as a ruthless government exercises increasingly greater ruthlessness and control, it will strengthen the numbers of it's own oppostion and lesses the numbers of it's supporters, until the ballance is such that it falls. You of course understand this...but sometimes things are different. Like my letters.

I can't wait for that day...what will they say?


Your very good friend,

User ID: 1451191
United States
09/22/2012 04:41 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
Its funny you know...how these people are so rightious in their violence and brutality they direct towards me.
I never di anything
User ID: 22561259
United States
09/22/2012 04:48 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
I have an aunt that has a neighbour who thinks he talks to the Queen.

This is just one of those cases, only it's all over the Internet.
User ID: 1451191
United States
10/18/2012 01:19 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
Hello Mr. Bush,
This is your very good friend Ehm here...
I have a letter for you sir.
But I have more to say...

I went to the barber shop with my son on Monday, and the employee handed me the phone...on the phone was a woman who told me that the employee had other customers before me and asked if I could wait twenty minutes.


SO I said ok.

And the employee then closed the shop up and drove away, promising to return in twenty minutes.

So I am smarter than that sir...so I went around the block and here and there, and then circled back to the shop to see what I could see. Maybe she would come back. She did not...but other people were there sir.

It scared me sir.

And I want to talk to you about the Obama CIA thing one more time. I think we need to consider the October suprise. We need to let it out...these people are diabolocal kidnapping murders...

It would be so interesting, dont you think?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 26210463
United States
10/31/2012 03:56 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Wed, Jul 11, 2001 2:01 AM EDT

This is an intersting subject. Because I would like to take out life

and health insurance -in advance- on my future offspring that I plan

to give birth to after my impending sex-change operation.

I've got plenty-o-sperm in my bank account saved up, and once my

operation is completed, I would like to carry a child or three,

conceived of my very own little sqiggly guys, to full term in my

own belly.

All at tax-payer expense.

Don't you worry or get your panties in a bundle over it! Through my

son I'll have it all put in the military budget and there is plenty

in there. Let me tell YOU!

My old buddy Rummy's making d@mn sure of that. He knows he

better, or else I'll get my plumbers to work him over...

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Wed, Jul 11, 2001 2:49 AM EDT

Karen you sound like a wonderful human being.

First and foremost:

Don't become one of those crazy protester environmentalists

living in trees, or chaining themselves to whatever.

Listen. Don't be a fool, honey.

American dominance of the world economy is a wonderful thing, and

if it weren't for our way of life, and the strength of our

military and our government's clandestine services you'd be

working for a dollar a day in some tennis shoe factory owned by

communist mexicans, or something long those lines.

Don't do it. Don't turn into a pinko, sniveling, bleeding heart

Liberal, babe!

They've been infiltrating your mind.

I can see it. I can see it!

My son is gonna take care of the environment, AND we will all

have gallons of cheap gasoline to fuel our all-terrain vehicles.

Then you can enjoy the great outdoors, like it was meant to be

enjoyed. From the upholstered comfort of a big, safe, air

conditioned, Ford Explorer! Or something like that.

Karen, my family is doing all this hard work. We are sacrificing,

big time, let me tell ya, for little people: just like yourself.

So don't you concern your pretty little head over silly things like this.

Learn to cook and to sew, and to shop at the mall. Like a good girl.

It's gonna all turn out beautifully, because we are in charge.

Don't worry.

poppy_bush Quick stats

Added on Wed, Jul 11, 2001 3:11 AM Wed Jul 11 3:11 AM EDT 2001

Zeke's dad, I luv ya!

If the Zeke boy ever needs some contacts to get out of military

service, I'm your man!

"The media is merely trying to sell a product."

Right on, and groovy. Yeah, Daddy-O: you da man!

ALL information is a commodity. A product thingie. Sell it to

the highest bidder. Market forces. Let the bozos think so, anyway.

You gotta control democracy. Control it. It's a touchy thing.

Gotta control the awareness of the peons. Psychological warfare

is the name of the game.

Can't have them armed with too much info.

No you can't. They'll get feisty and outta control. Yes they will.

Give them some sex things. They like that. Give 'em some scandle.

Oh yeah! Gotta shake my head. Gotta shrug my shoulders, and grin.

It's so simple! So very simple. Yes it is.

Even Georgie's picking it up.

Gotta be proud of that boy.

He's makin me proud.

He sure is.


Added on Wed, Jul 11, 2001 4:28 AM Wed Jul 11 4:28 AM EDT 2001

Good work, my scurrilous little minions.

decypher and massagato, sit back and relax.

The boss is here, boys.

Numero Uno. That's me.

I'm gonna take it from here...

Look, you pathetic pretend liberals!

Don't you know when you've lost the game? I'm here to stay. Sorry

guys. Got the foundation laid. My dynasty is in place.

If Number One Son slips up, there's his brothers. Several.

Got the CIA in my pocket. It's My Agency. Got the goods on

politicos all over this here globe. Lot's of control, and it's all mine.

Quit your whining boys. Nobody hears ya!

Gonna stick your necks out? No, I think not. You gonna risk your

puny little lives to defend democracy? Sure, sure. Doubt it,

seriously doubt it.

Nothing but cowards, the lot of ya.

Lot's of hot air, and no action.

I gotcha now. Sure do.

Say "Uncle"! Come on.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Wed, Wed Jul 11 12:17 PM EDT 2001

Well, look it here, Barbara!

Lot's a lefties just waiting for a taste of the whip. How they

squeal! Are we taking down those names, Barbara? Good.

Pass 'em on to my boys in the Agency. They know what to do.

Little lefty peons have no idea what they're in for. We can do

what we want with them. No risk! No laws can touch us.

It's so grand to have the CIA in our back pocket. Making end runs

around those silly "rights"...

Who's this "right step first" bozo? He's good one. He fell for

the blitz. Love that media control blitzkreig!

That's my Agency, hard at work.

They just come out of the woodwork nowadays, don't they?

Programmed automatons. Gotta love it! Gotta love it!

Maybe he's one of our Cato guys...

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Wed, Jul 11 2:37 PM EDT 2001

You got it, Mikey boy!

I'm the man with the plan. The host with the most. New World

Order. Gonna be Grand!

City a lights, on that hill. It's all mine!

All those roads leadin here. That's right. All of 'em, coated

with the beezwax. Gonna be hard to push me off my mountain.

I can see 'em comin a mile away. That's my Agency, workin hard.

Slippery slope to the man with the dope!

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Wed, Jul 11 5:27 PM EDT 2001

"Maybe she is planning to run for the U.S. Senate in a state

she has absolutely no ties to what so ever?"

lynchmob! Nice one. The wit. The innuendo!

See me in my office. It's right next to the Oval one. Can't be

seen in the Ovaltine too often. Wouldn't be proper. Might raise

some eyebrows.

Look, I need to replace that dingbat Fleischer. He's a dope.

Damage control move. Simply put.

You can be the perfect replacement.

You like?

You think?

poppy_bush Quick stats

Added on Wed, Jul 11, 2001 5:55 PM Wed Jul 11 5:55 PM EDT 2001


Listen up, hindu boy.

You don't think my boy isn't ready for the big time yet?

You don't think he's up to speed?

Heck, he's got my buddies, real big time professionals, to help

him out of the rough spots.

Cheney: nobody could be a better friend to me than the big

Dickster! Rummy: He's ready for the big time, ready for anything,

that fox!

Don't put on your kid gloves for my boy!

He'll show you.

He's got a Dream Team, and he's gonna whip all these libs good.

Barb! Get junior on the phone, pronto.

He'll need a pep talk, today.

I can feel it in my bones.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Wed, Jul 11 8:12 PM EDT 2001

KAK is one of the most prolific posters among my multitudinous


We are here. We are there. We are everywhere.

Gonna getcha!

It's a sure thing. My New World Order.

Give it up! It's the inevitable, comin at ya!

No stopping me now.

Democracy's almost toast. I got your butter. I got your jam.

Right here.


poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Wed, Jul 11 8:43 PM EDT 2001

Hiram, what are you doing?

You silly a$$wipe. You're not supposed to distribute internal

policestate website urls.

Your torture session will be televised. Cablevision. Satellites,

the whole shebang. You ding-dong!

Since you have brought it up, let me help you understand what

the official New World Order policy on this subject will be.

Police spy cameras will be everywhere. (You won't be around to

see it.) Every room of your house. Every little nook and cranny

of your working places, your public gathering places.

Watching you pick your nose in the elevator, when you think

nobody is watching.

And they all will be under centralized control. CENTRALIZED.

Total, complete, tight-sphincter control. Myself, Ashcroft and

the Rove-ster will control and monitor the planet wide system.

My eyeballs are aching in advance, just thinking about it.

No Liberals allowed to watch.

Totally off limits to anyone not conservative or GOP certified.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Wed, Jul 11 9:05 PM EDT 2001

It is never too early to mention my wonderful black helicopters!

Quick! Look outside your window.

Whoops, there they go! Behind the trees...

Didja seem 'em?

(What are you, a fruit-cake?)

Let's get back to the state law question.

Don't matter. A big non-issue. Forget about it.

We got the state legislators eating out of our hand! Amateurs.

Country bumpkins. Dumb, and just plain greedy. On the level of

used car salesmen, most of 'em. We pay 'em off. They're cheap, too!

Like taking candy from a baby.

We don't need to eliminate the state governments. Just make 'em

irrelevant! That's the New World Order of things!

And we are there, or so close to it.

Never mind, ya bozos!

It's all been taken care of.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Wed, Jul 11 10:11 PM EDT 2001

Good boy, hiram.

Looks like it wasn't a policeonline.com url you were linking to.

That was my guess.

I even had Pay-Per-View on the line. We were working out the details.

Looks like I might call off your torture session. Might.

Depends on whether ot not Barbie and me do the didley within the

next few months.

Pray Hiram.

Like Kallex says. Give it some thought. Innocent people don't

need to worry. Of course, we longtime underworld operatives know

very well that nobody is innocent. Even a little circumcized

hiram-boy like yourself.

You know I am right. Oh boy. I can see you squirming from here!

Don't look out your window right now.

(Black helicopters.)

The New World Order.

Little remote control spy cameras. Everywhere you go. But only

the elite will have access.

Common people always the watched. Liberals targeted with a

vengeance, in 3D.

I love it.

Gonna getcha! Oh yeah.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Thu, Jul 12 12:07 AM EDT 2001


I've had a privileged perch reserved for your bloody talons and

reeking feathers near the upper echelons of the future power

structure. In fact, for many years now.

I've got your number, babe!

You are in the plan, congratulations.

Me and my friends. We're gonna stay on top of the Magic Mountain

with contraptions like these.

How I love it!

Problem is, we gotta keep a tight lid on these video thingies.

Gotta make sure the serfs and the peons don't figure out the game

plan. Too many of these jobbies in their hot little hands, and

everything changes.

They might start watching the local cops being bought. Or the

GOPers and conservatives doing their didley didley deeds, or the

bosses of the Jesusfreaks preachin from one side of their mouths

and smokin herbs with the other.

We might find ourselves in trouble. Big time, Mr. Stinkypoobird!

Might blow off the lid sky high. And we can't have that!

But I control the legislatures. My Agency boys can take care of

the smartypants liberal dopes with the dangerous ideas.

It's almost too easy! They don't even fight back anymore. It's no fun!

But nevermind. It's gonna be a bright and shiny New World Order.

Just wait and see!

Here I come.

Gonna getcha!

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Thu, Jul 12 2:09 PM EDT 2001


Where are you?

Here boy! I threw you a bone, honey.

What gives?

We're talking Ari's job.

Listen, just do and say whatever I tell ya.

It's easy, babe, E-A-S-Y!

You'll be sittin pretty. On top of the WORLD.

Great pay. No better benefits to be found.

More Russian girls than you can shake a stick at, my friend.

Putin's a great guy.

And, what could be better than nabbin a big federal paycheck,

just to flap your jaws!

You can't pass this one up. Your Momma didn't raise no fool, did she?

And KAK, don't even think about begging me again for this one...

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Thu, Jul 12 4:02 PM EDT 2001

Yes, you people are finally getting it!

Rog is on the ball. They certainly will be used, my itchy little

bald simians. Spy cam-a-licious!

It is all proceeding according to my Grand Monkeyshine Design.

Gonna clue you in. How we control you masses. Not like you

losers will get the chance to put this info to use. No such thing

as "chance" with me. I don't take my chances, I Make my chances, babe!

Florida 2000, honey!

So, here's the secret, volk-sters.

Make 'em fearful. Keep 'em scared! Feed them constant ideas of a

bogeyman. BOO!

Scarey faggo's. Scarey sexfiends! Big bad blackies and brownies,

yellows, and red skins.

