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Message Subject Statement from "illuminati" regarding 11/11/11 Truth or BS... you decide....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
More from him:

Sometimes the DREAM become so REAL that you forget you are DREAMING in a DREAM -- Then you finally WAKE UP and ask:

How long was I asleep?

WOW! It seems like an eternity!

And I dreamed I almost died in the Dream! WOW! But I Woke Up right before I hit the Ground! Amazing!

Silly Children! lol! Yep, you can't even die in a dream...

You can only realize it is a Dream, and Wake Up!


It was just a dream of 'Reality' within your mighty ~DREAM!~

Once Children dreamt they were a butterfly, a butterfly flitting and fluttering around, happy with their self and doing as they pleased. They didn't know they were Children. Suddenly they woke up and there they were, solid and unmistakable Children. But they didn't know if they were Children who had dreamt they were a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming they were Children.

Wake up my ~ Butterflies! ~

You have Wings now.

You are still Dreaming wide awake...

Reality was not Real - it was just a long Dream...

Welcome HOME. ;O)
 Quoting: brthdygrl6

Everyone look into Chaol who also posted on this same topic. The bad news for those looking for a change is that these individuals say it already happened. If things seem the same to you, well then according to these people, this is what it is as the change has already occurred. Check out Chaol and all of his predictions. This individual has the same amount of accuracy.
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