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Message Subject Statement from "illuminati" regarding 11/11/11 Truth or BS... you decide....
Poster Handle Girl"Tomorrow
Post Content
for those of you behind the ball. here's how it went for those guys.

at some point early in their lives, a person, well man, came to each and every player in this end time game.

this person did not say he was the devil, all he did was show them power they have never seen, so they figured it was god and they took what he offered. fame and futune, great power some of them, none of this power is in the real world, but the unseen one.

the ppl i am speaking of are everyone one from rock stars, to presidents, to movie stars and every possible powerful person in between. from local goverments to world goverment.
how do you think we got the camera's on every red light from ga. to cal. to new york.

well at some point they figured out it was the devil, due to the things being asked of them. if they refuse any order they die, and death means hell! so staying alive is part of the job. hell is far worse than anything your mind can come up with and it never ends.

two people refused this guy, i was one of them. i live to tell the story and i am untouchable until dec of 2012, which i die in front of the whole world, most will be very happy to see this day, it's not until 3 1/2 days later they figure out what a treaible mistake they have made. the world contues on for 3 1/2 more yrs. living hell, but even a few will come out of it to enter into paradice.

i was 17 when he came to me. i told him no and the rest is history.

it is ending, prepare yourself and those you love, don't fear the first death, but fear the second, which is the lake of fire.

everyone single person who has ever lived will never die, forever will be spent somewhere. you still have a choice, but hurry time is quickly running out. chip griffin...

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

read the first page, i tell how it went for me...
 Quoting: chipg

you cannot be one of the two witnesses ,all your recent threads were a big" fail, most of us remember"
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