Fear the Commies and the Pinkos, and the Liberals, oh they are

so scary!

It's all in the grand and master plan.

If you fear enough, and you know you do, than you'll WANT me to

spy on them!

Democracy and rights won't matter. They're nearly obsolete.

Workin hard to make it so.

You're gonna beg me to spy on them horrible Liberals! You won't

get enough of how perverted they are!

I'm getting a woodie just thinking about it.

New World Order.

Oh how I LOVE IT!

Hurry Barb, I think it's time!

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Thu, Jul 12 4:50 PM EDT 2001

What are you talking about, lynchmob?

What's this psychotic mumbling about copyrighting pickup lines?

Bill Clinton is in the same room with you?

Or is that babbling an attempt at humor?

Either way, you're already lookin mighty flakey from here.

That was quick.

I'm having second thoughts, Lynchypoo. You obviously don't have

the right stuff.

If Ari could just straighten out his act, just maybe... He

certainly is loyal.

He sure likes those russkie chics that Putin sends over.

Plain to see he couldn't find a girl on his own. Needs strongarm

tactics to help out the process. I know how that is.

Putin's got that down to a science. A good man.

We go way back.

Way back.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Thu, Jul 12 5:49 PM EDT 2001


What are you blind?

Jose, can't you see?

Political Indoctrination. That's the name of the game. Christian

morals and Christian ethics. You know, like back in the Middle Ages.

No liberal pansie ideas in the school system of the New World Order!

No room for that kind of silliness.

Too messy.

People running around with thoughts of making the world better

for the peons.

What rubbish! Can't have that.

Keep 'em struggling. Force 'em to work overtime. Leave the serfs

absolutely no time to plot for their freedom!

All the women: In the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. Surrounded

by wailing children, and NO state supported childcare. Holy Moly!

It's the way of the New World Order. A new variation on the Old


Gonna be Grand, Jose! Gonna be fabulous.

I'll keep ya posted amigo.

Gonna getcha!

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Thu, Jul 12 6:28 PM EDT 2001

Lynchmob, howdeedoo?

How goes the job search?

Ari's still there. Sorry. But there could be an opening soon.

I guess I could keep you in mind. God knows your jaws can flap!

Speakin of flappin jaws.

You gonna run for US Senator! My, we are setting our sights for

the big time huh?

Good luck, lynchmobster. You're gonna need gobs and gobs of it

without some friendly help from moi.

I got these fifty states sewn-up in a bag, baby! Nobody's in,

unless I say it's so.

Florida 2000. It was the nail biter, but we pulled it through!

My system works.

Democracy's thrown in the hamper boys!

This New World Order was made for me, and mine.

Sing it, honey.

chaiyah_448272 Quick stats Added on Thu, Jul 12 6:46 PM EDT 2001

"You can fool some of the people all the time and all of the

people some of the time; but you can't fool all the people all

the time."

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Thu, Jul 12 6:57 PM EDT 2001

Listen up, Ryeoc! and listen up good.

My Agency boys have been working overtime on this Condit thingie.

Overtime, did you hear?

Now, I got a sense of humor, sonny. No doubt about that. I liked

the one about King Kong, btw. Funny. You're good.

But the focus right now is on Condit. Gary Condit.

G-A-R-Y C-O-N-D-I-T.

Just ask my little duckie KAK. She knows what lines to walk between.

We've got the makings of a major Clinton style buffoonery circus.

All the clowns are lined-up in the wings. There is no room for

diversionary clap-trap from the likes of you.

When we heard Condit was a sexual S&M deviant, my Agency boys

were jumping for joy. Hell, that glee lasted for weeks!

Operation Levy-Schnookims is too far gone to stop and pull back.

Can't turn back. No we can't.

Just keep your eye on Condit.

That's the current game plan, babe.

Don't mess with the plan.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Thu, Jul 12 7:20 PM EDT 2001

Who do you think you are, papabush?

Let me clue you in, you old fogey.

You give us all these info link thingies.

But nobody cares, geezer-hedge.

The average American, they're far too lazy, for one thing.

You seem to think the peons care about their democracy. You're

wrong-o, daddy-o!

They don't. They don't know what's coming, and would never

believe you if you told them. DUMB!

You think they're gonna get mad and try to change things in any

substantial way?

Not gonna do it. No sir.

They're cowards! A bunch of weaktits!

Lax and flabby sphincters, it's the true mark of a liberal.

Come over to my side.

Just a few finishing touches, and the New World Order will be

completely inevitable.

It's gonna be grand.

Gonna getcha!

poppy_bush Added on Thu, Jul 12 7:55 PM EDT 2001--

You're just asking for trouble, aren't you, LeeHarveyWallBanger?

Life's too boring for you. Ran outta batteries for your gameboy.

Or you have a death wish.

Are you making fun of my past?

You have no idea what you are dealing with, do you?

You smart aleck little Pudd-Head!

Trouble is what my Agency boys specialize in.

Gonna getcha!

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Thu, Jul 12 8:11 PM EDT 2001

Bettyboopsie, my dearie.

Are you insinuating that I might be smoking illicit narcotics?

Nope. Not me. That's my son.

I can't do anything like that.

No fun recreational drugs, or cool-crazy-swirly-pearly colors.

And absolutely no sex for me. 'Cept with Barbara, but not too

often. Egads.

The thought.

Anyhoo, Bettyboo. I can't do anything remotely blackmail-able.

You know why?

Because I am the one who blackmails.

How I got here. Sittin on the Magic Mountain. My powerbase. My

source of political juices is my database of taboo secrets.

With it, I am taking over the WORLD, Betty my love.

Nobody's got the sexual goods on me, cause there ain't none!

I'm clean, Betty-Bean! Squeaky clean.

I shall prevail.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Thu, Jul 12 10:37 PM EDT 2001


Listen ya bozos.

You heard it said that necessity is the mother of invention, right?

Well then, I am the Father of Necessity.

Because what I say goes, you silly liberals!

If I say something is needed, baby: it is.

Know how much freaking money me and my Bud-meisters are gonna put

in our bank accounts because of this? Can't even think about it.

My little synapse thingies go bing-bang-boogie if I do.

I love it.

We are gonna rape America again. Repeat performance. To a

sell-out sold-out luvin it crowd, let me tell ya.

It's a gold mine, ya peons! It's a vein that runs wide and deep.

And there ain't a damn thing you little weaktitted libs can do

about it!

Whine all you want to beanieweanies.

I am the Lizard King.

I can do anything.

I got the secret keys to the Agency infomation vaults, ya silly

chickens! Untouchable. That's me.

New World Order.

Gonna getcha.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Thu, Jul 12 10:55 PM EDT 2001

Come on, you heartless libs!

Ease up on David. He's such a sap.

Yo! Listen-up, Dave!

Shape-up or ship out.

This is the big time, fellah.

If you can't get behind the ball and take it like a man, this

place ain't for you.

You're an embarrassment to my cause. I got one too many of those.

You know, my son. He's all I can handle right now in that department.

Look, Davey.

Maybe you should just go back to the minor leagues. Play catch

with the kiddies in the AOL chat rooms.

Being a GOP conservative is pretty easy there, I heard.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Thu, Jul 12 11:56 PM EDT 2001

This is sickening!



Step over here a minute guys.

Over here. Right.

Jesus H. T. Christ!

I should have you both subjected to Malaysian jungle-grass

elbow tortures. You weaktit ninnies!

You're makin me feel like I'm in some sorta goddammed, liberal,

lovey-dovey group therapy session.

Should we all kiss David and make him feel better?

Maybe take turns giving him a backrub?

Knock it off, you silly wankers!

David doesn't need coddling, he needs a good hard, slap of reality!


So you lost your nerve, huh?

Coulda taken out a snivvling little turncoat, huh? But you

crapped out an us?

I didn't read that part of your reports. WORM!


Should I buy you a Powerpuff back-pack that you can put you

lipstick in, and wear to your group therapy sessions?

Why, oh WHY didn't Daddy move us to Germany back when Uncle

Adolph was in charge?

I wouldn't be here, having to deal with so many weak-sphinctered


poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 1:23 AM EDT 2001

"Keep on trucking"

akaRoger, exactly what are you?


Have you started wearing Love Beads, and tied tyes?

You singin "We Shall Overcome" and holding hands with all those

whining, dope-smoking, fun-loving, acid-dropping, Grateful Dead

fan, flabby-sphincter Liberals?

Maybe the next time I check up on you bird-brained GOP Sturm

Trooper wannabbees I'll find you dressing in baggy clothes and

listening to rap. Wearing your baseball caps backwards, waving

your arms around stiff jointed, like fools.

Just like those loser suburban white boys trying to act like negros!

Barbie! Honey.

Get the bucket, quick.

I have to vomit.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 1:36 AM EDT 2001

Listen up, Dodo35.

You take me for a lib?

You mistake my candor and my complete honesty for being a lib

who's saying subversive thingamabobs, dontcha?

You think the TrueintheBlue Poppy Bear can't say every little

thought that he's thinkin?

You're just too SLOW, pidgeon toe.

This is 2001.

I'm on top. Nobody can touch me anymore.

I got the Agency under my thumb.

I rule the Country.

No need to hide the facts, Baldie35.

Nothin can stop me. Nobody. No how.

These libs ain't got the balls to fight back.

Look at Florida! Exposed for all to see, and we snatched it

right from under their noses.

Gotta love it, Chicken-boy!

Chirp, chirp, Extra Crispy!

Gonna getcha.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 2:08 AM EDT 2001

Is that the only response you can come up with?

I won't even bother to look up the info on you, featherduster35.

Your file's just filled with 30-odd years of lonely, fervid

wanking sessions, I would guess.

Public school education, right?

It's apparant that your destiny within the GOP hierarchy will

be strictly confined to the beverage serving department.

You're waiter material, Tweetybird.

15% tops. If you're lucky.

Lick my boots.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 2:45 AM EDT 2001

akaRoger's not an idiot. He's an imbecile.

Must everything be spelled out for you, Rogerdodger?

Can't figure out where to place me on your ultra-simplified

politico spectrum analyzer.

Wake up, akaLoser.

We're sending you back to basic training.

You're even slower than turkeybreath35.

And he's lame and flightless.

This is amazing.

It's a didleydamned good thing nearly all the dirty work has

been completed. With only clowns like these to work with, the

New World Order would never come to fruition.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 4:12 AM EDT 2001

Here we go, OmSigDAVID!

Ready for the ride, LegalBeagle? Arf, arf!

Wag your tail for Daddy. Oh yeah.

I love that.

I see you're trying your hand at sarcasm.

Best of luck to ya.

But take a little pause, Scotti-boy, think this over.

Why waste any time on this nonsense?

I got it all taken care of.

You're acting like we need to defend Rummy's big plans.

What gives, Fonetica? Sit back, babe. Relax.

Have a biscuit.

My boy's got it all under control, FoneyBologna!

He's takin his orders from me, dig? As usual.

It's in the Master Plan, Lawyer Man!

New World Order: on time, and under budget.

We always tell that to the Bozos. Those little worker bees

will never know the truth.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 1:54 PM EDT 2001


Quit calling attention to that, descotomy!

You are the biggest lamebrain on my side.

Taunt them with it, don't try to defend it.

It's the indefensible.

Throw the boldness of it in their whiney little pinko faces.

It will wear down the liberal's morale.

Remember Florida 2000, you a$$wipe libs!

Only the beginning, ya peons! I'm just getting warmed up!

Long live the Bush Dynasty!

They can't take much before they fold their cards, and give in.

How I know that!

Gotta love it.

Stand back, decypherama. I know what I'm doing.

You sure don't.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 3:18 AM EDT 2001

Let's get those brain cells in action, RogerWilco! Drastic

measures. Here, stand next to the wall, bang your noggin against

it a few times. That's good!

That's enough babe. Feels so good when you stop, don't it?

Look, pal. You're a worse case than David, our spastic Cuban

friend. But he's gonna pull through. Don't worry too much

about Mr. Cuba Libre.

The minors will do him good. How did that HavanaBanana ever

find his way out of AOL? One of his kids must have helped him.

Hey, I know how that is. If it weren't for Jeb's help, me and

Junior would still be using these computer mice as pedals!

Go visit my Abuzz Public Profile page. Rate me with a one star and

be off with you. David's a wimp, but I can take it like a big boy.

Those libs only thought I was a wimp...

My New World Order will show those pathetic commie pinkos.

No fun in store for them. No sir.

They won't get ANY of the good drugs.

Serve 'em right.

Gonna getcha.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 11:33 AM EDT 2001

Bay of Pigs. Remember, that one Davey?

I was the mastermind.

Behind every detail, my cigar-roller, there I was, workin hard.

The two boats taking you greasy heads over there were named

"Zapata" and "Barbara"...

