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Message Subject Diagnosis Schizophrenia Cell phone towers GWEN Synthetic Telepathy MIND CONTROL
Poster Handle They won't succed
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Test your cell phone by wrapping two layers of aluminum foil totally around it-- it stops the signal..
A tinfoil hat cannot be wrapped all around your head because of your neck...so you cant totally stop the signal to your head unless you are in a room either lined with two layers of foil or painted with carbon paint (regular paint with crushed charcoal briquets mixed in)--floors, ceilings and walls, plus metallic fabric covering the windows.

A good way to deal with mind control signals directed by the illegal military longitudinal studies-- is to simply entrain your brain with a stronger signal... Just download some of the brainwave apps such as Schumann resonance...and listen..your brain will entrain to the signal and ignore the extraneous signals coming from gwen or cell towers. The Schumann resonance is a good one. I also love the weight loss app-- it entrains the brain for relaxation and appetite control.
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