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Message Subject Statement from "illuminati" regarding 11/11/11 Truth or BS... you decide....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

One Army.

One Family.

One Religion.

One Currency.

One Nation Earth.

We are the Illuminati.

Today we become...


 Quoting: brthdygrl6

NWO anyone? This is the EXACT description of it.

Ask yourself, do you really want one world religion, one currency and a world army?

you don't need ANYONE or ANYTHING to lead you, all that is required is being present in the moment. That is "enlightenment", that is "god".

The Illuminati represent DUALITY, it has nothing to do with "oneness", it's all about CONTROL. MIND CONTROL!

[link to www.pakalertpress.com]

The present moment is the biggest threat to duality, the mind and the current system of control on this planet. It is where our true power lies. All else if false, all else is ignorance. The moment is TRUTH.
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