My little sign to posterity. Gotta love it. I got balls. I sure do.

I'm your hero, Zorro-boy!

If only Dick Nixon had won. Jack never would have been there to

mess things up for us, amigo!

Look, buddy, I know where you're comin from.

You angry Cubans and moi, we go back, baby. Way back.

I got more friends in the Miami area than you got relatives.

And there's gotta be plenty of overlap here. Wise up.

Do I have to show you where akaRoger and the wall got together?

Maybe we can add a few dents of your own?

With friends like you, I don't need liberals!

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 11:57 AM EDT 2001

He's got my diatribe figured out.

Why'd it take so long, akaSlowboattoChina?

You think I don't like you.


Where's your sense of humor, honey?

My domination of America is almost complete. It's the inevitable.

Nothin to fear. We got the plan. Set it in motion.

Proceeding on schedule.

More than enough resources.

Got the juicy goods on all our enemies who might stand in our way.

It's a cinch, babe. We're in like flynn.

GOP, the Big Ole Steamroller.

Flatten the opposition. It's the American Way.

What's there not to like?

I love the guy who made this all happen.

'Cause it's ME.

gonna getcha.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 2:33 PM EDT 2001

There you go again, Buck Rogers. Still stabbin away in the dark.

Maybe that wall incident wasn't such a hot idea.

Convinced you're getting warmer, akaDingDong?

What do you think this is, a game of horseshoes?

You've only got one thing correct:

David still needs to shore-up his self-esteem.

We'll put his hair up, stick a bunch of fruit in it. Put some

nice red lipstick on him.

Maybe he'll feel better.

A bunch of wallflowers, the lot of ya!

If I were not stepping in and slapping you didleys around,

you'd all start turning into liberals.

gonna getcha.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 3:45 PM EDT 2001

Yes, David, it is great to be King.

I know it. I love it.

Wait a minute. Look at this place, what a mess!

David, you're dropping fruit all over the place.

Who did your hair?

As for that big, stinky Commie chimp, Castro.

We shoulda been more successful with our black ops. That clown

Fidel evaded our repeated attempts to do the democratic thing,

the Yankee variation.

Trust me, we tried to vote for the Cubans. You know what I

mean... With strongarm methods.

On the sly, baby. Undercover.

Didn't work.

But we are working on it, Bacardi-boy! Over-time.

Norte Americanos, amigo! We'll do it again!

Fidel's days are numbered.

Don't you worry.

A bullet in the head.

It's been done before.

gonna getcha!

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 5:20 PM EDT 2001

Hannnibal, you're just a cannnibal!

Look, stop feeding your face for a second. Gotta little secret

for ya, Punic-boy!

Who are the criminals?

You can't figure it out, can you.

Little peons at home, smokin grass?

Strung-out loser junkies, scrapping and mugging together the

mollah to pay for another hit?

Oh boy. Yeah, horrible, terrible!

Real criminals. Lock 'em up, boys!

Not the guys in the suits, babe. Nevermind the men behind the


Don't be scared of the politicos selling you dumb peons

down the ole Muddy River.

I don't worry, Tom Sawyer.

Don't have to hide my secrets anymore.

My power is nearly complete.

But I know all your little doodoo secrets. Got 'em all on video.

gonna getcha.

poppy_bush Quick stats Added on Fri, Jul 13 5:48 PM EDT 2001

KAK, is that you, sweetcheeks?

My boys here at the Agency are monitoring your posts. You are

right up there, shootin for a big bonus, baby!

All of a sudden, out of the blue, "macho" pops up.

And he's doin your thing!

Macho, is that you, KAK?

Don't throw us curveballs like this honey.

You wanna get credit for all this hard work, right babe?

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 6:29 PM EDT 2001

Complain and whine about this all you want to, ya silly wanksters.

I will always be gathering the big info on you little peons.

No matter how many laws you try to make. I'm above the laws.

It's My Agency. CIA, baby.

Been mine for a long time, now.

Deal with it.

You're Toast.

I got your butter. I got your jam.

Come on over, Barbara, it's breakfast time!

gonna getcha.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 6:41 PM EDT 2001

You gotta love this, Barbara.

Another victory!

Hey, you clowns!

You libs just roll over and take it, dontcha?

So docile. You want to yell and scream and cry about it?

Not gonna do you any good.

I know you'll just get bored.

More stuff on Condit, coming soon. You'll forget about all this.

Like a bad dream.

Just go back to sleep, ya pushovers.

You whiney libs gonna get off your duffs and make a revolution?

You wanna come out and play hardball with the big boys?

That's the only way you're gonna get rid of me, and My Magic

Mountain Agency boys.

You? Do something bold, and risky?


You fidget and stammer just thinking about quitting your stupid

peon jobs, so you can try for something more dignified.


poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 9:44 PM EDT 2001

I gave you some clues john.

I know I did.

How closely did you read, johnnyappleseed?

You're too hasty, my man. Slow down, and read again. You libs

surprise me. How dense you can be sometimes.


Do you deny that I have democracy smoking away in a toaster oven?

Florida 2000, babe.

Act One.

This Land Is Bushland. Oh, it is so Grand.

This land, was made for Bush Incorporated!

Late Breaking News from JohnBoyWalton:

Gary Condit has passed his lie detector test with flying colors!

Oh, that is funny.

Let's whip out our champagne bottles, you libs!


You think he's in the clear?

Wake up, Outhouse62716!

He's got a public relation's rope around his neck, ala Kenny

Starr and Billy Clinton.

A thousand cuts of innuendo. Just stay tuned.

We GOPers know how to play this game, and spin this bottle. We

got this down to a science. We play for keeps.

Condit is destined for the septic tank, bozos.

We're only in the beginning stages of Gary Condits private life!

Get with the program, JohnnyQuest!

It's a fun time.

This is my New World Order.

gonna getcha.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 10:24 PM EDT 2001


You are more complex than I thought.

Most of these bozos I deal with on Abuzz are simply one

dimensional. Smartypants, but do nothings. On the right and on

the left.

I gotta be hard on them. Whip 'em into shape.

Those Miami Cuban friends of mine. They'd laugh in your face,

amigo. But they're a rough bunch of characters. Maybe you can


I had to get used to their ways, quick. Or else they would have

eaten this sunburned, caucasian boy alive.

Can you picture that?

So anyway, do you remember the old Havana Days? Batista? Oh,

those chicas were so beautiful.

Castro ruined it all. Stole it all!

My underworld buddies wanted that paradise back again, chico.

When they lost that place I can't even describe how angry they were..

They were living the high life in Old Havana. We tried to

get it back. They would have killed anyone to do it, too.

Did, in fact.

A lot of water under the bridge.

But hey, David.

American capitalism, right?

Sure brought out the best in Havana.


poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Fri, Jul 13 10:42 PM EDT 2001

I think LeeHarvarddropout must have stumbled on some of my

Agency boys doing their mind control experiements...

Instead of eliminating him, they shrugged their shoulders and

grabbed him, instead. The rest is history.

Or, maybe that was his parents.

Anyway, we were dropping Chemical X and stuff on various towns

and rural locales. Watching what happened.

Those were the days. Experiment on your fellow Americans.

Preferably expendable liberals.

Fun Times on Razorback Ridge..

After my picnic date on the Grassy Knoll, we GOP toughs had

this country in the palm of our hand.

It was all downhill from there.

Anyway. MK-ULTRA and all that jazz.

Any of this sound familiar, LeeHarveydoppleganger?

New World Order.

gonna getcha.

LEEHARVEYMCVEIGH Added on Fri, Jul 13 12:59 PM EDT 2001--

hey poppie kiss it

poppy_bush Added on Fri, Fri Jul 13 2:09 PM EDT 2001--

He is still alive and kicking.


Kiss what? Your skinny-little pock-marked behind?

Here I am. Hovering outside your house, Sonny.

In my supercool silent Black Helicopter.

I see you haven't wiped again.

Your skivvies always have those brown-black skidmarks, don't they?

Wise up, dipstick. Get mommy to send you some toilet paper.

It's like you're still only a preschool brat.

You wannabe a big tough GOP operative?

First, get some pamphlets on personal hygiene.

Study hard.

Then maybe we'll talk.

LEEHARVEYMCVEIGH Added on Fri, Jul 13 2:41 PM EDT 2001--

Since I am not a Nazi I could never be in the GOP

poppy_bush Added on Fri, 3:12 PM Fri Jul 13 3:12 PM EDT 2001

I had you pegged wrong, libbie!

I'm finding so many limp-wristed GOP wannabe's on Abuzz,

I can't tell the difference between them and you faggo pinko libs.

Let me unload on you for a sec.

Just between you and me.

Listen, I sweat bullets for this New World Order. Put a lot of

work into it. Sacrificed. Sure did.

And who's gonna enjoy it? Who's gonna take over?

All these weak sphinctered GOP'ers.

American Conservatives. Bah!

Halfa$$ed, all of 'em. What do I have to work with? Gingrich.

Lott. Hatch. Barr! It's pathetic. A joke.

Himmler. Goebbels. Now, there were some beautiful, tight


If Dickieboy Nixon had kept Watergate under wraps, I wouldn't

have to deal with so much incompetence.

Lost our best guys, there. Had all our eggs in one basket.

gonna getcha.

LEEHARVEYMCVEIGH Added on Fri, Jul 13 4:16 PM EDT 2001

your much more satanic then Hitler, I have read about you and

Dicks favorite pasttime, The Most Dangerous Game, ...

I think you are the modern face of evil, the karma police will get you.

It isn't just anybody who could **** up the bay of pigs, have the

Kennedys shot, have

all the Kings and X's shot, have Reagan shot, have the pope shot,

use the plumbers to start watergate, selling arms to iraq and

panama, blackmail those closet republican Clintons, set up

poppy_bush Added on Fri, Jul 13 4:58 PM EDT 2001

calm down, fellah.

You're a little off-target with some of those details. But,

anyway, you got the general drift.

Drop off the key, Lee.

Make a new plan, Stan.

No need to be coy, Roy.

New World Order's comin for You.

Sit down, Babe.

You're getting all worked up over this stuff. It's no big deal,

honey. Don't worry, be happy!

Don't fight the power.

Just bend over...

Oh Look. You're still a virgin, sweetie.

It only hurts the first time, for each generation.

Just ask your fool parents.

Do they remember Roy Cohn? Joe McCarthy?

poppy_bush Added on Fri, Jul 13 6:29 PM EDT 2001

Complain and whine about this all you want to, ya silly


I will always be gathering the big info on you little peons.

No matter how many laws you try to make. I'm above the laws.

It's My Agency. CIA, baby.

Been mine for a long time, now.

Deal with it.

You're Toast.

I got your butter. I got your jam.

Come on over, Barbara, it's breakfast time!

gonna getcha.

LEEHARVEYMCVEIGH Added on Fri, Jul 13 6:39 PM EDT 2001

no hard feelings BUSH I just don't like you

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Sat, Jul 14 1:30 PM EDT 2001

Think you're an easy target, David?

Imagine how from this end of the night vision scopes you're

sliding around like a greased pig!

Good thing these Black Helicopters are such steady platforms.

Wouldn't be able to check out your new hairdo.

Not well educated? Bostonian? Intellectual? Caucasian?

Listen, amateur.

I had to drop that high-brow pretense. Gotta talk in broken

sentence thingies. Partly to throw off the peons. Partly old

habit. Was the only way I could get through to Junior.

Still is.

Not too much book learning for me! Not my family's style. Not

necessary. Might turn a decent guy into a soft sphincter

communist, Mr. Barbudos.

My granite sphincter is surrounded by buttcheeks white as the

new fallen snow. North European. Nordic all the way.

No Mediterranean brown shade to me, Spanishfly. Trust me.

You think it's a badge of honor? That's right. All you

Hispanicos got the whiteskin envy, dontcha?

Well, we did take over the world didn't we?

David, you're lucky to still be alive.

When the hardcore Agency boys read that you fought against

Batista, this place turned into a den of scratching, clawing

lions, amigo.

It was all I could do to calm them down. Had to reassign the

meanest ones to the Condit project. Operation Levy-Schnookims.

Should keep them occupied for the time being.

But they still weren't too happy about it.

Listen. You best keep your head down, pardner.

Things might get ugly.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Sat, Jul 14 2:24 PM EDT 2001

Listen up, numbnuts62716.

Condit certainly is a DingaLing WishyWashy MiddleoftheRoader.

Good point, pointyhead.

He helped out the Cause more than a few times.

But he was expendable. Like all of you.

You're on the wrong channel, Johnnycomelately.

Can't afford cable?

Take a good look around. I own everything in this United States

of Pushovers. No stone left unturned, babe.

Got the media titans feeding at my trough. Got the state

legislatures all over this land snappedup in Barbara's purse.

