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Message Subject Statement from "illuminati" regarding 11/11/11 Truth or BS... you decide....
Poster Handle Alesiah
Post Content
So how much are you already ingrained in ancient rituals of Illuminati? Apollyon can agree..

11/11/11 is the anniversary of the Forth Council of Lateran concerning the "son" dogma which states the sacrificed son literally turns to flesh and blood, when devouring/consuming the bread and wine. Christians practice this ritual..It's called ,communion evolved.

However, it's not Hebrew but part of Greco-Roman myth and legend that predated Jesus in Saturnus rituals concerning the planet Saturn. Saturn who eats his sons so they can not remove him from his throne..

saturn eating hi

[link to www.britannica.com]
[link to www.newadvent.org]
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
[link to www.newadvent.org]

It was also Remembrance, Armistice, Veterans Day honoring the departed sons, etc. from WWI forward that sacrificed their selves to keep their countries safe...

The meaning?
Lateran Day
Veteran Day

La+ve= Lave= means to wash
teran= is a dark blood red grape wine..

Washed in the blood...
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