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Message Subject Diagnosis Schizophrenia Cell phone towers GWEN Synthetic Telepathy MIND CONTROL
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well once you realize what this world is made of, and crack the code of the things around you, yes, if you go public about it, someone will try to psych you out with an accusation of mental conditions according to some book that has become dominant in their reasoning. It's only in self-defense, because they have gotten used to their environment.

It's that old story about the men in the cave with the shadows on the wall. You go out of the cave, tell them that those things are but shadows, well, yes, they might beat you up for it, or cite some dead guy's sayings, or reference a law to try to punish you for not being like them.

Now when you first see what is behind the curtain, oh yes, you will freak out. Once you get it, you will want to get out in some way. Many people once they get it, they go straight for the suicide. If not that, they go to the pharmacology, and take some magic potion to numb their awareness. Or some go to religion, which has less socially-devastating effects. Some people lock themselves up in a room, and fret about germs for the rest of their lives, in between jobs as a game show host.

The shock is severe, unless you came into this life with some memory of what happens before life, or some memory of invisible people when you were a child.

Synthetic telepathy is a bitch. It can be done with manmade things, advertisements, antennas. But natural telepathy from real people is the ultimate pain.

Just remember those TV shows with the bouncing white dot over all the words.
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