Piss away, libbies! Piss into the wind all you want!

You're all a mess as it is.

You sure are a blowhard, toiletbowl62716.

Prove it's not hot air, weaktit lib.

Gonna try and stop me? Have any idea what it will take to

succeed? Think it's gonna be a cakewalk, LittleJohn?

People will get hurt.

And libbies like you will go crying back to Mommy at the first


I've seen this movie before.

Give it up. It's all mine.

New World Order.

gonna getcha.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Sat, Jul 14 3:16 PM EDT 2001

Must I explain everything, you bunch of Winnicomepoops?

Bear of Very Little Brain comes in handy. He's good for a

5th-grade civics class refresher course, and some giggles.

But the landscape's changed a little bit in our Hundred Acre

Wood. Things are a little darker. Pappa Bear's back in town.

I'm here to stay.

Hear the constant media noise about State's rights, and how

the Big Bad Federal Wolf is comin to getcha?

Know what the hidden agenda is?

I can tell you little peons. There's no need to hide it.

Because you can't stop me. It's a done deal.

Christopher Robin got whipped good down in Florida-land.

Look. It's all to make easy end-runs around you liberals!

Environmental laws on the state level are easier to get a

handle on, for example. New Yorkers won't know what raping is

going on in Nevada until it's too late! That's just the beginning.

State legislators are so much easier to buy and sell.

Their silly votes are like commodities. Pork bellies, baby!

I got your little buddy Piglet, honeyboy.

You're next, Stuffy!

New World Order.

Gonna getcha.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Sun, Jul 15 1:03 PM EDT 2001



Come in, are you there?

Can your read me?

You Golden State suckers fell for the Enron takeover action


Texas 69

Californee 0

It's all just too easy. You libs are like children! You got all

these grand ideas and wonderful thoughts of how things should be,

but you ain't got any balls to fight to make them come true.

You think these things happen by themselves, by accident?

Like magic? Where do you live, DisneyLand?


Bend over, Big Brown Teddy Bear.

The Longhorns' gotta big ole surprise for ya!

Danger, Will Robinson!

DeRegulate this, Tinkerbell62716.

New World Order.

gonna getcha!

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Sun, Jul 15 12:23 PM EDT 2001

Good show, my little buddy czurla.

Of course, don't remind the dumb peons that the success

was "nominal". Which is code for: we aren't telling you numbnuts

the whole situation...

But that's okay.

Three points, babe!

But this idea of yours to say that the libs and the lefties

are the Maginot Line supporters. Karl Rove-ster's on the line

right now, telling me to shut you up.

A bad one. It just won't do.

The Maginot Line was big, expensive, based on the tactics and

the strategies of the previous war. Built by the previous war's

winners, so they could win again. Big surprise, for the

Frenchiefries. Double size it!

Sound familiar? We won the Cold War, CurlyCzar.

This Star Wars money machine is Cold War mentality all the way.

Not meant to protect the peons.

It's meant to line my pocketbook, baby!

Knock it off, czarlette.

Don't jeopardize the plan.

Try something else.


poppy_bush Date: Sun Jul 15 2:36 PM EDT 2001

You're just a decaf beverage, chaiyah-boy. Everybody KNOWS that

Gore won. But, my family is here to stay.

We gotta dynasty going here. Whatever level you want to take this to,

I gotta nasty solution. I got all escape routes covered.

CIA, baby. It's my Agency. How far you gonna take this, little

chaiyah? The ultimate solution to troublemakers like you is FORCE.

And you libbies ain't got the fortitude. You'll back down.

Democracy's not worth the risk it takes, to cowards like you libs.

Not gonna risk your pathetic Ford Escort lives.

I know you don't have the guts. Ya peons!

You're all just burnt toast. Breakfast time. And then there's

my spicy tea to drink, too.

New World Order. gonna getcha.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Sun, Jul 15 6:03 PM EDT 2001

Once in awhile?

Where did Nixon hail from? What state had Reagan for a governor?

Spare me.

So you had a lot of hippies. And the Esalen Institute. Love beads

and tamborines.

Have you forgotten that democracy is more than bell-bottom

fashions and songs on the Hit Parade? It needs more than words

and good intentions to keep it healthy and strong.

I thought you knew, solarpanel62716.

You forgot Altamont already?

Me and my Magic Mountain Agency boys, we got your freedom and

your democracy and your egalitarianism in my backyard, laying out

to dry, in the sun.

We picked Florida clean, hombre.

Will your grapes of wrath just turn into a box of raisins, too?

It's in your hands, Sunshine.

It always was.



poppy_bush Date: Sun Jul 15 5:32 PM EDT 2001

Don't you check out people's Public Profiles, teabag-boy?

Take the Nestea plunge. Had to update it for you clueless wonders.

Go with the flow, dig? Let's get better acquainted,


Florida was just the beginning.

Don't act so glum, religion-boy. Get used to it.

It's how the tough-boys play the game. You say you wanna play.

The only thing you libs have to fear is fear itself. Just don't

whine about the rules. We don't need to follow no rules,

cause we bought the referee.

New World Order. gonna getcha.

chaiyah_448272 Quick stats, Added on Sun, Jul 15 7:12 PM EDT 2001

poppy_bush? Who's that?

eCID (u.831068) Quick stats, Added on Sun, Jul 15 7:15 PM EDT 2001

chaiyah: Ask him yourself. He's all over any discussion that

mentions anything negative about his namesake, formerly in the

oval office and probably often still there checking up on the


chaiyah_448272 Quick stats, Added on Sun, Jul 15 7:22 PM EDT 2001

Yeah, he sent me a somewhat threatening note on one of my threads

saying the CIA is going to "getcha." Is he kidding?

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Sun, Jul 15, 10:46 PM EDT 2001

eCID, you're confusing me with one of my multiple dopplegangers.

And again, you're wasting your time discussing this theoretical

claptrappen, meinen volk-sters.

I don't need to hold the actual office anymore. Cheney, Junior,

Jeb. Hell, what's the big diff?

Let that dingaling Fleischer have it for all I care!

Nothin happens in the White House without my go ahead, anyhoo.

gonna getcha.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Mon, Jul 16, 8:16 PM EDT 2001


I have a little spare time right now. This Monday has been one

helluva day. War in the Middle East, almost here. Gotta keep the

public hand working for peace, while the hidden hand does the


That is stress, babe!

Perhaps a little chitchat with you might do me some good.

My doppelganger clones love to fish. They can also play

horsehoes, but that's about it. Baseball, strictly in the

outfield. Football, hardly. Basketball, impossible.

My doppelgangers can't jump.

About all those boats.

The whole thing was really a vacation trip for the Secret

Service. They were the one's on vacation, while my doppelganger

was on the clock.

Weird, huh?

Spilling my seed in the ocean? Me a possible practitioner of

onanism, think I'm gonna admit to that? I don't want hyper

religious chaiyah to crawl all over my ass.

No way, Jose.

I'm much too busy for that.

eCID (u.831068) Quick stats, Added on Tue, Jul 17 6:34 AM EDT 2001

Poppy: You have transmogrified from Father Reagan's altar boy

into either a very creative poet or to a case for the asylum--

or possibly both.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Tue, Jul 17 6:57 PM EDT 2001


I was never anyone's alter boy.

Whenever it appeared so, it was all an act.

Search your memory and exercise those synapses, my man. Reagan

took orders from me. You know it's true.

Oscar winning material, that's me.

Watch me in my interviews. I act goofy and dumb. I act like

someone who would never do you wrong.

It's all a clever act. Every shrug and verbal stumble:


Will history catch on? Will posterity see clearer than the


Not if me and my boys can prevent it.

Poetry or the asylum. Gosh it's sure a tough choice.

Creativity does have its risks.

Weave a circle round him thrice,

And close your eyes with holy dread,

For he on honeydew hath fed,

And drunk the milk of paradise.

poppy_bush is almost through here, on Abuzz.

Soon signing off.

But not yet.


poppy_bush Date: Sun Jul 15 7:29 PM EDT 2001

You lost me there, Lipton-yah. Talk about cryptic. Can't tell if

you're with the program, or not. This religion dogma is

for the dogs, get with it. I'd love to throw our annoying

whiney born-agains in the sh!tcan, but the Rove-ster's too much

of a chicken. God helps those who help themselves.

I helped myself to Florida, and the Throne of the Americas.

Got my Puppet Boy sittin on the big chair following my orders.

My loyal obedient friends from the old days,

stationed in the White House. They're back to running the show.

Old limp democracy, is nothin but a memory.

You say that Florida 2000's gotten your panties all in a bundle?

I don't see how you're doing anything substantial, libbies.

Is there a petition? Not much noise about it.

Got some big protest marches planned? If nobody knows,

then nobody shows, babe. So where's the effort? Can't see it.

Not gonna do it, are ya? You need organization.

Singleminded dedication. Tight sphincter focus on a longterm goal.

These just ain't liberal traits, are they? So where's the beef,

bro-yah? Can't see it. Not gonna go the whole nine yards, are ya?

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Sun, Jul 15 10:04 PM EDT 2001

You're complaining about the aggregate stink from Florida?

Trust me, Cadavre99. You ain't no bed of roses. You say you've

been dead how long?

P.U. ami!

Listen, so the NYT uncovered some more dirt in the Everglades


You don't think I'm scared, do you?

Nothin's gonna happen!

Gimme a break, Frenchie99.

No traction available. No momentum's gonna build.

Heck, everybody knows my son's just a puppet. They're ok with it.

In the meantime, it will be easy for us to shut down the

discussion of this in the media. Because I own the media moguls,

Garcon99. And the filthy-rich clowns don't give a hoot about

democratie et liberte9.

Not for you peons, anyway.

I'm sure a smartypants philosopher can see that. No matter how

long he's been dead.

Maybe some libs might get the wrong ideas. Maybe get off their

duffs, muster some courage and try to make some noise.

My Magic Mountain Agency boys know what to do.

Black Helicopters, baby!

How I love 'em. Comin in handy. More often as time goes on.

Yes they are.

United States of America.

Land of the free, and home of the brave.

Maybe it used to be.

New World Order.

gonna getcha.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Mon, Jul 16 6:52 PM EDT 2001


I simply LOVE your use of the term echo chamber.

It is so beautiful, and so apt.

The boys in my Agency are trying hard to accomplish the same

thing here on Abuzz, and other places on the internet.

Day and night, the Agency never sleeps.

Constant noise.

Listen, anyone heard from KAK recently?

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Mon, Jul 16 8:51 PM EDT 2001

Speaking of borrowing.

As the policeman says in the movie The Borrowers,

"Courtesy is the glue that holds society together."

I guess poppy might even remember this every now and then.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Mon, Jul 16 12:32 PM EDT 2001

My little misguided minion, czurla.

I'm modestly cute?

I ain't modest, and I sure ain't cute.

Count your blessings, soldier.

This is Monday, and the week looks like a doozy already. Some

scheduling details of my Master Plan are out of kilter. I just

don't have the time to straighten you out the way

you are begging to be.

No Black Helicopter ride for you, CurlyJoe. Not yet anyway.

Sharon has been trying his best to ignite all out war in the

socalled Holy Land. Was supposed to have dragged in at least

Syria, and maybe even Iraq...

Hell, we should have been calling up our troops last month.

Why do you think Colin was willing to join our team?

The plans for the Lebanon invasion been in the works since 1989.

Those maps are getting yellow and torn around the edges.

The Missle Defense money machine was supposed to have slipped

by silently, without notice. Well, Biden's pulling through, though.

That's good.

Oh, I almost forgot, CurlyQ.

You said that muscle drives most of the decisions on the world

political stage.

You are naive, little buddy.

Lie's and deception, babe. Sleightofhand. A big show for the

peons of the world. Gotta keep you cannonfodder material willing

and motivated.

Keep you working hard, and scared.

Gotta divert your attention, so your eyes leave the ball, and


I got your truth and I got your government by the people and

for the people... in my back pocket.

New World Order.

gonna getcha.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Mon, Jul 16 4:26 PM EDT 2001

Ah, Yoohoo.


Why don't you sit down over here.

Take a breather.

Very good.

My boy Junior's gonna get you some water. Your face is all

flushed, little buddy!

Let me take over for awhile.

Hey, you Libbies!

I'm gonna clue you in on some big time stuff.

As some of you surely have guessed, The Democratic Party has been

successfully infiltrated. We have steered them onto the shoals

of mediocrity and moderation.

All taken care of.


Leibermann. He's the Manchurian Candidate, baby!

Biden. He's been programmed since the sixties.

Of course, there's more, but I still gotta keep mum about most of it.

You know, "National Security", and all that jazz.

New World Order

Lining my pocketbook.

gonna getcha.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Tue, Jul 17 12:45 PM EDT 2001


That's my Biden!

