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Message Subject Statement from "illuminati" regarding 11/11/11 Truth or BS... you decide....
Poster Handle Missioninvisible
Post Content
Great post. It really will make you think...

NWO vs OWO...obviously what we currently have is NOT working. We are our own illuminati...whether a physical group exists or not is irrelevant.

Look at all of the signs in hollywood, music (ET by Katy Perry, songs about the end of the world, changes, etc.), media. Everything is about "light" in songs, movies are all starting to move towards the other dimensions and reflecting on ancient greek and roman themes/motifs...the world is waking up to the reality that we all are inspired both consciously AND subconsciously to bring about an awakening to ourselves and the truth around us (aka we become enlightened just like Christ, Buddha, etc) . The illuminati just had a one up on the truth and began using symbols to help remind us of who we really are (helps to trigger memories)...we are all from the same place no matter what religion/race.

Just sit back and enjoy the ride, the irony of it all is quite amusing in how we think we make choices/have "great" ideas, write various poems/movies for because of our own inspiration...when in reality our subconscious is starting to blend with the conscious to expose to truth and reality (just like the illuminati who expose the truth)...
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