No exaggeration.

You want to talk money.

Think of all the buckarooskis spent in the hidden budget. You

know, the CIA, military intelligence, NSA.

There's a few others, of course. Other agencies still secret.

But you know: you peons still can't be trusted.

This has been going on for years.

Billions upon billions. Silently dissapears without any real


NSA with a bulk of it, buying the state of the art technologies.


And now that Bin Laden has bought a few refurbished Dell Pentium III

machines, the NSA demands more money! Oh my, maybe Bin Laddy might

write a few nasty viruses! We need BILLIONS more!

I gotta laugh.

You guys still fall for this stuff.

New World Order.

Almost too easy.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Mon, Jul 23 9:31 PM EDT 2001

So many questions, Skwerly-Q!

And I have the answers to all of them.

My Agency boys know all, and see all.

Doubt if I have the time right now to get into all the

nitty-gritties, but I'll give you a teaser.

So anyway, here goes.

Jesus is alive and well, and lives in Pittsburgh, PA. He fixes

BMW's and other high end foreign cars.

Highly trained mechanic, that guy. Very decent young man.

Loves to smoke pot and drink his beer. Long haired, but neatly kept.

Good sense of humor, of course. Married and with more than one

girlfriend on the side. All babes. And they're all named Mary.

Kinda weird.

If the Pope had not gotten into that old time religion in that

big ole' way, he would have gone into the military.

What's a colonel, basically a Cardinal, right? Hell, something

like that. Same mentality. Same attitude. Same power structure.

With the rank of Pope being what, Army Chief of Staff?

How do I know for sure that he would have gone into the military?

I ain't just guessing here, chipmunk-Y.

We have operatives in other parallel dimensions. It all really

blows my mind.

Most of the information comes through a bit garbled, but we get

the gist of it.

I won't tell you what I am in that other alternate universe. No way.

We ain't goin down THAT road...

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Tue, Jul 24 3:44 AM EDT 2001

Jesus drives an old beatup Chevy pickup truck.

It used to be a light blue, but most of the paint is worn off.

He could easily afford more expensive wheels, but he's a humble man.

Very unassuming.

He's Catholic. But only attends church for weddings and funerals.

Not a drop of Jewish blood.

Go figure, huh?

My Agency boys have been trying to take him out for the last

three decades. Listen, babe. Jesus being alive and in his prime

just does NOT fit well into my plans.

But weird things always happen. None of the operations ever

get completed. Nobody can explain it.

Once we had some undercover operatives acting as Black Muslims

make a hit on Jesus. The same group that popped off Malcom.

Anyway, they got caught in a freak traffic jam on the freeway

from the airport. Then a bunch of white good ole boys jumped them

in their car.

A total riot broke out, right on the bridge where the traffic had

stopped them. Turned out the white hoodlums were really

undercover FBI agents.

Those dipsh!ts are always screwing things up. Anyway people got hurt.

Several got tossed out into the waters below.

Pittsburgh's a tough town.

Why Jesus chooses to live there, beats the hell out of me.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Tue, Jul 24 5:09 PM EDT 2001

Hey, what's that smell?

Oh, not AGAIN. Cripes.

Just instructed my secret deep underground HQ maintanence staff

to replace the air filtration systems for the third time

in less than a month.

Swampgasser, you gotta change your diet.

My God, man!

Is your lower intestine rotting away? Something is seriously

wrong with your digestive track. See a doctor, for mercy's sake!

These filtration units are eating into my world domination budget

calculations. Throwing off everything, Mr. Flatulations.

Can't have that.

About this supposed meteor shower thingie.

This was not Mother Nature, come to set off pretty fireworks for

you little sh!tforbrains, believe me.

Big red fireballs, shooting across the sky. All of it, the

shrapnel and detritus from the latest orbital space battle.

Another one of my ultra secret organizations, completely hidden

inside that monstrous US "defense budget" was fending off another

wave of those celestial invaders.

We blasted them all to Kingdom Come, honeys!

They just keep on coming here, trying to break through to you

peons. Trying to rescue you.

Don't worry. I know you like your enslaved situation. I'm doing

everything possible to protect you, ya bozos!

Just get back to work!

You think I'm doing this all for free?

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Tue, Jul 24 7:13 PM EDT 2001

It distresses me to burst yet another bubble.

But here comes my big pin. Gonna pop this one, baby. Run for cover!

OK, look here.

Indonesia is one of the worst countries as far as governmental

corruption goes. You think this is a score for democracy?


My boys in the CIA have been messin around over there for

decades. Me and my buddies, we own so much there, I can't keep

track of it all.

Just trust me on this one.

Oil stuff, gold mines, strip mines, logging companies,

wildlife trade, drug trade. You name it, we do it.

Chinese are trying to muscle in on all the action, but we got

their number. We are shutting them down with every social weapon

of hatred available. Making them Chinese look bad every which

way we can, for every audience, in every market, worldwide.

You gotta realize that, right?

Anyway, nothing happens over there in the islands unless we

give the go ahead.

Wahid was a big dope. Stupid. He was a willing puppet, but far

too dumb. He's out because we wanted him out.

Got the Megawati woman in my back pocket.

Same thing just happened in the Philipines. Just a few months

ago. And in Malaysia a couple of years ago.

We got our people in all the right places.

New World Order, like a steamroller.

gonna getcha.

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Tue, Jul 24 7:57 PM EDT 2001

I luv ya rappin, me pebble-boy!

You da stone, den I be da hammer, mon!

You wanna be makin some blood from ya stone, but I be instructin

da workermans to be makin more gravel for da pits.

You get da destiny in the big ole pit.

Tink it thru. Me be da poppy mon.

I be sayin what goes round.

You just pick me some banana.

De New World Order, mon.

It be like a big rock rollin down da mountain. You best be makin

yo legs go fast, me friend.


poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Wed, Jul 25 1:28 AM EDT 2001

My nose twitches, yet again.

Has swampygas taken my well intentioned advice, and had his

doctor examine his rotting colon?

Signs point to NO.

Listen, oldfartsinthebog.

So yer tryin to psycho analyze the poppy?

Give it up, babe.

Don't quit your day job.

Oh, ye of little brain, and of large acidic gaseous emissions.

Ye shall never fathom the cerebral activities of poppy_bush.

When those of jaundiced eye seek only to confirm their

predjudices, and seek not for true understanding, they are

destined to eternal damnation in the well populated precincts

of Loserville, USA.

Maybe you can run for Mayor, fogofthebog.

Loserville Gazette headline:

"In the town of brainwashed losers, the man of jaundiced eye

becomes Mayor"

poppy_bush Quick stats, Added on Wed, Jul 25 2:54 AM EDT 2001

All-righty then!

Shuddap with the stupid fake Jamaican accents for a sec.

You wanted to talk about Indonesia, right? Jesus, you libbies

get led off track so easily.

Do you deny that I am right?

Indonesia is in the polished brass shitcan. Plain and simple.

Gonna need more than one little change of leadership to change

things for the better in any meaningful way.

Das all poppy be sayin. Sheet.

2004 FILE

[link to nytimes.abuzz.com]

Pretenses for War-Profiteering OR Goofy Paranoia???

bruced Quick stats

Added on Wed, Jan 21, 2004 2:47 PM Wed Jan 21 2:47 PM EST 2004

Emily Cragg: I can't be an android or alien--I'm former President

George H.W. Bush.

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( >7( >~Chaiyah Quick stats

Added on Thu, Jan 22, 2004 3:13 PM Thu Jan 22 3:13 PM EST 2004

I wonder if bruced is an alter-ego of the man, poppy.

I wonder if he's got a split personality, because he can't own up

to the fact that he is either 46 or he is 79.

But there's no telling. And look at the accusations.

This thread is about Pentagon papers; but look at the accusations

this man creates from those papers. Amazing.

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bruced Quick stats

Added on Thu, Jan 22, 2004 3:16 PM Thu Jan 22 3:16 PM EST 2004

Emily Cragg: Where did 79 come from?

>7( >~Chaiyah Quick stats

Added on Thu, Jan 22, 2004 5:58 PM Thu Jan 22 5:58 PM EST 2004

so, yesterday you let someone else write using your name, who

said he was GHWBush. I have a copy of that message in my email folder.

( >7( >~Chaiyah Quick stats

Added on Thu, Jan 22, 2004 6:15 PM Thu Jan 22 6:15 PM EST 2004

Since you have provided two different identities since yesterday,

there is no way to know who you are ... which is your intention,

to forge and cause more confusion.

If you're not a 48-year old HR professional with children at

home, maybe you're a 79-year old former President of the United

States . . .

Either way--obsessive critic or hate-full dictator--you're a jerk.

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Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Thu, Jan 22, 2004 4:45 PM Thu Jan 22 4:45 PM EST 2004

Well I'm gettin' up there. But I feel good to be King. Yes ma'am,

it's good to be King. King of the Bling Bling.

I'm not worried about anything; it's all come together

so....smoothly. The average American-the average Joe- will just

roll right on over, won't he? Yup, it's the new way. The

Euro-Bling Bling comin' at ya at the speed of money.

Wanna dance?

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( >7( >~Chaiyah Quick stats

Added on Thu, Jan 22, 2004 5:32 PM Thu Jan 22 5:32 PM EST 2004

George Herbert Walker Bush, Senior is 79.

If you're not 79, you're lying about who you are.

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[link to nytimes.abuzz.com]


( >7( >~Chaiyah Quick stats

Added on Wed, Jan 21, 2004 3:00 PM Wed Jan 21 3:00 PM EST 2004

Now, that I would believe and it would make sense.

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bruced Quick stats

Added on Wed, Jan 21, 2004 3:01 PM Wed Jan 21 3:01 PM EST 2004

Emily Cragg:

I'm not US Govt certified--I used to be employed by the people

when I was President, but now I'm retired--I do get a pension,

though, and some Secret Service protection. It was the agents

who showed me how to use a computer and to get my screen names on


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( >7( >~Chaiyah Quick stats

Added on Wed, Jan 21, 2004 3:03 PM Wed Jan 21 3:03 PM EST 2004

Yep. I get that. And when you were new, you "popped off" like a

popcorn popper without realizing where it was going.

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bruced Quick stats

Added on Wed, Jan 21, 2004 3:07 PM Wed Jan 21 3:07 PM EST 2004

Emily Cragg:

Many don't believe that I'm really the former President of the US

of A, but let 'em be misled!

You're the only one who figured out who poppy_bush really was.

It's the only time in your life you were right, isn't it?

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THREAD: [link to nytimes.abuzz.com]

Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Thu, Jan 22, 2004 8:08 PM Thu Jan 22 8:08 PM EST 2004

Aw...don't be too hard on the boys, dear. They don't know

anything. They're blind and happy. It doesn't matter to them;

they're just having a good time.

But you...you want the whole pie. You want the TRUTH and NOTHING

BUT THE TRUTH, so help you God, right? Those idiots are just

robots. Don't let them rattle you. After all, you KNOW what the

score is. You KNOW what the Bling Bling is Ringa-Dinging, don't

you dearest?

Let them make fun of you. We know better. You know this reminds

me of the time >you don't mind if Big Poppa strolls down memory

lane, do ya?< when my pal Rummy was workin' up that slick Contra

thing there in the jungle. Beautiful operation, that one. You

kmow what the biggest kick was? We got "caught"! Yeah, we got

caught on purpose. Wanna know why we got caught? A little thing

called diversionary tactics. That's right, a little song and

dance a little smoke and mirrors. While the whole world was

screaming for Nancy's head on a platter (our pet name for

Ronnie-Boy was Nancy) we were walking right into Angola, and

Zaire and some other fun spots to set up some Bling Bling on the

Ding Ding.

You guys never knew it. Never saw it coming. Still don't. Hidden

in plain sight, that's what I always tell Barb. She always gets a

kick outta my little word plays. Yup, we could pretty much drive

a damn tanker truck full of nerve agent through the streets of LA

with a huge neon sign tellin' the world what was inside, and

nobody would care. Nobody would notice.

That's because they had Contra on the Tee Vee. They had Nancy in

their cross hairs. They were gonna impeach Nancy Boy and that

would have been great too. But we walked the earth with impunity;

still do. They had Contra and Ollie North and Fawn Hall. They

didn't care about anything else. Dan Rather told them what to

worry about (but here's a clue; we told Dan Rather what not to

worry about, and he damn well paid attention, if you know what I

mean.) Well, sorry for rambling. I do so love to drift back to the day.

But today is THE day, isn't it? The Bling Bling and the Ding Ding

is comin' at ya at light speed, ain't it? It's gonna be a real hoot.

But I doubt anybodys gonna notice. They never do.

Yup, it's good to be King.

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THREAD: [link to nytimes.abuzz.com]

"WHY Did America Convert over to Death-Industries?"

Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Thu, Jan 22, 2004 1:00 AM Thu Jan 22 1:00 AM EST 2004

That's right! Campaign and vote! It's the American way. Of

course, it won't matter much 'cause me and Sonny got things

wrapped up all nice and tidy.

How did you guys like Dean's little implosion the other night?

Pretty sweet deal, eh? I wish I could say I thought of that, but

it was actually my old pal McNamara. He call in a little favor to

one of the boys and -Bling Bling- there's Dean acting like he'd

just ingested some crack cocaine or something.

Did I say that?

Oops...hee hee...

Yup, Dean's done, but he was easy. Sonny coulda took care of him

but I wanted to make sure the job got done right, know what I

mean? Sonnys a good kid, but he can't be left alone for too long.

Now Jebbies another story. He's a chip off the ol' Bling Bling I

tell ya. He's gonna make this thing all come together in '08,

maybe '12.

But back to business. I'm guessin' we need to work some Bling

Bling on my ol' pal Kerry next. Oughta make him cry in New

Hampshire, just like Muskie did. A little LSD, a little

Quaalude...that guy was a goner. Kerry won't be too hard to


But the big question is who do we pick to get beat by Sonny in

the big Bling Bling this November? Don't wanna take too many

chances. I mean, rest assured, the vote is a done deal, but DON'T



Anyways, I'm thinking maybe we should go ahead and work up that

punk Edawrds and let him concede to Sonny by 9pm on election

night. It doesn't really matter though. I'm just waiting. Waiting

for Jebbie.

Jebbie is gonna rock the boat, ya'll. Jebbies gonna rock the vote

with the Bling Bling. The Big New Way is comin' at ya America.

President Jeb and his All Star Euro-Power Boys will be performing

the world over.

World over. Now...that's got a nice Bling Bling to it, don't it, now?

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DakotaStone(u.1569168) Quick stats

Added on Fri, Jan 23, 2004 9:19 AM Fri Jan 23 9:19 AM EST 2004

chai, have you ever noticed that YOU are the only one taking this

thread "seriously"?

OK, I will tell the truth...I get paid $100.00 for each post I

place on one of your threads. :)

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THREAD: [link to nytimes.abuzz.com]

Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Thu, Jan 22, 2004 12:45 AM Thu Jan 22 12:45 AM EST 2004

He he, ya know it's funny. I was just tellin' Barb how much we

used to love to light up the ol' DefCon alerts back in '68. Sure,

we'd tell the Soviets what we were doin' and they thought it was

pretty damn funny too.

Hoo hoo, I'd have ol' Dick take us right down to DefCon 1, then

call Paris an' tell 'em that the Reds have busted through the

Fulda Gap an' they should get ready to surrender.

Oh man, me and Agnew used to laugh till we cried watching those

damn frogs surrender to nobody! Ah well...the cold war...it's all

over now. No more time for fun and games. We gots to give 'em the

Bling Bling and the What Not and gimme some of that Euro-Power

that runnin' round these days. Yes ma'am, we gonna dance the

night away in gay Paris!

They Call Me The Grassy Knoll

Added on Fri, Jan 23, 2004 11:31 PM Fri Jan 23 11:31 PM EST 2004

Aw hell, the French are some damn fine people. We'd just have a

few laughs on them, is all.

I love the French. Hell, I love Europe. That's why we're gonna be

doin' the big Euro-Bling Bling A Ding Ding.

Comin' soon to a police station near you!

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THREAD: [link to nytimes.abuzz.com]

Rules About Verbalizing Vs. Rules or Laws About Behavior

Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Fri, Jan 23, 2004 12:09 PM Fri Jan 23 12:09 PM EST 2004

Well ya see, I didn't actually pull the trigger on ol' Jack. No

ma'am Wouldn't have been prudent at that juncture. But that's

not to say his little encounter was a random thing.

Thing is darlin', changes have to be made; corrections to the

course of democracy. Yeah, I know...some democracy, right? But it

sounds good doesn't it, dear? And if it SOUNDS good, then the

sheep will believe it, won't they? Oh yes they will.

Jack was screwed from the get go. His old man just wanted too

much and didn't know when to shut up and color. Pity

though...Jack was a nice enough fella; he just didn't work out.

It happens from time to time. You hire somone to work around the

house and they just don't work out. They're too lazy or they get

caught stealing silverware, whatever. You just gotta let'em go.

It wasn't all Jack's fault that we lost the casino trade in

Havana. It wasn't Hoover's fault either. He had a deal with

Giancanna that would have made everybody happy in Havana, Reno,

and Vegas. But this Castro dick head had to poop in the punch,

didn't he?

Ah well, here I go reminiscing again. Barb says I gotta quit

spending so much time on the damn computer. I just like rehashing

the old days when we were just beginning to build the ol' Bling

Bling. But that slow trains coming down the pike. Yes it is,


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Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Fri, Jan 23, 2004 2:20 PM Fri Jan 23 2:20 PM EST 2004

Here's a question for ya, dear.

Why was Zapruder there in the first place?

Was he just a casual observer with a camera? Whaddaya think?

You and I both know that there aren't many accidents when it

comes to history, are there?

But think about my question. I'll get back to ya.

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Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Fri, Jan 23, 2004 4:50 PM Fri Jan 23 4:50 PM EST 2004

Well, what can I say? I know it's a bad thing to do sometimes.

But you have to break some eggs if you're gonna make

an omlete. Right, Emily?

And that's all we're doin'. Havin' us a little Euro-Power Bling

Bling Omlete. And Big Poppa sure does love his eggs! Barb says I

oughta cut down what with all that cholesterol and such, but I

just can't get enough of those tasty little buggers really. You

know, I'm not a big fan of veggies. Not me. Can't touch that

brocolli; gives me the gas something fierce. Besides I have a

sensitive tummy.

I remember once when I was in Japan rubbin' elbows with all the

other Big Shot Bling Bling. Havin' a good ol' time up there on

the stage, eatin' a fabulous meal of...well hell, I don't know

what them damn nips eat but it wasn't eggs, I can tell you that!

But anyhoo, I'm up there feelin' pretty darn feisty drinking saki

and what not and all of a sudden...BWAAARRP! Barfed all over

myself. Think I got the Prime Minister too. Man alive, was THAT


Never did care for that darn chink chow after that. No sir, give

me a huge porterhouse and a baked potatoe (that's a Dan Quayle

potato!) and a big pot of Texas beans and I'm set!

But this whole mess will sort itself out before too long, Emily.

There isn't gonna be revolution or thought police or none of that

clap trap. I wouldn't worry about gettin' you one of them

shotguns either. Besides, after Sonny checks in for his second

term, we're taking everybody's weapons away from them. It's for

their own good, don't ya see? Why would you even NEED a gun when

we're gonna have that spiffy National Police Force on duty?

Yup, that's comin' right after my boy takes the oath. You see,

the Homeland Security thing is basically a framework for a bigger

badder police force than the FBI. Gotta have more police is what

I always say. More police, more peace. Peace in our time, Emily.

Can you dig it? Won't have to worry about drugs in the schools.

The NPF will be there. Won't have to worry about rigged

elections. The NPF will be there. Won't have to worry about those

loudmouth movie stars who don't know any better than to shut up.

The NPF will be there. I'll be there too!

You see, I wouldn't miss this for the world!

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Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Fri, Jan 23, 2004 7:26 PM Fri Jan 23 7:26 PM EST 2004

Please allow me to introduce myself

I'm a man of wealth and taste

I've been around for a long, long year

Stole many a man's soul and faith

And I was 'round when Jesus Christ

Had his moment of doubt and pain

Made damn sure that Pilate

Washed his hands and sealed his fate

Pleased to meet you

Hope you guess my name

But what's puzzling you

Is the nature of my game

I stuck around at St. Petersburg

When I saw it was a-time for a change

Killed the czar and his ministers

Anastasia screamed in vain

I rode a tank

Held a general's rank

When the blitzkrieg raged

And the bodies stank

Pleased to meet you

Hope you guess my name

Ah, what's puzzling you

Is the nature of my game

I watched with glee

While your kings and queens

Fought for ten decades

For the gods they made

I shouted out, "Who killed the Kennedys?"

When after all It was you and me

Let me please introduce myself

I'm a man of wealth and taste

And I laid traps for troubadours

Who get killed before they reached Bombay

Just as every cop is a criminal

And all the sinners saints

As heads is tails

Just call me Lucifer

'Cause I'm in need of some restraint

So if you meet me

Have some courtesy

Have some sympathy, and some taste

Use all your well-learned politesse

Or I'll lay your soul to waste

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grottomaster Quick stats

Added on Fri, Jan 23, 2004 7:43 PM Fri Jan 23 7:43 PM EST 2004

Pleased t'meet you too GHWB.

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Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Sat, Jan 24, 2004 10:33 AM Sat Jan 24 1:33 PM EST 2004

That's not quite correct, dearest.

I paid a tidy sum for this world a long time ago. Believe me when

I tell you, it's not your world anymore.

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Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Sat, Jan 24, 2004 2:30 PM Sat Jan 24 5:30 PM EST 2004

No, I'm a Texan!

You're reading too literally, dear. I don't own the world so much

as "we" own it. The "we" part is a little tricky to discern, but

suffice it to say, the pie has already been cut up for those who

are going to get a piece of it.

Most of the groundwork has been laid. Everything's falling right

into place. Really now, it's just a matter of a few more

elections, a few more operations, and few more "leadership

changes." But we gotta be careful, Emily. Don't want anymore Bay

of Pigs now, do we? I'm thinking once this whole Euro business

gels, it'll be time to start Geo-Unification.

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bruced Quick stats

Added on Sat, Jan 24, 2004 2:43 PM Sat Jan 24 5:43 PM EST 2004

Big Poppa:

Can we have some of the pine that's been "cut up" already so we

can build Emily another 3x5 box? She hasn't had a place near as

good since she got kicked out of her last one.

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Skwerl_X Quick stats

Added on Sat, Jan 24, 2004 8:00 PM Sat Jan 24 11:00 PM EST 2004

Christ chaiyah...you're one of a kind. LOL...

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Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Sat, Jan 24, 2004 4:01 PM Sat Jan 24 7:01 PM EST 2004 --DELETED--

( >7( >~Chaiyah Quick stats

Added on Sun, Jan 25, 2004 4:10 AM Sun Jan 25 7:10 AM EST 2004

Big Poppa said, QUOTE

"But Emily, you don't seem to understand. We've already won. We

won without the American people even knowing that there was a "

war" going on. You wanna know what our secret weapon was? Why, it

was complacency. The lambs just rolled over and gave up and they

they didn't even know it because they too busy watching "Survivor

" or "The Bachelor" or what have you. America surfed the internet

while we just slipped in and changed the locks. I'd be pretty

pissed if I were you." UNQUOTE--

Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Sun, Jan 25, 2004 7:10 AM Sun Jan 25 10:10 AM EST 2004

Emily, do you really think that the Bling Bling is gonna die when

I do? Do you think that we haven't made plans for succession?

Dear, I'm just a chess piece. There are many others who are

young, powerful and hungry. They have been loyal and smart. They

will be the next generation of leaders and they will groom their

successors too.

Now, Sonny isn't one of them but he's okay with that. He's never

had that much ambition beyond the next bottle of scotch but he's

filling a nitch for the time being. Watch for Jebbie in the near

future. A brilliant man and very, very clever beyond outward

appearances. He's currently the leader of what we call "Team

Florida". We've bred quite a crop of new global players down

there and they're just waiting and watching. They'll come from

the ranks of the State Senate and other places. Mostly people

you've likely never heard of before, but you will soon. No Emily,

once I die things will just keep right on clicking. You'll see.


[link to nytimes.abuzz.com]

Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Sun, Jan 25, 2004 6:56 AM Sun Jan 25 9:56 AM EST 2004

Nice theory, but it doesn't jive with the Big Picture. Emily, if

you only knew what I know...and believe me, you don't know.

Things have been revealed to...us. Shouldn't go too far with this

but we have a certain knowledge of things. We know what's going

on in the sub-solar system. We're not blind to it. And we collect

the data too. In fact, we MADE some of that data happen.

Now about communism. My dad knew that communism was more of a

tool than a threat. Think about this for a minute. After WWII,

what were the two things your average American Joe was worried

about? The Bomb and communism. For many, the two were one in the

same. How does one control a large population? Fear and

manipulation, plain and simple. You understand that, don't you

Emily? Joe McCarthy had a mission and that was to exploit the

fear of communism. He was no accident; his rants were well

thought out and executed. Speaking of executed, how about those

Rosenbergs? Did their guilt or innocence even matter? Hell no!

They served a unique (and pre-ordained) service to the early days

of global building. Eisenhower and Nixon played their roles with

a depth that would have won them Oscars. Emily, do you agree with

me when I say that our history from immediately following WWII to

present day was scripted? WWII was pretty well scripted too, but

that's another thread and I'll that to you if you're so inclined.

Well Emily, if you'll excuse me, the Democratic candidates are

making the news show rounds this morning. It's time for my

morning chuckle.

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Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Sun, Jan 25, 2004 9:30 AM Sun Jan 25 12:30 PM EST 2004

Emily, let me explain a little about what our Big Buzz is all about.

Back in 1946, there was a meeting in Kiev that was not reported

to the press (who knew better back then). Attending were, Joe

Stalin, Douglas MacArthur, J. Edgar Hoover, and Dean Acheson

among others. The agenda for that meeting was nothing less than

the partitioning of the continents.

Emily, the Buzz from that gathering was palpable. One was made

dizzy by the sheer magnitude of what was at stake.

In June of 1963, there was a meeting in a private residence in

Virginia that was hosted by Hoover, Cyrus Vance, Everett Dirksen,

John McCone and Carmine Galante. The agenda for that day was to

firm up plans for an operation that was known casually as, "The

Dealy Hit." My head swam as I sat there silently contemplating

the import of our work. History being made, being written at that

very moment. I remember not being able to sleep that night. The

adrenaline was pumping through me and made me feel invincible.

And I was.

This is the essence of the Big Bling Bling, Emily. God could have

stopped us years ago. but He didn't because He's got better

things to do, better civilizations to manage. We're on our own

now. And MY time is here.

Do you understand that, Emily. MY time is here.

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Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Mon, Jan 26, 2004 11:42 PM Mon Jan 26 11:42 PM EST 2004

Emily, that is truly a very interesting description. You are

obviously a well read, thoughtful person. You've had a rough

life, but it's made you wise and strong. Let me give you some

free advice. Ignore these fools on Abuzz. They're not serious;

they're not thoughtful. You see, there are many specific reasons

for the state of your nation right now. You've accurately

espoused many of them, but one thing that most people don't count

on is thoughtfulness. People don't think anymore; they react. And

while that's good for MY business, it's bad for theirs. Do you

want to know who was also a very thoughtful person? Don't

laugh....Ho Chi Minh. Uncle Ho -he loved that name- was an

extremely well educated man who was an intellectual goliath. He

knew history; virtually lived it. We met for a few days in Lima

to discuss the progress of the war. He had great interest in our

culture and was better versed in American history than most

American scholars. He told me that the Viet Cong had already won

the war because the American people were weak and stupid. While

our kids marched in the streets demanding peace, his kids were

walking into bars with bombs strapped to them. While we were

spending billions on sophisticated aircraft, he was shooting them

down with bamboo catapults that would destroy the engines of low

flying aircraft. Old women and children were shooting down

aircraft with guns that pre-dated WWII. In other words, Uncle Ho

said, they had the WILL to win and we couldn't even bear to watch

it on TV.

He enjoyed the Beverly Hillbillies believe it or not.

What do Americans have the will to do today, Emily?

The average American citizen is a cow who is perfectly willing to

be stuffed in a freight car and be hauled off to a re-education

camp because he/she is too stupid and lazy to do anything else.

A thoughtful people would not allow this to happen, Emily.

Americans don't have the WILL to win or even fight back. All they

want is to be able to watch "Law & Order" 7 days a week.

Meanwhile, the planning for our little Bling Bling is coming

together nicely.

Have a nice evening, Emily.


[link to nytimes.abuzz.com]

Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Mon, Jan 26, 2004 7:56 PM Mon Jan 26 7:56 PM EST 2004

Joe Stalin had it down pat. He had the real Bling Bling.

Slow trains comin' ya'll! Ring a Ding for da Bling Bling!

Just wait til after the '04 inauguration.

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( >7( >~Chaiyah Quick stats

Added on Mon, Jan 26, 2004 9:21 PM Mon Jan 26 9:21 PM EST 2004

God help us: trains with shackles in them were ordered by the

Carlyle Group.

That's what Stalin did. Genocide, en masse, 20 million Russians.

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Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Mon, Jan 26, 2004 11:18 PM Mon Jan 26 11:18 PM EST 2004

Trains....very efficient means of transporting cattle.

Don't you think?

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Skwerl_X Quick stats

Added on Wed, Jan 28, 2004 6:24 PM Wed Jan 28 6:24 PM EST 2004

So whats new with that?

( >7( >~Chaiyah Quick stats

Added on Wed, Jan 28, 2004 6:59 PM Wed Jan 28 6:59 PM EST 2004

Depleted uranium.

It's a nuclear war against our own soldiers.

Skwerl_X Quick stats

Added on Wed, Jan 28, 2004 7:12 PM Wed Jan 28 7:12 PM EST 2004

Yeah the depleted uranium thing is old news.

Depleted uranium may very well be a time bomb and you won't get

an argument from me on that.

But it's not some deeply hidden secret.

Now....lets talk about those little white pills we all had to

take during Desert Storm...

( >7( >~Chaiyah Quick stats

Added on Wed, Jan 28, 2004 7:49 PM Wed Jan 28 7:49 PM EST 2004

Hey, Skwerl! Do you know of any REASON the whole planet might be

>>shaking<< right now?

[link to aslwww.cr.usgs.gov]

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Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Thu, Jan 29, 2004 12:35 AM Thu Jan 29 12:35 AM EST 2004

Gotta break a few eggs....

Listen, nothing ever happens without making sacrifices. I feel

really bad about this Gulf War Syndrome for example. Colin used

to wring his hands over his boys getting sick and all. You guys

never knew -and the press was too scared to say- what was at the

root of the Gulf sickness. The thing is, Saddam WAS using gas and

there were more than a few times the son of a bitch popped a few

liquid filled warheads at our boys. So we just gave ol' Saddam a

little taste of his own medicine. But we just didn't think enough

about the wind there in Kuwait. Gosh, it's awful windy in the

desert and it shifts on ya without any warning. Yup, Colin was

about ready to quit on me...maybe even go public. Of course, he

knew what the consequences would have been. It was a real tense

few moments in the Oval but calmer heads prevailed and my

Treasury boys were able to put their cap guns away. Coulda gotten

real nasty in there. But I feel real bad for our boys who got it.

Wish we coulda done something for them, but you understand don't

you, Emily? War is hell and sacrifices have to be made.

On the subject of Saddam...let me just say life ain't no game of

golf. There's no gimmes and do overs. I never liked Saddam but I

didn't like that prissy Shah either but we did business with him.

Hindsight is a real bitch, isn't it Emily? Had I known Saddam was

gonna go apeshit and attack Kuwait, I never woulda sold him the

first BB gun. But he was a smooth talker and we thought he was

gonna be a team player all the way. But...you win some you lose

some. Junior did real good, bagging Saddma the way he did. Please

don't tell him we had Saddam for three months already and sorta

fed him to to George Jr. as kind of a spirit booster. He was

feeling pretty low and Barb suggested we let him "capture Saddam"

so he would quit drinking again. Gosh that boy gets so strange w

hen he's been hittin' the sauce. Calls me up at three in the

morning talkin' about launching the big boys on North Korea and

maybe even China. But don't worry about that. He doesn't have the

REAL launch codes. We took them away from him after 9/11. Thought

that goofy kid was gonna launch the nukes that night. Boy, was he

ever drunk. Anyway, we had the codes changed. The ones in the "

Nuclear Football" briefcase won't do anything so don't sweat it.

If we ever need to really launch some nukes, we can take care of

it without having to confer with Junior. If it came to it, I'd

probably just have him...oh forget that part. It's okay. But

yeah...too bad about those boys in Kuwait. but like I always say,

ya gotta break some eggs. Am I right Emily, or what?

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[link to nytimes.abuzz.com]

Big Poppa Forty One

Quick stats

[link to nytimes.abuzz.com]

Added on Sat, Apr 17, 2004 10:45 PM Sat Apr 17 10:45 PM EDT 2004

That reminds me of a funny story.

One day last month, Dick and I were getting briefed on the newest

Sabre Ghost upgrade from the Diebold folks. The young fella doing

the briefing seemed kinda uncomfortable in his skin; like

something was buggin' him. After he got through the first few

slides, I asked him, "Young man, what seems to be the matter. You

seem a little troubled." He took a breath and then said, "Sir, it

just seems wrong to me that we're programming digital voting

machines that can fix an outcome regardless of what the voters

want. Doesn't that, like, violate the constitution?"

Me and Dick got a chuckle out of that one.

Lots of excitement in the Middle East today, eh? Seems like being

the boss of Hamas is a little like signing your own death

warrant. Barb and I watched that missile on closed circuit TV.

Bam! Right on target. Amazing thing, technology. Maybe Hamas will

get around to re-thinking their methodology. If they don't, ol'

Sharon is gonna wipe 'em all out. He'll probably do it anyways.

He's a real feisty ol' cuss.

Don't be surprised if we have to roll out our stockpiles of

napalm soon. This business in Fallujah and Najarif is getting

uglier by that day. I think I'm just gonna have to tell 43 to

quit yanking his pud and start kicking some ass. A few hundred

million gallons of liquified fire-jelly oughta show 'em who the

boss is, right, Emily? I mean after all, sometimes you gotta tell

the dog who the master is, don't you? One thing about those

Iraqis, there's always more of 'em comin' out of the woodwork no

matter how many of them you kill. But I've already sat 43 down

and told him that if they kill that G.I. they're holding hostage,

it's game, set and match. No more isolated fire fights, Emily. No

ma'am, we're gonna set that whole freakin' "Sunni-triangle"

ablaze with more napalm than what was dropped in the 'Nam a hund

red times over.

Gotta show the dog who the master is, right Emily?

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or No


Quick stats

Added on Sun, Apr 18, 2004 8:08 AM Sun Apr 18 8:08 AM EDT 2004

Fixing elections is funny, eh?

Egad. What you describe is mad.

May God Almighty rebuke leaders who lead by treason and madness.

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Big Poppa Forty One

Quick stats

Added on Sun, Apr 18, 2004 9:48 AM Sun Apr 18 9:48 AM EDT 2004

Dearest Emily,

What I describe isn't mad; it's efficient. "Fixing elections"

goes way back. Do you think FDR was REALLY elected four times in

a row? Hell no, he wasn't. We were at war and a change in the WH

would have been a disaster. Big Daddy P had a hand in keeping

that crippled old fool in office because it fit our needs at the

time. LBJ was a twisted hack, but Goldwater was going to toss a

nuke at the Viet Cong so we had to intervene there.

You make it sound as if fixing elections is a bad thing, Emily.

The truth of the matter is that the American people are generally

too stupid to know what's good for them; we have to decide that

for them. It's nothing new, Emily.

Well, I'm off for now. Barb and I are flying down to Crawford for

a few days. I've got to get 43 straightened out on a few things.

Big Poppa Forty One

Quick stats

Added on Sun, Apr 18, 2004 12:25 PM Sun Apr 18 12:25 PM EDT 2004

What are you complaining about, Emily? You act as if the things I

speak of are something new. The way it is now is the way it's

been since the days of Woodrow Wilson. Nothing has changed except

for the technology. Do you really think we are out to destroy the

world, Emily? That's quite naive, really.

The boys at PNAC have but one goal in mind: keep America at the

top of the heap. Who do you think should lead the world, Emily?

The Arabs? The idiot Europeans? Those morons will do nothing but

surrender to the Arabs and then expect us to bail them out like

we have over the course of two world wars. No Emily, God has

ordained that America shall lead the world. And in order to do

that, we have to break a few eggs, Emily; make us some omlettes

if you know what I mean.

Iraq isn't so much about bringing democracy to the Arabs as it is

showing the dog who the master is.

Showing the world who the master is.

Somebody has to lead the world, Emily and it MUST be the United

States. Sure, we're hated. Tough sh*t. I'd rather be hated and

feared than hated and mocked. We are the leaders of the world,

Emily and that leadership extends to American soil. We have to

make sure that the leadership of America is equipped along

idelogical lines to cope with the threats that stare us down

every day.

These are dangerous days we're living in, Emily. We have to take

control of our destiny before the Arab and European scum take it

from us. It will be THEY who destroy the world. PNAC wants to

prevent that and keep America where it needs to be.

The master walking the dog.

Understand, Emily?

Big Poppa Forty One

Quick stats

Added on Sun, Apr 18, 2004 1:48 PM Sun Apr 18 1:48 PM EDT 2004

Dearest Emily,

What I know about what's REALLY going on in the world would choke

an ox. You have no idea. Most of the hysteria you get involved

with is not real. If you knew what WAS real, you'd run for the


But you already are in the hills, Emily, so I guess you're safe.

But it's probably a good thing that you cling to your ideas of

the world. They will keep you occupied and prevent you from

getting involved in our business.

Keep up the good work.

Big Poppa Forty One

Quick stats

Added on Sun, Apr 18, 2004 2:36 PM Sun Apr 18 2:36 PM EDT 2004

Those things you list off by rote are largely non-existent if not

vastly over stated.

I can tell you with full authority that you do not know what is

going on. If you choose to believe a bunch of doctored photos (or

photos that you incorrectly interpret), phony documents or the

writings of crackpots then you are doing exactly what you should

be doing.

Keep up the good work, Emily. You're doing a great job helping us

achieve our goals. I wish there were more like you. Then we

wouldn't have to try so hard.

Big Poppa Forty One

Quick stats

Added on Sun, Apr 18, 2004 3:46 PM Sun Apr 18 3:46 PM EDT 2004

Thanks for your help.

The Big Bling Bling is just down the road.

Justice is coming.

Big Poppa Forty One

Quick stats

Added on Sun, Apr 18, 2004 5:24 PM Sun Apr 18 5:24 PM EDT 2004

No, Emily. The meek are just going to die.

New World Odor

Quick stats

Added on Fri, May 7, 2004 3:05 PM Fri May 7 3:05 PM EDT 2004

Liddy killed JFK on the orders of GHWB.

The armies are massing now.

Soon...very soon.

Big Poppa Quick stats

Added on Sat, May 8, 2004 4:48 PM Sat May 8 4:48 PM EDT 2004

Those satellites you're so worried about aren't used for anything

as nefarious as bombarding people with anything. We just use them

to keep track of peeps we're interested in. You know, that Al

Qaeda is a sneaky bunch and they're all over the place, Emily.

Gotta keep 'em under glass is what I say.

Gosh, we just had a barrel of laughs over this whole prison

thing. I can't say we did anything worse to the plebes at Yale

back in the day. Ah well, Jr. will crack some heads, at least

publicly until it blows over. He's a good kid when he hasn't been

hittin' the sauce.

Vladimir went back to Moscow today. We had a good time and a lot

of laughs. He's feeling a lot better about the whole Africa

thing. I guess he's worried about that flesh eating bacteria we

made in Los Alamos getting outta control down there during their

Ops but I promised him that his divisions will be protected.

After all, we'll need them healthy for Phase 6.

Barb was commenting on your web site again, Emily. She wanted to

know why you had that loop of Jack Kennedy getting his head blown

off in Dealy. She says if she watches it enough, she can swear it

looks like he gets shot from the front instead of behind. I just

keep reading my WSJ and don't say anything. Hell, she knew Liddy

was there and even teases him about being the grassy knoll guy.

Maybe she knows more than she lets on. At any rate, Liddys got

some new talent coming down from Idaho next month. Supposed to be

real crack operatives and very discreet. Liddy's a good egg.

Always gets the job done and keeps his mouth shut. Money well

spent, I say.

Get anything interesting in the mail recently, Emily?


[link to nytimes.abuzz.com]

Rufford le Cuckolder

Quick stats

no 1591937

Added on Thu, Jun 10, 2004 9:52 AM Thu Jun 10 9:52 AM EDT 2004


I started to say, "Why isn't The Skwerl here, chopping Chiayah up

into little piles of diced fettucini with a meat cleaver?"

But then I got to the bottom of the page. He is here. I am glad.

The Skwerl X prevails in all forums. He will kill you for looking

at him sideways, or, for that matter, for looking at him at all.

Or for calling him on the phone. Or for spitting in the urinal at

Le Cleb Skwerl on "ladies' nite."

I like all the senseless killing.

There are WAY too many ferret-faced, cheese-brained weasels in

this country. The Skwerl is doing his patriotic part to shave off

the riff-raff who hang around on our street corners and in

Hollywood, and in Franklin, West "By God" Virginia, home of

disgrundled ex-CIA operatives.

The Skwerl is a Warrior. The government hired him as such. Gave him

a warrior uniform with all sorts of cool regalia on it. He dresses

like a Bolivian Dictator.

There is no more cemetery space in Codwesel, Alabama for The

Skwerl to bury any more dead. I hear he's movin' to Franklin,

West Virginia, where they currently have lots of cemetery space.

"Almost Heaven."

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or No

Skwerl X, Violating The Abuzz Member's Agreement Quick stats

Added on Thu, Jun 10, 2004 9:56 AM Thu Jun 10 9:56 AM EDT 2004

Bolivian dictator?

Thanks grotto, for making me spit up my morning Pepsi.

Coming through the nose, it is especially agonizing but well

worth the chortle.

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Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/31/2012 04:09 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
Dear Diary,

Today I saw the stupidest thread ever.
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United States
10/31/2012 04:59 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
Dear Sir, Ehm here - once more.

Ok, so I realize that I may have gone on a little bit, but I am glad that you are reading these passages, so I will continue with a story of my childhood.

It was a cold evening that evening, the night the CIA abducted me. Your CIA men had gone into the future and saw the son that I would have one day, that he would be your nemesis.

They took me out the window into the rainy night, putting their headlights on me, slapping me around as a young child. I saw the eyes of the man and it was your uncle, Hank Bush - they knew that my son would over power you, so they had to scare it straight into me that I was not to have a child.

But you see, Hank and I had a romance later on as I was a teenager. You had sent your CIA men to check on me, but Hank was in charge. I couldn't help myself, a young hormonal teenager without a father - how could I not fall for Hank.

So you see, George H W Bush - my son is actually a family member, he is your cousin. Is that why you send your men to check on him and haven't killed him yet. I do believe he will raise to be your nemesis still, as I haven't told him about Hank!

User ID: 1451191
United States
11/02/2012 02:10 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
Oh my GOD!!!!!!

Is it true!!!

Did someone actuallty try to release the CIA employment secret of Obama's days in Chicago?

Holy fucking shit!!!

Well...since they were not caught...it proves one thing...my theory of the "triangles of blame was correct then, was it not...oh yes it was. They don't even know where to look.

So to those who know...and to my very good friend George HW Bush...I say to you all...

And what do I say then?

Do I tell you that I was informed of this fact by certain people who are on my side...?

And shall I tell you who they are?

Ah...but they are residents of the Earth my friends...and they know everything...and they are my friends...and the enemies of the CIA and the American government....

And they happened to tell me something else of extrodinary significance...

They told me how a person sympathetic to this cause could go about actually relaeasing the information into the public arena.

Like as in on CNN and shit like that.

And I have that info.

I also know all the people I contacted previously...all I have to do is tell them again.
User ID: 1451191
United States
11/10/2012 04:51 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
Dear Mr. Bush, this is your very good friend Ehm writing you here today to let you know what's going on. So this thing happened yesterday that I feel could be very significant. Most likely it's just a kind of a threat, but I don't know how I can take it as anything other than a move to destroy me.

So anyway, I'm thinking of leaving the United States in a big hurry, like say, tommorrow.

A logical man in my position would do that most likely. I was dumb, and I let myself get exposed to a real bad attack.

SO what do I do?

I could do nothing...and maybe nothing would happen.

Or, maybe they would do the worst they could...

If, at the border, I were to explain my situation to the guards, would they turn me back? Can they? Would they arrest me and turn me over to the Americans? Can they?

If I do leave, could you contact those people there, people that you know, just to make sure the road is clear for me to get in and not be sent back.

You do realize that I feel very uncomfortable here anyway...

The CIA has taught me over the years, one thing is absolute in America; Retaliation. I have begun a new campaign, it was very slow at first, not that that matters, they are retaliating. You know, on the eight, I got mockingbirded quite a bit. I guess they figure Obama was relselected, so they can get away with it now...

It's a pretty big move to just pick up your things and go...but I have a chance right now...I don't know if this is my last one...but it very well could be you know.

Everything here sucks anyway, and these people absolutly have refused to ever negotiate with me, not even once. Look at my roomate sir, did they do anything other than set me up or what?

And what about my sons mother...she has to be the nastiest person on the planet, and she's back...I mean really, for here alone I should probably get out.

But I will tell you what I'm gonna do...if these people think it's ok to fuck me around...to threaten me, left right and center, and to mockingbird me endlessly....then before I go, and that means tonight, I will complete my campaign totally.

Your very good friend,

User ID: 12248954
12/01/2012 05:16 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
Greetings from the Great White North
User ID: 11630422
12/04/2012 03:54 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
Dear Mr. Bush,

This is your very good friend, Ehm writing you here. I wonder sir, are you aware of what has happened to your very good friend here?

Well...I guess I'm on my own then. As always...I don't feel too good about all this sir. I don't suppose I could ask you for help?

I wonder...

What am I supposed to do if these people are against me?

How funny it is to imagine all that has happened...done to me by those people down there...and to imagine that no one has ever stood by my side until you. It seems impossible...I mean, I consider who I am...and I think of all that implies, and to imagine that I have stood against so many for so long, and still, no one will even enforce the law to restrain them.

Well, alright then sir, it's you and me, and I am in Canada. Well, sir, what shall we do?

Let's talk about Mr. Obama and the CIA employment secret some more shall we? They have tried to release it. And I have told everyone this fact. No one was caught as you know...no one was caught...no one is even considered a suspect...they got away sir, three times now.

The documents were released and intercepted. But who released them?

They will be trying again you know...very soon. And what will they say when it's been released...when they are eating shit? Will they talk about the filthy people who they had mockingbird me? Will they talk about the insects that were biting me at my work? They were there, and the employer refused to do anything about it...and why would they...it was all designed that way. And do you remember how they shot me sir? How they kidnapped me, and kidnapped my son, twice...I wonder, will they remember those things?

I want to ask you sir, please help me release those documents. You probably wont though...even now, even after I have proven my theory of "triangles of blame", even now, you wont do it. Its very extreme...isn't it? Everyone always figures that the government is in total control of everything...that there is no way to move without the approval of the system...but I have reached out to those who might do something on their own, if they had the power to do so. And what did they do? They did what I suggested...and three times now.

I reached out beyond the realm of control, and I reached someone...and I have reached out to that someone again now haven't I? And I gave them some new advice didn't I? And what will happen now sir? Well, they took my advice before, and they will take it again.

I take solace in this fact sir.

I have already defeated my enemies...they just don't know it yet...or, maybe they do...they know this will come out...and they wonder what will happen to them. Many of them will be ruined...so, they fucked with me, and I ruined them.

Do you happen to remember what we were fighting over?

My life sir.

I was fighting for my life...I wanted to live, and they wanted me to die.

And to think...what did it mean to them? To them, my life meant nothing...they were the insane...and who all allowed themselves to get mixed up in this fight? So many people...

Well, never mind. Whatever happens to me was meant to pass...by the real architects of it all...but you know what man? I sure wish you would help me.

To be honest sir, I think you have lost your faith in me.

It doesn't matter though...

But I will say this much...people will scorn a man for no reason at all...and to get them to stop scorning him, to get them to just smile, it's very difficult sir...and they will return to scorn in a heartbeat for no reason at all you know...after being turned from scorn to a smile, they will go back to scorn just like that.

Some people that is. Some people require so much work it's silly. A hundred passionate letters for a smile and a phone call.

And then there are those who will do it all for their own reasons...those who never scorned...those who understand how things are in reality, who see the scorecard as it is, and do not believe the ridiculous lies my enemies spit out. Such men will take action on being told once...they need no further convincing. I wrote a single letter to 115 members of congress, and what did they all do? well, about 99-99% of them did nothing...but one to three percent did.

Someone listened

Someone will listen again

And I just gave that someone further instructions...

Soon my friend, very soon this will come out...

I really wish you would be a part of it.
User ID: 30164362
12/17/2012 04:37 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
Hello Mr. Bush,

This is your very good friend Ehm here writing you again with a further idea...

Can you call My ex-wife and talk to her?

Has she agreed to testify?

She's scared shitless of those people sir...but right now, she holds tremendous power over them...if she were to do nothing, she remains in possession of that power...her life is in jepardy I think. The only way she can protect herself is to get rid of that power...that only way she can get rid of that power is to testify.

She could do that right now sir...

And you could call her today. You could reassure her that this is the best way sir...it's best for herself and for her family.

It's a small favor that I am asking from you this time sir...call her, and talk to her.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 11630422
12/19/2012 02:54 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
So...you know...I can write letters here...can't I?
User ID: 40633002
07/18/2013 08:27 PM
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Re: An open letter to George HW Bush
Did you hear what they just did?

They moved to doing the same thing as the Americans.

I see this as a threat against my family.

It's strange to me...I am amazed that they would do such a thing...I mean considering all that has happened.

I must only consider one thing however...and that is of course the future, and my role in it's development. Emotions should not be expressed during a conflict...they are for the victory party after it's all over...then we can relish our joy.

By the way sir, you of course have an open invitation to the party.